A Glimpse Of Freedom

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A Glimpse of Grace

A Glimpse of Grace Pdf/ePub eBook Author:
Editor: WestBow Press
ISBN: 149087352X
FileSize: 1676kb
File Format: Pdf
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A Glimpse of Grace by Summary

A Glimpse of Grace presents the truth of the grace of God, in such a way, that honest Christian believers may become more conscious of Gods unchangeable attitude of love and forgiveness; and in response, return to the life of grace. For apart from accepting and living in and through the grace of God, the promises of Peace, Joy and Love remain merely promises.

The Price of Freedom

The Price of Freedom Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Rosemary Rowe
Editor: Severn House Publishers Ltd
ISBN: 1780109326
FileSize: 1415kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1415


The Price of Freedom by Rosemary Rowe Summary

The death of a local tax-collector spells trouble for Libertus in this compelling historical mystery. Having been inveigled into standing for the local curia, responsible for the submission of all local tax, Libertus discovers that any shortfall must be made good by the councillors themselves. So when news arrives that a tax-collector from a nearby outpost has committed suicide, having gambled everything away, Libertus is despatched to make enquiries, in the hope of recovering at least some of the missing revenue. He has also been asked to attend a wedding, in place of his patron, who is expecting a visit from an Imperial Legate. But the assignment which should have seen Libertus for once treated as an honoured guest begins to take grisly and unexpected turns. As he pieces together the unlikely truth, Libertus finds himself in mortal danger. Freedom, in all forms, is only relative ? but there is a high price for it, sometimes paid in blood ?

A Poet Sings of Freedom, Love and Life.

A Poet Sings of Freedom, Love and Life. Pdf/ePub eBook Author: James P. Wooten, Ph.D.
Editor: Author House
ISBN: 145675761X
FileSize: 528kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 528


A Poet Sings of Freedom, Love and Life. by James P. Wooten, Ph.D. Summary

The book looks at three major aspects of life in America and of life period. It give us an on-site view of race relations in the United States during a very tumultuous time. But it's not just about race relations, it's also about love, it's about life, ...it's about people like you and I.

Facets of Freedom

Facets of Freedom Pdf/ePub eBook Author: A Vedanta Kesari Presentation
Editor: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1329410904
FileSize: 1573kb
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Facets of Freedom by A Vedanta Kesari Presentation Summary

Freedom is the only condition for growth. But freedom also brings responsibility. Again in the context of self-discipline what is true freedom - freedom of the senses or freedom from the senses? Finally ultimate freedom from all bondages say the Hindu Scriptures is the highest goal of life. These and many more aspects of the idea of freedom are the subject matter of Facets of Freedom. The book tries to explore various aspects of freedom in its widest sense. It contains 30 illuminating articles by eminent writers monks and others.

Roots of Freedom

Roots of Freedom Pdf/ePub eBook Author: John W. Danford
Editor: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1497648904
FileSize: 1472kb
File Format: Pdf
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Roots of Freedom by John W. Danford Summary

Roots of Freedom is a primer on the thinkers and ideas that, over many centuries, have laid the foundations of free societies. Concepts such as the rule of law, independent judiciary, limited government, free markets, and individual autonomy are traced in the writings of (among others) Luther, Machiavelli, Hobbes, Locke, Montesquieu, Hume, Adam Smith, the American founders, Alexis de Tocqueville, and John Stuart Mill.

The Bonds of Freedom

The Bonds of Freedom Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Rebekah L. Miles
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0198032943
FileSize: 1969kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1969


The Bonds of Freedom by Rebekah L. Miles Summary

In this constructive study, Miles proposes a new feminist theological ethic, drawing together the contributions of Reinhold Niebuhr, Sharon Welch, and Rosemary Ruether. Seeking to critically reappropriate the Christian realism articulated by Niebuhr, she reinterprets solutions to problems emergent from his theology. Miles presents feminist Christian realism as an alternative that can reclaim a positive interpretation of divine transcendence and human self-transcendence, while maintaining newer emphases on human boundedness and divine immanence. Theologians and ethicists will find her critical reassessment of the three authors distinctive and her challenging proposal for a "positive creative transformation" a significant contribution to the development of feminist ethics.

A State of Freedom

A State of Freedom Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Neel Mukherjee
Editor: Random House
ISBN: 1473523109
FileSize: 865kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 865


A State of Freedom by Neel Mukherjee Summary

Longlisted for the DSC Prize for South Asian Literature What happens when we attempt to exchange the life we are given for something better? Five people, in very different circumstances, from a domestic cook in Mumbai, to a vagrant and his dancing bear, and a girl who escapes terror in her home village for a new life in the city, find out the meanings of dislocation, and the desire for more. Set in contemporary India and moving between the reality of this world and the shadow of another, this novel delivers a devastating and haunting exploration of the unquenchable human urge to strive for a different life.

The Price of Freedom

The Price of Freedom Pdf/ePub eBook Author: William R. Forstchen,Ben Ohlander
Editor: Baen Books
ISBN: 1625795548
FileSize: 1589kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1589


The Price of Freedom by William R. Forstchen,Ben Ohlander Summary

In "Heart of the Tiger" the Kilrathi empire was eradicated through the bravery of a few flying aces. Now, Captain Blair and his wing are fighting a more familiar menace—their fellow humans. Blair had settled down to the quiet life of a farmer, but he's been called back into action to fight rebels from the Border Worlds. And Captain Blair finds that dog-fighting with people is a whole different kettle of kittens than fighting an alien cat species. Those humans are tricky in ways the Kilrathi never dreamed of! At the publisher's request, this title is sold without DRM (Digital Rights Management).

