Editor: PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN: 9788120328921
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This comprehensive and well-organized book presents the concepts and principles of earthquake resistant design of structures in an easy-to-read style. The use of these principles helps in the implementation of seismic design practice. The book adopts a step-by-step approach, starting from the fundamentals of structural dynamics to application of seismic codes in analysis and design of structures. The text also focusses on seismic evaluation and retrofitting of reinforced concrete and masonry buildings. The text has been enriched with a large number of diagrams and solved problems to reinforce the understanding of the concepts. Intended mainly as a text for undergraduate and postgraduate students of civil engineering, this text would also be of considerable benefit to practising engineers, architects, field engineers and teachers in the field of earthquake resistant design of structures.


Resistant Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Michael Palmer
Editor: St. Martin\'s Press
ISBN: 1250030900
FileSize: 662kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 662


Resistant by Michael Palmer Summary

They kill without conscience or remorse. They are the most ruthless enemy we have ever faced. And they are one millionth our size...Prepare to be shocked-and mesmerized-by Resistant, the latest novel of thrilling medical suspense from New York Times bestselling author Michael Palmer. When Dr. Lou Welcome fills in last minute for his boss at a national conference in Atlanta he brings along his best friend, Cap Duncan. But an accident turns tragic when Cap injures his leg while running. Surgeons manage to save the leg, but the open wound is the perfect breeding ground for a deadly microbial invader committed to eating Cap alive from the inside out. Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away, a teenaged girl is fighting for her life against the same bacteria. The germ is resistant to any known antibiotic and the government scientist tasked with finding a cure has been kidnapped. Turning to the Centers for Disease Control for help, Lou Welcome uncovers a link to a shadowy group known as One Hundred Neighbors that has infiltrated our society and is using our health institutions as hostages. Like the deadly germs they can unleash, One Hundred Neighbors will stop at nothing to further their agenda. From the hospital corridors where anything you touch can mean your end, to the top corridors of power in this race against time, Lou must stop an epidemic, save his best friend, and face even his own most terrifying demons. From the New York Times bestselling author comes another heart stopping thriller that will make you look at the world around you in a new and frightening way. "When you open the pages of a Michael Palmer novel, you know you are in the hands of a pro." -The Huffington Post

Growing Resistance

Growing Resistance Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Emily Eaton
Editor: Univ. of Manitoba Press
ISBN: 0887554407
FileSize: 1043kb
File Format: Pdf
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Growing Resistance by Emily Eaton Summary

In 2004 Candian farmers led an international coalition to a major victory for the anit-GM movement by defeating the introduction of Monsanto's genetically modified wheat. Canadian farmers' strong opposition to GM wheat marked a stark contrast to previous producer acceptance of other genetically modified crops. By 2005, for example, GM canola accounted for 78 percent of all canola grown nationally. So why did farmers stand up for wheat? In Growing Resistance, Emily Eaton reveals the motivating factors behind farmer opposition to GM wheat. She illustrates wheat's cultural, historical, and political significance on the Canadian prairies as well as its role in crop rotation, seed saving practices, and the economic livelihoods of prairie farmers. Through interviews with producers, industry organizations, and biochemical companies, Eaton demonstrates how the inclusion of producer interests was integral to the coalition's success in voicing concerns about environmental implications, international market opposition to GMOs, and the lack of transparency and democracy in Canadian biotech policy and regulation. Growing Resistance is a fascinating study of successful coalition building, of the need to balance local and global concerns in activist movements, and of the powerful forces vying for control of food production.

Breeding Pest-Resistant Trees

Breeding Pest-Resistant Trees Pdf/ePub eBook Author: H. D. Gerhold,R. E. Mcdermott,E. J. Schreiner
Editor: Elsevier
ISBN: 1483158381
FileSize: 1646kb
File Format: Pdf
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Breeding Pest-Resistant Trees by H. D. Gerhold,R. E. Mcdermott,E. J. Schreiner Summary

Breeding Pest-Resistant Trees documents the proceedings of a N.A.T.O. and N.S.F. Advanced Study Institute on Genetic Improvement For Disease and Insect Resistance of Forest Trees held in Pennsylvania State University from August 30 to September 11, 1964. This book compiles the study and research of geneticists, pathologists, entomologists, and foresters concerned with the genetic resistance of forest trees to pests and breeding programs for disease- and insect-resistant trees. This compilation is divided into three parts. The first part discusses about the résumés of research related to forest tree pest resistance by geographic regions. Part II focuses on the reports of significant research advances in the basic knowledge of disease and insect resistance of forest trees, while Part III includes the discussion of approaches and methods for genetic improvement in pest resistance of forest trees. The topics covered include the variation and inheritance of pest resistance in forest trees; environmental effects on the host-pest relationship; review of basic knowledge of forest tree pest resistance; selection for pest resistance in wild populations; and testing and evaluating inherent pest resistance. This publication is a good source for students and individuals conducting work on the resistance of forest trees to diseases and pest insects.

Earthquake-Resistant Structures

Earthquake-Resistant Structures Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Mohiuddin Ali Khan
Editor: Butterworth-Heinemann
ISBN: 0080949444
FileSize: 1593kb
File Format: Pdf
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Earthquake-Resistant Structures by Mohiuddin Ali Khan Summary

Earthquake engineering is the ultimate challenge for structural engineers. Even if natural phenomena involve great uncertainties, structural engineers need to design buildings, bridges, and dams capable of resisting the destructive forces produced by them. These disasters have created a new awareness about the disaster preparedness and mitigation. Before a building, utility system, or transportation structure is built, engineers spend a great deal of time analyzing those structures to make sure they will perform reliably under seismic and other loads. The purpose of this book is to provide structural engineers with tools and information to improve current building and bridge design and construction practices and enhance their sustainability during and after seismic events. In this book, Khan explains the latest theory, design applications and Code Provisions. Earthquake-Resistant Structures features seismic design and retrofitting techniques for low and high raise buildings, single and multi-span bridges, dams and nuclear facilities. The author also compares and contrasts various seismic resistant techniques in USA, Russia, Japan, Turkey, India, China, New Zealand, and Pakistan. Written by a world renowned author and educator Seismic design and retrofitting techniques for all structures Tools improve current building and bridge designs Latest methods for building earthquake-resistant structures Combines physical and geophysical science with structural engineering

