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This book list for those who looking for to read and enjoy the Gmat Official Guide 2021 Bundle Books Online Question Bank Books Online Question Bank, you can read or download Pdf/ePub books and don't forget to give credit to the trailblazing authors. Notes some of books may not available for your country and only available for those who subscribe and depend to the source of the book library websites.

GMAT Foundations of Math

GMAT Foundations of Math Pdf/ePub eBook Author:
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1506249248
FileSize: 587kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 587


GMAT Foundations of Math by Summary

Developed for test-takers who need a refresher, Manhattan Prep's GMAT Foundations of Math provides a user-friendly review of basic math concepts crucial for GMAT success. GMAT Foundations of Math comes with robust online resources, including a practice test, question banks, and interactive video lessons. Written by active instructors with 99th-percentile scores, this guide is designed with the student in mind. Designed to be user-friendly for all students, GMAT Foundations of Math provides: 700+ practice problems for realistic review Easy-to-follow explanations of fundamental math concepts Step-by-step application of concepts to example problems GMAT Foundations of Math is an invaluable resource for any student who wants to cement their understanding and build their basic math skills for the GMAT.

GMAT Prep Plus 2021

GMAT Prep Plus 2021 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Kaplan Test Prep
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1506262384
FileSize: 746kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 746


GMAT Prep Plus 2021 by Kaplan Test Prep Summary

Updated for the most recent exam changes, Kaplan’s GMAT Prep Plus 2020 has the strategies and practice you need for an advantage on test day. This edition includes 6 online practice tests and our proven test-taking strategies, plus more than 120 new practice questions and updated videos in the online resources. We’re so confident that GMAT Prep Plus 2020 will raise your score that we guarantee it: After studying with the book and online resources, you'll score higher on the GMAT or you'll get your money back. The Best Practice 1,200+ practice questions—including new questions for the 2020 edition—cover all sections of the test and come with detailed explanations. Six full-length online practice tests in the same shorter format as the revised GMAT help you practice using the same interface and adaptivity you'll see on test day. A 200-question online Quiz Bank lets you select problems by topic, customizing your practice. Questions have been reviewed, revised, and updated by Kaplan's expert teachers. Efficient Strategies and Expert Guidance 1-on-1 academic support from Kaplan faculty on our Facebook page: Video workshops with top Kaplan faculty help you master our proven methods and strategies for scoring higher. Kaplan's books and practice questions are written by veteran GMAT teachers who know students—and every explanation is written to help you learn. We know the test. The Kaplan team has spent years studying every GMAT-related document available. We invented test prep. Kaplan has been helping students achieve their goals for over 80 years. Find out more at Want to boost your studies with even more online practice and in-depth GMAT math and verbal workbooks? Try Kaplan's GMAT Complete 2020.

GMAT Advanced Quant

GMAT Advanced Quant Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Manhattan Prep
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1506249949
FileSize: 1216kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1216


GMAT Advanced Quant by Manhattan Prep Summary

GMAT Advanced Quant is designed for students seeking an extremely high GMAT quant score. It offers essential techniques for approaching the GMAT’s most difficult math problems, along with extensive practice on very challenging problems. This edition includes 55 new practice problems. Written for students striving for a perfect score of 51 on the quant section—by instructors who have achieved that score—this book combines elite strategies for problem solving and data sufficiency with intense practice to build your high-level quantitative skills. The guide includes more than 250 very challenging problems, including 55 that are new to this edition. GMAT Advanced Quant comes with access to Atlas, your online learning platform. Atlas includes additional practice problems, a full-length adaptive practice exam, interactive video lessons, strategies for time management, and many other study resources. Tackle the GMAT’s toughest quant problems with Manhattan Prep, the world’s leading GMAT Prep company. To get into top business programs, you need top GMAT scores, and GMAT Advanced Quant is designed to get you there. Note: This guide is recommended for those already scoring 47 or higher on the quant section of the GMAT; to work up to a score of 47, check out Manhattan Prep’s All the Quant guide.

Princeton Review GMAT Premium Prep, 2022

Princeton Review GMAT Premium Prep, 2022 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: The Princeton Review
Editor: Princeton Review
ISBN: 0525570861
FileSize: 740kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 740


Princeton Review GMAT Premium Prep, 2022 by The Princeton Review Summary

THE ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION FOR YOUR HIGHEST GMAT SCORE! This comprehensive guide includes 6 computer-adaptive (CAT) practice tests, 2 additional diagnostic exams, access to free online tools, and detailed topic reviews. Everything You Need for a High Score. • Comprehensive subject coverage of all GMAT topics • A thorough review of necessary Math, Verbal, Writing, and Integrated Reasoning skills • Bulleted chapter summaries for quick reference • Video tutorials with expert advice from leading course instructors Practice Your Way to Excellence. • 6 full-length CAT practice exams online for practice that mimics the actual exam experience • Score reports and detailed answer explanations for all exams • 2 new diagnostic tests with 120 total questions, organized by GMAT topic • 180+ additional practice questions, sorted by difficulty, to customize your prep Techniques That Actually Work. • Powerful tactics to avoid traps and help beat the GMAT • Step-by-step problem-solving guides for the toughest question types • Key strategies to help you work smarter, not harder Premium Online Features for an Extra Competitive Edge. • Multi-week study guides • Examples of successful b-school essays and interviews with admissions officers • Special "GMAT Insider" section packed with info on admissions and financial aid, the MBA, your career, writing winning essays, and more

