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Alaska Pdf/ePub eBook Author:
Editor: Dial Press
ISBN: 0804151423
FileSize: 1511kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1511


Alaska by Summary

In this sweeping epic of the northernmost American frontier, James A. Michener guides us through Alaska’s fierce terrain and history, from the long-forgotten past to the bustling present. As his characters struggle for survival, Michener weaves together the exciting high points of Alaska’s story: its brutal origins; the American acquisition; the gold rush; the tremendous growth and exploitation of the salmon industry; the arduous construction of the Alcan Highway, undertaken to defend the territory during World War II. A spellbinding portrait of a human community fighting to establish its place in the world, Alaska traces a bold and majestic saga of the enduring spirit of a land and its people. BONUS: This edition includes an excerpt from James A. Michener's Hawaii. Praise for Alaska “Few will escape the allure of the land and people [Michener] describes. . . . Alaska takes the reader on a journey through one of the bleakest, richest, most foreboding, and highly inviting territories in our Republic, if not the world. . . . The characters that Michener creates are bigger than life.”—Los Angeles Times Book Review “Always the master of exhaustive historical research, Michener tracks the settling of Alaska [in] vividly detailed scenes and well-developed characters.”—Boston Herald “Michener is still, sentence for sentence, writing’s fastest attention grabber.”—The New York Times


Alaska Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Colleen Sexton
Editor: Bellwether Media
ISBN: 1648341500
FileSize: 1547kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1547


Alaska by Colleen Sexton Summary

Alaska is filled with wild beauty, from its rugged mountains to its sparkling coastal waters. But that is just a small part of what makes this state great! Students can learn about Alaska’s industries, native peoples, history, and favorite sports in this informative title. Features highlight inventions from the state, map out important places, and introduce a favorite animal. Take a trip to the Last Frontier with this fun title!

My Name's Yours, What's Alaska?

My Name's Yours, What's Alaska? Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Alaska Thunderfuck 5000
Editor: Chronicle Books
ISBN: 1797208438
FileSize: 334kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 334


My Name's Yours, What's Alaska? by Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 Summary

Alaska Thunderfuck spills the tea on her meteoric rise from timid Pennsylvania kid to drag superstar in this intimate photographic memoir that will appeal to diehard Alaska admirers and broader drag fans alike. Before RuPaul's Drag Race became a worldwide phenomenon, Drag was mostly an underground art form, performed by the daring and the quick-witted, with maximum energy and a minimal budget. This is the story of one of the galaxy's greatest queens, Alaska Thunderfuck 5000, as she transforms from wearing dresses made of trash bags because she has to, to wearing dresses made of trash bags because she wants to. Finally coming clean on her home planet (earth), this dishy, visual memoir tells the stories that shaped Alaska into an All Star: from prom king to the House of Haunt, to the very public breakup that almost destroyed her. Intimate and alluring with exclusive photography throughout, and illustrations by the author, My Name's Yours, What's Alaska? is the ultimate backstage pass. UNIQUE & PERSONAL: Chronicling Alaska's journey from small-town kid to drag superstar, this memoir stands out for its emotional resonance, distinct humor, and unapologetic realness. Filled with compelling personal stories told in Alaska's unique voice, it gives fans an exclusive look at Justin Honard the person, not just Alaska Thunderfuck the drag queen. LGBTQIA+ REPRESENTATION: LGBTQIA+ consumers will see their experiences and passions reflected in Alaska's authenticity and openness about her childhood struggles, and will be excited by a drag memoir that celebrates the whole story of queerness, not just the sassy, shady highlights. GREAT GIFT FOR FANS OF RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE: Behind the scenes stories of Alaska's journey to RuPaul's Drag Race fame, alongside full-color photography of Alaska's iconic trash-glam looks throughout her career, will deliver the exclusive content fans crave. Perfect for: • Diehard drag fans • Fans of Alaska Thunderfuck, RuPaul, Michelle Visage, Trixie Mattel, Bianca del Rio, Sharon Needles, Magnus Hastings, Cherri Baum, Veruca, and more • RuPaul's Drag Race enthusiasts who want to deep dive into a famous queen's rise to stardom

Alaska: A Climbing Guide

Alaska: A Climbing Guide Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Colby Coombs,Michael Wood
Editor: The Mountaineers Books
ISBN: 1594851433
FileSize: 897kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 897


Alaska: A Climbing Guide by Colby Coombs,Michael Wood Summary

* Guidebook details 80 climbing routes throughout Alaska * Includes photos, many with route overlays, topo route maps, climbing difficulty and time information, ratings, and more Alaska mountain guides Mike Wood and Colby Coombs have teamed up to write this definitive climbing guidebook targeting the more experienced climber. This is the ultimate guidebook for every climber intending to scale the mountains of one of the nation's last best wild places. Alaska: A Climbing Guide offers climbers a range of routes in the Chugach Range, the Alaska Range, the Fairweather Range, and more. Each of the routes has been climbed, documented, checked, and double-checked by the authors to ensure accuracy and safety. Interesting personal experiences are included as are accounts of first ascents from Fred Beckey, John Krakauer, and David Roberts.

365 Days to Alaska

365 Days to Alaska Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Cathy Carr
Editor: Abrams
ISBN: 1683358708
FileSize: 725kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 725


365 Days to Alaska by Cathy Carr Summary

A charming debut middle-grade novel about a girl from off-the-grid Alaska adjusting to suburban life Eleven-year-old Rigel Harman loves her life in off-the-grid Alaska. She hunts rabbits, takes correspondence classes through the mail, and plays dominoes with her family in their two-room cabin. She doesn’t mind not having electricity or running water—instead, she’s got tall trees, fresh streams, and endless sky. But then her parents divorce, and Rigel and her sisters have to move with their mom to the Connecticut suburbs to live with a grandmother they’ve never met. Rigel hates it in Connecticut. It’s noisy, and crowded, and there’s no real nature. Her only hope is a secret pact that she made with her father: If she can stick it out in Connecticut for one year, he’ll bring her back home. At first, surviving the year feels impossible. Middle school is nothing like the wilderness, and she doesn’t connect with anyone . . . until she befriends a crow living behind her school. And if this wild creature has made a life for itself in the suburbs, then, just maybe, Rigel can too. 365 Days to Alaska is a wise and funny debut novel about finding beauty, hope, and connection in the world no matter where you are—even Connecticut.

