Hot Zone Series Box Set

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Hot Zone Series Box Set

Hot Zone Series Box Set Pdf/ePub eBook Author:
Editor: CP Publishing
ISBN: 1942288794
FileSize: 1827kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1827


Hot Zone Series Box Set by Summary

All four bestselling Hot Zone sports series books in one sizzling bundle! Hot Stuff He’s about to find out… She’s not just one of the guys. Annabelle Jordan and her two sisters were orphans in frilly dresses when they went to live with their sports-lawyer uncle in his world of locker rooms, bookies and gambling. Now the girls are publicists in their uncle's firm, The Hot Zone. Despite her upbringing, Annabelle is all woman. She's naturally drawn to real men—like her latest client, businessman and former football legend Brandon Vaughn. The chemistry is potent, undeniable, irresistible. Annabelle soon realizes that Brandon is much more than just another jock. And that she'd better hold on tight if she doesn't want to lose her heart. Hot Number Micki Jordan is a tomboy as much at home on the playing field as in a locker room full of naked guys. But the star publicist is looking to prove she’s also an irresistible woman in order to get a second shot at professional baseball player and major league playboy, Damian Fuller. Micki transforms herself into one hot number Damian can’t help but notice and together they burn up the sheets and find themselves falling hard. Until Damian’s past returns, threatening their future. Hot Item He'll push all her boundaries and make her realize rules are made to be broken. Cool, collected Sophie Jordan loves her daily routine running her family's top sports management agency, as long as she gets to stay behind the scenes. But with big sister on maternity leave and little sis on her honeymoon, she's forced to step up to the plate. And a recent media crisis surrounding the disappearance of superagent Spenser Atkins is not going to make the job any easier. Enter star quarterback and notorious bad boy Riley Nash who, for reasons of his own, needs to track down Atkins. Up until now, Sophie has kept a strict no-dating-clients policy, but each day with Riley makes her rule near impossible to follow. With her job and her heart on the line, Sophie will need to make the toughest choice of her life! Hot Property This hot property’s lucky streak has run out. Just one short season ago, major league center fielder John Roper had it all: the looks—and personal life—of a sports hero and the public's adoration. But this hot property's lucky streak has run out. After a World Series disaster, fans diss him, shock jocks mock him and his dysfunctional family hassles him for money he really can't spare. Now it's up to him, and Hot Zone publicist Amy Stone, to get his life back on track. Amy finds it's easier said than done. What with the constant intrusions of his nutty family, a crazed fan playing stalker, and Roper's refusal to put his own needs first, she's starting to think that life in the fast lane isn't all it's cracked up to be. But when the two retreat to a secluded lodge, the sexy center fielder throws Amy a curveball—one she never saw coming.… *All Hot Zone Series books stand alone.

Scandalous: A Three Series Box Set

Scandalous: A Three Series Box Set Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Layla Valentine,Holly Rayner
Editor: Layla Valentine
FileSize: 1446kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1446


Scandalous: A Three Series Box Set by Layla Valentine,Holly Rayner Summary

A sizzling 3 series box set of scandalous romance novels… This is a red-hot romance boxed set from Layla Valentine and Holly Rayner. Packed with three enticing tales of ever scandalous, sometimes secret babies, and the hot-as-all-heck fathers-to-be who have them. Each one is a scandalous journey, with an HEA guaranteed! Featuring the following series: The Baby Scandal The Baby Plan Prince Baby Daddy

Evidence Series Box Set Volume 3

Evidence Series Box Set Volume 3 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Rachel Grant
Editor: Janus Publishing
ISBN: 1944571418
FileSize: 1690kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1690


Evidence Series Box Set Volume 3 by Rachel Grant Summary

Three sexy, high-octane thrillers where archaeology and danger collide. The adventure begins in Poison Evidence as Ivy MacLeod finds herself the at the center intrigue as spies vie for her advanced mapping technology in the midst of a tropical paradise. It continues in Silent Evidence as Hazel MacLeod finally gets the attention of the former Navy SEAL she’s wanted for years. The only problem is the relationship is fake because he’s really her bodyguard. In Winter Hawk, Leah Ellis is stranded in the nation’s capital during the holidays without money, phone, or bed. All she has is a mysterious driver who might be after military secrets. Poison Evidence It was supposed to be paradise…. Ivy MacLeod has the perfect opportunity to test her advanced remote sensing technology: mapping a World War II battle site in the islands of Palau. The project is more than an all-expenses-paid trip to paradise. It’s also an opportunity to distance her reputation from her traitorous ex-husband. But foreign intelligence agencies will kill to possess her invention, and paradise turns deadly when her ex-husband’s vicious allies attack. In desperation, she turns to Air Force pilot Jack Keaton. But is he the bigger threat? Jack might be protecting her as he claims...or he could be a foreign agent. Her compass is skewed by his magnetic pull and further thrown off when she learns her own government has betrayed her. Stranded on a tropical island with a man whose motives remain a mystery, Ivy must decide who is the spy, who is the protector, and who is the ultimate villain. She longs to trust the man who rescued her, but she’s risking more than her heart. Choose right, and she saves her country’s secrets—and her life. Choose wrong—and she risks nothing short of all-out war. Silent Evidence The man of her fantasies is finally hers. Sort of… Two things haunt forensic anthropologist Hazel MacLeod: the bones of victims of genocide she examines for her work, and former SEAL Sean Logan’s rejection. But within days of moving to her cousin’s estate to take a much needed break, she finds herself faced with both. First, she’s called in to examine a mass grave in Virginia, then, her politician cousin receives a threatening letter and insists Hazel needs around the clock protection—from none other than Sean Logan. To make matters worse, because the threat to her is classified, Hazel and Sean must pretend to be lovers to hide that he’s her bodyguard. Sean has spent years trying to avoid his boss’s sexy cousin, but now he’s guarding her twenty-four seven and even bringing her as his date to a romantic destination wedding. As the heat between them intensifies, Sean can’t lose sight of the danger that brought them together. But when bullets start flying, new questions arise. Are the senator’s political rivals really behind the threat, or is someone trying to silence Hazel from speaking for the dead? Winter Hawk Raptor operative Nate Sifuentes isn’t thrilled to find himself back on the job on the first day of his winter vacation, but he can’t say no when his brother asks a favor. At least he’ll earn an easy Christmas bonus—after all, driving a fired military contractor home after she’s been escorted off base by military police can’t be that hard. In a matter of minutes, Leah Ellis has lost everything, and now she’s stranded in the nation’s capital on the first night of Hanukkah without money, phone, or bed. All she has is a mysterious driver who might be after her technical knowledge of the US military’s drone operations. The former Green Beret’s protective instincts—and skills—kick in when he discovers the alluring AI engineer is being hunted. On the run, they escape the winter cold by generating their own heat, but will they find answers in time to stop a terror attack on Christmas Day?