Freedom of expression and the Internet

Freedom of expression and the Internet Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Prof. Wolfgang Benedek,Dr Matthias C. Kettemann
Editor: Council of Europe
ISBN: 9287178208
FileSize: 1691kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1691


Freedom of expression and the Internet by Prof. Wolfgang Benedek,Dr Matthias C. Kettemann Summary

With the rise of the Internet, the opportunities to express oneself have grown exponentially, as have the challenges to freedom of expression. From the Arab Spring to the global Occupy movement, freedom of expression on the Internet has had a profound impact on the debates which shape our future. At the same time, an increasing number of states use the Internet to spy on journalists and citizens, to prosecute and jail bloggers, and to censor online information. This book sets out to answer essential questions regarding the extent and limits of freedom of expression online. It seeks to shed light on the often obscure landscape of what we are allowed to say online and how our ideas, and the process of imparting and receiving information, are protected. It shows the large ambit of rights protected by freedom of expression – including freedom of the media and the right to access information via the Internet. It also highlights the importance of the standard-setting, monitoring and promotion activities of international and non-governmental organisations, with a chapter on relevant national practices that illustrates how different states deal with the challenge that the Internet has brought to ensuring freedom of expression for all. As the importance of the Internet in our daily lives grows, readers will find this book to be a valuable resource for understanding the rights and obligations of each actor on the Internet, including states, Internet companies and civil society.

Foucault and the Indefinite Work of Freedom

Foucault and the Indefinite Work of Freedom Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Réal Fillion
Editor: University of Ottawa Press
ISBN: 0776619993
FileSize: 1621kb
File Format: Pdf
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Foucault and the Indefinite Work of Freedom by Réal Fillion Summary

This work underscores the need to examine history philosophically, not only to better appreciate how it unfolds and relates to our own unfolding lives, but to better appreciate our free engagement in this changing world. Linking a conception of ourselves as free beings to the historical process was of central importance to the classical speculative philosophies of history of the nineteenth century, most notably Hegel’s. Michel Foucault’s work is often taken to be the antithesis of this kind of speculative approach. This book argues that Foucault, on the contrary, like Hegel, sees freedom as tied to the self-movement of thought as it realizes and shapes the world. Unlike Hegel, however, he does not see in that self-movement the process of Spirit reconciling itself with the world and thereby realizing itself as freedom. Rather, he sees in the freedom at the core of the self-movement of thought a possible threat around which that movement consolidates itself and gives shape to the world. Foucault’s work is therefore not a simple rejection of Hegel’s speculative philosophy of history, but rather an inversion of the manner in which history and freedom are related: for Hegel history realizes or actualizes the “idea” of freedom, whereas for Foucault freedom realizes or actualizes the “materiality” of history.

Cries of Freedom

Cries of Freedom Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Janet Wray Gorman
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 0738839191
FileSize: 315kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 315


Cries of Freedom by Janet Wray Gorman Summary

The Wandering Vine trilogy is based on three aspects of a spiritual journey through life. Even My Family, book one, is about finding your own path and following it. Cries of Freedom, book two, is about surrounding yourself with unconditional love. Once Again, book three, is about releasing bad karma. In Cries of Freedom, book two, the heroine, Elizabeth Randolph, must travel the path she stepped onto when she rejected her parents’ ideology and helped slaves escape from her father’s plantation. Banished from her parents’ Virginia plantation on the eve of the Civil War, Elizabeth travels North to raise the daughter of a slave. She wants to create the supportive, loving family her parents never gave her. But how? As a Southerner on Beacon Hill in Boston during the Civil War, anti-Southern abolitionists, narrow minds, and conflict surround her. And yet she is the one trying to raise a child with African heritage. George Parkman, an older, respected Bostonian, manages Elizabeth’s inheritance from her great aunt. He has loved her since the first day they met but, because he feels inferior to the Randolph family, he has never made his feelings known. Elizabeth wonders if he’ll consider her a burden when she arrives in Boston. John Appleton, a freethinking architect, was engaged to marry Elizabeth, but after Boston Brahmins financed John Brown’s raid at Harpers Ferry her father broke the engagement. John begged Elizabeth to run away with him, but she refused and couldn’t tell him that she was staying to help two slaves escape. She does not know if he will still be waiting for her. Gabe Charles, her father’s slave, has been her best friend since they nursed together at his mother’s breasts. If he survived his escape to Canada, there is no way to know when it will be safe for him to live in Boston. The Fugitive Slave Act allows no safe haven in the United States. Now a free man, she wonders if he will be able to pick up their relationship where it left off. And there is Ruben Stone who hovered around her when she traveled alone to Baltimore after her banishment. Fear rises from her gut whenever she sees him, as if long ago he endangered her and now he is back to do it again. Will she create the family she longs for or end up caught in the past, alone and unhappy like her parents who defined themselves by community expectations rather than their hearts?

