A Journey Deep

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Machine Learning - A Journey To Deep Learning: With Exercises And Answers

Machine Learning - A Journey To Deep Learning: With Exercises And Answers Pdf/ePub eBook Author:
Editor: World Scientific
ISBN: 9811234078
FileSize: 1137kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1137


Machine Learning - A Journey To Deep Learning: With Exercises And Answers by Summary

This unique compendium discusses some core ideas for the development and implementation of machine learning from three different perspectives — the statistical perspective, the artificial neural network perspective and the deep learning methodology.The useful reference text represents a solid foundation in machine learning and should prepare readers to apply and understand machine learning algorithms as well as to invent new machine learning methods. It tells a story outgoing from a perceptron to deep learning highlighted with concrete examples, including exercises and answers for the students.

I Am Diosa

I Am Diosa Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Christine Gutierrez
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 0593086651
FileSize: 1111kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1111


I Am Diosa by Christine Gutierrez Summary

This raw and relatable guide to radical self-care and self-love empowers readers to embrace the powerful Diosa within. In this fiercely inspiring book from a fresh new voice in the women's empowerment space, psychotherapist Christine Gutierrez welcomes women to join her in healing the wounds from past hurt or trauma to reclaim their worth and come back home to their true self and soul. Diosa is the Spanish word for Goddess. A diosa is anyone who honors the primal feminine energy in the world and within themselves. According to Gutierrez, diosas face obstacles in their lives but are always ready and willing to go to their core to reclaim their inner worth and self-esteem. They are the ones that rise from the ashes and dare to piece themselves back together bone by bone and soul piece by soul piece. From stories of resilience from both Gutierrez and members of her Diosa Tribe, to mantras, meditations, and guided journaling prompts, this book gives women the tools they need to honor their sacred feminine and become who they were always meant to be. I Am Diosa will inspire women to give themselves permission to feel, to be seen, to be heard, and to return to their truest selves.

I Complete Me

I Complete Me Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Sheila Ram Mohan
Editor: Notion Press
ISBN: 1947202898
FileSize: 472kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 472


I Complete Me by Sheila Ram Mohan Summary

Diamonds are forever! But can the same be said about true love? Now, don’t get me wrong. I am all for true love, but I also believe that we spend a lifetime looking for and working upon relationships outside, neglecting the first valentine of our life – ourselves. I Complete Me is a journey, deep within yourself, to look at all the pieces that you have lost and discover some that you never even knew that you had. Read, underscore, underline and re-read. Are you ready to craft your whole new love story with yourself?

More Myself

More Myself Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Alicia Keys
Editor: Flatiron Books
ISBN: 1250153301
FileSize: 1492kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1492


More Myself by Alicia Keys Summary

An intimate, revealing look at one artist’s journey from self-censorship to full expression As one of the most celebrated musicians in the world, Alicia Keys has enraptured the globe with her heartfelt lyrics, extraordinary vocal range, and soul-stirring piano compositions. Yet away from the spotlight, Alicia has grappled with private heartache—over the challenging and complex relationship with her father, the people-pleasing nature that characterized her early career, the loss of privacy surrounding her romantic relationships, and the oppressive expectations of female perfection. Since Alicia rose to fame, her public persona has belied a deep personal truth: she has spent years not fully recognizing or honoring her own worth. After withholding parts of herself for so long, she is at last exploring the questions that live at the heart of her story: Who am I, really? And once I discover that truth, how can I become brave enough to embrace it? More Myself is part autobiography, part narrative documentary. Alicia’s journey is revealed not only through her own candid recounting, but also through vivid recollections from those who have walked alongside her. The result is a 360-degree perspective on Alicia’s path, from her girlhood in Hell’s Kitchen and Harlem to the process of growth and self-discovery that we all must navigate. In More Myself, Alicia shares her quest for truth—about herself, her past, and her shift from sacrificing her spirit to celebrating her worth. With the raw honesty that epitomizes Alicia’s artistry, More Myself is at once a riveting account and a clarion call to readers: to define themselves in a world that rarely encourages a true and unique identity.


Underland Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Robert Macfarlane
Editor: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0241146429
FileSize: 956kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 956


Underland by Robert Macfarlane Summary

The unmissable new book from the bestselling, prize-winning author of Landmarks, The Old Ways and The Lost Words Discover the hidden worlds beneath our feet... In Underland, Robert Macfarlane takes a dazzling journey into the concealed geographies of the ground beneath our feet - the hidden regions beneath the visible surfaces of the world. From the vast below-ground mycelial networks by which trees communicate, to the ice-blue depths of glacial moulins, and from North Yorkshire to the Lofoten Islands, he traces an uncharted, deep-time voyage. Underland a thrilling new chapter in Macfarlane's long-term exploration of the relations of landscape and the human heart. 'He is the great nature writer, and nature poet, of this generation' Wall Street Journal 'Packed with stories based in geography, history, myth, gossip, legend, religion, geology and the natural world. Macfarlane's writing moves and enthrals' The Times on The Old Ways 'Irradiated by a profound sense of wonder... Few books give such a sense of enchantment; it is a book to give to many, and to return to repeatedly' Independent on Landmarks

Down, Down, Down

Down, Down, Down Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Steve Jenkins
Editor: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0618966366
FileSize: 1205kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1205


Down, Down, Down by Steve Jenkins Summary

Provides a top-to-bottom look at the ocean, from birds and waves to thermal vents and ooze.

