Front Row Center

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Front Row Center

Front Row Center Pdf/ePub eBook Author:
Editor: Roba Digital Sheets
ISBN: 3841801544
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Front Row Center by Summary

Die Originalversion von "Front row Center" wurde 1955 veröffentlicht. In dieser Ausgabe sind die Noten des Klaviersolo im Violin- und Bassschlüssel enthalten.

Front Row

Front Row Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jerry Oppenheimer
Editor: St. Martin\'s Press
ISBN: 1429907630
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Front Row by Jerry Oppenheimer Summary

From the New York Times bestselling author of Just Desserts: Martha Stewart: The Unauthorized Biography comes a scrupulously researched investigative biography that tells the inside story of Anna Wintour's incredible rise to power From her exclusive perch front row center, glamorous Vogue magazine editor in chief Anna Wintour is the most powerful and influential style-maker in the world. Behind her trademark sunglasses and under the fringe of her Louise Brooks bob she determines whether miniskirts are in or out, whether or not it's politically correct to wear fur. She influences designers, wholesalers, and retailers globally from Seventh Avenue to the elegant fashionista enclaves of L'Avenue Montaigne and Via della Spiga. In the U.S. alone a more than $200 billion fashion industry can rise or fall on Anna Wintour's call. And every month millions of women-and men-read Vogue, and are influenced by the pages of the chic and trendy style wish-book that she has controlled with an iron hand in a not-always-so-velvet glove since fighting her way to the most prestigious job in fashion journalism. Anna Wintour's fashion influence extends to celebrities and politicians: because of it, Hillary Clinton underwent a drastic makeover and became the first First Lady to strike a pose on the cover of Vogue in the midst of Monicagate; Oprah Winfrey was forced to go on a strict diet before Wintour would put her on Vogue's cover. And beauties like Rene Zellweger and Nicole Kidman follow Anna Wintour's fashionista rules to the letter. Now in her mid-fifties, as she nears her remarkable second decade at the helm of Vogue, comes this revealing biography that will shock and surprise both Anna's fans and detractors alike. Based on scores of interviews, Front Row unveils the Anna Wintour even those closest to her don't know. Oppenheimer chronicles this insecure and creative powerhouse's climb to the top of the bitchy, competitive fashion magazine world, showing up close, as never before exposed, how she artfully crafted and reinvented herself along the way. She's been called many things-"Nuclear Wintour," by the British press, "cold suspicious and autocratic, a vision in skinniness," by Grace Mirabella, the editor she dethroned at Vogue, and the "Devil" by those who believe she's the inspiration for a recent bestselling novel written by a former assistant. Included among the startling revelations in Front Row are: * Anna's "silver spoon" childhood spent craving time with her father. * Anna's rebellious teen years in London, obsessed with fashion, night-clubbing and dating roguish men. * Anna's many tempestuous romances. * Anna's curious marriage to a brilliant child psychiatrist, her role as a mother, and the shocking scandal that led to divorce when she had an affair with a married man.

Alice By Heart

Alice By Heart Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Steven Sater
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 0451478150
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Alice By Heart by Steven Sater Summary

A young girl takes refuge in a London Tube station during WWII and confronts grief, loss, and first love with the help of her favorite book, Alice in Wonderland, in the debut novel from Tony Award-winning playwright Steven Sater. London, 1940. Amidst the rubble of the Blitz of World War II, fifteen-year-old Alice Spencer and her best friend, Alfred, are forced to take shelter in an underground tube station. Sick with tuberculosis, Alfred is quarantined, with doctors saying he won't make it through the night. In her desperation to keep him holding on, Alice turns to their favorite pastime: recalling the book that bonded them, and telling the story that she knows by heart--the story of Alice in Wonderland. What follows is a stunning, fantastical journey that blends Alice's two worlds: her war-ravaged homeland being held together by nurses and soldiers and Winston Churchill, and her beloved Wonderland, a welcome distraction from the bombs and the death, but a place where one rule always applies: the pages must keep turning. But then the lines between these two worlds begin to blur. Is that a militant Red Cross Nurse demanding that Alice get BACK. TO. HER. BED!, or is it the infamous Queen of Hearts saying...something about her head? Soon, Alice must decide whether to stay in Wonderland forever, or embrace the pain of reality if that's what it means to grow up. In this gorgeous YA adaption of his off-Broadway musical, the Tony Award-winning co-creator of Spring Awakening encourages us all to celebrate the transformational power of the imagination, even in the harshest of times.

Baker's Dozen

Baker's Dozen Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Joshua Matthew Moorhead
Editor: Tickling Keys, Inc.
ISBN: 1615473076
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Baker's Dozen by Joshua Matthew Moorhead Summary

The Fresh Voices series was inspired by a writing contest of the same name that identified high school writers interested in composing book-length works for young adults. Working with a professional editor, the young authors spent the summer learning about the book industry and meeting journalists while writing their individual books, both fiction and nonfiction. The four titles in this series represent the first four winners of the contest. A high school student's search for identity unfolds in the backdrop of the chaos and tragedy of 9/11 in this honest and heartfelt novel by a recent high school graduate. Love, faith, animosity, and friendship struggle for balance as protagonist Justin Baker works through the 13 seminal d9ays of his senior year. Already ensconced in a sometimes-bewildering life of high school intrigue, nocturnal pranks, and chance encounters with Vanilla Ice, the tragedy of 2001 informs Justin's rite of passage into adulthood, inspiring him to discover himself and the purpose of society.Written as a series of journal entries, teenagers will be moved by the intimacy of the language and the unique vividness of 9/11 as it is experienced though the eyes of a 17-year-old.