To Write in the Light of Freedom

To Write in the Light of Freedom Pdf/ePub eBook Author: William Sturkey,Jon N. Hale
Editor: Univ. Press of Mississippi
ISBN: 1626743991
FileSize: 1135kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1135


To Write in the Light of Freedom by William Sturkey,Jon N. Hale Summary

Fifty years after Freedom Summer, To Write in the Light of Freedom offers a glimpse into the hearts of the African American youths who attended the Mississippi Freedom Schools in 1964. One of the most successful initiatives of Freedom Summer, more than forty Freedom Schools opened doors to thousands of young African American students. Here they learned civics, politics, and history, curriculum that helped them instead of the degrading lessons supporting segregation and Jim Crow and sanctioned by White Citizen’s Councils. Young people enhanced their self-esteem and gained a new outlook on the future. And at more than a dozen of these schools, students wrote, edited, printed and published their own newspapers. For more than five decades, the Mississippi Freedom Schools have served as powerful models of educational activism. Yet, little has been published that documents black Mississippi youths’ responses to this profound experience.

Voices of Freedom

Voices of Freedom Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Solomon Northup,Frederick Douglass,Harriet Jacobs,Sojourner Truth
Editor: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1504048350
FileSize: 1378kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1378


Voices of Freedom by Solomon Northup,Frederick Douglass,Harriet Jacobs,Sojourner Truth Summary

Four of the most important and enduring American slave narratives together in one volume. Until slavery was abolished in 1865, millions of men, women, and children toiled under a system that stripped them of their freedom and their humanity. Much has been written about this shameful era of American history, but few books speak with as much power as the narratives written by those who experienced slavery firsthand. The basis for the film of the same name, Twelve Years a Slave is Solomon Northup’s heartrending chronicle of injustice and brutality. Northup was born and raised a freeman in New York State—until he was kidnapped and sold into slavery in the Deep South. Before returning to his family and freedom, he suffered smallpox, the overseer’s lash, and an attempted lynching. Perhaps the most famous of all slave chronicles, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass immediately struck a chord with readers when it was first released in 1855. After escaping to freedom, Douglass became a well-known orator and abolitionist, drawing on his own experiences to condemn the evils of slavery. One of the few female slave narratives, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl was originally published under a pseudonym by Harriet Jacobs. After she escaped to freedom in North Carolina, where she became an abolitionist, Jacobs described the particular suffering of female slaves, including sexual harassment and abuse. Published in 1850, The Narrative of Sojourner Truth is Truth’s landmark memoir of her life as a slave in upstate New York and her transformation into a pioneer for racial equality and women’s rights. These narratives serve as a timeless testament to the strength and bravery, and as a voice to the millions of people enslaved in this dark period of American history. This ebook has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices.

A Golden Moment of Freedom

A Golden Moment of Freedom Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Elena Torres
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1503546888
FileSize: 406kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 406


A Golden Moment of Freedom by Elena Torres Summary

Teresa Moreno is growing up in 1960’s Texas with no ambitions other than to marry and raise a family. But her destiny takes her in a direction she never dreamt of and she finds a purpose to her life beyond anything she could’ve imagined. To realize this purpose she must battle her parents and the culture she was born into, discovering along the way a strength she didn’t know she had. Agonize and triumph with Teresa as she matures into a confident, successful woman on the edges of the most tumultuous times in American history.

Freedom and Justice: The Trial of General K

Freedom and Justice: The Trial of General K Pdf/ePub eBook Author: C. O. T. Appiah
Editor: FriesenPress
ISBN: 1525515020
FileSize: 1171kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1171


Freedom and Justice: The Trial of General K by C. O. T. Appiah Summary

It is a momentous day in the struggle of the people of the proud nation of Ogyakrom as they await the verdict of an historic trial. General K, once a dictator who held tight the reins of power, now sits deflated, awaiting his sentence in the final years of his life. Outside the courthouse, another old man waits among the crowd, having recently returned from forty-five years in exile. For him, the trial is more than simply the end of a brutal regime. As he watches those gathered to await the verdict, he reflects on how his country has changed in his absence, and how the events that led to his banishment seem nearly lost in the river of time. Gone is the nation he once knew. With this trial, have they finally achieved the words long held dear by its people? Have they truly reached the era of freedom and justice?

Dreams of Peace and Freedom

Dreams of Peace and Freedom Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jay Winter
Editor: Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300127510
FileSize: 676kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 676


Dreams of Peace and Freedom by Jay Winter Summary

In the wake of the monstrous projects of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and others in the twentieth century, the idea of utopia has been discredited. Yet, historian Jay Winter suggests, alongside the “major utopians” who murdered millions in their attempts to transform the world were disparate groups of people trying in their own separate ways to imagine a radically better world. This original book focuses on some of the twentieth-century’s “minor utopias” whose stories, overshadowed by the horrors of the Holocaust and the Gulag, suggest that the future need not be as catastrophic as the past. The book is organized around six key moments when utopian ideas and projects flourished in Europe: 1900 (the Paris World's Fair), 1919 (the Paris Peace Conference), 1937 (the Paris exhibition celebrating science and light), 1948 (the Universal Declaration of Human Rights), 1968 (moral indictments and student revolt), and 1992 (the emergence of visions of global citizenship). Winter considers the dreamers and the nature of their dreams as well as their connections to one another and to the history of utopian thought. By restoring minor utopias to their rightful place in the recent past, Winter fills an important gap in the history of social thought and action in the twentieth century.