The Deep End

The Deep End Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Tríona Doherty,Jane Mellett
Editor: Messenger Publications
ISBN: 178812507X
FileSize: 1080kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1080


The Deep End by Tríona Doherty,Jane Mellett Summary

The Deep End invites readers to come on a journey through the story of Luke’s Gospel and to follow Jesus as he makes his way to Jerusalem. Through a series of reflections on the Sunday Gospels of Year C, it offers a fresh perspective for anyone who wants to explore how the Gospels are relevant for today. Jane and Tríona believe the Word is alive and active (Heb 4:12) and through it we can reflect on the complexities of our lives. Today, in a world threatened by ecological break-down, inequality and division, the message of Jesus as presented by Luke has much to say to us. Jesus is someone who has come to deeply challenge people’s expectations and bring about God’s dream for the world, where the last will be first. We are invited to hear God’s voice within and find our way as followers of Jesus of Nazareth, cultivating inclusiveness, compassion and a love which can turn the world upside down. The book includes tips for prayer and meditation to nourish ourselves along the way, as well as practical suggestions for building communities of welcome and love. There is a particular focus on our call to care for God’s creation. There will be many surprises and challenges as we travel through the year; Luke’s Gospel offers a radical vision which inspires and gives hope and invites us to continue the narrative.

The Unknown God

The Unknown God Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Mathew P. John
Editor: David C Cook
ISBN: 0830781013
FileSize: 812kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 812


The Unknown God by Mathew P. John Summary

We live in the age of religious pluralism where all religions are considered the same and different paths lead to the same spiritual destination. It is important for Christians to learn how to affirm Jesus Christ as the only way to God—while also paying due respect to people of other faiths and worldviews. In The Unknown God: A Journey with Jesus from East to West, Mathew P. John explores the redemptive revelations lurking in the darkness outside the boundaries of Christian tradition. In this spiritual journey through six major world religions, readers encounter a variety of symbols that point to the Jesus of the Bible. From Hindu avatars and Buddhist bodhisattvas, to Sikh gurus and Muslim prophets, and the Jewish messiah, consider how different religions attempt to answer the deep longing for a savior ingrained in the collective conscience of humanity.

Deep Time

Deep Time Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Riley Black
Editor: Welbeck Publishing Group
ISBN: 180279154X
FileSize: 558kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 558


Deep Time by Riley Black Summary

Deep time is the timescale of the geological events that have shaped our planet. Whilst so immense as to challenge human understanding, its evidence is nonetheless visible all around us. Through explanations of the latest research and over 200 fascinating images, Deep Time explores this evidence, from the visible layers in ancient rock to the hiss of static on the radio, and from fossilized shark’s teeth to underwater forests. These relics of ancient epochs, many of which we can see and touch today, connect our present to the distant past and answer broader questions about our place in the timeline of the Earth. Charting 4.5 billion years of geological history, this is the story of our world, from its birth to the dawn of civilization.

Deeper Than the Scars

Deeper Than the Scars Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Stacey Verhoff
Editor: WestBow Press
ISBN: 1973690314
FileSize: 1352kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1352


Deeper Than the Scars by Stacey Verhoff Summary

The moment when a mother holds her baby for the first time can either be the happiest or the most heart-wrenching of her life. Unfortunately for Stacey Verhoff’s mother, it was the latter. Her precious baby girl had been born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate, just like her older brother six years earlier. In her poignant story behind the scars on her lip, Stacey shares her personal testimony of the goodness of God while guiding those who have ever questioned their self-worth or struggled to trust God in all situations. Within her testimony, Stacey travels deep within to reveal the wounds and healing of her heart as she endured seemingly endless corrective surgeries and hurtful comments about her physical appearance. While revealing her vulnerabilities associated with her challenges, Stacey offers an inspirational recounting of how God changed her perspective, healed her heart, and ultimately helped her realize that she was wonderfully created. Deeper Than the Scars shares a Christian woman’s personal testimony as she journeys deep within to share how God healed her heart and mind and taught her to see herself through His eyes.

A Journey Through Grief

A Journey Through Grief Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Alla Renee Bozarth
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1592859380
FileSize: 1112kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1112


A Journey Through Grief by Alla Renee Bozarth Summary

With losses large and small, the coronavirus pandemic will include all kinds of grief. This resource offers specific help for the hardest parts. For those of us working through the heartbreak of grief, author Bozarth offers wise and comforting advice.