The Private Protectors Series Box Set One

The Private Protectors Series Box Set One Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Adrienne Giordano
Editor: ALG Publishing
FileSize: 1953kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1953


The Private Protectors Series Box Set One by Adrienne Giordano Summary

Risking Trust Michael Taylor is cooler than ice under pressure. As CEO of a private security company, his job means protecting those at risk. Clients pay top dollar for his team of special operatives to deal with threats. But now Michael’s the one in trouble—he’s the prime suspect in his ex-wife’s murder. To prove his innocence, Michael needs not just a few good men, but one smart woman. If she agrees to forgive him… Twelve years ago, Michael walked away from Roxann Thorgesson and never looked back. Now he’s standing in her office, accused of a heinous crime, the vulnerability in his eyes barely masking something else. Desire. The shock—and her body’s own traitorous response—shakes Roxann to the core. Still, she can’t let lust cloud her professional judgment, no matter how tempting. Michael needs her…or, rather, her newspaper to clear his name. Roxann wants to refuse, but journalistic instinct tells her there’s more to this case. Sex. Secrets. A dark and dirty cover-up leading all the way to city hall. And as the investigation brings Michael and Roxann closer together, revealing the truth threatens to rip them apart. Man Law Security consultant Vic Andrews fears nothing. Except emotional entanglements. He lives on the edge and by his own rules. Never mess with your best friend’s sister, for one. Especially when that sister is sweet and sexy goddess Gina Delgado. Vic is strictly a “no strings attached” kind of guy, and a young widow with three kids is guaranteed to tie his heart in all sorts of knots. Too bad other parts of his anatomy aren’t as easily deterred. Gina is no stranger to men like Vic. Men in love with their dangerous professions. Her firefighter husband may have been a hero, but his bravery is little comfort to Gina now. She refuses to face that kind of loss ever again. Still, a girl has needs. And Vic, with his military-hardened body and tender touch, is just the thing she needs to fulfill them. As long as they can keep things casual. But getting involved with Vic puts Gina at the risk of more than heartbreak. When Vic becomes the target of a terrorist seeking revenge, no one around him is safe. With Gina and her family in a madman’s sights, Vic will break all the rules to keep her close…and keep them all alive. Negotiating Point Gavin Sheppard can talk his way out of any situation. It’s what makes him Taylor Security’s top hostage negotiator. But he’s never had a case this complicated, or with so much at stake. The victim? His boss’s pregnant wife. The CEO won’t risk his family by calling the cops, so Gavin’s on his own. He’ll take all the help he can get, even from the agency's smart, sexy tech expert. Janet Fink codes and hacks better than the big boys. Still, as the lone woman on a team driven by testosterone, she knows nothing ruins careers faster than getting personal. And she’s already been too close to Gavin for comfort. Their last team-up ended in a mind-blowing kiss. One that can never happen again…and that she can’t forget. As the kidnappers’ demands grow, so does the heat between Gavin and Janet. They must put their skills to the test—and push aside their feelings—for a chance at success in a dangerous rescue.

Fog City: The Complete Series Box Set

Fog City: The Complete Series Box Set Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Layla Reyne
Editor: Layla Reyne
ISBN: 1737352443
FileSize: 1354kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1354


Fog City: The Complete Series Box Set by Layla Reyne Summary

Loving an assassin is risky business, especially the Madigans of Fog City. Three siblings working together to change the direction of their family’s murder-for-hire empire. Three siblings each finding their path to love in this adrenaline-fueled LGBTQ+ romantic suspense series. Hawes Hawes Madigan haunts the criminal underworld of San Francisco, but the Prince of Killers is haunted by the one kill that never should have been. It drives him to shift his family’s empire—and paints a target on his back. Undeterred, Hawes comes to depend on his siblings and on sexy private investigator, Dante Perry. But the trust and desire building between Hawes and Dante may not be enough to survive the explosive secrets they’re keeping from each other. Follow Hawes and Dante’s sizzling forbidden attraction in Prince of Killers, King Slayer, and A New Empire. Helena Hawes may be the most feared Madigan, but Helena is the deadliest. And the loneliest. Despite her smarts, snark, beauty, and power, she doesn’t believe she’s good enough for love. Or that she’ll find someone to love—and trust with her family’s secrets. Until she meets single-mom mechanic Celia, who knows enough to not ask to know more. As sparks fly between them, Helena begins to wonder if the love she needs is someone on the outside—and if their enemies will stop shooting at her and Celia long enough to find out. Read Helena and Celia’s opposites attract story in Queen’s Ransom. Holt Holt has had the worst year of his life and that’s saying something for a man who nearly died in combat. Through it all, his best friend Brax stood by his side, even though Holt is a criminal and Brax is the chief of police. When tensions come to a head between the law and the Madigans, Brax has no choice but to pull away to protect Holt. But when Brax’s career and life are threatened, Holt has no choice but to unleash all his digital assassin skills on their enemies—and fourteen years’ worth of growing love and affection on his best friend. Read Holt and Brax’s best friends-to-lovers story in Silent Knight. This Box Set contains the complete Fog City series: Prince of Killers, King Slayer, A New Empire, Queen’s Ransom, Silent Knight

The Silencer Series Box Set Books 5-8

The Silencer Series Box Set Books 5-8 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Mike Ryan
Editor: Ryan Publishing
FileSize: 1670kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1670


The Silencer Series Box Set Books 5-8 by Mike Ryan Summary

This Box Set contains books 5-8 in The Silencer Series, including: Point Blank After six months away in Detroit, Recker and Jones return their operation to Philadelphia. They're almost immediately thrown into trying to prevent a cop killing. They also come back to find things aren't quite the way they left them. One of the city's crime leaders tries to force Recker's hand, by using Mia as bait, in helping them take control of the city. Despite getting the cold shoulder from Mia initially upon his return, Recker works hard at freeing her from danger, taking her to the only place he knows she'll be safe. It leads to a violent conclusion, one that finds Recker working with the police by his side. Double Tap Recker and Jones go hunting to add a third member to the team. After an exhaustive search, Jones has finally found the perfect candidate. Former CIA Operative Chris Haley has been out of the game for a couple of years, but jumps at the chance to jump back into things as the new Silencer. As Recker and Haley start settling in with their new work dynamic, things don't go as smoothly as they have in the past. They get into a rough situation that leads to Recker getting put in handcuffs and taken away in a police car. Can Jones engineer Recker's release? Or will they once again become a two man team with only Jones and Haley? Hollow Point Somebody is shooting police officers. After several killings, and no progress on finding the shooter by the police department, Recker is asked to lend a hand. One of Vincent's men inside the department, a homicide detective, reaches out to The Silencer, setting up a meeting through Vincent. As Recker, Haley, and Jones investigate the killings, they start to find more questions than answers, and realize that everything is not as cut and dried as it seems. Once the supposed killer is finally found, Recker thinks he may have been played. He's not so sure that it wasn't a plant and the man was framed. All of which leads him to question, if it's someone else behind the shootings, who has the power and motivation to pull it off? And why? High Velocity There's a new criminal element in town and they state their arrival by knocking off a few of Vincent's men. Recker and the team get drawn into the middle of it and start investigating to learn the identity of the mystery player. Recker and Haley get a tip about a high-level meeting of the new crew in an abandoned building, but all is not what it seems. Instead of a meeting, they run into Malloy, who's also there to investigate, and an otherwise empty building. It turns out to be an ambush, and only two of the three will escape uninjured. Will they find out who's responsible for the attack and bring them to their brand of justice? Or will the perpetrators slip out from under their fingers to cause more chaos and destruction?