Drug Discovery Targeting Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Drug Discovery Targeting Drug-Resistant Bacteria Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Prashant Kesharwani,Sidharth Chopra,Arunava Dasgupta
Editor: Academic Press
ISBN: 0128184817
FileSize: 690kb
File Format: Pdf
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Drug Discovery Targeting Drug-Resistant Bacteria by Prashant Kesharwani,Sidharth Chopra,Arunava Dasgupta Summary

Drug Discovery Targeting Drug-Resistant Bacteria explores the status and possible future of developments in fighting drug-resistant bacteria. The book covers the majority of microbial diseases and the drugs targeting them. In addition, it discusses the potential targeting strategies and innovative approaches to address drug resistance. It brings together academic and industrial experts working on discovering and developing drugs targeting drug-resistant (DR) bacterial pathogens. New drugs active against drug-resistant pathogens are discussed, along with new strategies being used to discover molecules acting via new modes of action. In addition, alternative therapies such as peptides and phages are included. Pharmaceutical scientists, microbiologists, medical professionals, pathologists, researchers in the field of drug discovery, infectious diseases and microbial drug discovery both in academia and in industrial settings will find this book helpful. Written by scientists with extensive industrial experience in drug discovery Provides a balanced view of the field, including its challenges and future directions Includes a special chapter on the identification and development of drugs against pathogens which exhibit the potential to be used as weapons of war

Resistant City: Histories, Maps And The Architecture Of Development

Resistant City: Histories, Maps And The Architecture Of Development Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Eunice Mei Feng Seng
Editor: World Scientific
ISBN: 9811211701
FileSize: 1153kb
File Format: Pdf
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Resistant City: Histories, Maps And The Architecture Of Development by Eunice Mei Feng Seng Summary

This vivid book is an inquiry into the stagnation between the development of architectural practice and the progress in urban modernization. It is about islands as territories of resistance. It is about dense places where multitudes dwell in perennial contestations with the city on every front. It is about the histories, tactics and spaces of everyday survival within the hegemonic sway of global capital and unstoppable development. It is preoccupied with making visible the culture of resistance and architecture's entanglement with it. It is about urban resilience. It is about Hong Kong, where uncertainty is status quo.This interdisciplinary volume explores real and invented places and identities that are created in tandem with Hong Kong's urban development. Mapping contested spaces in the territory, it visualizes the energies and tenacity of the people as manifest in their daily life, social and professional networks and the urban spaces in which they inhabit. Embodying the multifaceted nature of the Asian metropolis, the book utilizes a combination of archival materials, public data sources, field observations and documentation, analytical drawings, models, and maps.Related Link(s)

Earthquake Resistant Design and Risk Reduction

Earthquake Resistant Design and Risk Reduction Pdf/ePub eBook Author: David J. Dowrick
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470747021
FileSize: 1260kb
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Earthquake Resistant Design and Risk Reduction by David J. Dowrick Summary

Earthquake Resistant Design and Risk Reduction, 2nd edition is based upon global research and development work over the last 50 years or more, and follows the author’s series of three books Earthquake Resistant Design, 1st and 2nd editions (1977 and 1987), and Earthquake Risk Reduction (2003). Many advances have been made since the 2003 edition of Earthquake Risk Reduction, and there is every sign that this rate of progress will continue apace in the years to come. Compiled from the author’s wide design and research experience in earthquake engineering and engineering seismology, this key text provides an excellent treatment of the complex multidisciplinary process of earthquake resistant design and risk reduction. New topics include the creation of low-damage structures and the spatial distribution of ground shaking near large fault ruptures. Sections on guidance for developing countries, response of buildings to differential settlement in liquefaction, performance-based and displacement-based design and the architectural aspects of earthquake resistant design are heavily revised. This book: Outlines individual national weaknesses that contribute to earthquake risk to people and property Calculates the seismic response of soils and structures, using the structural continuum “Subsoil – Substructure – Superstructure – Non–structure” Evaluates the effectiveness of given design and construction procedures for reducing casualties and financial losses Provides guidance on the key issue of choice of structural form Presents earthquake resistant design methods for the main four structural materials – steel, concrete, reinforced masonry and timber – as well as for services equipment, plant and non-structural architectural components Contains a chapter devoted to problems involved in improving (retrofitting) the existing built environment This book is an invaluable reference and guiding tool to practising civil and structural engineers and architects, researchers and postgraduate students in earthquake engineering and engineering seismology, local governments and risk management officials.

Resistance is Feudal

Resistance is Feudal Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Debbianne DeRose
Editor: PiscAquarian Press
FileSize: 1905kb
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Resistance is Feudal by Debbianne DeRose Summary

Wanna manifest like a Mofo*? Commit to being a Non-Resistant person! Resistance comes from outmoded FEAR and it’s high time you transcended it. Step out of the Dark Ages and into the fully Modern Mindset where Magic and Miracles are regulars on your personal reality show. You’ve heard a lot about the need to release Resistance, but are you actually doing it… consistently? If you’re like most people, you have “blindspots” in your self-awareness, and the mind tends to trick you into overlooking them. This uplifting book is fortified with practical examples, stories, and useful angles on practicing Non-Resistance. After reading it, you’ll have zero doubt as to what Non-Resistance is and why it’s hugely beneficial for you to become Non-Resistant in your everyday life. Most importantly, you’ll be inspired to commit to Non-Resistance and start Manifesting like a Mofo! (*MoFo = a person who’s MOving FOrward) Non-Resistance hastens your evolution to a happier life… guaranteed. Your manifestations will stop resisting you when YOU stop resisting Life!