Journey into the Deep

Journey into the Deep Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Rebecca L. Johnson
Editor: Millbrook Press ™
ISBN: 1467737178
FileSize: 1451kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1451


Journey into the Deep by Rebecca L. Johnson Summary

Have you ever wondered what mysteries the ocean holds? Prepare to explore the ocean from sunlit shallows to the deepest, darkest depths. Along the way, you'll meet many incredible creatures that are brand new to science. Dive to a coral reef and spot a new species of pygmy octopus. Travel deeper and discover fragile, nearly transparent jellies as they drift past. Then head down into a world of eternal night. You'll encounter animals that make their own light and zombie worms that feast on the bones of dead whales. Your adventure is based on the real journeys of scientists involved in the Census of Marine Life. From 2000 to 2010, more than two thousand researchers from eighty-two countries carried out the most extensive investigation of ocean life ever attempted. Author Rebecca L. Johnson takes readers to research sites around the globe, showing how ocean scientists do their work. Stunning photographs throughout bring readers face-to-face with some of the most mesmerizing creatures on Earth.

A Journey to the Light Within

A Journey to the Light Within Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Beth Lynch
Editor: Balboa Press
ISBN: 1982209399
FileSize: 333kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 333


A Journey to the Light Within by Beth Lynch Summary

Welcome to Journey to Light: Meditation for the Soul. Your self-discipline, personal awareness, and confidence in your intuition will excel and be seen in all areas of your life. The journey will begin with conscious breathing and intention connecting you to the inner light of your heart chakra. As you go along, visualization, color, and sound through chanting the sacred sounds of the chakras will become natural as well as your connection to your highest self, God, and spiritual guides. Keep in mind that each journey is personal and sacred. Trust that your connection to your own spirit is sacred and personal. All you need is to commit to twenty minutes a day and trust that you are creating a natural and sacred time where your intuition can lead you in all choices and challenges, personally and professionally.

Expedition Deep Ocean

Expedition Deep Ocean Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Josh Young
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1643136771
FileSize: 516kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 516


Expedition Deep Ocean by Josh Young Summary

The riveting story of the exploration of the final frontier of our planet—the deep ocean—and history-making mission to reach the bottom of all five seas. Humankind has explored every continent on earth, climbed its tallest mountains, and gone into space. But the largest areas of our planet remain largely a mystery: the deep oceans. At over 36,000 feet deep, there areas closest to earth’s core have remained nearly impossible to reach—until now. Technological innovations, engineering breakthroughs and the derring-do of a team of explorers, led by explorer Victor Vescovo, brought together an audacious global quest to dive to the deepest points of all five oceans for the first time in history. The expedition pushed technology to the limits, mapped hidden landscapes, discover previously unknown life forms and began to piece together how life in the deep oceans effects our planet—but it was far from easy. Expedition Deep Ocean is the inside story of this exploration of one of the most unforgiving and mysterious places on our planet, including the site of the Titanic wreck and the little-understood Hadal Zone. Vescovo and his team would design the most advanced deep-diving submersible ever built, where the pressure on the sub is 8 tons per square inch—the equivalent of having 292 fueled and fully loaded 747s stacked on top of it. And then there were hurricane-laden ocean waters and the byzantine web of global oceanography politics. Expedition Deep Ocean reveals the marvelous and other-worldly life found in all five deep ocean trenches, including several new species that have posed as of yet unanswered questions about survival and migration from ocean to ocean. Then there are the newly discovered sea mounts that cause tsunamis when they are broken by shifting subduction plates and jammed back into the earth crust, something that can now be studied to predict future disasters. Filled with high drama, adventure and the thrill of discovery, Expedition Deep Ocean celebrates courage and ingenuity and reveals the majesty and meaning of the deep ocean.

Riding the Depression Wave

Riding the Depression Wave Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Shelly Miller
Editor: FriesenPress
ISBN: 1525580000
FileSize: 337kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 337


Riding the Depression Wave by Shelly Miller Summary

This book tells the story of one woman’s journey deep into the darkness of mental illness and then back into the light. Thanks to the help she received from various professional supports, programs, and community resources, she gained both the skills and confidence to adopt and refine a number of healing strategies. With these, she was able to re-examine beliefs and tendencies that likely contributed to her fall into depression and anxiety, discover things she could do to address those issues, and eventually work towards creating a healthier path for herself moving forward. This is a story many of us will recognize: the sudden descent from being a functioning member of society to feeling lost—a captive to mental and emotional reactions seemingly outside of our control. Many of us experience it ourselves at some point in our lives, and if we don’t, someone we love almost certainly will. And not all of us find our way back. This author managed to, with lots of help and perseverance, and now she wants to help you to find your way back too, one small step at a time.