The Price of Freedom

The Price of Freedom Pdf/ePub eBook Author: T. Stephen Whitman
Editor: University Press of Kentucky
ISBN: 0813183588
FileSize: 851kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 851


The Price of Freedom by T. Stephen Whitman Summary

A stereotypical image of manumission is that of a benign plantation owner freeing his slaves on his deathbed. But as Stephen Whitman demonstrates, the truth was far more complex, especially in border states where manumission was much more common. Whitman analyzes the economic and social history of Baltimore to show how the vigorous growth of the city required the exploitation of rural slaves. To prevent them from escaping and to spur higher production, owners entered into arrangements with their slaves, promising eventual freedom in return for many years' hard work. The Price of Freedom reveals how blacks played a critical role in freeing themselves from slavery. Yet it was an imperfect victory. Once Baltimore's economic growth began to slow, freed blacks were virtually excluded from craft apprenticeships, and European immigrants supplanted them as a trained labor force.

The Dialectic of Freedom

The Dialectic of Freedom Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Maxine Greene
Editor: Teachers College Press
ISBN: 0807776386
FileSize: 1164kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1164


The Dialectic of Freedom by Maxine Greene Summary

Special 2018 Edition From the new Introduction by Michelle Fine, Graduate Center, CUNY : "Why now, you may ask, should I return to a book written in 1988? Because, in Maxine's words: 'When freedom is the question, it is always time to begin.'" In The Dialectic of Freedom, Maxine Greene argues that freedom must be achieved through continuing resistance to the forces that limit, condition, determine, and—too frequently—oppress. Examining the interrelationship between freedom, possibility, and imagination in American education, Greene taps the fields of philosophy, history, educational theory, and literature in order to discuss the many struggles that have characterized Americans’ quests for freedom in the midst of what is conceived to be a free society. Accounts of the lives of women, immigrants, and minority groups highlight the ways in which Americans have gone in search of openings in their lived situations, learned to look at things as if they could be otherwise, and taken action on what they found. Greene presents a unique overview of American concepts and images of freedom from Jefferson’s time to the present. She examines the ways in which the disenfranchised have historically understood and acted on their freedom—or lack of it—in dealing with perceived and real obstacles to expression and empowerment. Strong emphasis is placed on the focal role of the arts and art experience in releasing human imagination and enabling the young to reach toward their vision of the possible. The author concludes with suggestions for approaches to teaching and learning that can provoke both educators and students to take initiatives, to transcend limits, and to pursue freedom—not in solitude, but in reciprocity with others, not in privacy, but in a public space. “Greene triumphs in her search for a critical aesthetic to inform education.” —Harvard Educational Review “It is a book that deserves to be read by all who teach.” —Journal of Aesthetic Education

The Risk of Freedom

The Risk of Freedom Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Francesco Tava
Editor: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1783483792
FileSize: 1892kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1892


The Risk of Freedom by Francesco Tava Summary

An examination of the moral and political aspects of the philosophical work of Jan Patočka, one of the most influential Central European philosophers of the twentieth century.

The Perfection of Freedom

The Perfection of Freedom Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Schindler DC
Editor: ISD LLC
ISBN: 0227906225
FileSize: 1590kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1590


The Perfection of Freedom by Schindler DC Summary

The Perfection of Freedom seeks to respond to the impoverished conventional notion of freedom through a recovery of an understanding rich with possibilities yet all but forgotten in contemporary thought. This understanding, developed in different but complementary ways by the German thinkers Schiller, Schelling, and Hegel, connects freedom, not exclusively with power and possibility, but rather, most fundamentally, with completion, wholeness, and actuality. What is unique here is specifically the interpretation of freedom in terms of form, whether it be aesthetic form (Schiller), organic form (Schelling), or social form (Hegel). Although this book presents serious criticisms of the three philosophers, it shows that they open new avenues for reflection on the notion of freedom; avenues that promise to overcome many of the dichotomies that continue to haunt contemporary thought - for example, between freedom and order, freedom and nature, and self and other. The Perfection of Freedom offers not only a significantly new interpretation of Schiller, Schelling, and Hegel, but also proposes a modernity more organically rooted in the ancient and classical Christian worlds.

The Fear of Freedom

The Fear of Freedom Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Erich Fromm
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1000384616
FileSize: 1275kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1275


The Fear of Freedom by Erich Fromm Summary

Erich Fromm sees right to the heart of our contradictory needs for community and for freedom like no other writer before or since. In Fear of Freedom, Fromm warns that the price of community is indeed high, and it is the individual who pays. Fascism and authoritarianism may seem like receding shadows for some, but are cruel realities for many. Erich Fromm leaves a valuable and original legacy to his readers - a vastly increased understanding of the human character in relation to society. At the beginning of the 21st century, it is more important than ever to be aware of his powerful message. Listen, and take heed.