The Bona Fide Legend of Cool Papa Bell

The Bona Fide Legend of Cool Papa Bell Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Lonnie Wheeler
Editor: Abrams
ISBN: 1647001110
FileSize: 759kb
File Format: Pdf
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The Bona Fide Legend of Cool Papa Bell by Lonnie Wheeler Summary

The ï¬?rst full biography of the star Negro Leaguer and Hall of Famer James “Cool Papa” Bell (1903–1991) was a legend in black baseball, a lightning fast switch hitter elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1974. Bell’s speed was extraordinary; as Satchel Paige famously quipped, he was so fast he could flip a light switch and be in bed before the room got dark. In The Bona Fide Legend of Cool Papa Bell, experienced baseball writer and historian Lonnie Wheeler recounts the life of this extraordinary player, a key member of some of the greatest Negro League teams in history. Born to sharecroppers in Mississippi, Bell was part of the Great Migration, and in St. Louis, baseball saved Bell from a life working in slaughterhouses. Wheeler charts Bell’s ups and downs in life and in baseball, in the United States, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico, where he went to escape American racism and MLB’s color line. Rich in context and suffused in myth, this is a treat for fans of baseball history.

Live Cinema

Live Cinema Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Sarah Atkinson,Helen W. Kennedy
Editor: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN: 1501324853
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Live Cinema by Sarah Atkinson,Helen W. Kennedy Summary

Live Cinema is a term used to capture a diverse range of experiences that incorporate a 'live' element in relation to a film's exhibition. The live augmentation of cinema screenings is not a new phenomenon, indeed this tendency is present throughout the entire history of cinema in the form of live musical accompaniments to silent screenings, showmanship practices, and cult film audience behaviours. The contemporary revival of experiential cinema captured within this volume presents instances where the live transcends the mediated and escapes beyond the boundaries of the auditorium. Our contributors investigate film exhibition practices that include synchronous live performance, site specific screenings, technological intervention, social media engagement, and all manner of simultaneous interactive moments including singing, dancing, eating and drinking. These investigations reveal new cultures of reception and practice, new experiential aesthetics and emergent economies of engagement. This collection brings together fifteen contributions that together trace the emergence of a vivid new area of study. Drawing on rich, diverse and interdisciplinary fields of enquiry, this volume encapsulates a broad range of innovative methodological approaches, offers new conceptual frameworks and new critical vocabularies through which to describe and analyse the emergent phenomena of Live Cinema.

Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Kate Shoup
Editor: Cavendish Square Publishing, LLC
ISBN: 1502643723
FileSize: 1204kb
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Quantum Mechanics by Kate Shoup Summary

For years, scientists adhered to the physics of Sir Isaac Newton. Over time, however, they discovered that Newtonian physics couldn't describe every phenomenon they observed. They developed a new model, called quantum physics, which described the universe in a fundamentally new way, in terms of quanta and fields. Its revolutionary concepts, including wave-particle duality, randomness, and quantum jumps, are explained in this book in easy-to-follow language. The text examines the gaps in classical physics that spurred the search for new theories, the discoveries that shaped those theories, and the scientists who developed this exciting field. This volume also explores the ongoing ramifications of quantum physics in our lives today.

Ijams Nature Center

Ijams Nature Center Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Paul James
Editor: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 1439626162
FileSize: 366kb
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Ijams Nature Center by Paul James Summary

Ijams Nature Center, on the banks of the Tennessee River, evolved from humble beginnings during the early 20th century into a natural showplace known as the Island Home Bird Sanctuary. Developed by Harry Ijams, Knoxville’s leading ornithologist, and Alice Yoe Ijams, “First Lady of Knoxville Garden Clubs,” the Ijams property has been a gathering point for birders and nature-lovers for more than a century. Girl Scouting has been a fixture at Ijams since 1923, followed by Camp Mary Ijams, and Camp Margaret Townsend in the Smokies was created in part through Ijams and Townsend family ties. Harry Ijams also helped establish the first official campsite on Mount LeConte and used his artistry as a commercial illustrator to promote the Smoky Mountains as a national park. Over the years, Ijams Nature Center has grown in size and stature to become the region’s leading wildlife sanctuary and environmental learning center incorporating Mead’s Quarry, which in its heyday produced Tennessee marble used both in local buildings and national monuments.

The Greatest Work in the World

The Greatest Work in the World Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Elizabeth C. Parsons
Editor: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1498202764
FileSize: 1429kb
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The Greatest Work in the World by Elizabeth C. Parsons Summary

This volume of correspondence contains exchanges written between Lloyd Cline Sears (1895-1986) and Pattie Hathaway Armstrong (1899-1977), two influential leaders in early educational efforts of the Churches of Christ. Spanning the years 1915 to 1921, the letters document their writers' romance, but they are more than simply love letters. They also express an educational philosophy and an understanding of Christian purpose as inspired by the Stone-Campbell Movement and held in tension with the intellectual and social ferment of the times. Posts from family members J. N. and Ida Woodson (Harding) Armstrong as well as from Pattie Cobb Harding, wife of James A. Harding, augment those of the principle authors. Their correspondence allows rare access to privately expressed thoughts of men and women attempting to live as Christian educators at the outset of an uncertain and rapidly changing twentieth century. The letters also offer lessons for contemporary American Christians in these even more volatile times.