Mind: A Journey to the Heart of Being Human (Norton Series on Interpersonal Neurobiology)

Mind: A Journey to the Heart of Being Human (Norton Series on Interpersonal Neurobiology) Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Daniel J. Siegel
Editor: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393710548
FileSize: 728kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 728


Mind: A Journey to the Heart of Being Human (Norton Series on Interpersonal Neurobiology) by Daniel J. Siegel Summary

A New York Times Bestseller. A scientist’s exploration into the mysteries of the human mind. What is the mind? What is the experience of the self truly made of? How does the mind differ from the brain? Though the mind’s contents—its emotions, thoughts, and memories—are often described, the essence of mind is rarely, if ever, defined. In this book, noted neuropsychiatrist and New York Times best-selling author Daniel J. Siegel, MD, uses his characteristic sensitivity and interdisciplinary background to offer a definition of the mind that illuminates the how, what, when, where, and even why of who we are, of what the mind is, and what the mind’s self has the potential to become. MIND takes the reader on a deep personal and scientific journey into consciousness, subjective experience, and information processing, uncovering the mind’s self-organizational properties that emerge from both the body and the relationships we have with one another, and with the world around us. While making a wide range of sciences accessible and exciting—from neurobiology to quantum physics, anthropology to psychology—this book offers an experience that addresses some of our most pressing personal and global questions about identity, connection, and the cultivation of well-being in our lives.

The Magnificent Journey

The Magnificent Journey Pdf/ePub eBook Author: James Bryan Smith
Editor: InterVarsity Press
ISBN: 0830889299
FileSize: 1504kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1504


The Magnificent Journey by James Bryan Smith Summary

There is a road to life in the unshakeable kingdom of God, but it's not an easy journey. In this book James Bryan Smith shows us the better road, the road less travelled, but the road full of riches. Along the way he introduces us to new spiritual practices that will provide the sustenance we need for the deepest, most joy-filled journey of our lives—the journey into the heart of God.

A Journey Of Love

A Journey Of Love Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Rohan Bhardwaj
Editor: Rohan Bhardwaj
FileSize: 1683kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1683


A Journey Of Love by Rohan Bhardwaj Summary

Love is a nice feeling and when you fall for it, you see nothing. It happens with each of us, let me take you to a journey of love, which will reflect your memories. We all are naive and do some stupid things, I did too. This book is my way to release my deep kept story for you all to be happy. When things go all bad in life, you need to stay together within self, that is what counts the most and you will be amazing. Stay awesome and find out how my journey of love goes with time.

The Road - The Journey

The Road - The Journey Pdf/ePub eBook Author: A. B. Bishop
Editor: Fulton Books, Inc.
ISBN: 1649526172
FileSize: 1272kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1272


The Road - The Journey by A. B. Bishop Summary

One morning, Beth awakened from a deep sleep and sat straight up in bed. She had been having the same repeated dream, again! Looking at the bedside clock, she saw that the power was out, again! She lay back down and sighed deeply. What was once considered “normal” was gone and never to return. That wall had been built right under everyone’s noses, and it now divided the country in half. What were considered their normal resources were scarce on this side but known to be abundant in the East, because that is where manufacturing, industry, health care, universities, the scientific communities, and everything else had been moved. What are we going to do? she thought. Then she remembered the dream that kept repeating in her sleep. It seemed to hold a message for her. The dream was that she was walking down a rutted dirt road surrounded by trees and bushes, with the birds singing. She did not know where she was going in her dream. Today, she thought, there is a road we must walk down and a journey we must begin if we want a new “normal.” Where does Beth need to start?

Genesis: Your Journey Home, 2nd Edition

Genesis: Your Journey Home, 2nd Edition Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Terry Newbegin
Editor: BalboaPress
ISBN: 9781452533261
FileSize: 363kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 363


Genesis: Your Journey Home, 2nd Edition by Terry Newbegin Summary

Genesis: Your Journey Home is a groundbreaking book that goes far beyond the usual levels of biblical interpretations, and the ideas taught by religion that are difficult to understand. It bypasses word definition, root studies, historical explanations, and the ideas taught by religion that are difficult to understand but are important. This book examines the first twenty-five chapters, verse by verse, exploring and revealing the deeper metaphysical (beyond the literal) meaning of the text. Most people know that there are multiple levels of truth contained within the Bible, but until now none have brought forth the ultimate Truth hidden within the mundane, semi-historical writings. Rather than creating new doctrines, this book gently peels back ALL levels of dogmatic views to reveal the true core essence of God, humanity, and the nature of reality. Deep within the ancient biblical text is found the true story (record) of creation, the reason for our very existence, and the history of All That IS. This book is for those that are searching for authenticity, purpose, and a sense that truth lies somewhere beyond religious teachings but who are reluctant to discard the inherent value of scripture. This book brings comfort, personal empowerment, a new understanding of God, and fosters a renewed sense of responsibility for life. It is a book whose time has come at last, as it brings humanity to a deeper understanding of God and a realization of their ultimate purpose.