A Gift of Freedom

A Gift of Freedom Pdf/ePub eBook Author: John Jos. Miller
Editor: Encounter Books
ISBN: 1594034044
FileSize: 418kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 418


A Gift of Freedom by John Jos. Miller Summary

In the 1970s, John M. Olin, one of the country’s leading industrialists, decided to devote his fortune to saving American free enterprise. Over the next three decades, the John M. Olin Foundation funded the conservative movement as it emerged from the intellectual ghetto and occupied the halls of power. The foundation spent hundreds of millions of dollars fostering what its longtime president William E. Simon called the “counterintelligentsia” to offset liberal dominance of university faculties and the mainstream media and to make conservatism a significant cultural force. Among the counterintellectuals the foundation identified and supported at key stages of their careers were Charles Murray during his early work on welfare reform, Allan Bloom as he wrote The Closing of the American Mind, and Francis Fukuyama as he was developing his “End of History” thesis. Using exclusive access to the John M. Olin Foundation’s leading personalities as well as its extensive archives, John J. Miller tells the story of an intriguing man and his unique philanthropic vision. He gives fascinating insights into the foundation’s role in helping the CIA fund anti-Communist organizations during the Cold War and its extensive help to Irving Kristol and others as they moved from left to right to found the neoconservative movement. He tells of the foundation’s early and critical role in building institutions such as the Federalist Society and the Heritage Foundation, which served to transform conservative ideas into national policies. A Gift of Freedom shows how John M. Olin’s “venture capital fund for the conservative movement” helped develop one of the leading forces in American politics and culture.

No Safe Harbor (Edge of Freedom Book #1)

No Safe Harbor (Edge of Freedom Book #1) Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Elizabeth Ludwig
Editor: Baker Books
ISBN: 1441260455
FileSize: 1990kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1990


No Safe Harbor (Edge of Freedom Book #1) by Elizabeth Ludwig Summary

The Thrill of Romantic Suspense Meets the Romance of 1800s America Lured by a handful of scribbled words across a faded letter, Cara Hamilton sets off from 1896 Ireland on a quest to find the brother she'd thought dead. Her search lands her in America, amidst a houseful of strangers and one man who claims to be a friend--Rourke Walsh. Despite her brother's warning, Cara decides to trust Rourke and reveals the truth about her purpose in America. But he is not who he claims to be, and as rumors begin to circulate about an underground group of dangerous revolutionaries, Cara's desperation grows. Her questions lead her ever closer to her brother, but they also bring her closer to destruction as Rourke's true intentions come to light.

The Dance of Freedom

The Dance of Freedom Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Barry A. Crouch
Editor: University of Texas Press
ISBN: 9780292782396
FileSize: 1248kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1248


The Dance of Freedom by Barry A. Crouch Summary

This anthology brings together the late Barry A. Crouch's most important articles on the African American experience in Texas during Reconstruction. Grouped topically, the essays explore what freedom meant to the newly emancipated, how white Texans reacted to the freed slaves, and how Freedmen's Bureau agents and African American politicians worked to improve the lot of ordinary African American Texans. The volume also contains Crouch's seminal review of Reconstruction historiography, "Unmanacling Texas Reconstruction: A Twenty-Year Perspective." The introductory pieces by Arnoldo De Leon and Larry Madaras recapitulate Barry Crouch's scholarly career and pay tribute to his stature in the field of Reconstruction history.

The Shackles of Freedom

The Shackles of Freedom Pdf/ePub eBook Author: F Clark McKendrick
Editor: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781467888110
FileSize: 1758kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1758


The Shackles of Freedom by F Clark McKendrick Summary

Richard Ransom is a young man with ambition – until Hitler gets in the way... Determined to free himself from the drudgery of life in the coalmines of 1930s England, Richard seeks to become something in life and to win the hand of the woman he loves. As his dreams are about to become reality, Europe is plunged into a nightmare war that lasts longer than anyone could have imagined. ‘The Shackles of Freedom’ is the story of a man’s struggle for freedom: freedom from the traditions of his community and family environment, freedom from enslavement by Nazi Germany, and freedom from cupid’s capriciousness - until ultimately he grasps that freedom is a state of mind.

The Concept of Freedom in Judaism, Christianity and Islam

The Concept of Freedom in Judaism, Christianity and Islam Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Georges Tamer,Ursula Männle
Editor: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 3110561670
FileSize: 652kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 652


The Concept of Freedom in Judaism, Christianity and Islam by Georges Tamer,Ursula Männle Summary

The third volume of the series "Key Concepts of Interreligious Discourses" investigates the roots of the concept of freedom in Judaism, Christianity and Islam and its relevance for the present time. The idea of freedom in terms of personal freedoms, which include freedom of conscience, freedom of speech and bodily integrity, is a relatively new one and can in some aspects get into conflict with religious convictions. At the same time, freedom as an emancipatory power from outer oppression as well as from inner dependencies is deeply rooted in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It is still a vital concept in religious and non-religious communities and movements. The volume presents the concept of freedom in its different aspects as anchored in the traditions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It unfolds commonalities and differences between the three monotheistic religions as well as the manifold discourses about freedom within these three traditions. The book offers fundamental knowledge about the specific understanding of freedom in each one of these traditions, their interdependencies and their relationship to secular interpretations.

A Pastoral Proposal for an Evangelical Theology of Freedom

A Pastoral Proposal for an Evangelical Theology of Freedom Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Albert J.D. Walsh
Editor: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1620326493
FileSize: 1261kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1261


A Pastoral Proposal for an Evangelical Theology of Freedom by Albert J.D. Walsh Summary

In concluding the series of lectures given while he made his first and only visit to the U.S., Dr. Karl Barth expressed his hope to see a theology of freedom for humanity originating from the U.S. As a respectful response to the expressed hope of Karl Barth, Albert Walsh presents this essay as a pastoral proposal on the subject of freedom from the point of view of the Judeo-Christian tradition. Walsh presents both biblical and theological foundations for a theology of freedom, which he calls "graced-freedom," contending that this is that transcendent freedom that God alone confers and sustains as a freedom for humanity.