Whispering Alaska

Whispering Alaska Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Brendan Jones
Editor: Delacorte Press
ISBN: 0593303555
FileSize: 996kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 996


Whispering Alaska by Brendan Jones Summary

In this eco-focused middle-grade novel, readers follow the story of twin sisters who move with their father to a small town in Alaska for a new start after the devastating loss of their mother. It’s been four months since their mother died. The twins and their father have moved from Pennsylvania to a small town in Alaska to be near extended family. Nicky and Josie find the wilderness mysterious and beautiful, and a much-needed refuge. The girls drifted apart somewhat during their transition, each dealing with grief in a different way. Now, as they settle into a new normal, they become involved in a community debate that threatens the very land they are growing to love. For the local adults, livelihoods are at stake, and tensions are high. But it’s the young people who take the lead, especially newcomers Josie and Nicky, who find a way to speak up for what they believe, reconnecting with each other and with their father in the process—and, they hope, doing their mother proud. Will their heartfelt plea keep the peace and save the trees that have existed for hundreds of years? Author Brendan Jones’s passion for Alaska shines through in this, his debut middle-grade novel. Indeed, Brendan’s day-to-day subsistence lifestyle in his own Alaskan community—a place he’s called home for decades—and his appreciation for young activists greatly inspired Whispering Alaska. The rich detail with which he describes the earth's largest intact temperate rainforest will make readers wonder whether they too can hear the trees whisper.


Alaska Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Stephen W. Haycox
Editor: University of Washington Press
ISBN: 0295746874
FileSize: 1547kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1547


Alaska by Stephen W. Haycox Summary

Alaska often looms large as a remote, wild place with endless resources and endlessly independent, resourceful people. Yet it has always been part of larger stories: the movement of Indigenous peoples from Asia into the Americas and their contact with and accommodation to Western culture; the spread of European political economy to the New World; the expansion of American capitalism and culture; and the impacts of climate change. In this updated classic, distinguished historian Stephen Haycox surveys the state’s cultural, political, economic, and environmental past, examining its contemporary landscape and setting the region in a broader, global context. Tracing Alaska’s transformation from the early postcontact period through the modern era, Haycox explores the ever-evolving relationship between Native Alaskans and the settlers and institutions that have dominated the area, highlighting Native agency, advocacy, and resilience. Throughout, he emphasizes the region’s systemic dependence on both federal support and outside corporate investment in natural resources—furs, gold, copper, salmon, oil—and offers a less romantic, more complex history that acknowledges the broader national and international contexts of Alaska’s past.

Native Cultures in Alaska

Native Cultures in Alaska Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Alaska Geographic Association
Editor: Graphic Arts Books
ISBN: 0882409026
FileSize: 1945kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1945


Native Cultures in Alaska by Alaska Geographic Association Summary

In the minds of most Americans, Native culture in Alaska amounts to Eskimos and igloos....The latest publication of the Alaska Geographic Society offers an accessible and attractive antidote to such misconceptions. Native Cultures in Alaska blends beautiful photographs with informative text to create a striking portrait of the state's diverse and dynamic indigenous population.

The Alaska Native Reader

The Alaska Native Reader Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Maria Sháa Tláa Williams
Editor: Duke University Press
ISBN: 0822390833
FileSize: 1417kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1417


The Alaska Native Reader by Maria Sháa Tláa Williams Summary

Alaska is home to more than two hundred federally recognized tribes. Yet the long histories and diverse cultures of Alaska’s first peoples are often ignored, while the stories of Russian fur hunters and American gold miners, of salmon canneries and oil pipelines, are praised. Filled with essays, poems, songs, stories, maps, and visual art, this volume foregrounds the perspectives of Alaska Native people, from a Tlingit photographer to Athabascan and Yup’ik linguists, and from an Alutiiq mask carver to a prominent Native politician and member of Alaska’s House of Representatives. The contributors, most of whom are Alaska Natives, include scholars, political leaders, activists, and artists. The majority of the pieces in The Alaska Native Reader were written especially for the volume, while several were translated from Native languages. The Alaska Native Reader describes indigenous worldviews, languages, arts, and other cultural traditions as well as contemporary efforts to preserve them. Several pieces examine Alaska Natives’ experiences of and resistance to Russian and American colonialism; some of these address land claims, self-determination, and sovereignty. Some essays discuss contemporary Alaska Native literature, indigenous philosophical and spiritual tenets, and the ways that Native peoples are represented in the media. Others take up such diverse topics as the use of digital technologies to document Native cultures, planning systems that have enabled indigenous communities to survive in the Arctic for thousands of years, and a project to accurately represent Dena’ina heritage in and around Anchorage. Fourteen of the volume’s many illustrations appear in color, including work by the contemporary artists Subhankar Banerjee, Perry Eaton, Erica Lord, and Larry McNeil.

Seal Islands of Alaska

Seal Islands of Alaska Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Henry W. Elliott
Editor: Digital Scanning Inc
ISBN: 1582180482
FileSize: 611kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 611


Seal Islands of Alaska by Henry W. Elliott Summary

Henry Wood Elliott (1846-1930) was a renowned naturalist and an accomplished artist. In 1872, he was sent to the Alaska territory by the U.S. Treasury department to report on the fur-seal harvest on the Pribilof Islands. He lived on one of the islands and conducted his own study of the animals. Keenly observant and with an artist's eye, he recorded what he saw in both his journals and his artwork. Elliott was appalled by the rapidly declining fur seal population and the wholesale slaughter taking place each summer. The Seal Islands of Alaska is Henry W. Elliott's groundbreaking report as it was published in 1884. He recommended managed hunting to preserve both the species and the industry. He was a tireless wild life advocate and may have saved the fur seal from extinction.