The Avoiding Series Boxset

The Avoiding Series Boxset Pdf/ePub eBook Author: K.A. Linde
Editor: K.A. Linde Inc.
FileSize: 1813kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1813


The Avoiding Series Boxset by K.A. Linde Summary

A sexy angsty second chance romance from USA Today bestselling author K.A. Linde… Jack and Lexi never had a typical relationship. After two years without speaking, Lexi receives a phone call that changes everything. Jack wants her to convince his new girlfriend that he's ready to commit. He's calling now, after everything they had been through, because there's another woman. She can't believe it. And yet she goes. For closure. Not to try to win him back. Definitely not. Set includes: Avoiding Commitment Avoiding Responsibility Avoiding Temptation Avoiding Extras (3 bonus stories!) Topics: romance books, romance novels, contemporary romance, billionaire romance, romance series, billionaire trilogy, taboo romance, forbidden romance, fiction for women, romance books for 2019, romance books for adults, bestselling books, erotic, CEO story, hot read, sensual novel, edgy romance, erotic romance books, strong female stories, alpha male, dominant male, dominating hero, hot guy, racy, sexy, wealthy heroes, popular beach reads, best selling author, office romance, K.A. Linde, ka linde, linde, player, playboy, Atlanta, new adult, college romance, big city, big city romance, second chance romance, second chance, enemies to lovers, avoiding

Sarah Jane's Travel Memoirs Series Boxset

Sarah Jane's Travel Memoirs Series Boxset Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Sarah Jane Butfield
Editor: Rukia Publishing
FileSize: 861kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 861


Sarah Jane's Travel Memoirs Series Boxset by Sarah Jane Butfield Summary

Glass Half Full: Our Australian Adventure Find out what it takes to keep the Glass Half Full, as challenging life events including grief, loss, PTSD and devastating floods, test this expat step-family to their limits. After enduring divorce and numerous child custody battles, Sarah Jane knew that a fresh start in Australia was their only chance of future happiness and that as a family they were making the right decisions. Living the Australian dream in Alice Springs was everything they hoped for until life-changing events started to test the foundations of this resilient family. Using every ounce of positivity they could muster they struggled on and just as they thought the worst was over Mother Nature intervened and washed away the roots to their new life during the Brisbane floods of 2011. This story lets you experience Australian life with an inspirational woman and her courageous family, as they struggle to survive challenging life events and keep their dreams alive. Life is never without its challenges, but how many life-changing events can one family endure before they reach breaking point? Find out in this heart wrenching and touching true story. Two Dogs and a Suitcase: Clueless in Charente Follows the French exploits of Sarah Jane and her family as they endeavour to rebuild their lives in another new country, after spending four and half years in Australia. The title says it all: literally what they have and where they are, but that's only part of the story. Their goal was to focus positively on the present and to start a new, optimistic chapter back in Europe nearer to the children, leaving the dark clouds of the challenges they faced in Australia as a distant memory. Share their experiences as they arrive in rural South West France portrayed through Sarah Jane’s reflections, thoughts and observations about her family and their new French lifestyle. Follow Sarah Jane’s tentative steps into a writing career as they start renovating a rustic cottage while managing the ups and downs of family life. Once again, Sarah Jane will make you laugh and cry as she endeavours to live life to the fullest with a generous helping of positive spin thrown in for good measure. Our Frugal Summer in Charente: An Expat’s Kitchen Garden Journal Meet Sarah Jane, a woman with a reputation for culinary catastrophe who tries to keep her family fed in challenging circumstances in rural France. Frugal living was not part of the plan when they arrived from Australia to undertake the renovation of a quaint cottage in the Charente. However, when life throws them a curve-ball the challenge was set. How would they survive in France with very little money and two Australian cattle dogs. The answer came in the form of 5 chickens, 4 ducks, a vegetable garden and hedgerow foraging! The frugal plan was to save money by any means possible, to enable any money they could earn to be invested into continuing the renovation of the cottage. In true ‘Good Life’ style Sarah Jane attacks this challenge head on by keeping some small livestock and converting a garden, that resembled a meadow, into a French ‘potager’ or kitchen garden.The French tradition of using produce from their ‘potagers’ is renowned for enabling families to create meals that are healthy, cost effective and simple. There are 31 recipes for a variety of food and drinks, included in a month by month account, of how they transformed a neglected garden into a frugal yet productive expat kitchen garden.

The Urban Fae Series Boxset 1-4

The Urban Fae Series Boxset 1-4 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: R.L. Wilson
Editor: Exquisite Novelty Publishing LLC
FileSize: 1698kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1698


The Urban Fae Series Boxset 1-4 by R.L. Wilson Summary

You get the entire journey of Harmony all in one box set. A sassy witch with kick butt attitude, Harmony will win your heart as she is not afraid to swear or get dirty on her journey to find freedom from an evil vampire. Book # 1 Eternal Curse. An eternal contract that could destroy my life, my love, and even a city. My magic isn’t a gift—it’s a curse, passed down from one generation to the next. With bills piling up, I signed a contract with a devil in exchange for money. Little did I know the contract is eternal. Whenever I’m summoned, I have to use my magic for illegal operations. After two years, I want out. Book #2 Eternal Fire. Voodoo is child's play. The real game begins with the devil in New Orleans. I thought I was done with my dark past. Turns out I’m wrong. I’m destined to be in the middle of Chaos. An unexpected call from my mother, saying the devil was outside her window, changed my path to a darker one. Book #3 Eternal Shadows. In the shadows of New Orleans, there are no good guys I never imagined my search for Momma would reveal such dangerous secrets. Setting out with a voo-doo priest and my bestie I hunt for the devil. But my mission is derailed when I stumble upon a house of missing shadows. Book #4 Eternal Darkness. Once the darkness penetrates my soul there's no escaping. I'm going to murder the devil. I don't know how because he has extreme magic. Making him too powerful for anyone to destroy. But I've sworn to get my revenge. What mattered to me most was stolen by him. The only options left for me are to be forever enslaved, or killed by him.

The Extra Series Trilogy - Complete Box Set

The Extra Series Trilogy - Complete Box Set Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Danielle K Girl
Editor: Danielle K Girl
FileSize: 1806kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1806


The Extra Series Trilogy - Complete Box Set by Danielle K Girl Summary

Olessia is like no one else on Earth. And her enemies will tear our world apart to find her. When Ryder Carlsson, an amateur ghost-hunter, investigates Clarendon House she makes a shocking discovery. One that will change her life forever, and plunge Earth into the midst of a conflict that is truly out of this world. Ryder's encounter with Olessia, a violet-eyed runaway with powerful secrets, will set both girls on a path towards an extraordinary truth. But can they, and the people they love, survive it? With the help of a surly but alluring guardian, a strange disfigured woman, and a mysterious ghostly presence, Ryder and Olessia must fight to stay one step ahead of an enemy that is far closer to home than they could ever imagine. Get ready for a late night. The Extra Trilogy is a page-turner that won't let up. Grab the trilogy NOW! A fast-paced, scifi/paranormal survival story. The Extra Trilogy begins in hauntingly beautiful Tasmania, Australia, but where will it ultimately take you?