Stolen Honor

Stolen Honor Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Clint Lorance
Editor: Center Street
ISBN: 154605961X
FileSize: 634kb
File Format: Pdf
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Stolen Honor by Clint Lorance Summary

The captivating account of how Clint Lorance, a soldier who became a scapegoat for a corrupt military hierarchy, was falsely charged with war crimes, imprisoned, and eventually pardoned by President Trump. While out on patrol in Afghanistan, Clint Lorance learned that two men, both suspected suicide bombers, were speeding toward a crowded city on motorcycles. Lorance couldn't see them, but his men on the ground had clear shots. After a split second, he gave the order to shoot, killing both men. In the months that followed, Lorance was arrested by the military and put on trial for war crimes. Prosecutors claimed that the order he gave constituted an act of premeditated murder, and they sentenced him to twenty years in prison. In Stolen Honor, Lorance finally tells the story of this event and the trial it led to -- how the prosecutors declined to admit clear-cut evidence that would have exonerated him, how the men in his unit turned on him, and why he still believes he was right to give the order to shoot. It is a story that stretches from small-town America to the deserts of Afghanistan, from the White House to the tiny jail cell where Lorance spent six years waiting on his exoneration, which finally came when President Trump pardoned him in 2019. The book also discusses Lorance's plans to attend law school and help reform the broken military justice system.

Red Velvet

Red Velvet Pdf/ePub eBook Author: PG
Editor: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1546240616
FileSize: 696kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 696


Red Velvet by PG Summary

Red Velvet is a novel that will keep you in suspense to the end. It shows the power and strength man has when there is love in his heart. It is about family, love, and respect. It is a book where we all are reminded of the greatest achievements we can conquer when we work together through love and not hate. King Daniel is not just a king. He is a man of his word, and he shows his appreciation to his loyal subjects. He is well respected, and he governs the kingdom fairly. He is loved by everyone, together with his beautiful queen at his side. Family means everything to him. Rebecca is the opposite of him. She thrives on hate and seeks revenge for not getting what she thinks is taken away from her. She lives as a wicked witch in the castle, ensuring that there is pain and sorrow within the royal family. She is ferocious and can change into any horrible creature she chooses. Her target is Daniel’s eldest child, Sharon, who she tries very hard to destroy on her eighteenth birthday. Sharon is the only one who can break the curse on the entire kingdom where the queen will die. Red Velvet is filled with suspense that will want you to read on to the end. It is about love conquering hate and good over evil. After all, this is what sustains humanity.

The Craft of Songwriting

The Craft of Songwriting Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Scarlet Keys
Editor: Hal Leonard Corporation
ISBN: 154003996X
FileSize: 752kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 752


The Craft of Songwriting by Scarlet Keys Summary

(Berklee Guide). Take your songwriting to the next level! This book breaks down the processes used by hit songwriters and dives deeply into the craft of songwriting. Discover the tools and techniques for melody, harmony, lyrics, and form behind so many great songs. You will access the magic and come out more connected to your heart and craft. Online audio tracks illustrate these techniques in context, showing how they affect your song's overall impact.

Algren at Sea

Algren at Sea Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Nelson Algren
Editor: Seven Stories Press
ISBN: 158322937X
FileSize: 1856kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1856


Algren at Sea by Nelson Algren Summary

Nelson Algren's two travel writing books describe his journeys through the seamier sides of great American cities and the international social and political landscapes of the mid-1960s. Algren at Sea brings them together in one volume. Notes from a Sea Diary offers one of the most remarkable appraisals of Ernest Hemingway ever written. Aboard the freighter Malayasia Mail, Algren ponders his personal encounter with Hemingway in Cuba and the values inherent in Hemingway’s stories as he visits the ports of Pusan, Kowloon, Bombay, and Calcutta. Who Lost an American? is a whirlwind spin through Paris and Playboy clubs, New York publishing and Dublin pubs, Crete and Chicago, as Algren adventures with Simone de Beauvoir, Jean-Paul Sartre, Brendan Behan, and Juliette Gréco.

It's Not Easy Bein' Me

It's Not Easy Bein' Me Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Rodney Dangerfield
Editor: Zondervan
ISBN: 006195764X
FileSize: 837kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 837


It's Not Easy Bein' Me by Rodney Dangerfield Summary

An American comic icon tells the story of his second–act rise from obscurity to multimedia stardom. "When I was a kid," writes Rodney Dangerfield, "I worked tough places in show business––places like Fonzo's Knuckle Room. Or Aldo's, formerly Vito's, formerly Nunzio's. That was a tough joint. I looked at the menu. They had broken leg of lamb." For once, one of America's most beloved comic icons isn't kidding. Dangerfield has seen every aspect of the entertainment industry: the rough–and–tumble nightclubs, the backstage gag–writing sessions, the drugs, the hookers, the lousy day jobs – and the red–carpet star treatment. As he traces his route from a poor childhood on Long Island to his enshrinement as a comedy legend, he takes readers on a roller–coaster ride through a life that has been alternately touching, sordid, funny, raunchy, and uplifting – equal parts "Little Orphan Annie" and "Caligula." And unlike most celebrity autobiographers, he seems to have no qualms about delivering the unfiltered whole story, warts and all. Dangerfield's personal story is also a rollicking show business tale, full of marquee name–droppings (Adam Sandler, Sam Kinison, Jim Carrey, Johnny Carson, Jerry Seinfeld) and good stories about same. Defying the old saws about the fleeting nature of fame and the dearth of second acts in American life, Dangerfield transformed himself from a debt–ridden aluminium–siding salesman named Jack Roy to a multimedia superstar – and stayed an icon for decades. His catchphrase – "I get no respect" – has entered the lexicon, and he remains a visible cultural presence and perennial talk–show guest. Dangerfield's hilarious and inspiring musings should thrill comedy fans and pop–culture watchers, and his second–act comeback will strike a chord with readers of all stripes. Maybe he'll even get some respect.