Fire- and Smoke-Resistant Interior Materials for Commercial Transport Aircraft

Fire- and Smoke-Resistant Interior Materials for Commercial Transport Aircraft Pdf/ePub eBook Author: National Research Council,Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences,National Materials Advisory Board,Commission on Engineering and Technical Systems,Committee on Fire and Smoke Resistant Materials for Commercial Aircraft Interiors
Editor: National Academies Press
ISBN: 0309175933
FileSize: 986kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 986


Fire- and Smoke-Resistant Interior Materials for Commercial Transport Aircraft by National Research Council,Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences,National Materials Advisory Board,Commission on Engineering and Technical Systems,Committee on Fire and Smoke Resistant Materials for Commercial Aircraft Interiors Summary

The two principal objectives of this book were (1) to identify promising materials technologies, design issues (both overall and for individual components), and fire performance parameters (both full scale and for individual components) that, if properly optimized, would lead to improved fire and smoke resistance of materials and components used in aircraft interiors; and (2) to identify long-range research directions that hold the most promise for producing predictive modeling capability, new advanced materials, and the required product development to achieve totally fire-resistant interiors in future aircrafts. The emphasis of the study is on long-term innovation leading to impacts on fire worthiness of aircraft interiors ten to twenty years hence.

Earthquake Resistant Buildings

Earthquake Resistant Buildings Pdf/ePub eBook Author: M.Y.H. Bangash
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783540938187
FileSize: 1615kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1615


Earthquake Resistant Buildings by M.Y.H. Bangash Summary

This concise work provides a general introduction to the design of buildings which must be resistant to the effect of earthquakes. A major part of this design involves the building structure which has a primary role in preventing serious damage or structural collapse. Much of the material presented in this book examines building structures. Due to the recent discovery of vertical components, it examines not only the resistance to lateral forces but also analyses the disastrous influence of vertical components. The work is written for Practicing Civil, Structural, and Mechanical Engineers, Seismologists and Geoscientists. It serves as a knowledge source for graduate students and their instructors.

Deer-Resistant Native Plants for the Northeast

Deer-Resistant Native Plants for the Northeast Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Ruth Rogers Clausen,Gregory D Tepper
Editor: Timber Press
ISBN: 1643260545
FileSize: 1399kb
File Format: Pdf
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Deer-Resistant Native Plants for the Northeast by Ruth Rogers Clausen,Gregory D Tepper Summary

"For Northeastern gardeners—all of whom battle the serious problem that is deer browsing—this is definitely one for the library.” —GardenRant The benefits of native plants are plentiful—less upkeep, more pollinators, and a better environment. In Deer-Resistant Native Plants for the Northeast, Ruth Rogers Clausen and Gregory D. Tepper provide a list of native plants that have one more benefit—they are proven to help prevent your garden from becoming a deer buffet. From annuals and perennials to grasses and shrubs, every suggested plant includes a deer-resistance rating, growing advice, companion species, and the beneficial wildlife the plant does attract. Let these beautiful natives help your landscape flourish! For gardeners in Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington, DC.

Ethics and Drug Resistance: Collective Responsibility for Global Public Health

Ethics and Drug Resistance: Collective Responsibility for Global Public Health Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Euzebiusz Jamrozik,Michael Selgelid
Editor: Springer Nature
ISBN: 3030278743
FileSize: 556kb
File Format: Pdf
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Ethics and Drug Resistance: Collective Responsibility for Global Public Health by Euzebiusz Jamrozik,Michael Selgelid Summary

This Open Access volume provides in-depth analysis of the wide range of ethical issues associated with drug-resistant infectious diseases. Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is widely recognized to be one of the greatest threats to global public health in coming decades; and it has thus become a major topic of discussion among leading bioethicists and scholars from related disciplines including economics, epidemiology, law, and political theory. Topics covered in this volume include responsible use of antimicrobials; control of multi-resistant hospital-acquired infections; privacy and data collection; antibiotic use in childhood and at the end of life; agricultural and veterinary sources of resistance; resistant HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria; mandatory treatment; and trade-offs between current and future generations. As the first book focused on ethical issues associated with drug resistance, it makes a timely contribution to debates regarding practice and policy that are of crucial importance to global public health in the 21st century.

Organisational culture is highly resistant to change - Discuss

Organisational culture is highly resistant to change - Discuss Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Philipp Kratschmer
Editor: GRIN Verlag
ISBN: 3638481700
FileSize: 1201kb
File Format: Pdf
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Organisational culture is highly resistant to change - Discuss by Philipp Kratschmer Summary

Essay from the year 2005 in the subject Business economics - Business Management, Corporate Governance, grade: A1 = 1,0, University of Limerick, course: Organisational Behaviour, 15 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: Organisational culture is nowadays considered as a crucial factor that strongly influences the performance of organisations. From a manager’s point of view cultural aspects therefore move into the centre of attention . Because of its specific features organisational cultures tend to have a persisting character. Nevertheless its systematic change is one of the most relevant topics within the field of change management. This essay therefore discusses the question whether organisational culture is resistant to change or not. Starting with a working definition based on Schein’s (1992) model of organisational culture, this essay examines the possibilities of changing organisational culture and the barriers that aggravate change. The essay integrates both, the pragmatist and the purist perspective and gives therefore a balanced analysis of the question. Examples will link theory with practice and support the arguments that have been put forth. The conclusion finally summarizes the implications that have been made and states the author’s opinion towards the initial question.

Antimicrobial Resistance and Implications for the 21st Century

Antimicrobial Resistance and Implications for the 21st Century Pdf/ePub eBook Author: I.W. Fong,Karl Drlica
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 0387724184
FileSize: 433kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 433


Antimicrobial Resistance and Implications for the 21st Century by I.W. Fong,Karl Drlica Summary

This comprehensive, up-to-date volume defines the issues and offers potential solutions to the challenges of antimicrobial resistance. The chapter authors are leading international experts on antimicrobial resistance among a variety of bacteria, viruses including HIV and herpes, parasites and fungi. The chapters explore the molecular mechanisms of drug resistance, the immunology and epidemiology of resistance strains, clinical implications and implications on research and lack thereof, and prevention and future directions.