So Hot Series Boxed Set

So Hot Series Boxed Set Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Darcy Burke
Editor: Darcy Burke Publishing
ISBN: 1944576592
FileSize: 853kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 853


So Hot Series Boxed Set by Darcy Burke Summary

Return to Ribbon Ridge, Oregon and meet the Westcott brothers. They're busy starting up a winery in the heart of Oregon's beautiful pinot noir country so they shouldn't have time for love. But when three captivating, independent women come to Ribbon Ridge and upset their plans, things become so hot... So Good Cameron Westcott has spent eight years recovering from heartbreak by keeping romantic entanglements casual and simple until he meets a sexy wine distributor—only she says she isn’t interested. Following a bitter divorce, Brooke Ellis is looking to rebuild her life, not fall in love with the charming, persistent Cam. As the sparks between them intensify, they’re both hesitant to commit for very different reasons. Or are they really just sabotaging their own futures? If they can trust each other—and themselves—they may realize that what they share is too good to let slip away. So Right Kelsey McDade realizes that her love life is one and done. Her last—and only—relationship left her broken and afraid and more than ready to be alone for the long haul. But sexy-charming vineyard manager Luke Westcott pushes all of her buttons in the right way and makes her wonder if she ought to try again. Luke has been happy to pour all his energy into his new winery until Kelsey provokes feelings he didn’t know he was capable of. But when the ghost of Kelsey’s past causes her to slam the brakes, Luke is ready to fight for her, and Kelsey must decide if Luke—and their love—is worth the greatest risk of all. So Wrong After a hot hook-up on New Year’s Eve, Crystal Donovan plans to avoid Jamie Westcott, which could be difficult, given that she’s researching a century-old mystery surrounding his family. Jamie thinks it’s a perfect fling: they have little in common and she lives somewhere else. But the more time they spend together the closer they get, despite their intent to keep things casual. When everyone learns Crystal sold a screenplay exposing the dark secrets of Ribbon Ridge—and Jamie’s family—she becomes the town pariah. Jamie won’t leave and Crystal can’t stay—can love show them another way?

The Seeking Series Box Set

The Seeking Series Box Set Pdf/ePub eBook Author: D.R. Grady
Editor: D.R. Grady
FileSize: 1407kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1407


The Seeking Series Box Set by D.R. Grady Summary

The first three books of the Seeking Series are here in one convenient volume! Featuring a clumsy dragon, fierce warriors both male and female, royalty, and decisions made that change the lives and course of others forever. If you enjoy short romantic fantasy, this series is for you. Seeking: Warrior King – Book 1 With her beloved mother dying, Crown Princess Raene of Montequirst must prepare to be queen and choose a husband within hours of the death. By law, he must be the greatest warrior in the land. The only man who fits that description, who she can tolerate, is her friend and mentor, Vidar the Loyal. He’s a member of the elite Aasguard warriors, who have never married in their centuries of existence. Will they defy the bonds of tradition to grasp their heart’s desire? Seeking: Maiden Queen – Book 2 Princess Stefana of Montequirst has one fear: being forced to marry a man she did not choose. So when she’s kidnapped by an insane neighboring king who intends to constrain her to do exactly that, she begins to rethink the entire princess thing. Lajos the Swift, Aasguard warrior, and Stefana’s bodyguard, has set plenty of safeguards in place to protect her. But he’s starting to question his motives. After she’s kidnapped, he sets off with Montequirst’s clumsy dragon to retrieve her. She never signed up to save others but her decisions will forever change lives. Seeking: Warrior Mate – Book 3 Ari and Kellen struggle with their returning emotions and feelings for the other that they’ve never encountered in their long years of living. When they surrender to their mutual attraction, a portal opens to a monstrous creation that immediately and gleefully attacks. Could this catastrophe mean the end of their union? As well as the unions of future Aasguard warriors?

The Sister Series Boxset Volume 3

The Sister Series Boxset Volume 3 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Leanne Davis
Editor: Leanne Davis
ISBN: 1941522904
FileSize: 1604kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1604


The Sister Series Boxset Volume 3 by Leanne Davis Summary

Continue the emotional journey through: The Lost Sister The Remaining Sister The Step Sister The Sister Series is an epic, multi-family, multi-generational saga that spans sixty years, with overlapping family entanglements, tragedies, triumphs and romance. It touches on the emotional scars and battles that are often hidden in people. Rape. Drugs. Abuse. Violence. Pain. Betrayal. And how they can be overcome. Joy. Family. Forgiveness. Faith. Hope. Redemption…Love. So, buckle in for this 19-book saga that will both break and heal your heart. All books can be read as Standalone.

The New York Dares: The Entire NY Dare Series Set

The New York Dares: The Entire NY Dare Series Set Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Carly Phillips
Editor: CP Publishing
ISBN: 1942288875
FileSize: 1363kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1363


The New York Dares: The Entire NY Dare Series Set by Carly Phillips Summary

The New York Dares (Dare to Surrender, Dare to Submit, Dare to Seduce)

The Kavanagh Family Series Box Set: Books 1-3

The Kavanagh Family Series Box Set: Books 1-3 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Kendra Little
Editor: Kendra Little
FileSize: 935kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 935


The Kavanagh Family Series Box Set: Books 1-3 by Kendra Little Summary

This is a collection of the first 3 books in The Kavanagh Family Series, the bestselling contemporary romance series by Kendra Little. They're sexy, funny, romantic and emotional reads that will have you falling in love with this crazy family of billionaires. Best of all, each book is a complete story on its own, so you're getting great value! Books included in this set: The Billionaire Boyfriend Trap The Billionaire Boyfriend Proposal The Billionaire Boyfriend Bargain ABOUT THE BILLIONAIRE BOYFRIEND TRAP Cleo knows her job is borderline unethical, but she tells herself that the businessmen she spies on are arrogant and greedy. Besides, it pays well and she needs the money for her sister's medical bills and to put her through art school. But when that art school's very existence is under threat from Cleo's latest target, billionaire Reece Kavanagh, she will do anything in her power to stop him and keep her sister happy. Until she falls in love with him. He was supposed to be a jerk, but Reece turns out to be everything Cleo ever wanted in a man. His heart is not cold and empty as reported, but beats only for Cleo. So when he reveals the dark secret that drives him to close down the school, she knows she has to stop him, for his own good as well as her sister's. But what will Reece do when he finds out that the woman he trusts has been undermining him all along? Keywords: sexy alpha heroes, office romance, bad boys, ex-military, billionaire romance, bestselling, bestseller

Rys Rising Complete Fantasy Series Box Set

Rys Rising Complete Fantasy Series Box Set Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Tracy Falbe
Editor: Falbe Publishing
FileSize: 929kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 929


Rys Rising Complete Fantasy Series Box Set by Tracy Falbe Summary

Witness a tragic clash of civilizations driven by fanatical hatred. The Rys Rising Complete Series Fantasy Box Set brings together all four books of a stunning epic fantasy series of lust, love, dark magic, and revenge. Each novel weaves together tales from both sides of the conflict across four years. Men and women struggle to survive in a world ruled by two magical races who devote their darkest energies to the destruction of the other. Two human champions rise in the service of the most powerful magic users on each side. Devotion to a new goddess motivates one man who revels in the glory of conquest. A desperate desire to defend his people inspires the other man. The box set contains the full-length fantasy novels: Rys Rising, Savage Storm, New Religion, and Love Lost. All of these individual fantasy novels have 4+ star ratings at Google Play. If you’ve been looking for a dramatic and engrossing epic fantasy, Rys Rising will not disappoint. Fans of Tracy Falbe have likened her fantasy fiction to that of George R.R. Martin, Terry Goodkind, Robin Hobb, and Orson Scott Card.