Bending Atmospheres

Bending Atmospheres Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Glenn J. Butler,W.B. King
Editor: iUniverse
ISBN: 1663214492
FileSize: 775kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 775


Bending Atmospheres by Glenn J. Butler,W.B. King Summary

A memoir of a young man’s dream of space flight and deep diving, Bending Atmospheres is a dazzling adventure recounting daring, heroic professionals learning to work at undersea pressures to 1,000 feet sea water and in the vacuum of orbital space traveling at 18,000 miles an hour. Readers are taken through the early development of deep diving tri-mix, nitrox and neon diving gas mixtures and decompression tables, to early diving in the treacherous North Sea, National Geographic expeditions seeking famed sunken treasure, and methods used to train astronauts for space walks to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. “Bold, daring, exciting adventures – fraught with danger befitting James Bond – are at the heart of this valuable contribution to the literature of how humans developed techniques, protocols, and different breathing gas mixtures for survival, working, and exploration in both the deep sea and space environment by one of the men directly involved in those developments.” - Bernie Chowdhury – Author – The Last Dive For more information visit: www.bendingatmospheres.com.

Talismanist: Fragments of the Ancient Fire.

Talismanist: Fragments of the Ancient Fire. Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Talismanist Giebra
ISBN: 0989393909
FileSize: 985kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 985


Talismanist: Fragments of the Ancient Fire. by Talismanist Giebra Summary

Introduction to the Philosophy of Fragmentism and Mystical Fragmentism in Fragments.

The Mist

The Mist Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Sheikh Mahiruqh
Editor: Xpress Publishing - Notion Press.
ISBN: 1637144814
FileSize: 756kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 756


The Mist by Sheikh Mahiruqh Summary

To the fragile hands holding my heart and to the deep eyes witnessing my rise, thank you for choosing me. I have been saying this from the time I started writing that "I am a poet of circumstances". Many dreadful events in my life made me bleed through ink on paper as I found no on as calm as paper. I always say " WORDS CURE CURSES" and I have a personal experience of this statement. My soul full of scars of time, found a messiah in the world of words, and all the curses spelled over my fate were destroyed by the magic of poetry. In the very young age I experienced the worst of life through depression and stuff and when I was hanging between devil and a deep sea, words came to my rescue. This book is my collection of poems and musings and which I have written from last six years. I hope you will find home in my words. Thank you Regards Sheikh Mahiruqh

A Journey in the Heart

A Journey in the Heart Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Christine Apter, PhD, ERYT 500
Editor: Dorrance Publishing
ISBN: 1480942146
FileSize: 1352kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1352


A Journey in the Heart by Christine Apter, PhD, ERYT 500 Summary

A Journey in the Heart By: Christine Apter, PhD, ERYT 500 This book is meant to be an organized curriculum that takes a student beyond the foundational philosophy, anatomy, technical aspects, and teaching methodology developed from many advanced yoga teacher training workshops. The basics of yoga teaching with the standards of Yoga Alliance are not covered in this text. It is designed as a manual intended to meet the criteria for 300 hours of knowledge and practice above and beyond what is taught in basic yoga teacher training. A deep desire and enthusiasm for the teaching is perhaps a more important criterion for the aspiration to dive deeper. To be proficient in teaching and practicing, it takes thousands of hours and perhaps decades of committed work. The art and science of yoga teaching and practice come together with the flexible format surrounding factual structure presented in this book. Rather than an authoritative tool, this manual is fashioned to be a framework for the creative work it takes to teach yoga and practice deeper. The reader is encouraged to build upon the information and inspiration and to be creative and innovative with the material.

The Deeper Journey

The Deeper Journey Pdf/ePub eBook Author: M. Robert Mulholland Jr.
Editor: InterVarsity Press
ISBN: 0830893741
FileSize: 1107kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1107


The Deeper Journey by M. Robert Mulholland Jr. Summary

M. Robert Mulholland Jr. exposes false selves you may hide behind and helps you to instead discover the true self that comes from being hidden with Christ in God. Not only will you encounter the joy of discovering your own self, you will also find a greater love for others and compassion for the world. The expanded edition includes a study guide for individual or group use.


Shapeshifters Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Gavin Francis
Editor: Basic Books
ISBN: 1541697510
FileSize: 989kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 989


Shapeshifters by Gavin Francis Summary

From birth to death, a lyrical exploration of the role of transformation in human life To be alive is to be in perpetual metamorphosis: growing, healing, learning, aging. In Shapeshifters, physician and writer Gavin Francis considers the inevitable changes all of our bodies undergo--such as birth, puberty, and death, but also laughter, sleeping, and healing-and those that only some of our bodies will: like getting a tattoo, experiencing psychosis, suffering anorexia, being pregnant, or undergoing a gender transition. In Francis's hands, each event becomes an opportunity to explore the meaning of identity and the natures-biological, psychological, and philosophical-of our selves. True to its own subject, Shapeshifters combines Francis's lyrical imagination and deep knowledge of medicine and the humanities for a life-altering read.