Renal Denervation

Renal Denervation Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Richard R. Heuser,Markus Schlaich,Horst Sievert
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 1447152239
FileSize: 916kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 916


Renal Denervation by Richard R. Heuser,Markus Schlaich,Horst Sievert Summary

Hypertension remains the leading cause of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in spite of current medical therapies. It has been estimated that 50% of Western civilization has hypertension and approximately 20% of patients have resistant hypertension. Renal denervation (RDN) is a minimally invasive, endovascular catheter based procedure using radiofrequency ablation aimed at treating resistant hypertension. Early studies show a high degree of effectiveness in renal denervation to treat hypertension. This book examines renal pathophysiology and the rationale for renal denervation, as well as possible long term benefits and risks of this new therapy. The myriad of devices involved in the evolution of this therapy are discussed and the book concludes with analyses of the cost effectiveness and future applications.

Water-Resistant Design and Construction

Water-Resistant Design and Construction Pdf/ePub eBook Author: William L. Walker,Dan Felice
Editor: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 007159504X
FileSize: 1219kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1219


Water-Resistant Design and Construction by William L. Walker,Dan Felice Summary

Capitalize on Proven Solutions to the 25 Most Common Water Problems in Buildings_and Avoid Costly Construction Claims! The Illustrated Guide to Water Resistant Design and Construction provides state-of-the-art solutions to prevent the most common water-related problems in buildings. Designed to save you time and money, this expert resource discusses the causes and effects of water-related problems...time tested solutions for keeping water damage from occurring...methods for enhancing construction quality to reduce on selecting the right firm to perform waterproof design and construction...guidance on achieving effective maintenance and repair...and more. The Illustrated Guide to Waterproof Construction features: More than 150 illustrations showing how to improve details and create higher-quality buildings Waterproofing methods that comply with the International Building Code Numerous examples and case studies from the United States, China, and Canada Inside this Complete Waterproofing Sourcebook •The 25 Most Common Problems: Causes and Effects • Mold and Mildew • How to Prevent Problems • Pre-Design Phase: Blueprint for Process • Building Delivery System • Time and Money • Concept Statement • Team Building • Design Phase: Selecting the Right Firm • Communications • Building Program • Schematic Design • Price Check • Design Development • Site Design • Floor • Air and Vapor Retarders • Wall Systems, Including Barrier, Drainage and Rain Screen Designs • Roof • Flashings • Sealants • Copings • Insulation • Avoiding Condensation • Mechanical Systems • Positive Pressurization • Bidding and Permitting • Construction: Scheduling • Long-Lead Items • Quality Assurance and Control • Early Bid and Construction Packages • Storage and Protection • Coordinating the Trades • Dimensional Tolerances • Managing Change Orders • Close-Out • Post-Construction: Operation • Maintenance • Repair • Replacement • Changes in Ownership

Earthquake-Resistant Design with Rubber

Earthquake-Resistant Design with Rubber Pdf/ePub eBook Author: James M. Kelly
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1447133595
FileSize: 357kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 357


Earthquake-Resistant Design with Rubber by James M. Kelly Summary

My involvement in the use of natural rubber as a method for the protec 1976. At that time, tion of buildings against earthquake attack began in I was working on the development of energy-dissipating devices for the same purpose and had developed and tested a device that was even tually used in a stepping-bridge structure, this being a form of partial isolation. It became clear to me that in order to use these energy devices for the earthquake protection of buildings, it would be best to combine them with an isolation system which would give them the large displace ments needed to develop sufficient hysteresis. At this appropriate point in time, I was approached by Dr. C. J. Derham, then of the Malaysian Rubber Producers' Research Association (MRPRA), who asked if I was interested in looking at the possibility of conducting shaking table tests at the Earthquake Simulator Laboratory to see to what extent natural rubber bearings could be used to protect buildings from earthquakes. Very soon after this meeting, we were able to do such a test using a 20-ton model and hand-made isolators. The eady tests were very promising. Accordingly, a further set of tests was done with a more realistic five storey model weighing 40 tons with bearings that were commercially made. In both of the test series, the isolators were used both alone and with a number of different types of energy-dissipating devices to en hance damping.

Glyphosate Resistance in Crops and Weeds

Glyphosate Resistance in Crops and Weeds Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Vijay K. Nandula
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118043547
FileSize: 837kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 837


Glyphosate Resistance in Crops and Weeds by Vijay K. Nandula Summary

New technologies are becoming available for managing glyphosate resistant (GR) weeds and reducing their spread. GR crop technology has revolutionized crop production in the developed world and the benefits are gradually spilling over to the developing world. In order to sustain an effective, environmentally safe herbicide such as glyphosate and the GR crop technology well in to the future, it is imperative that the issue of GR weeds be comprehensively understood. This book provides such an essential, up-to-date source of information on glyphosate resistance for researchers, extension workers, land managers, government personnel, and other decision makers. Provides comprehensive coverage of the intensely studied topic of glyphosate resistant (GR) in crops Details the development of glyphosate resistance and how to detect and manage the problem in crops Helps standardize global approaches to glyphosate resistance Encompasses interdisciplinary approaches in chemistry, weed science, biochemistry, plant physiology, plant biotechnology, genetics, ecology Includes a chapter on economic analysis of GR impact on crops

Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic Resistance Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Karl S. Drlica,David S. Perlin
Editor: FT Press
ISBN: 9780132117326
FileSize: 1333kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1333


Antibiotic Resistance by Karl S. Drlica,David S. Perlin Summary

Authored by two leading investigators, this book presents a thorough and authoritative overview of this multifaceted field of science. Pathogenic bacteria have been evolving and spreading resistance to diverse classes of antibiotics. As a result, we risk losing our ability to control and treat infectious diseases. Understanding antibiotic resistance, therefore, is becoming increasingly essential for a broad audience of healthcare professionals, biomedical and public health researchers, students, and policymakers. The authors answer questions such as: What is resistance? How does it emerge? How do common human activities contribute to resistance? What can we do about it? How can we strengthen our “first lines of defense” against resistance? Are there better ways to discover new antibiotics? What unique issues are associated with MRSA and viral influenza? In addition to defining and evaluating one of the most important emerging threats to public health, the authors explain what can be done to minimize risks to public health, and to preserve and extend the effectiveness of existing and new antibiotics.