Learn English - Level 3: Beginner

Learn English - Level 3: Beginner Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Innovative Language Learning,
Editor: Innovative Language Learning
FileSize: 1844kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1844


Learn English - Level 3: Beginner by Innovative Language Learning, Summary

Women, Culture, and Community

Women, Culture, and Community Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Elizabeth Hayes Turner
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780198028055
FileSize: 1530kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1530


Women, Culture, and Community by Elizabeth Hayes Turner Summary

Why in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries did middle- and upper-class southern women-black and white-advance from the private worlds of home and family into public life, eventually transforming the cultural and political landscape of their community? Using Galveston as a case study, Elizabeth Hayes Turner asks who where the women who became activists and eventually led to progressive reforms and the women sufferage movement. Turner discovers that a majority of them came from particular congregations, but class status had as much to do with reofrm as did religious motivation. The Hurricane of 1900, disfranchisement of black voters, and the creation of city commission government gave white women the leverage they needed to fight for a women's agenda for the city. Meanwhile, African American women, who were excluded from open civic association with whites, created their own organizations, implemented their own goals, and turned their energies to resisting and alleviating the numbing effects of racism. Separately white and black women created their own activist communities. Together, however, they changed the face of this New South city. Based on an exhaustive database of membership in community organizations compiled by the author from local archives, Women, Culture, and Community will appeal to students of race relations in the post-Reconstruction South, women's history, and religious history.

American Runway

American Runway Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Booth Moore,Council of Fashion Designers of America
Editor: Abrams
ISBN: 1683350987
FileSize: 735kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 735


American Runway by Booth Moore,Council of Fashion Designers of America Summary

New York Fashion Week has served many purposes throughout its long history, but it has always remained at the center of the American fashion world. During World War II, Fashion Week challenged the dominance of French couture; in the 1970s and 1980s, it was a showcase for American sportswear stars who became household names; in the 2000s, it was the stage for celebrity designers using the runway as a vehicle for entertainment; and now, it is the place to see and be seen by contemporary reality TV and social media stars. Now, this illustrious history is told as it’s never been told before, in a book packed with designer interviews, backstage ephemera, and exclusive photographs culled from all 75 years of New York Fashion Week. Part historical overview, part scrapbook, and part fashion-industry field guide, American Runway will bring to life the people, places, and over-the-top runway productions of New York Fashion Week—and will sate the appetites of die-hard fashion fans and casual fashionistas alike.

Healing a Lifetime of Pain

Healing a Lifetime of Pain Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jàthan Vandez
Editor: Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 1457538741
FileSize: 419kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 419


Healing a Lifetime of Pain by Jàthan Vandez Summary

At once a therapeutic story of progression and a discovery in the meaning of true love, The Story of Cortez DeAndreàs Santiago is the tale of a boy who, throughout many stages of life, learns the importance of being true to himself and never compromising his character and virtue. While moving from being a heterosexual male to a bisexual and finally a homosexual, Cortez faces inevitable challenges, but as he learns that things which are hidden or suppressed in the human mind eventually come to light, he finds the strength to overcome life’s challenges and allow the peace and joy within himself to flourish.

195 Centre Street, P-51 Mustangs, And, Me

195 Centre Street, P-51 Mustangs, And, Me Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Ralph Joseph Ferrusi
Editor: iUniverse
ISBN: 1663227659
FileSize: 907kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 907


195 Centre Street, P-51 Mustangs, And, Me by Ralph Joseph Ferrusi Summary

195 Centre Street: It’s summertime, and the kitchen windows are open and a warm, gentle breeze is blowing the spotless white lace curtains into the room. P-51 Mustangs: In my opinion, it’s the most perfect airplane ever to take to the skies. And, Me: I never “wanted to be a writer”. I wanted to be a pilot, and fly P-51 Mustangs like Don Gentile, and Ratsy Preddy. So, I took a flying lesson, and found I really didn’t like flying. My Life-Long Dream of Being a Pilot shattered, the next day I wrote my first Award-Winning newspaper column, and, it was published. Yeah, right... I began writing this book in 2015, putting together some ruminations and reflections. I slowly added to it over the years: new things I wrote, old things I discovered I had written, some things that other people wrote that made me laugh out loud, or, knocked my socks off. Welcome to: 195 Centre Street, Buchanan, New York, U.S.A. P-51 Mustangs, B-17’s, B-24’s, B-25’s, PBY’s, F-82’s. Auschwitz, Birkenau, Vietnam, 9/11. Terciera in the Azores, Montecatini Alto in Tuscany and Rodney Bay on Saint Lucia. A 1936 Ford Five-Window Coupe and a 1963 Sting Ray Split-Window Coupe. Walking from Maine to Georgia—twice—on the world-famous Appalachian Trail. Allesandro Botticelli, Les Mis, Chateau Petrus. “Winning”, paper clips, and farts. And, A Thousand (Or So) Things You Don’t Know About Heart Attacks...

The Space Shuttle Missions

The Space Shuttle Missions Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Patti Richards
Editor: North Star Editions, Inc.
ISBN: 1635177146
FileSize: 1254kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1254


The Space Shuttle Missions by Patti Richards Summary

Explores scientists' thrilling quest to develop the Space Shuttle. Engaging text, vibrant photos, and informative infographics help readers learn about this important advancement in exploring space, as well as the people and technology that made it possible.