Aviation Safety in Alaska

Aviation Safety in Alaska Pdf/ePub eBook Author: DIANE Publishing Company
Editor: DIANE Publishing
ISBN: 0788140221
FileSize: 1871kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1871


Aviation Safety in Alaska by DIANE Publishing Company Summary

Examines Alaska's current aviation environment and air transportation activities. Identifies the associated risk factors and safety deficiencies. Recommends practical measures for managing the risks to safe flight operations given the reality of Alaska's aviation environment and the potential of new technologies. Contents: Alaska's aviation operations and accidents; factors affecting the safety of takeoffs and landings in Alaska; factors affecting the safety of VFR operations in Alaska; enhancing the low altitude IFR system to fulfill Alaska's air transport. requirements; and special aviation operations in Alaska.

An Alaska Anthology

An Alaska Anthology Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Stephen W. Haycox,Mary Childers Mangusso
Editor: University of Washington Press
ISBN: 9780295800370
FileSize: 1244kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1244


An Alaska Anthology by Stephen W. Haycox,Mary Childers Mangusso Summary

Alaska, with its Indian, Eskimo, and Aleut heritage, its century of Russian colonization, its peoples� formidable struggles to wrest a living (or a fortune) from the North�s isolated and harsh environment, and its relatively recent achievement of statehood, has long captured the popular imagination. In An Alaska Anthology, twenty-five contemporary scholars explore the region�s pivotal events, significant themes, and major players, Native, Russian, Canadian, and American. The essays chosen for this anthology represent the very best writing on Alaska, giving great depth to our understanding and appreciation of its history from the days of Russian-American Company domination to the more recent threat of nuclear testing by the Atomic Energy Commission and the influence of oil money on inexperienced politicians. Readers may be familiar with an earlier anthology, Interpreting Alaska�s History, from which the present volume evolved to accommodate an explosion of research in the past decade. While a number of the original pieces were found to be irreplaceable, more than half of the essays are new. The result is a fresh perspective on the subject and an invaluable resource for students, teachers, and scholars.

Cruising Alaska

Cruising Alaska Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Larry Ludmer
Editor: Hunter Publishing, Inc
ISBN: 9781588431158
FileSize: 1790kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1790


Cruising Alaska by Larry Ludmer Summary

Concise, easy-to-read information on every vessel plying the region this season - state-room size, dining options, passenger/crew ratio, highlights and potential pitfalls. Ship itineraries, with candid comments on the pros and cons of each. Walking tours at each port of call are supplemented by detailed port maps. Plus, coverage of the smaller 'Explorer' boats, which can get into narrower, shallower inlets.

Stars Over Alaska

Stars Over Alaska Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jennifer Snow
Editor: HQN Books
ISBN: 1488078211
FileSize: 817kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 817


Stars Over Alaska by Jennifer Snow Summary

"Jennifer Snow is one clever writer."—RT Book Reviews The Alaskan wilderness may be the best place to protect her client, but also where it’s impossible to protect her heart. Needing a safe place to hide her latest client, agent Leslie Sanders returns to her hometown of Wild River to wait out the search for the young Hollywood star’s stalker. Just being back in Alaska is stirring up emotions she’d buried, and as much as Leslie believed she was moving on with her life in LA, she’s still not over the death of her fiancé. The sun, sand and surf made it easy to forget cold Alaskan nights snuggled by the fire, planning a future with Dawson…but seeing Levi Grayson just makes everything that much harder. Levi Grayson has been one of Alaska’s elite group of wildland firefighters for almost ten years, but nothing about his job rattles him as much as seeing Leslie again. When Leslie left Wild River after Dawson’s death, it had hurt to lose his two best friends in a matter of weeks. Resisting his feelings for her when Dawson was alive was tough, but he’s not sure he’s strong enough anymore to fight the attraction between them, or to let this last chance at love slip away like smoke through his fingers. Don't miss Alaska Dreams, the next book in Jennifer Snows Wild RIver series! A Wild River Novel Book 1: An Alaskan Christmas Book 2: Under an Alaskan Sky Book 3: A Sweet Alaskan Fall Book 4: Stars Over Alaska Book 5: Alaska Reunion

Adventure Guide Alaska Highway

Adventure Guide Alaska Highway Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Ed Readicker-Henderson,Lynn Readicker-Henderson
Editor: Hunter Publishing, Inc
ISBN: 9781588435712
FileSize: 1512kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1512


Adventure Guide Alaska Highway by Ed Readicker-Henderson,Lynn Readicker-Henderson Summary

Annotation The most detailed, up-to-date guide to travelling the highway, from BC through the Yukon and Alaska to Prudhoe Bay. Fairbanks, Anchorage, Dawson City, Skagway, Denali National Park, Valdez - these are just some of the destinations covered. Also included are details on alternate highways, such as the Stewart-Cassiar, the Yellowhead, Top-of-the-World, the Richardson and Glenn Highways. The authors talk about where to find wildlife and how to get the best photos; they share their knowledge about the most coveted camping areas; they tell you which historic sites you should take in. An entire chapter is dedicated to the Alaska Marine Highway, a ferry service that serves as a lifeline to Alaska's coastal towns. 30+ maps, colour photos. Adventure Guides are about living more intensely, waking up to your surroundings and truly experiencing all that you encounter. Each book offers an ideal mix of practical travel info along with culturally enriching activities and physical adventures. And the fun is for everyone, no matter what their age or ability. Comprehensive background information - history, culture, geography, climate - gives you a solid knowledge of each destination and its people. Regional chapters take you on an introductory tour, with stops at museums, historic sites and local attractions. Places to stay and eat; transportation to, from and around your destination; practical concerns; tourism contacts - it's all here! Detailed maps feature walking and driving tours. Then come the adventures - both cultural and physical - from canoeing and hiking to dance or cooking classes. This unique approach allows you to really immerse yourself in the local culture.