The Hot Zone

The Hot Zone Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jayne Castle
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 0698140958
FileSize: 1464kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1464


The Hot Zone by Jayne Castle Summary

The world of Harmony has its wonders, one of them being Rainshadow Island. Just beneath its surface, a maze of catacombs hides a dangerous secret… Halloween—with its tricks and treats—is a dust bunny’s dream come true. Just ask Lyle, Sedona Snow’s faithful sidekick. But for Sedona, it’s a nightmare. Though her new job managing a small hotel and tavern on Rainshadow is helping her move on from her tragic past, a bizarre disaster down in the catacombs has brought a pack of rowdy ghost hunters to her inn. And now, Sedona’s ex has arrived on the island, claiming he wants to get back together, just as a newcomer appears to have a strong interest in her. Cyrus Jones is the new Guild boss in town. He has his own agenda when it comes to Sedona, but even the best-laid plans are no match for the passion that springs up on Rainshadow…

The Talisman Series Box Set

The Talisman Series Box Set Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Tam DeRudder Jackson
Editor: Warrior Romance Press
ISBN: 1736469509
FileSize: 757kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 757


The Talisman Series Box Set by Tam DeRudder Jackson Summary

Talisman, Warrior, Prophetess, Bard, and Druid--the full Talisman Series is all in one place. Binge read the stories of your favorite band of hot Celtic warriors as they take on the war goddesses of the Celtic pantheon. Talisman: Trying his sign on Alyssa Macaulay and discovering she's his talisman, his fated mate, should be cause for their celebration. Too bad Alyssa thinks Rowan Sheridan is only looking for a good time. She has no idea who and what they are. The goddess's imminent arrival doesn't give Rowan time to show her either. Somehow, he needs to compress the lifetime of training she should have had into a week--and convince her the one amazing night they shared is only the beginning of a lifetime of love. Warrior: Ceri Ross is a flirt and a talisman with obligations to the warrior community. Though she must bond with her fated mate and not get involved with random unattached warriors, it seems she didn't get the memo. None of which helps Rio Sheridan: the woman calls to him like a siren. Prophetess: Alaisdair Graham is desperate. Gone into hiding thirteen years ago when he didn't find his talisman in time, he knows the reprieve from the goddess's curse is short. If he doesn't find his mate in the next fortnight, he won't live long enough to celebrate another Samhain. Into his life walks Shanley Conlan, and he thinks the cosmos have taken his side at last. All he has to do is convince her--before the goddess strikes and takes them all. Bard: A chance encounter at a mountain cabin seals their fate. The woman Seamus Lochlann has searched for, the woman the gods determined to be his mate, is the only woman who's ever turned him down. Fallon Graham can't believe she's fated to the warrior Maeve has marked for herself. When the goddess strikes, they have a choice--succumb to the unholy power of the goddess or believe their love can tell a different story. Druid: An unconventional love affair between a talisman and a druid could lead to disaster--for both of them. Sloane MacIntosh fears for Davy Sutherland's life if she gives in to the intense attraction she feels for him. Yet she can't seem to help herself. Whenever he's near, heat and desire ripple through her. Davy's world is one of healing and storytelling--not actual battle. But when the goddess arrives, tempting and demanding in equal measure, Davy must find a way to compose a new story, one that allows him a chance at the warrior life he's always wanted and the love a woman he never saw coming.

Sam Harris Adventure Complete Series Box Set Books 1-7

Sam Harris Adventure Complete Series Box Set Books 1-7 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: PJ Skinner
Editor: PJ Skinner
FileSize: 981kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 981


Sam Harris Adventure Complete Series Box Set Books 1-7 by PJ Skinner Summary

Sam Harris knows how to get into trouble. Follow her career as she lurches from triumph to disaster, and back again, in her pursuit of gold, diamonds, and acceptance into the mining industry boys' club. Travel into exotic locations and enjoy the thrill of adventure in remote and dangerous sites. Classic character-led adventures based on real-life scenarios. Buy it now and have an adventure on your comfy chair.

SEALs of Shadow Force Romantic Suspense Series Box Set, Books 1-7

SEALs of Shadow Force Romantic Suspense Series Box Set, Books 1-7 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Misty Evans
Editor: Beach Path Publishing, LLC.
FileSize: 1318kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1318


SEALs of Shadow Force Romantic Suspense Series Box Set, Books 1-7 by Misty Evans Summary

The SEALs of Shadow Force will take you on undercover and make you risk it all. Meet the men and women that make up the Shadow Force International family! Under the supervision of Beatrice Reese, the former SEALs, spies, and tech experts risk their lives every day against terrorists, crime lords, and serial killers. Along the way, they fight to protect the ones they love and gain their happily-ever-afters. This special collection includes SEVEN fast paced, action-packed romantic suspense novels filled with alpha males, strong heroines, and sizzling romance. This collection will keep you reading late into the night, enthralled from beginning to end! Books in the SEALs of Shadow Force Series: Fatal Truth – Trace and Savanna Fatal Honor – Miles and Charlotte Fatal Courage – Jax and Ruby Fatal Love – Cal and Beatrice; Connor and Sabrina Fatal Vision – Colton and Shelby; Connor and Sabrina Fatal Thrill – Jon and Jaya Risk – Noah and Jena SEALs of Shadow Force Box Set, Books 1-7 quantity

The Salamander series boxset books 1-4

The Salamander series boxset books 1-4 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Misha Quinn
Editor: Misha Quinn
FileSize: 603kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 603