Conservation Science and Advocacy for a Planet in Peril

Conservation Science and Advocacy for a Planet in Peril Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Dominick A. DellaSala
Editor: Elsevier
ISBN: 0128129891
FileSize: 1996kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1996


Conservation Science and Advocacy for a Planet in Peril by Dominick A. DellaSala Summary

Conservation Science and Advocacy for a Planet in Peril: Speaking Truth to Power helps equip scientists working on environmental and sustainability challenges with new tactics for success. Global efforts and cooperation by member states of environmental conventions have steadily increased but lack efficient and scalable mechanisms of translating conservation science to policy. The gap between science and policy is growing and very little time remains before the climate change and biodiversity lossess trigger widespread disruptions of the planet's life support systems. This book covers these important topics, providing a must read for environmental and conservation scientists, climate change activists, students, social scientists, economic professionals, sustainable businesses and policymakers. Provides an unprecedented collection of local, regional, and national case studies from scientists and practitioners engaged in outreach to decision makers and the public Covers personal accounts that bring science into policymaking, providing usable guidelines for those working to bridge this gap Includes the requisite information needed for effective communications and campaign strategies by sharing lessons learned

No One Can Hear You Thrive

No One Can Hear You Thrive Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Cassandra Morphy
Editor: Crowbarland Books
ISBN: 1005969108
FileSize: 1746kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1746


No One Can Hear You Thrive by Cassandra Morphy Summary

Once again, graduation is upon Dor and Kenya, as their basic training comes to an end. But this was only the beginning of their time training under the fleet. Unfortunately, their A-schools were on different planets, bringing the two to yet another separation. This one, however, was set to be a short one. This one, supposedly, was set to be their last. Except, with Dor and Derryl heading to the same A-school, the feelings that always lingered between them quickly reared its head once more. And as the tests prove to be more difficult than either had been expecting, than either had experienced before, they only got closer as they strive to get through their program in one piece. However, how close is too close when hiding out alone in a classroom together? With the larger than normal demon population at their A-school seemingly having no trouble getting through the coursework, Dor starts to think that something else is going on in their strange, secretive program. For Dor, failing isn't an option. Especially since, in space, no one can hear you thrive.

The Night Is Far Gone

The Night Is Far Gone Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Tim Jorgenson
Editor: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1483472051
FileSize: 841kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 841


The Night Is Far Gone by Tim Jorgenson Summary

It is 1912 when a gentleman arrives at the gateway to the imperial hunting lodge known as Spala in Polish Russia. But Charles Sydney Gibbes is not just any gentleman—he is the Romanov family’s English tutor. Nicholas II, the most powerful and wealthy monarch of modern times, rules a nation spread across eleven time zones. Gibbes, who serves as English tutor to the Romanov children, has already gained the family’s affection. But as Gibbes dutifully teaches, a strange holy man begins orchestrating a chain of events that eventually lead to the loss of a war and the family’s wealth, their murders eight years later, and the abolishment of the monarchy. As Gibbes discovers the price of his loyalty, he also realizes that even when the book of history closes, the book of life never ends. The Night is Far Gone shares the historical tale of an imperial Russian family, its patriarch, and their loyal English tutor as they all attempt to find their way in a chaotic world.

New Syllabus Mathematics Textbook 3

New Syllabus Mathematics Textbook 3 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Teh Keng Seng,Loh Cheng Yee
Editor: Shing Lee Publishers Pte Ltd
ISBN: 9812373128
FileSize: 971kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 971


New Syllabus Mathematics Textbook 3 by Teh Keng Seng,Loh Cheng Yee Summary

New Syllabus Mathematics is a series of four books. These books follow the Mathematics Syllabus for Secondary Schools, implemented from 2007 by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. The whole series covers the complete syllabus for the Singapore-Cambridge GCE �O� Level Mathematics. The sixth edition of New Syllabus Mathematics retains the goals and objectives of the previous edition, but has been revised to meet the needs of the current users, to keep materials up-to-date as well as to give students a better understanding of the contents. All topics are comprehensively dealt with to provide students with a firm grounding in the subject. Explanations of concepts and principles are precise and written clearly and concisely with supportive illustrations and examples. Examples and exercises have been carefully graded to aid students in progressing within and beyond each level. Those exercises marked with a require either more thinking or involve more calculations. Numerous revision exercises are provided at appropriate intervals to enable students to recapitulate what they have learnt. Some interesting features of this series include the following: � an interesting introduction at the beginning of each chapter complete with photographs or graphics � brief specific instructional objectives for each chapter � Just For Fun arouses the students� interests in studying mathematics � Thinking Time encourages students to think creatively and go deeper into the topics � Exploration provides opportunities for students to learn actively and independently � For Your Information provides extra information on mathematicians, mathematical history and events etc. � Problem Solving Tips provides suggestions to help students in their thinking processes. We also introduce problem solving heuristics and strategies systemically throughout the series. � Your Attention alerts students to misconceptions.

L.A.'s Legendary Restaurants

L.A.'s Legendary Restaurants Pdf/ePub eBook Author: George Geary
Editor: Santa Monica Press
ISBN: 1595808019
FileSize: 1645kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1645


L.A.'s Legendary Restaurants by George Geary Summary

L.A.’s Legendary Restaurants is an illustrated history of dozens of landmark eateries from throughout the City of Angels. From such classics as Musso & Frank and The Brown Derby in the 1920s to the see-and-be-seen crowds at Chasen’s, Romanoffs, and Ciro’s in the mid-20th century to the dawn of California cuisine at Ma Maison and Spago Sunset in the 1970s and ’80s, L.A.’s Legendary Restaurants celebrates the famous locations where Hollywood ate, drank, and played. Author George Geary leads you into the glamorous restaurants inhabited by the stars through a lively narrative filled with colorful anecdotes and illustrated with vintage photographs, historic menus, and timeless ephemera. Over 100 iconic recipes for entrees, appetizers, desserts, and drinks are included. But L.A.’s Legendary Restaurants contains much more than the fancy, high-priced restaurants favored by the Hollywood cognoscenti. The glamour of the golden age of drive-ins, drugstores, nightclubs, and hotels are also honored. What book on L.A. restaurants would be complete without tales of ice cream sundaes at C.C. Brown’s, cafeteria-style meals at Clifton’s, or a mai tai at Don the Beachcomber? Most of the locations in L.A.’s Legendary Restaurants no longer exist, but thanks to George Geary, the memories are still with us.