Herbicide Resistance in Weeds and Crops

Herbicide Resistance in Weeds and Crops Pdf/ePub eBook Author: J. C. Caseley,G. W. Cussans,R. K. Atkin
Editor: Elsevier
ISBN: 148310009X
FileSize: 413kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 413


Herbicide Resistance in Weeds and Crops by J. C. Caseley,G. W. Cussans,R. K. Atkin Summary

Herbicide Resistance in Weeds and Crops is a collection of papers presented at the 11th Long Ashton International Symposium in September 1989. The said symposium is held to study about the increasing incidence of herbicide-resistant weeds and the consideration of the production of herbicide-resistant crops. The book includes studies that suggest the delay and prevention of herbicide resistance; the gravity of the infestation of different herbicide-resistant weed; the management of herbicide resistance; and the mechanisms of herbicide tolerance. Also covered in the book are the improvement of different herbicides, as well as the prospective development of genetically engineered herbicide-resistant plants. Botanists, biochemists, and farmers would greatly benefit from the text, especially those who would like to explore and study the phenomenon.


Resistance Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Daniel Kalla
Editor: Tor Books
ISBN: 1429912618
FileSize: 1178kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1178


Resistance by Daniel Kalla Summary

No treatment. No cure. No hope Once it seemed as though penicillin and other antibiotics had won humanity a lasting victory over harmful bacteria. But now hardier bugs, resistant to most common classes of antibiotics, are emerging–with potentially catastrophic consequences. When Dr. Catalina Lopez of the Center for Disease Control first receives a report of a lethal new "superbug" immune to all known antibiotics, she realizes that she has a major health crisis on her hands. An ultra-resistant form of group A strep is spreading like wildfire throughout hospitals and emergency rooms in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. Doctors, lacking any effective way to combat the infection, can do nothing but stand by and watch their patients die, one after another. Dr. Graham Kilburn, an infectious disease specialist in Vancouver, is one such doctor. Desperate to contain the spread of the new superbug, he joins forces with Lina Lopez as they try to find some way to halt the growing epidemic. What they don't realize is that shadowy forces are conspiring to spread the disease on purpose–and they will stop at nothing to avoid exposure. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

The Ongoing Challenge of Antimicrobial Resistance, An Issue of Infectious Disease Clinics of North America, EBook

The Ongoing Challenge of Antimicrobial Resistance, An Issue of Infectious Disease Clinics of North America, EBook Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Richard R. Watkins,Robert A. Bonomo
Editor: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0323759440
FileSize: 998kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 998


The Ongoing Challenge of Antimicrobial Resistance, An Issue of Infectious Disease Clinics of North America, EBook by Richard R. Watkins,Robert A. Bonomo Summary

Together with Consulting Editor Dr. Helen Boucher, Drs. Watkins and Bonomo have put together an issue of Infectious Disease Clinics of North America that provides the most current information on antibiotic resistance. Top experts have contributed clinical review articles that address the types of resistance based on drug class as well as emerging therapies and the future of telemedicine in the management of infections. The following topics are covered in this issue: The changing role of the clinical microbiology laboratory in defining resistance in gram-negatives; Extended-spectrum ß-lactamase-producing Enterobacteriaceae infections; Multidrug-resistant bacteria in the community; Resistance to polymyxins; Resistance in Vancomycin-resistant enterococci; Resistance to newer ß-lactamase inhibitors; Antibiotic-resistant infections in the immunocompromised host; Emerging therapies for MRSA infections; Drug-resistant tuberculosis; Aminoglycoside resistance; The role of antibiotic stewardship and telemedicine in the management of MDR infections; and Emerging issues in antifungal resistance. Readers will have the current information they need to better manage antibiotic-resistant infections in patients.


Resistant Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Rachael Sparks
Editor: SparkPress
ISBN: 1943006741
FileSize: 478kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 478


Resistant by Rachael Sparks Summary

A thrilling debut in the style of Crichton or A.G. Riddle, Resistant imagines a chilling—and entirely plausible—future where antibiotics don't work, and weaves adventure, romance, and science into a thrilling chase for a cure. In the final battle with drug-resistant bacteria, one woman's blood holds a secret weapon. Rory and her father have survived the antibiotic crisis that has killed millions, including Rory’s mother—but ingenuity and perseverance aren’t their only advantages. When a stoic and scarred young military veteran enters their quiet life, Rory is drawn to him against her better judgment . . . until he exposes the secrets her mother and father kept from her, including the fact that her own blood may hold the cure the world needs, and she is the target of groups fighting to reach it first. When the government comes after Rory, aiming to use her for a cure it can sell to the highest bidder, she’s forced to flee with her father and their new protector. But can she find the new path of human evolution before the government finds her?