The Salamander series boxset books 1-4 by Misha Quinn Summary

"Wow this book has a lot of twist and turns in it... A great read!.." - Goodreads' community member's review, 2021, 5 STARS review "Hung up on the money: This was an interesting story, so many ups and downs. A lot of arrogance and confusion. I did enjoy the read, it probably could have been shorter. All in all I enjoyed it" - Amazon reviewer, US 2022, 5 STARS review What if a naïve young woman falls in love with a billionaire playing his game with her? Ella is a young woman brought up in an atmosphere of respect for her as a person. Graham is a billionaire and the head of a huge corporation, a proven conqueror of hearts, who still has not found his love. It would seem that nothing binds them together except the relationship of a leader-subordinate. But Ella does not allow Graham to use himself in his usual corporate intrigues. Ella gradually gets to know Graham as a person. It imbued the young woman with sincere feelings for him. She awaits his response to them. Graham does not expect this and thinks he can end the invisible connection that has appeared between them at his will. What will prevail - the cold calculation of the lone wolf or the warmth of her love? There is a first story about a woman who goes through life’s trials and learns to stand up for herself in love and business. An excerpt from The Lonely CEO: "CHAPTER 1 A fragile young woman in an evening gown stood at the enormous window covering the entire wall of the office. She looked out at the evening lights of the metropolis. Tears streamed down her cheeks, dripped onto her dress, and disappeared in the sequins of the fabric. Behind her, the party was buzzing, her colleagues celebrating the coming Christmas and New Year. The woman’s name was Ella. She clutched a handkerchief in one hand and tried to find something in a small evening purse with the other. Finally, pulling out her lipstick from her purse, she tried to put on lipstick with a trembling hand. She stepped away from the window and looked at her reflection in the dark glass - from head to toe. Then Ella slowly turned her gaze to the reflection of a group of people in the back of the room. A tall, broad-shouldered man stood in the middle of the office, legs spread wide, hands in his pants pockets, jacket unbuttoned, white shirt without a tie. He was swaying back and forth on his toes a little, was discussing something with other men in the same gray business suits. His suit, however, was clearly three times more expensive than those of the other men in the room. This could be seen in how the jacket fit him and how the pants easily fit his slender, muscular legs and fell elegantly over his expensive leather boots. His colleagues surrounded the handsome Graham. The men reached out to him, as his success gave them a keen sense of rivalry. They had to be near him to assess the situation and then just step aside when they realized Graham was outplaying them all..." All right reserved, Copyright Misha Quinn, 2021 INFO: Series intended for the wide range of readers who love romantic stories with "happily now" and "happily even after" ends. Novellas written in "shade-to-black" style and do not contain any graphic sex scenes or filthy language style. This Box Set Contains: Book 1: The Lonely CEO - A FREE contemporary, sweet billionaire romance Book 2: The Independent Woman - A contemporary, sweet billionaire romance Book 3: The Return Game - A contemporary, sweet billionaire romance Book 4: The Christmas Gift - A contemporary, sweet billionaire romance Other books by the Author: Sunset Lake Club romance series Sunset Lake Club, sweet later in life, contemporary romance series Stories of women who, at a mature age, are searching for their happiness. 1. Women's Secrets: A Prequel to the Sweet Later in Life, Contemporary Romance Series - published in 2021 2. Anything Can Happen: A Sweet Friend to Lovers, Later in Life, Contemporary Romance - on the pre-order, release in 2022 3. Our Time to Love: A Sweet Opposites Attract, Later in Life, Contemporary Romance - on the pre-order, release in 2022 4. Love is Everything: A Sweet Enemies to Lovers, Later in Life, Contemporary Romance - on the pre-order, release in 2022. KEYWORDS: romance, romance books, romance boxsets, romance boxed sets, romance series, romance novels, romance box set, romance boxed sets, sweet romance, billionaire romance, virgin romance, second chance in love, contemporary romance, second chance in love, forgiveness in love, virgin, love triangle, secret baby, happily even after, books, ebooks, books to read, books to read and download, ebooks to download and read, romance, romance books full novel, romance ebooks, romance books to read and download, novels to read romance, ebooks romance, story books, romance novels full book, romance, romance books, romance novels

First In Series

First In Series Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Barbara McMahon
Editor: Barbara McMahon
FileSize: 1089kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1089


First In Series by Barbara McMahon Summary

A box set of the complete first book in three sweet romance series. Rocky Point Legacy--Trust like love takes time to build. Can these two become more than neighbors? Or will the past be too much to overcome? If you like sweet, small town, inspirational romances, you’ll love Rocky Point Legacy. Unexpected Reunion--Can a workaholic man realize life is more than work in time to build a future and a family? You’ll love seeing how this reunion story unfolds. Valentine's Cowboy Rescue-- A storm brought them together, but a fearless dog seems intent on teaching them that sometimes friendship can evolve into love. Get this box set today and enjoy three complete books which might just lead you to the rest of each series.

The Zenith Series Boxset Volume 2

The Zenith Series Boxset Volume 2 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Leanne Davis
Editor: Leanne Davis
ISBN: 1957233087
FileSize: 1982kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1982


The Zenith Series Boxset Volume 2 by Leanne Davis Summary

Go on the journey that is the rest of Zenith’s story… The now famous rock band Zenith continues to bind together and affect its band members and the people they care about. Follow the next generation of those touched by this band’s success in the stories of their daughters. Rob’s three stepdaughters, Kayla, Kathy and Karlee as well as and Nick’s daughter, Jody are now all grown up and finding their own places in the world… despite the fame that Zenith’s success surrounds them in. See who they are, where they end up and the romance that will enter and change their lives… Read these stories now! Zenith’s Legacy Zenith in Love Zenith’s Legend Zenith’s Promise Key words: almost rock star contemporary romance new adult, boss self-made billionaire savior friends to lovers, love triangle rock star psychological, opposites attract, love triangle older brother long series reads, dark to light, dark and gritty, real, raw

House of Donato Series Box Set

House of Donato Series Box Set Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Patricia M Jackson
Editor: Patricia M Jackson
FileSize: 1590kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1590


House of Donato Series Box Set by Patricia M Jackson Summary

Steamy college romances. A nefarious criminal enterprise. Can new love overcome evil in the world? You’ll lose yourself in these books because the characters seem so real you’ll wish you could become actual friends. Meet the crew at the House of Donato, a network of pals and acquaintances brought together in Marquette, Michigan, by Izzy and Tom Donato, twin brother and sister, attending Northern Michigan University. Follow these three couples, Etta and Tom, Izzy and Murphy, and Peggy and Donovan, as they find romance in the least expected places. While they are getting to know each other and falling in love, unknown to them, a mastermind was building an empire on the back of hockey programs across the country. When their lives collide with his plans, anything can and does happen. Spine-chilling suspense. Heart-breaking tragedy. Incredible sacrifices. Henrietta Etta and Tom have kissed passionately but don’t remember it. They’re both starting life over, she as a writer in grad school and he, as a former hockey player, after a career-ending injury. They start out as friends, but soon their relationship blossoms into much more. Is it possible to start over fresh with baggage from the past? Or will what went before come looking for you when you least expect it? Words from another Henrietta, who re-built her life from tragedy, bring answers that allow Etta to move forward. It may be too little too late. Isabella Murphy is a handsome blue-eyed hockey player with corny jokes and a troubled life. He also can’t read. Izzy becomes his beautiful tutor and saves the day, but she’s off-limits. When one thing leads to another, Izzy’s never quite sure if she can trust this slick-tongued stud. Over and over again, they come together and fall apart until a wise, old friend helps Murphy see what he’s missing. Can these two passionate lovers overcome years of disappointment to find each other again? Will Izzy take that final step and give with her whole heart despite Murphy’s impetuous ways? Margaret Peggy is Etta’s brilliantly talented cousin and a virtuoso pianist going off to study at Julliard. Donovan is Tom’s best friend, a Duluth native and a small-town cop, starting a new career in NYC as an FBI agent. As friends of friends, becoming roommates was almost inevitable. When she becomes deathly ill and he saves her life, their desire for one another pushes them over the edge. Can they hold their new relationship together during bad times, distance, jealousy and people trying to kill them? If you enjoy sensitive, exciting, sensual romances with just the right amount of heat, download this box set today!

All I Want Series Boxset, Books 1-6

All I Want Series Boxset, Books 1-6 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Clare Lydon
Editor: Custard Books
FileSize: 1373kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1373


All I Want Series Boxset, Books 1-6 by Clare Lydon Summary

"This series is like the best Sunday morning ever!" says one reviewer - and I'm sure you'll think so, too! The All I Want series follows Tori & Holly on their journey from friends to lovers, and then throughout the first couple of years of their formative relationship. It chronicles their first Valentine’s Day, their first trip away to Europe, their first Pride, even their first arrest. The story tracks their stormy arguments, their red-hot sex, their stuttering growth, their highs and lows. If you like the sound of a realistic and witty snapshot of modern lesbian life, this is the series for you. Included in the six-book boxset are: All I Want For Christmas All I Want For Valentine's All I Want For Spring All I Want For Summer All I Want For Autumn All I Want Forever So join Tori & Holly on their journey and binge-read their story today. With nearly a quarter of a million words and a whole host of laughs, it's a sure-fire page-turner from start to finish! BUY IT TODAY!