FIND MY ‘ME’ Pdf/ePub eBook Author: VINDI KOHLI
Editor: Notion Press
ISBN: 163940449X
FileSize: 1000kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1000



STOP! Look around, breathe, feel, hear, and see. These are the true senses of what makes us Who We are? When was the last time you sat down all by yourself, in silence, with no distractions, no stream of thoughts, just you in a quiet space ‘all by yourself ’? “Your life is surrounded by many lives. You often go through a rehearsed pattern of life, where you learn to love others. But in this circus of life, you hardly ever realize the importance of falling in love with yourself. Your life is all about ‘YOU’.” Do you want to find your ‘YOU’? Do you know the real meaning of your life’s journey? Find My ‘Me’ invites you on a journey with Vindi Kohli, as she recounts the deep losses and many challenges she has had to overcome, all while raising three beautiful daughters and running two successful businesses. Vindi describes the Bollywood-worthy twists and everyday victories of her life, observing how each struggle has led her further up the road to Self-Awareness, Self-Healing and Self-Love. Find My ‘Me’ is not just an inspiring memoir – it challenges readers to reflect on their own lives, discover their true identities.

Fieldnotes from a Depth Psychological Exploration of Evil

Fieldnotes from a Depth Psychological Exploration of Evil Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Robin L. Gordon
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1351128566
FileSize: 389kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 389


Fieldnotes from a Depth Psychological Exploration of Evil by Robin L. Gordon Summary

In Fieldnotes from a Depth Psychological Exploration of Evil, Robin L. Gordon presents an accessible account of an attempt to define and understand the nature of evil. Gordon takes on the role of guide to this confusing land, tying together threads of Jungian theory, philosophy, etymology, neuroscience and history, as we are led on a personal journey of discovery. Gordon begins by analysing what a twelfth-century meeting between Chinggis Khan and Taoist priest Ch’ang-Ch’un can tell us about the presence of opposing traits and the nature of evil in human beings. We learn what depth psychology has said about evil and the shadow part of our psyches, and examine examples of human behaviour throughout history to understand the etymological, philosophical and historical understandings and definitions of evil. Gordon’s own relationship with her work, and the feelings that arise when researching the psychological framework of Nazi doctors, genocide in Rwanda, Bosnia and Syria, and the functionality of serial killers, are interrogated. We then return to Chinggis Khan’s and Ch’ang-Ch’un’s relationship, attempting to build a real and practical definition of "evil", and assessing their dialogues as a metaphor for Jung’s views of the transcendent function. Fieldnotes from a Depth Psychological Exploration of Evil will be essential reading for academics and students of Jungian and post-Jungian studies, sociology, criminology and philosophy. It will also be a key resource for Jungian analysts and psychotherapists interested in the study of evil and its impact on society and the psyche, as well as anyone investigating and redefining their own meanings of evil, past and present.

Trails of Light

Trails of Light Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Kathleen Panettieri
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1543408346
FileSize: 1403kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1403


Trails of Light by Kathleen Panettieri Summary

Come on a journey with me through the autobiographical trails of my life, written as poetry. Discover that the similarities in our lives are greater than the differences. Though our circumstances may seem to be poles apart, I invite you to look closely with me at our shared humanity and recognise that the themes underlying our many stories are vastly similar. Life is a carnival, and we are the mask wearers. From the everyday to the ethereal, from the mundane to the mystical, you will find yourself, somewhere, in this collection of poetry. I have been using poetry as a personal means of self-expression. For many years, it has helped me through dark moments of depression and through periods of deep questioning in my life. It has allowed me to access deeper and deeper levels of myself and connect with the inspiration that has been the driving force behind much of my poetry.

A Journey Down Melody Lane

A Journey Down Melody Lane Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Raju Bharatan
Editor: Hay House, Inc
ISBN: 9381398054
FileSize: 1193kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1193


A Journey Down Melody Lane by Raju Bharatan Summary

The Hindi film song has held millions spellbound for nearly eight decades. In this unputdownable ‘labour of love’, India’s leading film song historian, Raju Bharatan, delves deep into his treasure trove to tell us how singing is all about romancing, how composing is all about feelings, how the twain, stardom and songdom, do meet to make the vintage film number a part of the nation’s psyche. He reconstructs song happenings over the last sixty years or so to condense the emotion and passion going into legendary star hook-ups, showing us how with the pairing comes the vibe, with the vibe comes the tune, and with the tune unfolds cinema that is a ‘Madhuballad’ all the way. This volume also describes the creative inputs of music directors, lyricists and singers that go into the making of a Hindi film song. It is a compendium that no one can afford to miss! Raju Bharatan is popularly recognized as the last word on film music in India – as the only one physically there ‘on the scene’ through the decades. His knowledge of Hindustani cinesangeet is matched only by his grip on Indian cricket. He now packs fifty years of musical lore into a work sure to command a niche on your bookshelf.