Empire Amethyst

Empire Amethyst Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Carmen F. Zumot
Editor: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1666712701
FileSize: 632kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 632


Empire Amethyst by Carmen F. Zumot Summary

Empire Amethyst is a journey through themes of light, love, and madness with author Carmen F. Zumot. An abstract autobiography through the lens of poetry, her debut work as a poetess is raw, vulnerable, and mystical. Think of a yin yang symbol come to life. Each word rich with depth dancing from page to page, moments of humor laced with grace, a passionate desire to harmonize the dualities that plague us, will leave you breathless, mesmerized, and captivated. Journey with her on a poetic exploration that will open your eyes, heart, and mind. Her ability to express her emotions in lyrical prose will leave the reader seduced with each beautiful expression.

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Moira Hodgson
Editor: Anchor
ISBN: 0767912721
FileSize: 935kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 935


It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time by Moira Hodgson Summary

The daughter of a British Foreign Service officer, Moira Hodgson spent her childhood in many a strange and exotic land. She discovered American food in Saigon, ate wild boar in Berlin, and learned how to prepare potatoes from her eccentric Irish grandmother. Today, Hodgson has a well-deserved reputation as a discerning critic whose columns in the New York Observer were devoured by dedicated food lovers for two decades. A delightful memoir of meals from around the world—complete with recipes—It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time reflects Hodgson’s talent for connecting her love of food and travel with the people and places in her life. Whether she’s dining on Moroccan mechoui, a whole lamb baked for a day over coals, or struggling to entertain in a tiny Greenwich Village apartment, her reminiscences are always a treat.

Little Italy: The Way It Was

Little Italy: The Way It Was Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Peter Corona, Ph.D.
Editor: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1426988001
FileSize: 1514kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1514


Little Italy: The Way It Was by Peter Corona, Ph.D. Summary

In Little Italy: The Way It Was, Peter Corona, Ph.D. shares personal stories of the early days during the first half of the twentieth century when San Diego’s Little Italy had more than 6,000 families living within its boundaries. Once known as the “Italian neighborhood” or the “Italian Colony,” this thriving community was one of America’s best kept secrets. In a pre-determined society that dictated life’s direction from birth to death, residents followed a unique code of ethics, customs, and folkways, but most importantly, adhered to a code of silence. Through personal recollections, conversations with lifelong friends, and surveys of church and public records, Dr. Corona vividly describes the history of Little Italy’s people and professions while detailing the conversations, activities, and events of life in the Italian Colony during the Depression, World War II, and the years immediately following. Others will enjoy the entertaining stories about Lou the Junk Man, Sparky’s clubhouse with the secret door, Angel Garcia who smelled the fish at the Westgate Cannery, and the Washington Wharf Rats. As one of the original residents of Little Italy, Dr. Corona leaves a lasting record for future generations about a fascinating neighborhood with a unique history.

Children of the Night

Children of the Night Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Amanda Ashley
Editor: Zebra Books
ISBN: 1420152890
FileSize: 1683kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1683


Children of the Night by Amanda Ashley Summary

Enter the lush, sensual world of bestselling author Amanda Ashley’s Children of the Night series, a place where Vampires indulge their appetites and fall prey to love and desire. Night’s Kiss The Dark Gift has brought Roshan DeLongpre a lifetime of bitter loneliness—until he travels into the past to save the beautiful witch Brenna Flanagan from the stake. Now, in the modern world, Brenna’s seductive innocence and sense of wonder are utterly bewitching the once-weary vampire, blinding him to a growing danger . . . Night’s Touch Cara DeLongpre wandered into the mysterious Nocturne club looking for a fleeting diversion from her sheltered life. Instead she found a dark, seductive stranger whose touch entices her beyond the safety she’s always known and into a heady carnal bliss . . . Night’s Master Kathy McKenna was sure that the little Midwestern town of Oak Hollow would be isolated enough to keep her safe, but the moment the black-clad stranger walked into her bookstore, she knew she was wrong. Raphael Cordova exudes smoldering power, and his sensual touch draws Kathy into a world of limitless pleasure and unimaginable dangers . . . Night’s Pleasure Savanah Gentry’s life was so much simpler when she was a reporter for the local newspaper. That was before her father’s sudden death drew her into a mysterious new world. A Vampire hunter by birth, Savanah has been entrusted with a legacy that puts everyone she cares for in danger—including the seductive, sensual Rane Cordova, a Vampire who unleashes her most primal desires . . . Praise for Amanda Ashely and Her Novels “Amanda Ashley is a master storyteller.” —Christine Feehan “A master of her craft.” —Maggie Shayne

My Twisted Life

My Twisted Life Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Suzie Q Valentine
Editor: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781438977850
FileSize: 1645kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1645