The Detective's Daughter Series Boxset

The Detective's Daughter Series Boxset Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Lesley Thomson
Editor: Head of Zeus Ltd
ISBN: 1801109494
FileSize: 1143kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1143


The Detective's Daughter Series Boxset by Lesley Thomson Summary

A complete e-Book boxset of the novels in Lesley Thomson's Detective's Daughter series. Stella Darnell, a cleaner, is the detective's daughter – she devotes herself to solving crimes that were once thought unsolvable, assisted by her friend Jack, a tube driver.

Tennessee Tulanes Complete Series Boxset

Tennessee Tulanes Complete Series Boxset Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Ivy James
Editor: Kindred Spirits Publishing
ISBN: 1946863866
FileSize: 1491kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1491


Tennessee Tulanes Complete Series Boxset by Ivy James Summary

HER SNOWBOUND HERO Pregnant by a loser. Stranded in a snowstorm. Rescued by a tall, dark, and handsome man already snagged by another girl. Due to her pregnancy, Darcy Rhodes’ is forced to remain in Garret Tulane’s hometown and their growing friendship brings nothing but scandal. Is it possible to fall for one man while carrying another man’s baby? The answer is yes. But what will Garret choose with everything he holds dear at risk? THE REBEL’S SECRET BARGAIN Nick Tulane has always been the black sheep of the family. The rebel, a renegade. An out-of-the-box thinker. It’s served him well as a businessman. Jennifer Rose is ready for change. The stress of divorce left her eating her feelings but no more. The Summer of Jenn is just beginning, and she’s taking her life back. When Nick’s son has problems in school, Jennifer Rose offers tutoring in exchange for gym training to get beach vacation ready. But all too soon the curvaceous tutor sees through Nick’s many adaptive skills which hide a well-kept secret.... HIS BABY PROPOSAL Luke Tulane knew better than to touch Shelby Brookes. Much less spend the night with her. But when he returns to Tennessee for yet another brother’s wedding and discovers his little sister’s best friend pregnant with his child, he’s determined to make things right. Luke is Shelby’s forever crush, but after witnessing her parents marry and split time and again, marriage isn’t on the agenda. Ever. Luke is determined to marry the girl of his dreams... But how do you convince a woman whose past is so traumatized by family drama that marriage to him might be worth facing her worst fears? THE DOCTOR’S NANNY Showing up on her sister’s doorstep several years after stealing her man might not be the smartest thing to do, but Megan Rose is out of choices. Sick, with $3 in her pocket and no gas in the tank, she’s ready to eat as much crow necessary to get back on her feet and leave for good—hopefully having made amends. As much as his sister-in-law wants Megan gone, Ethan Tulane needs her to stay. She’s the only one able to communicate with his newly-adopted, French-speaking son, who has a tendency to make a run for it at every opportunity like he’s still trying to escape his war-torn country. His son and Megan quickly form an unusual bond, and it isn’t long before Ethan realizes they’re both running scared and traumatized. He understands his son’s behavior—but Megan’s? His protective instincts screaming, Ethan is determined to uncover the nanny’s secret... A HERO IN HIDING Travel writer Alexandra Tulane keeps her identity secret in order to get honest takeaways from her experiences, but when she goes to review a remote Alaskan lodge, she can't shake the fact her pilot looks oddly familiar. Accused of murdering his wife and her lover, acclaimed novelist Dylan Bower went into hiding with his traumatized son. But as Dylan and Alexandra grow closer, her secret identity and his past collide... How can they be together when neither consider the other someone to trust? TENNESSEE TULANES SERIES: HER SNOWBOUND HERO THE REBEL’S SECRET BARGAIN HIS BABY PROPOSAL THE DOCTOR’S NANNY A HERO IN HIDING THE STONE GAP MOUNTAIN SERIES: THAT SOUTHERN SUMMER NIGHT BLIND MAN’S BLUFF HER UNWANTED PROTECTOR REDEMPTION ROAD THEIR SECRET SNOWBOUND CHRISTMAS OWEN’S RETURN THE REDEEMING LOVE SERIES: HER REDEEMING LOVE HIS REDEEMING LOVE REDEEMING US MONTANA SKIES SERIES: HER MONTANA COWBOY HER COWBOY SHERIFF PROTECTING THE SHERIFF’S DAUGHTER COWBOY MEETS HIS MATCH MONTANA CHRISTMAS SECOND CHANCE HERO OTHER BOOKS: The Crash Before Christmas Return to Eden

Dalton & Nash Series: Boxset - Books 1 - 3

Dalton & Nash Series: Boxset - Books 1 - 3 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Natalie Hames
Editor: Beyond Fiction Publishing Ltd
FileSize: 1470kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1470


Dalton & Nash Series: Boxset - Books 1 - 3 by Natalie Hames Summary

Books 1 - 3 of the gripping Dalton & Nash British Detective Crime Mysteries. Cold Flame Obsession, lust, murder - and a secret which will rip everyone apart... Twelve years after participating in a bank heist, Carl Fisher is celebrating his fortieth birthday. Hours later his body is discovered in his hot tub, a single gunshot to his head signifying an execution style killing. DI Grace Dalton is called upon to crack the case and bring the killer to justice but the more she investigates, the more she realises his lifestyle and criminal activities have accumulated a long list of enemies. Ploughing through a sea of suspects, Grace is not only under pressure to find the killer but also adapt to a new partner, DS Ryan Nash. A rogue detective with an ambiguous past and a playboy image, he's everything she despises, yet despite her protesting to DCI Harris is given no other choice other than to be his reluctant mentor. Grace soon realises that if she is to solve the case she must go back to the start where a shocking revelation will reveal how pure, deep seated rage is found in the most unlikely, and quiet places. A gripping thriller with a breath taking twist, Cold Flame is a dark British detective novel which will keep you guessing until the end. See What You Made Me Do Are You Still A Murderer If Someone Else Does The Killing? A dangerous Internet game is sweeping the schools and when the body of a young girl is found at a nearby beauty spot the evidence points to her being the fifth teenager to take part. The only difference is...the others survived. Grace Dalton is swiftly assigned to the case. As the location of the murder triggers painful memories of her own ordeal and the press pick up on the similarity, she is determined not to let her past cloud her judgement. Plunging herself deep into the teenagers' lives she soon unearths a tangled web bound together with resentment, injustice, greed and an unstoppable thirst for revenge. Now, it's down to Grace and her partner, DS Ryan Nash, to race against the clock to save the next victim before the killer strikes again. All For You Two gruesome murders. Two families bound together by a dark secret. Everyone has something to hide but only one is the killer. When a badly decomposed body is pulled from The Thames hooked on the anchor of a couple's yacht, Dalton and Nash are called to the scene. Wrapped in tarpaulin and weighted down with bricks and concrete, forensics soon confirm that the death was a result of foul play. Worse still, whoever it is, was alive when they were plunged into the icy cold, dark water. With only a partial ticket in the victim's clothing and any DNA now degraded, the task of finding their identity and opening a murder investigation rests with Grace and Ryan. To solve the case, they must go back to where the feud between the families started and reveal an event which changed their lives forever. Everyone has something to hide. Everyone has someone to protect. But who is the killer?