Ayoade on Top

Ayoade on Top Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Richard Ayoade
Editor: Faber & Faber
ISBN: 0571339158
FileSize: 635kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 635


Ayoade on Top by Richard Ayoade Summary

Richard Ayoade - in this foren, perhaps one of the most 'insubstantial' people of our age, takes us on a journey from Peckham to Paris by way of Nevada and other places we don't care about. It's a journey deep within, in a way that's respectful and non-invasive; a journey for which we will all pay a heavy price, even if you've waited for the smaller paperback edition. Ayoade argues for the canonisation of this brutal masterpiece, a film that celebrates capitalism in all its victimless glory; one we might imagine Donald Trump himself half-watching on his private jet's gold-plated flat screen while his other puffy eye scans the cabin for fresh, young prey."

The Palgrave Handbook of Anthropological Ritual Studies

The Palgrave Handbook of Anthropological Ritual Studies Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Pamela J. Stewart,Andrew J. Strathern
Editor: Springer Nature
ISBN: 3030768252
FileSize: 1779kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1779


The Palgrave Handbook of Anthropological Ritual Studies by Pamela J. Stewart,Andrew J. Strathern Summary

Ritual Studies have achieved prominence since the 1980s, when interest in ritual as an object of inquiry was established, bridging over a number of humanities and social science disciplines. Both connected with religious studies and independent of it; overlapping with social and cultural anthropology, but also with history; related to science and health practices and ranging across the life course to education, Ritual Studies has come to encompass studies of change and dynamism in social life. Rituals are determinate in form, but not static. They enunciate distinctive social values within specific contexts that frame them; and they relate to the wider concerns and issues of their practitioners. Due to this broad and wide-ranging scope, it is often difficult to find a single resource on Ritual Studies, and even more so to find one which moves beyond the beginnings of anthropological theorizing to grapple with the present-day contexts of ritual. Bringing together recent ethnographies of ritual practice and ritualization from across the globe, this Handbook provides case study of ritual in the light of Emotion and Cognition, Identity, Religious Power, Performance and Literature, Ecology and Ecological Disaster, Media, and other topics. While each chapter provides a deep ethnography of a specific society, ritual, or ritualized practice, each also engages with current theoretical and substantive approaches to the relevant topic. The scholars collected here provide original synoptic and indicative pieces as guideposts and pathways through the complex, varied and cross-disciplinary, and vast landscape of scholarship that constitutes Ritual Studies today and points to developments in the future.

A Journey of Body and Soul

A Journey of Body and Soul Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Trach Ba Vu
Editor: Greenleaf Book Group
ISBN: 193841652X
FileSize: 865kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 865


A Journey of Body and Soul by Trach Ba Vu Summary

In this touching biography, a father tells his daughter's story with candor. Anna Vu was born in 1966, in the midst of the Vietnam War. Amidst the hardship and poverty of her people, she dreams of becoming a doctor and one day giving back to them. When her family emigrates from Vietnam to America in 1975, Anna experiences new challenges with cultural and language barriers as she begins the next part of her journey. But Anna is determined to reach her goals as she searches for her life’s purpose. Along the way, she struggles to overcome stereotypes and prejudice. She wrestles with understanding the afterlife, and she longs for true love and the trust to welcome it. To many, what Anna experiences would be considered unfair and unjust. But her deep sense of faith allows her to see life’s challenges as lessons provided for her growth as a human being. Anna displays an incredible tenacity in her search for truth, happiness, and understanding; her story is an inspiration to all.

Embracing the Lotus

Embracing the Lotus Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Gregory
Editor: Balboa Press
ISBN: 1504391047
FileSize: 433kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 433


Embracing the Lotus by Gregory Summary

This is a first-person poetic narrative by a successful middle-aged man, concerning a long spiritual journey. It began when he was twenty-seven, just getting traction with his engineering career, and was awakened from his ego-unconsciousness by mystical experiences that inspired him to scribble out reams of poetryand meet his Muse. Subsequent career demands induced him to deny the mystical experiences, quit writing poetry, and fall back asleep. For two decades he was comfortable in that sleep, but during the third, the emptiness of his successful, ego-life and bouts of depression induced him to wake up enough for him to realize there was something fundamentally wrong with it. After many hours of depression and deep thinking about his life, he realized that he had to regain the sense of meaningful wholeness he had felt when in those mystical states and writing poetry. This allegorical poem is his attempt to describe that struggle to wake up out of his long ego-sleep, regain his mystical wholeness, and through the act of writing this poem, make peace with his betrayed Muse and explicate what he learned during the process.

An Autumn's Journey

An Autumn's Journey Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
Editor: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1532641575
FileSize: 1380kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1380


An Autumn's Journey by Craig D. Lounsbrough Summary

WE LIVE IN A CULTURE THAT IS DESPERATE TO AVOID LOSS. We choose to fight it because we assume that it has come only to unfairly steal and inflict terrible pain. Loss is seen as the rogue enemy and heartless foe, rather than an opportunity for immense and improbable growth. It’s in loss that some of the richest and rarest of life’s lessons lay buried, eagerly waiting to be deeply mined and unearthed. In the deepest pain God does the deepest work. An Autumn’s Journey – Deep Growth in the Grief and Loss of Life’s Seasons does not loosely gloss over loss or provide shallow prescriptions and weak formulas for our grieving. Rather, it aggressively embraces both grief and loss, bringing fresh eyes to these times in our lives in order to draw out of them the marvelous riches that we all too often miss.