My Twisted Life by Suzie Q Valentine Summary

Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 My Twisted Life is about the life of Randolph Douglas Hopkins. His voice takes the reader on a journey through Randys first childhood memory of being brutally beaten for a crime he didnt commit. Then living in unimaginable pain as punishment for that crime. With a strong will to live and simply being too stubborn to die, he endured brutal amputations and bullet wounds using his self taught skills to patch himself back together. Randy never knew his father and cant remember even knowing his name. He grew up roaming the country with his psychotic mother and alcoholic stepdad, never knowing any stability in his life. With little formal education, due to the frequency and extent of his wounds and the gypsy lifestyle of his folks, he used his self driven motivation to educate himself in the skills that he most needed to survive. Aside from the basics of reading and writing, he became skilled in street smarts and survival with things such as petty theft, pool hustling as well as doctoring and mind control. He turned to drugs at a young age and used heavily throughout half of his childhood and all of his teen years. He was constantly faced with life threatening obstacles and always found himself longing for death, but yet struggling to live. Randy was determined to not let the abuse against him result in his death, so he struggled to do what ever it took to stay alive. Along the journey of his life, he made true friends and true love. Step inside Randys memories as he tells his story.

The Streets Are Blue

The Streets Are Blue Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Gary Farmer
Editor: iUniverse
ISBN: 1491722509
FileSize: 754kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 754


The Streets Are Blue by Gary Farmer Summary

In 1869, the police force in Los Angeles went from a voluntary to a paid city police force. Since then, thousands upon thousands of men and women have served on the Los Angeles Police Department. In this book, thirty-four former officers share stories of their experiences in police work in their own words. Of the thirty-four, the first officer came on in 1941 and the last officer retired in 2009, a range of time just short of seventy years. The experiences recounted in this book cover a wide range of assignments and speak to just about any situation a police officer can encounter. The officers were frank, truthful, and open about an occupation met with everything from monotony to split-second life and death decisions. They recounted their thoughts of purpose, duty, and in many instances, valor. Whether rescuing an abused child, confronting armed individuals, managing civil disorder, or losing one of their own, the officers in this book reveal the human element present in all those who serve in law enforcement.

Jewish Community of Greater Buffalo

Jewish Community of Greater Buffalo Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Chana Revell Kotzin PhD
Editor: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 143964389X
FileSize: 600kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 600


Jewish Community of Greater Buffalo by Chana Revell Kotzin PhD Summary

Jewish community life in Buffalo began in 1847 with the founding of Temple Beth El. A dominantly German Jewish community transformed in the 1880s as Eastern European Jews settled around William Street. Intense religious and commercial vibrancy emerged with new synagogues alongside Jewish grocery stores, kosher butchers, clothiers, and more. From this east side milieu, lyricist Jack Yellen (“Happy Days are Here Again”) and composer Harold Arlen (“Over the Rainbow”) emerged as part of a new generation shaping local and national American life. On the west side, Temple Beth Zion, the Jewish Federation, Jewish Community Center, Jewish Family Service, and Rosa Coplon Jewish Old Folks Home built institutions on and around Delaware Avenue. Jewish areas in Humboldt, North Buffalo, Kenmore, Amherst, Getzville, and Williamsville developed over time. Camp Lakeland continued earlier traditions of summer camping. Throughout the 20th century, Jewish Buffalonians made their marks as entrepreneurs, distinguished lawyers, award-winning writers, and Nobel Prize scientists, among other careers. The Jewish Community of Greater Buffalo showcases Buffalo and Niagara Falls Jewry over the last two centuries.

Children with Hearing Loss

Children with Hearing Loss Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Elizabeth B. Cole,Carol Flexer
Editor: Plural Publishing
ISBN: 163550158X
FileSize: 1862kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1862


Children with Hearing Loss by Elizabeth B. Cole,Carol Flexer Summary

The fourth edition of Children With Hearing Loss: Developing Listening and Talking, Birth to Six is a dynamic compilation of important information for the facilitation of spoken language for infants and young children with hearing loss. This text covers current and up-to-date information about auditory brain development, listening scenarios, auditory technologies, spoken language development, and intervention for young children with hearing loss whose parents have chosen to have them learn to listen and talk. The book is divided into two parts. Part I, Audiological and Technological Foundations of Auditory Brain Development, consists of the first five chapters that lay the foundation for brain-based listening and talking. These chapters include neurological development and discussions of ear anatomy and physiology, pathologies that cause hearing loss, audiologic testing of infants and children, and the latest in amplification technologies. Part II, Developmental, Family-Focused Instruction for Listening and Spoken Language Enrichment, includes the second five chapters on intervention: listening, talking, and communicating through the utilization of a developmental and preventative model that focuses on enriching the child’s auditory brain centers. New to the Fourth Edition: *All technology information has been updated as has information about neurophysiology. *The reference list is exhaustive with the addition of the newest studies while maintaining seminal works about neurophysiology, technology, and listening and spoken language development. *New artwork throughout the book illustrates key concepts of family-focused listening and spoken language intervention. This text is intended for undergraduate and graduate-level training programs for professionals who work with children who have hearing loss and their families. This fourth edition is also directly relevant for parents, listening and spoken language specialists (LSLS Cert. AVT and LSLS Cert. AVEd), speech-language pathologists, audiologists, early childhood instructors, and teachers. In addition, much of the information in Chapters 1 through 5, and also Chapter 7 can be helpful to individuals of all ages who experience hearing loss, especially to newly diagnosed adults, as a practical “owner’s manual.”

Storm Rising

Storm Rising Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Dandi Daley Mackall
Editor: Zonderkidz
ISBN: 0310568897
FileSize: 507kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 507


Storm Rising by Dandi Daley Mackall Summary

The center of attention wherever she goes, Storm Novelo is hiding a secret. Convinced no one would like her inner brainiac, she hides behind her public airhead persona—and quits every project she starts before anyone can get too close. What will it take to convince her she's playing to the wrong audience?