Good Time Girls of the Alaska-Yukon Gold Rush

Good Time Girls of the Alaska-Yukon Gold Rush Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Lael Morgan
Editor: Epicenter Press
ISBN: 9780945397762
FileSize: 779kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 779


Good Time Girls of the Alaska-Yukon Gold Rush by Lael Morgan Summary

Morgan offers an authentic and deliciously humorous account of the prostitutes and other "disreputable" women who were the earliest female pioneers of the Far North. At the turn of the century, tens of thousands of Americans left their homes, escaping a worldwide depression & the restraints of the Victorian Era, to stampede to Alaska & the Yukon, where millions of dollars in gold was being discovered in remote, subartic mining camps. Women accompanied the men on the long journey to the Far North--more often prostitutes, dance hall girls & entertainers than respectful wives & schoolteachers. These are the girls of the demimonde, that "half world" of disreputable women who lived on the outskirts of society. Meet "Dutch Kate" Wilson, who pioneered many areas long before the "respectable" women who received credit for getting there first; ruthless heartbreakers Cad Wilson & Rose Blumkin; "French Marie" Larose, who auctioned herself off as a wife to the highest bidder; & Edith Neile, called the "Oregon Mare," famous for both her outlandish behavior & her soft-hearted generosity. These "good time girls" crossed geographic & social frontiers, finding freedom, independence, hardship, heartbreak & sometimes astonishing wealth. They were an important part of this key chapter in the history of the West, which holds a special place in the American imagination.

Alaska Reunion

Alaska Reunion Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jennifer Snow
Editor: HQN Books
ISBN: 0369706277
FileSize: 1403kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1403


Alaska Reunion by Jennifer Snow Summary

"Alaska Reunion has a little bit of everything—drama, humor, friendship, and love. It’s a well-written story that will draw readers in."—Harlequin Junkie In the Alaskan wilderness, love blooms in unlikely places—and between an unlikely couple… Still single, still working at the same bookstore and still pining for the guy who got away, Ellie Mitchell cringes at the prospect of attending her high school reunion. She just can’t face showing up alone—with her dreams of becoming a teacher still unfulfilled—when her ex will be bringing a model-gorgeous plus-one. Callum McKendrick has been in love with Ellie since forever, but he’s sure she doesn't take him seriously. Offering to be her date for the reunion—and the post-reunion wilderness retreat—is his chance to show Ellie just what she’s missing by being stuck in the past. But will becoming Ellie's fake boyfriend be enough to prove that Callum is her perfect match? Don't miss Alaska Dreams, the next book in Jennifer Snows Wild RIver series! A Wild River Novel Book 1: An Alaskan Christmas Book 2: Under an Alaskan Sky Book 3: A Sweet Alaskan Fall Book 4: Stars Over Alaska Book 5: Alaska Reunion

Alaska Sourdough, Revised Edition

Alaska Sourdough, Revised Edition Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Ruth Allman
Editor: Graphic Arts Books
ISBN: 1513262831
FileSize: 815kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 815


Alaska Sourdough, Revised Edition by Ruth Allman Summary

Longtime bestseller with national appeal. Celebrates history and is a cult classic for fans of the wonders of sourdough. These recipes are purposefully simple and designed for the home cook tested on a home stove.

Alaska's Mineral Resources--annual Report 1991

Alaska's Mineral Resources--annual Report 1991 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Diedra Bohn,Jill L. Schneider
Editor: DIANE Publishing
ISBN: 156806571X
FileSize: 1204kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1204


Alaska's Mineral Resources--annual Report 1991 by Diedra Bohn,Jill L. Schneider Summary

Provides information about current Alaskan mineral projects and events during 1991, with emphasis on federal activity. Addresses both onshore and offshore areas of Alaska. Information is provided for two broad categories of minerals: energy resources and nonfuel-mineral resources. 20 figures and photos.

Along Alaska's Great River

Along Alaska's Great River Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Frederick Gustavus Schwatka
Editor: Library of Alexandria
ISBN: 1465607846
FileSize: 596kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 596


Along Alaska's Great River by Frederick Gustavus Schwatka Summary

This Alaskan exploring expedition was composed of the following members: Lieut. Schwatka, U.S.A., commanding; Dr. George F. Wilson, U.S.A., Surgeon; Topographical Assistant Charles A. Homan, U.S. Engineers, Topographer and Photographer; Sergeant Charles A. Gloster, U.S.A., Artist; Corporal Shircliff, U.S.A., in charge of stores; Private Roth, assistant, and Citizen J. B. McIntosh, a miner, who had lived in Alaska and was well acquainted with its methods of travel. Indians and others were added and discharged from time to time as hereafter noted. The main object of the expedition was to acquire such information of the country traversed and its wild inhabitants as would be valuable to the military authorities in the future, and as a map would be needful to illustrate such information well, the party's efforts were rewarded with making the expedition successful in a geographical sense. I had hoped to be able, through qualified subordinates, to extend our scientific knowledge of the country explored, especially in regard to its botany, geology, natural history, etc.; and, although these subjects would not in any event have been adequately discussed in a popular treatise like the present, it must be admitted that little was accomplished in these branches. The explanation of this is as follows: When authority was asked from Congress for a sum of money to make such explorations under military supervision and the request was disapproved by the General of the Army and Secretary of War. This disapproval, combined with the active opposition of government departments which were assigned to work of the same general character and coupled with the reluctance of Congress to make any appropriations whatever that year, was sufficient to kill such an undertaking. When the military were withdrawn from Alaska by the President, about the year 1878, a paragraph appeared at the end of the President's order stating that no further control would be exercised by the army in Alaska; and this proviso was variously interpreted by the friends of the army and its enemies, as a humiliation either to the army or to the President, according to the private belief of the commentator. It was therefore seriously debated whether any military expedition or party sent into that country for any purpose whatever would not be a direct violation of the President's proscriptive order, and when it was decided to waive that consideration, and send in a party, it was considered too much of a responsibility to add any specialists in science, with the disapproval of the General and the Secretary hardly dry on the paper. The expedition was therefore, to avoid being recalled, kept as secret as possible, and when, on May 22d, it departed from Portland, Oregon, upon the Victoria, a vessel which had been specially put on the Alaska route, only a two or three line notice had gotten into the Oregon papers announcing the fact; a notice that in spreading was referred to in print by one government official as "a junketing party," by another as a "prospecting" party, while another bitterly acknowledged that had he received another day's intimation he could have had the party recalled by the authorities at Washington. Thus the little expedition which gave the first complete survey to the third river of our country stole away like a thief in the night and with far less money in its hands to conduct it through its long journey than was afterward appropriated by Congress to publish its report.