Degrees of Freedom

Degrees of Freedom Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Rebecca J. Scott
Editor: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674043391
FileSize: 1264kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1264


Degrees of Freedom by Rebecca J. Scott Summary

As Louisiana and Cuba emerged from slavery in the late nineteenth century, each faced the question of what rights former slaves could claim. "Degrees of Freedom" compares and contrasts these two societies in which slavery was destroyed by war, and citizenship was redefined through social and political upheaval. Both Louisiana and Cuba were rich in sugar plantations that depended on an enslaved labor force. After abolition, on both sides of the Gulf of Mexico, ordinary people--cane cutters and cigar workers, laundresses and labor organizers--forged alliances to protect and expand the freedoms they had won. But by the beginning of the twentieth century, Louisiana and Cuba diverged sharply in the meanings attributed to race and color in public life, and in the boundaries placed on citizenship. Louisiana had taken the path of disenfranchisement and state-mandated racial segregation; Cuba had enacted universal manhood suffrage and had seen the emergence of a transracial conception of the nation. What might explain these differences? Moving through the cane fields, small farms, and cities of Louisiana and Cuba, Rebecca Scott skillfully observes the people, places, legislation, and leadership that shaped how these societies adjusted to the abolition of slavery. The two distinctive worlds also come together, as Cuban exiles take refuge in New Orleans in the 1880s, and black soldiers from Louisiana garrison small towns in eastern Cuba during the 1899 U.S. military occupation. Crafting her narrative from the words and deeds of the actors themselves, Scott brings to life the historical drama of race and citizenship in postemancipation societies.

In the Shadow of Freedom

In the Shadow of Freedom Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Laxmi Tendulkar Dhaul
Editor: Zubaan
ISBN: 9383074272
FileSize: 1610kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1610


In the Shadow of Freedom by Laxmi Tendulkar Dhaul Summary

In the early nineteen thirties Ayi Tendulkar, a young journalist from a small town in Maharashtra, travelled to Germany to study. Within a short time he married Eva Schubring, his professor’s daughter. Soon after the short-lived marriage broke up, Tendulkar, by now also a well-known journalist in Berlin, met and fell in love with the filmmaker Thea von Harbou, divorced wife of Fritz Lang, and soon to be Tendulkar’s wife. Many years his senior, Thea became Tendulkar’s support and mainstay in Germany, encouraging and supporting him in bringing other young Indian students to the country. Hitler’s coming to power put an end to all that, and on Thea von Harbou’s advice, Tendulkar returned to India, where he became involved in Gandhi’s campaign of non-cooperation with the British and where, with Thea’s consent, he soon married Indumati Gunaji, a Gandhian activist. Caught up in the whirlwind of Gandhi’s activism, Indumati and Tendulkar spent several years in Indian prisons, being able to come together as a married couple only after their release – managing thereby to comply with a condition that Gandhi had put to their marriage, that they remain apart for several years ‘to serve the nation’. In this unique account, Indumati and Tendulkar’s daughter, Laxmi Tendulkar Dhaul, traces the turbulent lives of her parents and Thea von Harbou against the backremove of Nazi Germany and Gandhi’s India, using a wealth of documents, letters, newspaper articles and photographs to piece together the intermeshed histories of two women, the man they loved, their own growing friendship and two countries battling with violence and non-violence, fascism and colonialism. Published by Zubaan.

Glimpses of Freedom

Glimpses of Freedom Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Katya Buchleitner
Editor: LIT Verlag Münster
ISBN: 3643502036
FileSize: 1937kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1937


Glimpses of Freedom by Katya Buchleitner Summary

This book presents the creative approach of Theatre of the Oppressed and its liberating potential within the rigid structures of prisons. Can inner freedom be experienced in oppressive outer circumstances? Is there a kind of freedom that cannot be curtailed by external oppressors? Can a physical space that allows trust and inspires creative expression open spaces of inner freedom? The book seeks to integrate a transrational world-view with political activism, combining the understandings of freedom from spiritual teachers Osho and Krishnamurti with those of two revolutionaries of pedagogy and theatre, Paulo Freire and Augusto Boal.

Soldiers in the Army of Freedom

Soldiers in the Army of Freedom Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Ian Michael Spurgeon
Editor: University of Oklahoma Press
ISBN: 0806147210
FileSize: 1717kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1717


Soldiers in the Army of Freedom by Ian Michael Spurgeon Summary

It was 1862, the second year of the Civil War, though Kansans and Missourians had been fighting over slavery for almost a decade. For the 250 Union soldiers facing down rebel irregulars on Enoch Toothman’s farm near Butler, Missouri, this was no battle over abstract principles. These were men of the First Kansas Colored Infantry, and they were fighting for their own freedom and that of their families. They belonged to the first black regiment raised in a northern state, and the first black unit to see combat during the Civil War. Soldiers in the Army of Freedom is the first published account of this largely forgotten regiment and, in particular, its contribution to Union victory in the trans-Mississippi theater of the Civil War. As such, it restores the First Kansas Colored Infantry to its rightful place in American history. Composed primarily of former slaves, the First Kansas Colored saw major combat in Missouri, Indian Territory, and Arkansas. Ian Michael Spurgeon draws upon a wealth of little-known sources—including soldiers’ pension applications—to chart the intersection of race and military service, and to reveal the regiment’s role in countering white prejudices by defying stereotypes. Despite naysayers’ bigoted predictions—and a merciless slaughter at the Battle of Poison Spring—these black soldiers proved themselves as capable as their white counterparts, and so helped shape the evolving attitudes of leading politicians, such as Kansas senator James Henry Lane and President Abraham Lincoln. A long-overdue reconstruction of the regiment’s remarkable combat record, Spurgeon’s book brings to life the men of the First Kansas Colored Infantry in their doubly desperate battle against the Confederate forces and skepticism within Union ranks.