Snipped in the Bud

Snipped in the Bud Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Kate Collins
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 1101210648
FileSize: 787kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 787


Snipped in the Bud by Kate Collins Summary

When I swapped the thorny problems of law school for the budding business of my flower store, Bloomers, I vowed that I, Abby Knight, wouldn’t be caught dead visiting that hateful campus ever again. But sometimes a girl’s got to face down her dragons.... PLANT OF ATTACK Someone orders a black rose for Abby’s old law school nemesis, Professor “Snapdragon” Puffer. But her plans for a speedy delivery are foiled when he catches her putting the bloom on his desk and sends it straight into the trash. Abby flees in terror, only to run smack into Carson Reed, the professor who recently had her arrested at an animal rights protest. After a biting exchange, Abby storms out of the building. But if there’s anything she can’t stand, it’s injustice and bullies. So, even though she knows bad luck comes in threes, she ignores the advice of her sometimes boyfriend, hunk-a-licious Marco Salvare, and heads back in to retrieve her dignity and her flower—only to find the rose now decorating a dead professor, and herself the prime suspect....

Michoud Assembly Facility

Michoud Assembly Facility Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Cindy Donze Manto
Editor: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 1439647240
FileSize: 1459kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1459


Michoud Assembly Facility by Cindy Donze Manto Summary

After an auspicious beginning as a royal land grant from French king Louis XV to a wealthy French citizen of New Orleans in 1763, the land Michoud Assembly Facility occupies remained in private ownership until 1940, when it was sold to the US government. Prior to World War II, the site was used to grow sugar, hunt muskrat, and build railroad and telephone lines. In 1941, the world’s largest industrial site was built, covering 43 acres of unobstructed, low-humidity, air-cooled space under one roof to construct C-46 cargo planes. The Korean War required the assembly of Sherman and Patton tanks there, while the space race compelled the design and assembly of the colossal Saturn I, IB, and V rocket boosters for the Apollo program that reported directly to Dr. Wernher von Braun. The 1970s saw the fabrication of the enormous external tank for the Space Shuttle program. Today, Michoud Assembly Facility continues to support the US space program by building major components for the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle (or MPCV).

Mack Sennett's Fun Factory

Mack Sennett's Fun Factory Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Brent E. Walker
Editor: McFarland
ISBN: 0786457074
FileSize: 1523kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1523


Mack Sennett's Fun Factory by Brent E. Walker Summary

This is a comprehensive career study and filmography of Mack Sennett, cofounder of Keystone Studios, home of the Keystone Kops and other vehicles that showcased his innovative slapstick comedy. The filmography covers the more than 1,000 films Sennett produced, directed, wrote or appeared in between 1908 and 1955, including casts, credits, synopses, production and release dates, locations, cross-references of remade stories and gags, footage excerpted in compilations, identification of prints existing in archives, and other information. The book, featuring 280 photographs, also contains biographies of several hundred performers and technical personnel connected with Sennett.

Even the Angels

Even the Angels Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Patricia Kelly Santelmann
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1450052592
FileSize: 991kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 991


Even the Angels by Patricia Kelly Santelmann Summary

This memoir begins with a car crash that causes the death of four family members, then moves to recount the lives of those people. It portrays a family that works and struggles together to maintain themselves against the threat of loss and separation.--From publisher's description.

365 Rules of the New World

365 Rules of the New World Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Steven J. Bennett
Editor: Balboa Press
ISBN: 1504325869
FileSize: 501kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 501


365 Rules of the New World by Steven J. Bennett Summary

This thought-provoking compilation delivers a message of awareness and transformation through the daily insights of an inspired non-conformist. As a partner to the 365 Rules website, it asks you to think critically about the world we live in. Rule No. 130: Holding establishments accountable for drinking and drivingjust another example of the self indulgent, irresponsible masses trying to deflect blame and suck upon the teat of societys two-headed litigious whore mother greed and avarice! Rule No. 355: Car alarmshow many times has your car alarm been set off accidentally? And how many times has your car been stolen? Exactly! Rule No. 320: I hate copsI hate the cops translation I hate getting busted every time I break the law. If you hate police, chances are youre breaking the law too often. Prepare yourself, because the gems of wisdom contained within its pages will awaken your desire to challenge the system. In the new world, 365 Rules will be handed down through generations as a continual work in progress to help keep our world on a righteous path. 365 Rules of the New World is a hilarious glimpse into the mind of a man craving serious societal change. Seemingly off-the-wall and curmudgeonly, Bennett manages to perfectly balance humor and poignancy to deliver a powerful punch to the gut of the whacky world we live in. Nicole Schill, author of

The Long Embrace

The Long Embrace Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Judith Freeman
Editor: Vintage
ISBN: 0307472701
FileSize: 1987kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1987


The Long Embrace by Judith Freeman Summary

Raymond Chandler was among the most original and enduring crime novelists of the twentieth century. Yet much of his pre-writing life, including his unconventional marriage, has remained shrouded in mystery. In this compelling, wholly original book, Judith Freeman sets out to solve the puzzle of who Chandler was and how he became the writer who would create in Philip Marlowe an icon of American culture. Visiting Chandler's many homes and apartments, Freeman uncovers vestiges of the Los Angeles that was Chandler's terrain and inspiration for his imagination. She also uncovers the life of Cissy Pascal, the older, twice-divorced woman Chandler married in 1924. A revelation of a marriage that was a wellspring of need, illusion, and creativity, The Long Embrace provides us with a more complete picture of Raymond Chandler's life and art than any we have had before.

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