Lowell Thomas Jr.

Lowell Thomas Jr. Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Lowell Thomas Jr.,Lew Freedman
Editor: Graphic Arts Books
ISBN: 0882409832
FileSize: 938kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 938


Lowell Thomas Jr. by Lowell Thomas Jr.,Lew Freedman Summary

Lowell Thomas Jr. is a famed Alaskan who made his mark as a Bush pilot and by serving in state government, but who also has had a lifetime’s worth of adventures that have taken him around the world. Thomas, now eighty?nine, and living in Anchorage, is the son of one of the most widely known Americans of the twentieth century, and his connection to Lowell Thomas Sr. (1892?1981) enabled him to jump?start his life of adventure at a very early age. From the time he was fifteen, Lowell Thomas Jr. has been involved in a series of journeys that have seen him cross paths with many famous lives and take part in many historic events.

Tales of Alaska's Bush Rat Governor

Tales of Alaska's Bush Rat Governor Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jay Hammond
Editor: Epicenter Press
ISBN: 9780945397434
FileSize: 894kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 894


Tales of Alaska's Bush Rat Governor by Jay Hammond Summary

The former governor of Alaska recounts his childhood, education, war experiences, and political career

Atiska Ataska, Charlie's In Alaska

Atiska Ataska, Charlie's In Alaska Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Glenda Field,Anne Canterbury
Editor: Publication Consultants
ISBN: 159433367X
FileSize: 319kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 319


Atiska Ataska, Charlie's In Alaska by Glenda Field,Anne Canterbury Summary

Welcome to the land of the midnight sun. We'll take you on an exciting Alaska adventure with two colorful characters, Cheechako Charlie and Sourdough Sam. Charlie's called a cheechako because he is a newcomer to Alaska. He will soon discover that he has a lot to learn about this far away place. His cousin, Sam, an old experienced Alaskan, will greet Charlie with enthusiasm and encourage him to pursue his dreams while he is in Alaska. For Sam knows that it is best for Charlie to learn for himself the secrets that can only be uncovered through his own discoveries. We hope that as Charlie and Sam explore the Last Frontier, your own curiosity will grow and you will want to learn more about the forty-ninth state. So, grab your lucky hat and we'll meet you by the pond. Watch out for moose!

Alaska Nellie

Alaska Nellie Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Nellie Neal Lawing
Editor: Pickle Partners Publishing
ISBN: 1789123208
FileSize: 328kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 328


Alaska Nellie by Nellie Neal Lawing Summary

NOT A GHOST WRITTEN ROMANCE...but the true story of an Alaskan pioneer who went North as a young girl during the exciting days of the development of the Alaskan Railroad. Offers of publishers to edit her copy and rewrite the book were repeatedly rejected in order that the story might be told accurately and the true sentiment of the writer in these later years be conveyed to the reader. Leaving gunfire and bloodshed in the rowdy mining camps of Cripple Creek, Colorado, Alaska Nellie—without friends or even acquaintances to turn to for advice or help—travelled along to the strange land that was then truly a frontier. The hardships she endured, the cold and hunger, miles of travel on foot, pulling a sled without the aid of dogs, the dangers she encountered and kind assistance she gave to those in need have made her name one that is known and loved throughout the entire territory. Everyone will enjoy this thrilling story of one of the few woman pioneers who lived to “carry on.”

This Is Our World

This Is Our World Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Tracey Turner
Editor: Kingfisher
ISBN: 0753477610
FileSize: 1735kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1735


This Is Our World by Tracey Turner Summary

This Is Our World, written by Tracey Turner, is a colorful celebration of our planet’s cultural and environmental diversity—an unforgettable journey that brings the people, customs, and wildlife of 20 places around the world vividly to life for young readers. Our guides are children who tell us about the animals, plants, and weather that they encounter; the feasts and festivals they enjoy; and the clothes they wear, the way they learn, the languages they speak, and the sports and games they play. The tour is truly global, as we journey from Australia’s desolate Red Centre to bustling New York City, from the windswept Outer Hebrides to the rock houses of Cappadocia in Turkey, via the Amazon rain forest, the Alaskan wilderness, a floating village in Cambodia, and the remote village of Supai, Arizona. This is both a beautiful gift book and a highly-accessible home reference, sure to foster an interest in the wider world, in travel, in diversity, and in conservation. It teaches us that despite its countless languages, customs, and traditions, it really is a small world after all.

Fifty Miles from Tomorrow

Fifty Miles from Tomorrow Pdf/ePub eBook Author: William L. Iggiagruk Hensley
Editor: Sarah Crichton Books
ISBN: 1429938749
FileSize: 955kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 955


Fifty Miles from Tomorrow by William L. Iggiagruk Hensley Summary

Nunavut tigummiun! Hold on to the land! It was just fifty years ago that the territory of Alaska officially became the state of Alaska. But no matter who has staked their claim to the land, it has always had a way of enveloping souls in its vast, icy embrace. For William L. Iggiagruk Hensley, Alaska has been his home, his identity, and his cause. Born on the shores of Kotzebue Sound, twenty-nine miles north of the Arctic Circle, he was raised to live the traditional, seminomadic life that his Iñupiaq ancestors had lived for thousands of years. It was a life of cold and of constant effort, but Hensley's people also reaped the bounty that nature provided. In Fifty Miles from Tomorrow, Hensley offers us the rare chance to immerse ourselves in a firsthand account of growing up Native Alaskan. There have been books written about Alaska, but they've been written by Outsiders, settlers. Hensley's memoir of life on the tundra offers an entirely new perspective, and his stories are captivating, as is his account of his devotion to the Alaska Native land claims movement. As a young man, Hensley was sent by missionaries to the Lower Forty-eight so he could pursue an education. While studying there, he discovered that the land Native Alaskans had occupied and, to all intents and purposes, owned for millennia was being snatched away from them. Hensley decided to fight back. In 1971, after years of Hensley's tireless lobbying, the United States government set aside 44 million acres and nearly $1 billion for use by Alaska's native peoples. Unlike their relatives to the south, the Alaskan peoples would be able to take charge of their economic and political destiny. The landmark decision did not come overnight and was certainly not the making of any one person. But it was Hensley who gave voice to the cause and made it real. Fifty Miles from Tomorrow is not only the memoir of one man; it is also a fascinating testament to the resilience of the Alaskan ilitqusiat, the Alaskan spirit.