Degradation of Antibiotics and Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria From Various Sources

Degradation of Antibiotics and Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria From Various Sources Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Pardeep Singh,Mika Sillanpää
Editor: Academic Press
ISBN: 0323914624
FileSize: 860kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 860


Degradation of Antibiotics and Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria From Various Sources by Pardeep Singh,Mika Sillanpää Summary

The excessive use of antibiotics has given rise to an increase in microbial resistance, threatening our ability to treat infectious diseases. The growth in resistance to antimicrobials and antibiotics threatens to reverse almost a century of medical progress. urgent action plans to tackle the crisis of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and multi-resistant bacteria are needed. It is a major research task to find effective ways to reduce the release and degradation of antibiotics and ARBs to the environment. Degradations of Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance Bacteria from various sources addresses various issues related the generations and degradations, eliminations of antibiotics and antibiotics resistance bacteria. Degradations of Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance Bacteria from various sources contains both practical and theoretical latest and broad aspects of antibiotics and antibiotics resistance bacteria management through the various recent methods. Various factors which are responsible for the efficient degradations are highlighted in the Degradations of Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance Bacteria from various sources as separate chapters. Socioeconomic and policies on the ARBs are also discussed. Contains both practical and theoretical latest and broad aspects of antibiotics resistant bacteria Emphasizes the health impact of antibiotic resistance and genes Gives insight in the applications of anaerobic digestions for eliminations of ARBs (antibiotic resistance blockers) and ARGs (Antibiotic Resistance Genes) Shows how ARB’s influences the degradation processes and management

Genomic Designing for Biotic Stress Resistant Cereal Crops

Genomic Designing for Biotic Stress Resistant Cereal Crops Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Chittaranjan Kole
Editor: Springer Nature
ISBN: 3030758796
FileSize: 1726kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1726


Genomic Designing for Biotic Stress Resistant Cereal Crops by Chittaranjan Kole Summary

This book presents deliberations on molecular and genomic mechanisms underlying the interactions of crop plants to the biotic stresses caused by different diseases and pests that are important to develop resistant crop varieties. Knowledge on the advanced genetic and genomic crop improvement strategies including molecular breeding, transgenics, genomic-assisted breeding, and the recently emerging genome editing for developing resistant varieties in cereal crops is imperative for addressing FHNEE (food, health, nutrition, energy, and environment) security. Whole genome sequencing of these crops followed by genotyping-by-sequencing has provided precise information regarding the genes conferring resistance useful for gene discovery, allele mining, and shuttle breeding which in turn opened up the scope for 'designing' crop genomes with resistance to biotic stresses. The eight chapters each dedicated to a cereal crop in this volume elucidate on different types of biotic stresses and their effects on and interaction with the crop; enumerate on the available genetic diversity with regard to biotic stress resistance among available cultivars; illuminate on the potential gene pools for utilization in interspecific gene transfer; present brief on classical genetics of stress resistance and traditional breeding for transferring them to their cultivated counterparts; depict the success stories of genetic engineering for developing biotic stress-resistant crop varieties; discuss on molecular mapping of genes and QTLs underlying stress resistance and their marker-assisted introgression into elite varieties; enunciate on different genomics-aided techniques including genomic selection, allele mining, gene discovery, and gene pyramiding for developing adaptive crop varieties with higher quantity and quality of yields, and also elaborate some case studies on genome editing focusing on specific genes for generating biotic stress-resistant crops.

Biblical Resistance Hermeneutics within a Caribbean Context

Biblical Resistance Hermeneutics within a Caribbean Context Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Oral A. W. Thomas
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1134939779
FileSize: 513kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 513


Biblical Resistance Hermeneutics within a Caribbean Context by Oral A. W. Thomas Summary

The Bible is of central importance within Caribbean life but is rarely used as an agent for social change. Caribbean biblical hermeneutics focus more on the meaning of biblical texts for today and less on the context in which the texts themselves were written. 'Biblical Resistance Hermeneutics within a Caribbean Context' offers a biblical hermeneutic that acknowledges the importance of the socio-ideological interests, theological agendas, and social practices that produced the biblical texts, as well as the socio-cultural context of the contemporary reader. The book examines the social context of post-independence Caribbean and outlines the difficulties of biblical interpretation within Christian communities that descend from a history of slavery. Current hermeneutical practices in the Caribbean are critiqued and a biblical resistant reading offered that enables the Bible to be used as a cultural weapon of resistance.

Treatment Resistance in Psychiatry

Treatment Resistance in Psychiatry Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Yong-Ku Kim
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 9811043582
FileSize: 1626kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1626


Treatment Resistance in Psychiatry by Yong-Ku Kim Summary

This book reviews all the important aspects of treatment-resistant psychiatric disorders, covering issues such as definitions, clinical aspects, neurobiological correlates, treatment options, and predictors of treatment response. The book is divided into three sections, the first of which examines the most recent thinking on treatment resistance in psychiatry, including definition and epidemiology, paradigm shift in the study of the subjects, individual susceptibility and resilience, abnormal structural or functional connectivity, and insights from animal models. The second section then discusses treatment resistance in each of the major psychiatric disorders, with particular focus on the responsible clinical and biological factors and the available management strategies. Finally, more detailed information is presented on diverse pharmacological and non-pharmacological therapeutic interventions. The book, written by leading experts from across the world, will be of value to all who seek a better understanding of the clinical-neurobiological underpinnings and the development of management for treatment resistance in psychiatric disorders.

Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic Resistance Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Kateryna Kon,Mahendra Rai
Editor: Academic Press
ISBN: 0128036680
FileSize: 823kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 823


Antibiotic Resistance by Kateryna Kon,Mahendra Rai Summary

Antibiotic Resistance: Mechanisms and New Antimicrobial Approaches discusses up-to-date knowledge in mechanisms of antibiotic resistance and all recent advances in fighting microbial resistance such as the applications of nanotechnology, plant products, bacteriophages, marine products, algae, insect-derived products, and other alternative methods that can be applied to fight bacterial infections. Understanding fundamental mechanisms of antibiotic resistance is a key step in the discovery of effective methods to cope with resistance. This book also discusses methods used to fight antibiotic-resistant infection based on a deep understanding of the mechanisms involved in the development of the resistance. Discusses methods used to fight antibiotic-resistant infection based on a deep understanding of mechanisms involved in the development of the resistance Provides information on modern methods used to fight antibiotic resistance Covers a wide range of alternative methods to fight bacterial resistance, offering the most complete information available Discusses both newly emerging trends and traditionally applied methods to fight antibiotic resistant infections in light of recent scientific developments Offers the most up-to-date information in fighting antibiotic resistance Includes involvement of contributors all across the world, presenting questions of interest to readers of both developed and developing countries