Ace the GMAT

Ace the GMAT Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Brandon Royal
Editor: Maven Publishing
ISBN: 1897393555
FileSize: 1482kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1482


Ace the GMAT by Brandon Royal Summary

ACE THE GMAT is based on a simple but powerful observation: Test-takers who score high on the GMAT exam do so primarily by understanding how to solve a finite number of the most important, recurring problems that appear on the GMAT. What are these important, recurring problems? The answer to this question is the basis of this book. This manual provides in-depth analysis of over 200 all-star problems that are key to mastering the seven major GMAT problem types including Problem Solving, Data Sufficiency, Sentence Correction, Critical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Analytical Writing, and Integrated Reasoning. Apart from providing readers with answers and full explanations, a special feature of this book is that each problem is categorized by type (“classification”), rated by difficulty level (“chili rating”), and supplemented with a problem-solving strategy (“snapshot”). “Chance favors the prepared mind.” Whether you’re a candidate already enrolled in a test-prep course or are undertaking self-study, this guidebook will serve as a rigorous skill-building study guide to help you conquer the math, verbal, analytical writing, and integrated reasoning sections of the exam. Studying for the math and verbal sections of the GMAT exam requires some 100 hours of study time. This book’s content is conveniently divided into topics, which require two to three hours of study time per day. Total study time will vary between 80 to 120 hours for the entire 40 days. Solving (Official exam instructions for Problem Solving, Strategies and approaches, Review of basic math, Multiple-choice problems, Answers and explanations); Chapter 3 – Data Sufficiency (Official exam instructions for Data Sufficiency, Strategies and approaches, How are answers chosen in Data Sufficiency? How do the big seven numbers work? Multiple-choice problems, Answers and explanations); Chapter 4 – Sentence Correction (Official exam instructions for Sentence Correction, Strategies and approaches, Review of Sentence Correction, Multiple-choice problems, Answers and explanations); Chapter 5 – Critical Reasoning (Official exam instructions for Critical Reasoning, Strategies and approaches, Review of Critical Reasoning, Multiple-choice problems, Answers and explanations); Chapter 6 – Reading Comprehension (Official exam instructions for Reading Comprehension, Strategies and approaches, Review of Reading Comprehension, Answers and explanations); Chapter 7 – Analytical Writing Workshop (Official exam instructions for the Analytical Writing Assessment, Strategies and approaches, Review of Analytical Writing, Essay exercises, Outlines and proposed solutions); Chapter 8 – Integrated Reasoning Workshop (Official exam instructions for Integrated Reasoning, Strategies and approaches; Review of Integrated Reasoning with exercises, Answers and explanations); Appendix I – GMAT and MBA Informational Websites (Registering for the GMAT exam; MBA fairs & forums; MBA social networks; GMAT courses; Other GMAT & MBA websites; Information on business school rankings); Appendix II – Contact Information for the World’s Leading Business Schools (U.S. business schools; Canadian business schools; European business schools; Australian business schools; Asia-Pacific business schools; Latin and South American business schools; South African business schools); Quiz – Answers; On a Personal Note; Praise for Ace the GMAT. “Finally, a book that helps you master those learning skills that are critical to success on the GMAT.” —Linda B. Meehan, former Assistant Dean & Executive Director of Admissions, Columbia Business School

GMAT For Dummies 2021

GMAT For Dummies 2021 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Lisa Zimmer Hatch,Scott A. Hatch
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119711908
FileSize: 1024kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1024


GMAT For Dummies 2021 by Lisa Zimmer Hatch,Scott A. Hatch Summary

FEATURES 7 Practice Tests Online Expert Strategies 100 Flashcards Study Tips Master the GMAT with??online practice tests Required by many MBA programs, the GMAT measures verbal, mathematical, and analytical writing skills. But don't let the test scare you! You have a study partner in this GMAT guide. This new edition of GMAT For Dummies 2021 starts with a pre-assessment test that helps you craft a study plan. The authors review foundational concepts and help you figure out how to manage your time during the exam. This handy guide also includes more than 100 electronic flashcards and seven full-length practice tests to help you be prepared to face the GMAT with confidence! Inside... Assessing what you know Maximizing your score Creating your study plan Brushing up on grammar Honing your reading comprehension Writing the ultimate essay Deciphering data Tackling Integrated Reasoning questions