Alaska's Skyboys

Alaska's Skyboys Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Katherine Johnson Ringsmuth
Editor: University of Washington Press
ISBN: 0295806222
FileSize: 1585kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1585


Alaska's Skyboys by Katherine Johnson Ringsmuth Summary

This fascinating account of the development of aviation in Alaska examines the daring missions of pilots who initially opened up the territory for military positioning and later for trade and tourism. Early Alaskan military and bush pilots navigated some of the highest and most rugged terrain on earth, taking off and landing on glaciers, mudflats, and active volcanoes. Although they were consistently portrayed by industry leaders and lawmakers alike as cowboys—and their planes compared to settlers’ covered wagons—the reality was that aviation catapulted Alaska onto a modern, global stage; the federal government subsidized aviation’s growth in the territory as part of the Cold War defense against the Soviet Union. Through personal stories, industry publications, and news accounts, historian Katherine Johnson Ringsmuth uncovers the ways that Alaska’s aviation growth was downplayed in order to perpetuate the myth of the cowboy spirit and the desire to tame what many considered to be the last frontier.

Looking for Alaska Deluxe Edition

Looking for Alaska Deluxe Edition Pdf/ePub eBook Author: John Green
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 0698405870
FileSize: 800kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 800


Looking for Alaska Deluxe Edition by John Green Summary

A gorgeous collector's edition of the critically acclaimed debut novel by John Green, #1 bestselling author of Turtles All the Way Down and The Fault in Our Stars A perfect gift for every fan, this deluxe hardcover features a stunning special edition jacket and 50 pages of all-new exclusive content, including: - An introduction by John Green - Extensive Q&A: John Green answers readers’ most frequently asked questions - Deleted scenes from the original manuscript ★ Winner of the Michael L. Printz Award ★ A Los Angeles Times Book Prize Finalist ★ A New York Times Bestseller • A USA Today Bestseller ★ NPR’s Top Ten Best-Ever Teen Novels ★ TIME magazine’s 100 Best Young Adult Novels of All Time ★ A PBS Great American Read Selection NOW A HULU ORIGINAL SERIES! Miles Halter is fascinated by famous last words—and tired of his safe life at home. He leaves for boarding school to seek what the dying poet Francois Rabelais called the "Great Perhaps.” Much awaits Miles at Culver Creek, including Alaska Young, who will pull Miles into her labyrinth and catapult him into the Great Perhaps. Looking for Alaska brilliantly chronicles the indelible impact one life can have on another. A modern classic, this stunning debut marked #1 bestselling author John Green’s arrival as a groundbreaking new voice in contemporary fiction.

Alaska's Changing Boreal Forest

Alaska's Changing Boreal Forest Pdf/ePub eBook Author: F. Stuart Chapin,Mark W. Oswood,Keith van Cleve,Leslie A. Viereck,David L. Verbyla
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780195348323
FileSize: 771kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 771


Alaska's Changing Boreal Forest by F. Stuart Chapin,Mark W. Oswood,Keith van Cleve,Leslie A. Viereck,David L. Verbyla Summary

The boreal forest is the northern-most woodland biome, whose natural history is rooted in the influence of low temperature and high-latitude. Alaska's boreal forest is now warming as rapidly as the rest of Earth, providing an unprecedented look at how this cold-adapted, fire-prone forest adjusts to change. This volume synthesizes current understanding of the ecology of Alaska's boreal forests and describes their unique features in the context of circumpolar and global patterns. It tells how fire and climate contributed to the biome's current dynamics. As climate warms and permafrost (permanently frozen ground) thaws, the boreal forest may be on the cusp of a major change in state. The editors have gathered a remarkable set of contributors to discuss this swift environmental and biotic transformation. Their chapters cover the properties of the forest, the changes it is undergoing, and the challenges these alterations present to boreal forest managers. In the first section, the reader can absorb the geographic and historical context for understanding the boreal forest. The book then delves into the dynamics of plant and animal communities inhabiting this forest, and the biogeochemical processes that link these organisms. In the last section the authors explore landscape phenomena that operate at larger temporal and spatial scales and integrates the processes described in earlier sections. Much of the research on which this book is based results from the Bonanza Creek Long-Term Ecological Research Program. Here is a synthesis of the substantial literature on Alaska's boreal forest that should be accessible to professional ecologists, students, and the interested public.

Our Arctic Province

Our Arctic Province Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Henry Wood Elliott
Editor: Digital Scanning Inc
ISBN: 1582184585
FileSize: 1326kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1326


Our Arctic Province by Henry Wood Elliott Summary

Henry W. Elliott presented Our Artic Province, his comprehensive book on Alaska, in 1886, two years after the publication of his groundbreaking report The Seal Islands of Alaska. Elliott's wide-ranging work reveals the breathtaking panorama of the rugged country. He details the incredible wildlife, the native inhabitants, weather, glaciers, and the effects of man and his settlements on this amazing territory. A noted artist and naturalist, he provides us with detailed observations of how things work in the stark beauty and harsh reality that is the arctic. From its discovery in 1741 by Bering, through its acquisition by the United States in 1867, Elliott observes and shares the changes, the losses and the new discoveries. Presented as it was originally published in 1886.

Murder at 40 Below

Murder at 40 Below Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Tom Brennan
Editor: Epicenter Press
ISBN: 9780945397991
FileSize: 980kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 980


Murder at 40 Below by Tom Brennan Summary

Drawn from police files, eyewitness accounts, and news reports, these stories introduce extreme criminals in an extreme land.