Seeds of Freedom

Seeds of Freedom Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Clark Taylor
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1317252330
FileSize: 1825kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1825


Seeds of Freedom by Clark Taylor Summary

Seeds of Freedom is a remarkable case study of liberating education in the remote Guatemalan Maya indigenous village of Santa Maria Tzeja in the four decades since it was first settled in 1970. Clark Taylor's account begins at a time in which the majority of the village consisted of illiterate landless and land-poor peasant farmers working in conditions close to slavery. With the help of a Catholic priest, the village's founding pioneers were granted land, settled the village, established a school for their children, and began to prosper. By 2010 the village's emerging professionals were filling increasingly important social change roles at the local, regional, and national levels and nearly all children are educated with many to a university level. As such Santa Maria has come to exemplify the theory and practice of liberating education. The book tells the history of this remarkable community and reveals the transformative potential of the radical pedagogy of Paulo Freire and others. Santa Maria has thus become an example of dynamic liberating education, and its history has much to offer educators, students and solidarity activists throughout the world.

Beethoven & Freedom

Beethoven & Freedom Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Daniel K L Chua
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190657243
FileSize: 1686kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1686


Beethoven & Freedom by Daniel K L Chua Summary

Over the last two centuries, Beethoven's music has been synonymous with the idea of freedom, in particular a freedom embodied in the heroic figure of Prometheus. This image arises from a relatively small circle of heroic works from the composer's middle period, most notably the Eroica Symphony. However, the freedom associated with the Promethean hero has also come under considerably critique by philosophers, theologians and political theorists; its promise of autonomy easily inverts into various forms of authoritarianism, and the sovereign will it champions is not merely a liberating force but a discriminatory one. Beethoven's freedom, then, appears to be increasingly problematic; yet his music is still employed today to mark political events from the fall of the Berlin Wall to the attacks of 9/11. Even more problematic, perhaps, is the fact that this freedom has shaped the reception of Beethoven music to such an extent that we forget that there is another kind of music in his oeuvre that is not heroic, a music that opens the possibility of a freedom yet to be articulated or defined. By exploring the musical philosophy of Theodor W. Adorno through a wide range of the composer's music, Beethoven and Freedom arrives at a markedly different vision of freedom. Author Daniel KL Chua suggests that a more human and fragile concept of freedom can be found in the music that has less to do with the autonomy of the will and its stoical corollary than with questions of human relation, donation, and a yielding to radical alterity. Chua's work makes a major and controversial statement by challenging the current image of Beethoven, and by suggesting an alterior freedom that can speak ethically to the twenty-first century.

Civil Rights and the Idea of Freedom

Civil Rights and the Idea of Freedom Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Richard H. King
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780195362305
FileSize: 1307kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1307


Civil Rights and the Idea of Freedom by Richard H. King Summary

Focusing attention on the political ideas that were influential as well as those that were central to the civil rights movement, this pathbreaking book examines not only written texts but also oral history interviews to establish a rich tradition of freedom that emerged from the movement. He also makes clear that, though liberal notions of freedom involving the absence of restrictions and equal protections were crucial to movement goals, the movement was as much about individual and collective self-transformation and political participation as it was about removal of barriers to social and political equality. Along the way figures such as Martin Luther King and Ella Baker, Stokely Carmichael and James Forman, and political thinkers such as Hannah Arendt and Frantz Fanon are discussed and analyzed. Civil Rights and the Idea of Freedom concludes that the civil rights movement helped revitalize the meaning of citizenship and the political importance of self-respect in the contemporary world with implications reaching beyond its original setting.

Crossroads of Freedom

Crossroads of Freedom Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Walter Fraga
Editor: Duke University Press
ISBN: 0822374552
FileSize: 1995kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1995


Crossroads of Freedom by Walter Fraga Summary

By 1870 the sugar plantations of the Recôncavo region in Bahia, Brazil, held at least seventy thousand slaves, making it one of the largest and most enduring slave societies in the Americas. In this new translation of Crossroads of Freedom—which won the 2011 Clarence H. Haring Prize for the Most Outstanding Book on Latin American History—Walter Fraga charts these slaves' daily lives and recounts their struggle to make a future for themselves following slavery's abolition in 1888. Through painstaking archival research, he illuminates the hopes, difficulties, opportunities, and setbacks of ex-slaves and plantation owners alike as they adjusted to their postabolition environment. Breaking new ground in Brazilian historiography, Fraga does not see an abrupt shift with slavery's abolition; rather, he describes a period of continuous change in which the strategies, customs, and identities that slaves built under slavery allowed them to navigate their newfound freedom. Fraga's analysis of how Recôncavo's residents came to define freedom and slavery more accurately describes this seminal period in Brazilian history, while clarifying how slavery and freedom are understood in the present.