Redefining Resistance

Redefining Resistance Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Esther Rowlands
Editor: Rodopi
ISBN: 9789042019515
FileSize: 1034kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1034


Redefining Resistance by Esther Rowlands Summary

The redefinition of resistance, developed here by Esther Rowlands, consists of a recontextualisation within the field of poetic language, of the current notion of resistance discourse as being the mouthpiece of a factual historical message. Here, for the first time this detailed study of selected wartime poetic texts, produced by Francis Ponge, Benjamin Peret, Henri Michaux and Antonin Artaud, compiled between 1936 and 1946, presents a specific critique of linguistic resistance, which explores the possibility for subversion to take place, without direct allusion to any named object of resistance. The urgency of this notion bases itself upon the premise that referentiality may be conceived as being retaliative and reactionary, thereby, risking replication of the dominant order. This volume is of particular interest for undergraduates studying Surrealism, Second World Wartime Literature and Twentieth Century Stylistics.

Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic Resistance Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Siouxsie Wiles
Editor: Bridget Williams Books
ISBN: 0947518665
FileSize: 395kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 395


Antibiotic Resistance by Siouxsie Wiles Summary

In ten years’ time, will antibiotics still work? Have we let bacteria get the upper hand in the evolutionary arms race? In the 1920s the discovery of the antibiotic penicillin started a golden age of medicine. However, experts warn that the end of that age may be just a decade away. In this BWB Text, microbiologist Siouxsie Wiles explores the looming crisis of antibiotic resistance and its threat to New Zealand. Wiles concludes that New Zealand must do more to protect the public from a future without antibiotics.

On Resistance

On Resistance Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Howard Caygill
Editor: A&C Black
ISBN: 1472529669
FileSize: 307kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 307


On Resistance by Howard Caygill Summary

No word is more central to the contemporary political imagination and action than 'resistance'. In its various manifestations - from the armed guerrilla to Gandhian mass pacifist protest, from Wikileaks and the Arab Spring to the global eruption and violent repression of the Occupy movement - concepts of resistance are becoming ubiquitous and urgent. In this book, Howard Caygill conducts the first ever systematic analysis of 'resistance': as a means of defying political oppression, in its relationship with military violence and its cultural representation. Beginning with the militaristic doctrine of Clausewitz and the evolution of a new model of guerrilla warfare to resist the forces of Napoleonic France, On Resistance elucidates and critiques the contributions of seminal resistant thinkers from Marx and Nietzsche to Mao, Gandhi, Sartre and Fanon to identify continuities of resistance and rebellion from the Paris Commune to the Greenham Women's Peace Camp. Employing a threefold line of inquiry, Caygill exposes the persistent discourses through which resistance has been framed in terms of force, violence, consciousness and subjectivity to evolve a critique of resistance. Tracing the features of resistance, its strategies, character and habitual forms throughout modern world history Caygill identifies the typological consistencies which make up resistance. Finally, by teasing out the conceptual nuances of resistance and its affinities to concepts of repression, reform and revolution, Caygill reflects upon contemporary manifestations of resistance to identify whether the 21st century is evolving new understandings of protest and struggle.

Multigenic and Induced Systemic Resistance in Plants

Multigenic and Induced Systemic Resistance in Plants Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Tuzun Sadik,Bent Elizabeth
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 0387232664
FileSize: 962kb
File Format: Pdf
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Multigenic and Induced Systemic Resistance in Plants by Tuzun Sadik,Bent Elizabeth Summary

Plants have developed very sophisticated mechanisms to combat pathogens and pestsusingtheleastamountofreservedorgeneratedenergypossible. Theydothis by activating major defense mechanisms after recognition of the organisms that are considered to be detrimental to their survival; therefore they have been able to exist on Earth longer than any other higher organisms. It has been known for the past century that plants carry genetic information for inherited resistance against many pathogenic organisms including fungi, bacteria, and viruses, and that the relationship between pathogenic organisms and hosts plants are rather complex and in some cases time dependent. This genetic information has been the basis for breeding for resistance that has been employed by plant breeders to develop better-yielding disease resistant varieties, some of which are still being cultivated. Single gene resistance is one type of resistance which has been extensively studied by many research groups all around the world using biotechnological methodologies that have been the subject of many books and journal articles; therefore, it is beyond the scope of this book. This type of resistance is very effective, although it can be overcome by the pressure of pathogenic organisms since it depends on interaction of a single elicitor molecule from the pathogen with a single receptor site in the host.

Antimicrobial Resistance in the Environment

Antimicrobial Resistance in the Environment Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Patricia L. Keen,Mark H. M. M. Montforts
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118156234
FileSize: 729kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 729


Antimicrobial Resistance in the Environment by Patricia L. Keen,Mark H. M. M. Montforts Summary

Examines effects of the environmental distribution ofantimicrobial resistance genes on human health and theecosystem Resistance genes are everywhere in nature—in pathogens,commensals, and environmental microorganisms. This contributed workshows how the environment plays a pivotal role in the developmentof antimicrobial resistance traits in bacteria and the distributionof resistant microbial species, resistant genetic material, andantibiotic compounds. Readers will discover the impact of thedistribution in the environment of antimicrobial resistance genesand antibiotics on both the ecosystem and human and animalhealth. Antimicrobial Resistance in the Environment is divided into fourparts: Part I, Sources, including ecological and clinical consequencesof antibiotic resistance by environmental microbes Part II, Fate, including strategies to assess and minimize thebiological risk of antibiotic resistance in the environment Part III, Antimicrobial Substances and Resistance, includingantibiotics in the aquatic environment Part IV, Effects and Risks, including the effect ofantimicrobials used for non-human purposes on human health Recognizing the intricate links among overlapping complexsystems, this book examines antimicrobial resistance using acomprehensive ecosystem approach. Moreover, the book'smultidisciplinary framework applies principles of microbiology,environmental toxicology, and chemistry to assess the human andecological risks associated with exposure to antibiotics orantibiotic resistance genes that are environmentalcontaminants. Each chapter has been written by one or more leading researchersin such fields as microbiology, environmental science, ecology, andtoxicology. Comprehensive reference lists at the end of allchapters serve as a gateway to the primary research in thefield. Presenting and analyzing the latest findings in a field ofgrowing importance to human and environmental health, this textoffers readers new insights into the role of the environment inantimicrobial resistance development, the dissemination ofantimicrobial resistant genetic elements, and the transport ofantibiotic resistance genes and antibiotics.