Overcome Your Thirst

Overcome Your Thirst Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Phoenicia E. Warner
Editor: WestBow Press
ISBN: 1512731110
FileSize: 1809kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1809


Overcome Your Thirst by Phoenicia E. Warner Summary

Overcome Your Thirst reveals a unique parallel between the life of the Woman at the Well in Scripture and life in this present time. Although the events of this familiar story happened back in Bible times, the book reveals some underlying truths that are still both present and relevant in the lives of so many people today. Overcome Your Thirst is designed to take its readers on a life-changing journey that would unveil the deeply rooted yearnings in their lives, unmask the exhaustion of temporary fulfillment, and ultimately point them to the only source of eternal satisfaction.

Miraculous Silence

Miraculous Silence Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Mitra Rahbar
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 0698198573
FileSize: 1456kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1456


Miraculous Silence by Mitra Rahbar Summary

Regardless of where you are in life—whether you’re celebrating new beginnings, mourning a loss, weathering a hardship, or seeking inspiration—you will find this book of prayers to be the perfect companion. At seventeen, Mitra Rahbar left her homeland due to political unrest. However, she would soon find her way in an unfamiliar land through an ever-deepening prayer life that led her to her soul’s core. Turning outward, she pursued a life of service—first as a social worker and then as a spiritual teacher, healer, and guide. Having worked with students from many walks of life for more than thirty years, Rahbar has a deep understanding of what spiritual seekers long to learn and how best to teach them. In Miraculous Silence, she takes us on a journey into the sacred space of prayer and spiritual healing, providing practical guidance on how to pray and meditate, as well as many of her own prayers to inspire and encourage us. Rahbar also suggests images to visualize and meditate on, mantras to recite in every situation, and stones to aid in the healing process. In these practices, prayers, and inspirations, you will find comfort, illumination, and renewal.

The Deep Heart of Witchcraft

The Deep Heart of Witchcraft Pdf/ePub eBook Author: David Salisbury
Editor: John Hunt Publishing
ISBN: 1780999194
FileSize: 753kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 753


The Deep Heart of Witchcraft by David Salisbury Summary

The elements, the guardians, the spirits and gods; these are all things beginner Witches are taught about and trained to work with. We learn about correspondence and how to associate symbols with their mysteries. But what are the real mysteries behind the symbols? What lives at the very heart and core of these teachings? In the Deep Heart of Witchcraft, we seek the teachings and ways that might lead us to look beyond the surface and into the depths of the Craft. In this book, we ll look at the tools and spirits of the sacred elements to connect us back to the power of nature. Through ritual, we turn and face traditions both new and old to enrich our practice and feed the soul. And through the wheel of the year, we connect with the ebb and flow of the cycles of time and space.

The Old Ways

The Old Ways Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Robert Macfarlane
Editor: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0241145538
FileSize: 1018kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1018


The Old Ways by Robert Macfarlane Summary

THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER SHORTLISTED FOR THE SAMUEL JOHNSON PRIZE The original bestseller from the beloved author of UNDERLAND, LANDMARKS and THE LOST WORDS - Robert Macfarlane travels Britain's ancient paths and discovers the secrets of our beautiful, underappreciated landscape 'The Old Ways confirms Macfarlane's reputation as one of the most eloquent and observant of contemporary writers about nature' Scotland on Sunday Following the tracks, holloways, drove-roads and sea paths that form part of a vast ancient network of routes criss-crossing the British Isles and beyond, Robert Macfarlane discovers a lost world - a landscape of the feet and the mind, of pilgrimage and ritual, of stories and ghosts; above all of the places and journeys which inspire and inhabit our imaginations. 'Sublime . . . It sets the imagination tingling, laying an irresistible trail for readers to follow' Sunday Times 'Read this and it will be impossible to take an unremarkable walk again' Metro 'He has a rare physical intelligence and affords total immersion in place, elements and the passage of time: wonderful' Antony Gormley

Essential Writings: a Journey Through Time

Essential Writings: a Journey Through Time Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Helmut Schwab
Editor: iUniverse
ISBN: 9781475936322
FileSize: 657kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 657


Essential Writings: a Journey Through Time by Helmut Schwab Summary

"Essential Writings" A Journey Through Time The journey begins with viewing the origin of our universe and following natural evolution, leading to an analysis of the human mind, our greatest asset. After a discussion of the meaning and direction in our life, thoughts are presented to guide and support us in our path, as pronouced in the biblical Beatitutes and in a meditation for nonbelievers. In the end, aging is described as one experiences it. A view to the future indicates the fundamental problems and opportunities for mankind which should concern us all. Helmut Schwab's writings result from the study of the sciences, life in business, his philosophical thought, and always deep concerns for human search, suffering, and need for light and warmth-combined with joy.

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