Habits of Freedom

Habits of Freedom Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Christopher S. Collins
Editor: Ave Maria Press
ISBN: 1646801245
FileSize: 1905kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1905


Habits of Freedom by Christopher S. Collins Summary

Do you feel exhausted, anxious, or distracted? Do you want to free your mind from mental clutter? Popular retreat leader and spiritual director Fr. Christopher Collins, SJ, says that if you turn your heart to God you will find clarity and spiritual peace. In Habits of Freedom, Collins offers you five practical tools to help you develop a habit of daily discernment that will lead to inner calm. Drawing on the wisdom of St. Ignatius Loyola and his renowned Spiritual Exercises, Collins offers practical spiritual exercises for incorporating five tools into your daily life to help you de-stress, organize your thoughts, and experience the calming presence of Jesus. These are: allowing God to show you the signs of oncoming anxiety and mental breakdown; developing the ancient practice of spiritual discernment to help analyze your moods and perceptions; interpreting life events with an eye toward personal growth and resiliency; practicing detachment from negative influences; and engaging in interior sensitivity to how God works to bring you peace. Habits of Freedom is an excellent resource for spiritual directors and individuals, as well as for use in prayer and parish groups seeking practical material that can speak broadly to members from a variety of backgrounds and seasons of life. The book can be easily adapted for small groups and retreat use. A free small-group guide is available at AveMariaPress.com.

Tales of Freedom

Tales of Freedom Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Vessantara
Editor: Windhorse Publications
ISBN: 190931496X
FileSize: 1905kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1905


Tales of Freedom by Vessantara Summary

Drawn from the rich variety of the Buddhist tradition, the stories convey a sense of inner freedom. We see ordinary people liberate themselves from anger and grief, and great teachers remain free even in the face of death. Vessantara's commentary shows us how we can move towards that freedom in our own lives. Stories have the power to transform us as we enter their world. The wisdom of these beautifully told stories can teach us how to break out of our self-imposed mental prisons - and roam free.

Pilgrims of Freedom

Pilgrims of Freedom Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Ahmed Fakhri
Editor: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1490717153
FileSize: 1240kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1240


Pilgrims of Freedom by Ahmed Fakhri Summary

Pilgrims of Freedom depicts a dark period in the 1980s and 1990s during which Iraq was under the brutal regime of a mad dictator named Saddam Hussein. It portrays ordinary people trying to survive the psychopathic behaviors of some of the regimes elements, such as the Iraqi security police with their devious minds that invented cruel torture techniques. It also shows the main characters will to survive his ordeals and press on with his life albeit going through harsh obstacles. Despite all that, he finds in his soul to go through romantic adventures. It also portrays a very close friendship between two men from different backgrounds going through very painful circumstances; their main aim is to reach the safety of the Western world.

Seeds of Freedom

Seeds of Freedom Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Heather Marie Wilson
Editor: Hay House, Inc
ISBN: 1401929044
FileSize: 1380kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1380


Seeds of Freedom by Heather Marie Wilson Summary

Do you feel like a hamster on a continuous wheel, running on empty in the endless pursuit of success? Are you trapped in an office, buried under work, or otherwise so busy that you never see your family and friends? Do you fantasize about a real soul connection, a relationship in which you can have time together without your BlackBerry interrupting every five seconds? In other words, do you crave a life that matters, one in which you're tapped into your creativity and living with purpose each and every day? Heather Wilson knows exactly how you feel. For years she was caught in the "success spiral," until she finally broke free by simply planting a garden. In the process, she rediscovered what gave her enthusiasm for life —and this ultimately led her to quit her job as a corporate executive at a Fortune 50 company and help others find their own paths to authenticity, joy, and true freedom. In this insightful book, Heather illuminates how what she learned in her garden can work for you, too . . . and you won't get any dirt under your fingernails. You'll discover greater self-awareness and the ability to live a life of creative expression and endless possibilities with the nine Seeds of Freedom. As a result, you'll learn how to: • "own" your life on and off the clock • connect with your true self, as well as be present for deep and meaningful relationships with others • and explore your full potential. Before you know it, all aspects of your life will be vibrantly in bloom!

Thunder of Freedom

Thunder of Freedom Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Sue [Lorenzi] Sojourner
Editor: University Press of Kentucky
ISBN: 0813140951
FileSize: 856kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 856


Thunder of Freedom by Sue [Lorenzi] Sojourner Summary

The world's eyes were on Mississippi during the summer of 1964, when civil rights activists launched an ambitious African American voter registration project and were met with violent resistance from white supremacists. Sue Sojourner and her husband arrived in Holmes County, Mississippi, in the wake of this historic time, known as "Freedom Summer." From September 1964 until her departure from the state in 1969, Sojourner collected an incredible number of documents, oral histories, and photographs chronicling the dramatic events that she witnessed. In this remarkable book, written in collaboration with Cheryl Reitan, Sojourner presents a fascinating account of one of the civil rights movement's most active and broad-based community organizing operations in the South. Thunder of Freedom unites Sojourner's personal experiences with her insights regarding the dynamics of race relations in the 1960s South, providing readers with a unique look at the struggle for rights and equality in Mississippi. Illustrated with selections from Sojourner's acclaimed catalog of photographs, this profound book tells the powerful, often intimate stories of ordinary people who accomplished extraordinary things.

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