Improving Genetic Disease Resistance in Farm Animals

Improving Genetic Disease Resistance in Farm Animals Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Akke Jitske Akkermans,W. Sybesma
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9400910576
FileSize: 1848kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1848


Improving Genetic Disease Resistance in Farm Animals by Akke Jitske Akkermans,W. Sybesma Summary

This publication contains the proceedings of a seminar held in Brussels on November 8-9, 1988. The title of the seminar was "Reducing the costs of disease by improving resistance through genetics". The seminar was held as an activity of the Community Programme for the Coordination of Agricultural Research, 1984-1988. Costs of disease depend on losses caused by morbidity, mortality and production decreases and on the costs of preventive measures including vaccination and medication. Production losses often contribute a major portion to the total costs. To reduce costs of disease preventive measures like vaccination, preventive medication and hygienic procedures are applied. Genetic resistance is an attractive preventive measure because of its consistent nature in the next generations, because it precludes veterinary services and because there are no side-effects. Constraints are the long term investment, relatively slow progress per generation (in combination with production traits) and the considerable lack of knowledge about inheritance of resistance mechanisms in farm animals.

Resistance and Persuasion

Resistance and Persuasion Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Eric S. Knowles,Jay A. Linn
Editor: Psychology Press
ISBN: 1135626375
FileSize: 1356kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1356


Resistance and Persuasion by Eric S. Knowles,Jay A. Linn Summary

Resistance and Persuasion is the first book to analyze the nature of resistance and demonstrate how it can be reduced, overcome, or used to promote persuasion. By examining resistance, and providing strategies for overcoming it, this new book generates insight into new facets of influence and persuasion. With contributions from the leaders in the field, this book presents original ideas and research that demonstrate how understanding resistance can improve persuasion, compliance, and social influence. Many of the authors present their research for the first time. Four faces of resistance are identified: reactance, distrust, scrutiny, and inertia. The concluding chapter summarizes the book's theoretical contributions and establishes a resistance-based research agenda for persuasion and attitude change. This new book helps to establish resistance as a legitimate sub-field of persuasion that is equal in force to influence. Resistance and Persuasion offers many new revelations about persuasion: *Acknowledging resistance helps to reduce it. *Raising reactance makes a strong message more persuasive. *Putting arguments into a narrative increases their influence. *Identifying illegitimate sources of information strengthens the influence of legitimate sources. *Looking ahead reduces resistance to persuasive attempts. This volume will appeal to researchers and students from a variety of disciplines including social, cognitive, and health psychology, communication, marketing, political science, journalism, and education.

Plant Resistance to Arthropods

Plant Resistance to Arthropods Pdf/ePub eBook Author: C. Michael Smith
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1402037023
FileSize: 1501kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1501


Plant Resistance to Arthropods by C. Michael Smith Summary

This book synthesizes new information about the environmental advantages of plant resistance, transgenic resistance, the molecular bases of resistance, and the use of molecular markers to map resistance genes. Readers are presented in-depth descriptions of techniques to quantify resistance, factors affecting resistance expression, and the deployment of resistance genes. New information about gene-for-gene interactions between resistant plants and arthropod biotypes is discussed along with the recent examples of using arthropod resistant plants in integrated pest management systems.

Antimicrobial Resistance and Food Safety

Antimicrobial Resistance and Food Safety Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Chin-Yi Chen,Xianghe Yan,Charlene R. Jackson
Editor: Elsevier
ISBN: 0128013370
FileSize: 1582kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1582


Antimicrobial Resistance and Food Safety by Chin-Yi Chen,Xianghe Yan,Charlene R. Jackson Summary

Antimicrobial Resistance and Food Safety: Methods and Techniques introduces antimicrobial resistant food-borne pathogens, their surveillance and epidemiology, emerging resistance and resistant pathogens. This analysis is followed by a systematic presentation of currently applied methodology and technology, including advanced technologies for detection, intervention, and information technologies. This reference can be used as a practical guide for scientists, food engineers, and regulatory personnel as well as students in food safety, food microbiology, or food science. Includes analysis of all major pathogens of concern Provides many case studies and examples of fundamental research findings Presents recent advances in methodologies and analytical software Demonstrates risk assessment using information technologies in foodborne pathogens


Resistance Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jennifer A. Nielsen
Editor: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN: 1338148494
FileSize: 874kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 874


Resistance by Jennifer A. Nielsen Summary

New York Times bestseller Jennifer A. Nielsen tells the extraordinary story of a Jewish girl's courageous efforts to resist the Nazis. Chaya Lindner is a teenager living in Nazi-occupied Poland. Simply being Jewish places her in danger of being killed or sent to the camps. After her little sister is taken away, her younger brother disappears, and her parents all but give up hope, Chaya is determined to make a difference. Using forged papers and her fair features, Chaya becomes a courier and travels between the Jewish ghettos of Poland, smuggling food, papers, and even people. Soon Chaya joins a resistance cell that runs raids on the Nazis' supplies. But after a mission goes terribly wrong, Chaya's network shatters. She is alone and unsure of where to go, until Esther, a member of her cell, finds her and delivers a message that chills Chaya to her core, and sends her on a journey toward an even larger uprising in the works -- in the Warsaw Ghetto. Though the Jewish resistance never had much of a chance against the Nazis, they were determined to save as many lives as possible, and to live -- or die -- with honor.

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