Ragged Coast, Rugged Coves

Ragged Coast, Rugged Coves Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Diane J. Purvis
Editor: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 1496228502
FileSize: 565kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 565


Ragged Coast, Rugged Coves by Diane J. Purvis Summary

Ragged Coast, Rugged Coves explores the untold story of cannery workers in Southeast Alaska from 1878, when the first cannery was erected on the Alexander Archipelago, through the Cold War. The cannery jobs brought waves of immigrants, starting with Chinese, followed by Japanese, and then Filipino nationals. Working alongside these men were Alaska Native women, trained from childhood in processing salmon. Because of their expertise, these women remained the mainstay of employment in these fish factories for decades while their husbands or brothers fished, often for the same company. Canned salmon was territorial Alaska's most important industry. The tax revenue, though meager, kept the local government running, and as corporate wealth grew, it did not take long for a mix of socioeconomic factors and politics to affect every aspect of the lands, waters, and population. During this time the workers formed a bond and shared their experiences, troubles, and joys. Alaska Natives and Chinese, Japanese, and Filipino immigrants brought elements from their ethnic heritage into the mix, creating a cannery culture. Although the labor was difficult and frequently unsafe, the cannery workers and fishermen were not victims. When they saw injustice, they acted on the threat. In the process, the Tlingits and Haidas, clans of Southeast Alaska for more than ten thousand years, aligned their interests with Filipino activists and the union movement. Ragged Coast, Rugged Coves tells the powerful story of diverse peoples uniting to triumph over adversity.

Living Within the Wild

Living Within the Wild Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Kirsten Dixon,Mandy Dixon
Editor: Graphic Arts Books
ISBN: 1513264389
FileSize: 532kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 532


Living Within the Wild by Kirsten Dixon,Mandy Dixon Summary

A cookbook depicting a women-run adventure lodge and restaurant group in remote Alaska. More than 100 recipes and full-color photographs. Chapters are organized thematically, weaving stories and seasonal shifts. Sustainability is a top priority for their company and information about their efforts is highlighted in the book. Includes an extensive pantry section with staples like fermented honey, broths, and more. Authors are sought after chefs and have been featured in national media. Photographer (Ms.) Ash Adams is an award-winning photojournalist and documentary photographer. This cookbook celebrates family through adventure, tradition, and cuisine. These recipes are purposefully simple and designed for the home cook tested on a home stove. Dishes as they were photographed as prepared and in natural light. Much of what the Dixons choose to cook is organic and they work to select local products whenever possible. Rather than stating it throughout the recipe collection, they hope readers will use organic and high-quality local products whenever possible. Kirsten has been a delegate on many culinary and travel trade missions to Europe and Asia. Kirsten is also a freelance Food Writer with work having appeared in Anchorage Daily News, McClatchy News Service, Harrowsmith, Woman's Sports and Fitness, L.A. Times Syndicate, Eating Well Magazine, Alaska Magazine, Passages Magazine, and Huffington Post.

My Lead Dog Was A Lesbian

My Lead Dog Was A Lesbian Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Brian Patrick O'Donoghue
Editor: Vintage
ISBN: 0307488535
FileSize: 1532kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1532


My Lead Dog Was A Lesbian by Brian Patrick O'Donoghue Summary

The Iditarod may be the only race that awards a prize for last place. But then how many people can even complete a course that ranges across 1,000 miles of Alaska's ice fields, mountains, and canyons at temperatures that sometimes plunges to 100 degrees below zero? In conditions like these, anything can go wrong. For Brian Patrick O'Donoghue, nearly everything did. In My Lead Dog Was a Lesbian, his reporter and intrepid novice musher tells what happened when he entered the 1991 Iditarod, along with seventeen sled dogs with names like Harley, Screech, and Rainy, his sexually confused lead dog. O'Donoghue braved snowstorms and sickening wipeouts, endured the contempt of more experienced racers (one of whom was daft enough to use poodles), and rode herd of four-legged companions who would rather be fighting or having sex. It's all here, narrated with self-deprecating wit, in a true story of heroism, cussedness and astonishing dumb luck.

Alaska’s Permanent Fund Dividend

Alaska’s Permanent Fund Dividend Pdf/ePub eBook Author: K. Widerquist,M. Howard
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 1137015020
FileSize: 391kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 391


Alaska’s Permanent Fund Dividend by K. Widerquist,M. Howard Summary

Contributors discuss the Alaska Permanent Fund (APF) and Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) as a model both for resource policy and for social policy. This book explores whether other states, nations, or regions would benefit from an Alaskan-style dividend. The book also looks at possible ways that the model might be altered and improved.

Alaska's Changing Arctic

Alaska's Changing Arctic Pdf/ePub eBook Author: John E. Hobbie,George W. Kling
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199360138
FileSize: 607kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 607


Alaska's Changing Arctic by John E. Hobbie,George W. Kling Summary

In this edition of the Long Term Ecological Research Network series, editors John Hobbie and George Kling and 58 co-authors synthesize the findings from the NSF-funded Arctic LTER project based at Toolik Lake, Alaska, a site that has been active since the mid-1970s. The book presents research on the core issues of climate-change science in the treeless arctic region of Alaska. As a whole, it examines both terrestrial and freshwater-aquatic ecosystems, and their three typical habitats: tundra, streams, and lakes. The book provides a history of the Toolik Lake LTER site, and discusses its present condition and future outlook. It features contributions from top scientists from many fields, creating a multidisciplinary survey of the Alaskan arctic ecosystem. Chapter topics include glacial history, climatology, land-water interactions, mercury found in the Alaskan arctic, and the response of these habitats to environmental change. The final chapter predicts the consequences that arctic Alaska faces due to global warming and climate change, and discusses the future ecology of the LTER site in the region. Alaska's Changing Arctic is the definitive scientific survey of the past, present, and future of the ecology of the Alaskan arctic.

Eva Interglaciation Forest Bed, Unglaciated East-central Alaska

Eva Interglaciation Forest Bed, Unglaciated East-central Alaska Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Troy Lewis Péwé
Editor: Geological Society of America
ISBN: 9780813723198
FileSize: 1542kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1542


Eva Interglaciation Forest Bed, Unglaciated East-central Alaska by Troy Lewis Péwé Summary

The ancient, boreal Eva forest forms the centerpiece in this evaluation of the time and nature of the enfironment during an interglaciation. This title brings together results of exmaination of hundreds of loess exposures, when loess faces were still frozen in gold-mining excavation, and data on the character and age of the deposits from fission-track dating of tphra, paleomagnetism of the loess, thermoluminescnece dating of loess, and radiocarbon dating by liquid scintillation. Dendrochronology studies of trees are compared to those from trees of the modern boreal forest.

EcoRegions of Alaska

EcoRegions of Alaska Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Alisa L. Gallant
Editor: DIANE Publishing
ISBN: 9780788148965
FileSize: 923kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 923


EcoRegions of Alaska by Alisa L. Gallant Summary

Produced as a framework for organizing and interpreting environmental data for inventory, monitoring, and research efforts. The descriptions of the 20 ecoregions of Alaska contained in this guide were derived by synthesizing information on the geographic distribution of environmental factors such as climate, terrain, soils, and vegetation. The specific procedures and materials used to delineate the ecoregion boundaries are documented, and the environmental characteristics in each ecoregion are described. Accompanied by a full-color oversize map of the ecoregions, their boundaries, and transitional areas. 42 full-color photos.

Myths and Legends of Alaska

Myths and Legends of Alaska Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Various Authors
Editor: Library of Alexandria
ISBN: 1465604367
FileSize: 1785kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1785


Myths and Legends of Alaska by Various Authors Summary

ÊLONG ago, even before the days of the animal people, the world was only a great ocean wherein was no land nor any living thing except a great Bird. The Bird, after a long, long time, flew down to the surface of the water and dipped his great black wings into the flood. The earth arose out of the waters. So began the creation. While the land was still soft, the first man burst from the pod of the beach pea and looked out upon the endless plain behind him and the gray salt sea before him. He was the only man. Then Raven appeared to him and the creation of other beings began. Raven made also animals for food and clothing. Later, because the earth plain was so bare, he planted trees and shrubs and grass and set the green things to growing. With creation by a Great Spirit, there came dangers from evil spirits. Such spirits carried away the sun and moon, and hung them to the rafters of the dome-shaped Alaskan huts. The world became cold and cheerless, and in the Land of Darkness white skins became blackened by contact with the darkness. So it became necessary to search for the sun and hang it again in the dome-shaped sky above them. Darkness in the Land of Long Night was the cause, through magic, of the bitter winds of winterÑwinds which came down from the North, bringing with them ice and cold and snow. This was the work of some Great Spirit which had loosened the side of the gray cloud-tent under which they lived, letting in the bitter winds of another world. Spirits blow the mists over the cold north sea so that canoes lose sight of their home-land. Spirits also drive the ice floes, with their fishermen, far over the horizon of ocean, into the still colder North. Spirits govern the run of the salmon, the catching of whales, and all the life of the people of the North who wage such a terrific struggle for existence. So there must needs be those who have power over the evil spirits, those who by incantations and charms of magic, by ceremonial dancing in symbolic dress, can control the designs of those who work ever against these children of the North. Thus there arose the shamans with all their ceremonies. The myths in this volume are authentic. The original collections were made by government ethnologists, by whose permission this compilation is made. And no effort has been made, in the telling of them, to change them from the terse directness of the natives. The language of all Indian tribes is very simple, and to the extent that an effort is made to put myths and legends into more polished form, to that extent is their authenticity impaired. Only the quaintest and purest of the myths have been selected. Many Alaskan myths are very long and tiresome, rambling from one subject to another, besides revealing low moral conditions. These have been omitted, as have also those which deal with the intermarriage of men and birds, and men and animals. Such myths are better left among government documents where they can be readily consulted by those making a special study of the subject. They are hardly suitable for any collection intended for general reading. The leading myth of the North, however, the Raven Myth, is given with a fair degree of completeness. It would not be possible, nor would it be wise, to attempt a compilation of all the fragments of this extensive myth.

Insight Guides Alaska (Travel Guide eBook)

Insight Guides Alaska (Travel Guide eBook) Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Insight Guides
Editor: Apa Publications (UK) Limited
ISBN: 183905302X
FileSize: 1504kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1504


Insight Guides Alaska (Travel Guide eBook) by Insight Guides Summary

Insight Guides Alaska Travel made easy. Ask local experts. Comprehensive travel guide packed with inspirational photography and fascinating cultural insights. From deciding when to go, to choosing what to see when you arrive, this guide to Alaska is all you need to plan your perfect trip, with insider information on must-see, top attractions like Glacier Bay National Park, Chena Hot Springs and Kodiak Island, and gems like the Alaska Railroad (used by locals to reach remote cabins), the sight of bears feeding on spawning salmon at Brooks River and Camp, and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, home to polar bears and the greatest biodiversity of any protected area in the Arctic. Features of this travel guide to Alaska: - Inspirational colour photography: discover the best destinations, sights and excursions, and be inspired by stunning imagery - Historical and cultural insights: immerse yourself in Alaska's rich history and culture, and learn all about its people, art and traditions - Practical full-colour maps: with every major sight and listing highlighted, the full-colour maps make on-the-ground navigation easy - Editor's Choice: uncover the best of Alaska with our pick of the region's top destinations - Key tips and essential information: packed full of important travel information, from transport and tipping to etiquette and hours of operation - The ultimate travel tool: download the free app to access this and bonus content from your phone or tablet - Covers: Southeast Panhandle. Southeast Alaska: Ketchikan, Wrangell, Petersburg, Sitka, Juneau, Haines, Skagway, Southcentral and Interior Alaska, Downtown Anchorage, Around Anchorage, Kenai Peninsula, Matanuska-Susitna Valley and Palmer, Denali National Park and Preserve, Fairbanks, The Far North, Southwest Alaska and Kodiak Looking for a specific guide to the US's western national parks? Check out US National Parks West for a detailed and entertaining look at all the city has to offer. About Insight Guides: Insight Guides is a pioneer of full-colour guide books, with almost 50 years' experience of publishing high-quality, visual travel guides with user-friendly, modern design. We produce around 400 full-colour print guide books and maps, as well as phrase books, picture-packed eBooks and apps to meet different travellers' needs. Insight Guides' unique combination of beautiful travel photography and focus on history and culture create a unique visual reference and planning tool to inspire your next adventure.

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