The Hart Series Box Set, Matters Edition

The Hart Series Box Set, Matters Edition Pdf/ePub eBook Author: M.E. Carter
Editor: M.E. Carter
FileSize: 953kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 953


The Hart Series Box Set, Matters Edition by M.E. Carter Summary

The Hart Series, Matters Edition, follows Jaxon Hart and his college friends as they navigate life and love as adults. This box set includes: Matters to Me (Hart Series Book #4) - Heath and Lauren are practically sworn enemies, but as athletes, they may have more in common than they first think. Matters to You (Hart Series Book #5) - You're not supposed to be attracted to your employee, but Paul may not have a choice when single-mom Kiersten is hired to work at his bar. Matter of Time (Hart Series Book #6) - Kade is determined to pine for Nicole from afar while she heals from an abusive relationship, but a change in circumstance forces them to be closer than ever. Matter of Fact (Hart Series Book #7) - In an instant, the trajectory of Ellery's life completely changed. Good thing Liam is there to help her pick up the pieces, while she helps him try to navigate the next stage of his life.

The Stolen Kingdom Series (Box Set)

The Stolen Kingdom Series (Box Set) Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Bethany Atazadeh
Editor: Grace House Press
FileSize: 1358kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1358


The Stolen Kingdom Series (Box Set) by Bethany Atazadeh Summary

This magical collector's edition contains all four books in The Stolen Kingdom Series by award-winning author, Bethany Atazadeh, in a classic hardcover omnibus. ___ A dainty princess and a friendly genie are replaced with a tough heroine who fights back and a magical race everyone fears in this addicting fairy tale twist on Aladdin and other fairytales. Here's how the story begins... Princess Arie never expects to manifest a forbidden Jinni’s Gift. When she begins to hear the thoughts of those around her, she hides it to the best of her ability. But to her dismay, the Gift is growing out of control. When a neighboring king tries to force her hand in marriage and steal her kingdom, discovery becomes imminent. Just one slip could cost her throne. And her life. A lamp, a heist, and a Jinni hunter’s crew of thieves are her only hope for removing this Gift--and she must remove it before she’s exposed. Or die trying. The Stolen Kingdom is a loose “Aladdin” retelling. Set in a world that humans share with Mermaids, Dragons, and the elusive Jinni, this isn’t the fairytale you remember… _____ INCLUDED IN THE STOLEN KINGDOM SERIES COLLECTOR'S EDITION (HARDCOVER): The Stolen Kingdom: An Aladdin retelling The Jinni Key: A Little Mermaid retelling The Cursed Hunter: A Beauty and the Beast retelling The Enchanted Crown: A Sleeping Beauty retelling And access to a bonus webpage for readers with an exclusive short story, a Q&A with the author, character art, series maps, a series glossary, and more! _____ PRAISE FOR THE STOLEN KINGDOM: "A dainty princess and a friendly genie are replaced with a tough heroine who fights back and a magical race everyone fears in this addicting fairy tale twist on Aladdin." - Vivien Reis, author of The Elysian Prophecy “A beautifully whimsical story in a new fantasy retelling series, which pays lovely homage to its predecessor. The Stolen Kingdom is a creative take on a classic that is sure to enrapture readers.” - Jessi Elliott, author of Twisted Fate “The Stolen Kingdom is a spellbinding story that pulled me in from the first page. Atazadeh has created a fantasy world that’s both beautiful and frightening, and this Aladdin retelling will capture the hearts of readers who enjoy the beloved folktale.” - Natalia Leigh, author of Song of the Dryad "The Stolen Kingdom takes a completely new direction to the classic fairy tale, one that is familiar, refreshing, and unlike anything in the current YA genre.” - J. L. Willow, author of Missing Her “The Stolen Kingdom series is a fresh breath of air into the fairy-tale retelling genre. Bethany has a unique way of intertwining her characters into one story that will leave you begging for the next book in the series.” - Mandi Lynn, author of She’s Not Here "The Stolen Kingdom is an immersive, heart-pounding suspenseful experience that will have you reading as fast as you can. Atazadeh delivers characters that you will fall in love with and root for until the very end." - Bri R. Leclerc, author of Beaconfield ____ The Stolen Kingdom won the 2020 Best Indie-Published Young Adult Fiction award presented by the Minnesota Library Foundation, MN Writes MN Reads, and the Minnesota Author Project.

Tough Justice Series Box Set: Parts 1-8

Tough Justice Series Box Set: Parts 1-8 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Carla Cassidy,Tyler Anne Snell,Carol Ericson,Gail Barrett
Editor: Harlequin
ISBN: 1459295994
FileSize: 1657kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1657


Tough Justice Series Box Set: Parts 1-8 by Carla Cassidy,Tyler Anne Snell,Carol Ericson,Gail Barrett Summary

All 8 parts of this chilling, high-octane FBI serial available in this box set! Special Agent Lara Grant has finally put her life as an undercover agent in the Moretti gang behind her and started a new assignment in New York City. Until a dramatic sniper attack leaves Lara's face — and real name — all over the media. In the blink of an eye, her cover is blown, her identity exposed. Then a woman's body is found, branded with the ritual Moretti tattoo. Someone knows who Lara is…and exactly how to make her pay… This box set comprises: Tough Justice: Exposed (Part 1 of 8) by New York Times bestselling author Carla Cassidy Tough Justice: Watched (Part 2 of 8) by Tyler Anne Snell Tough Justice: Burned (Part 3 of 8) by Carol Ericson Tough Justice: Trapped (Part 4 of 8) by Gail Barrett Tough Justice: Twisted (Part 5 of 8) by Gail Barrett Tough Justice: Ambushed (Part 6 of 8) by Carol Ericson Tough Justice: Betrayed (Part 7 of 8) by Tyler Anne Snell Tough Justice: Hunted (Part 8 of 8) by Carla Cassidy

Sam Capra Series Box Set Books 1-3

Sam Capra Series Box Set Books 1-3 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jeff Abbott
Editor: Grand Central Publishing
ISBN: 1538723549
FileSize: 1209kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1209


Sam Capra Series Box Set Books 1-3 by Jeff Abbott Summary

Read the first three editions of Jeff Abbott's "exhilarating" (Harlan Coben) Sam Capra thriller series. ADRENALINE: Sam Capra is a brilliant young CIA agent, who is expecting his first child with his wife Lucy. They have everything they could hope for...until they lose it all in one horrifying moment. Sam receives a call from Lucy while he's at work and soon everything in his life changes. He is the sole survivor of a bombing and branded by the CIA as a murderer and traitor. Sam launches into a desperate hunt to save his kidnapped wife and child, and to reveal the unknown enemy who has set him up and stolen his family. But the destruction of Sam's life was only step one in an extraordinary plot—and now Sam must become a new kind of hero. THE LAST MINUTE: An ex-CIA agent, Sam Capra owns bars around the world as cover for his real mission—working undercover for a secret network as mysterious as it is powerful, while using his skills to find his child. Now the kidnappers have offered a deadly deal: they'll surrender Sam's child...if Sam finds and murders the one man who can expose them. Teaming up with a desperate young mother whose daughter is also missing, Sam tracks his prey–and his son–across the country in a dangerous race against time, and must unravel a deadly conspiracy if he's to rescue the only person in the world that matters to him. DOWNFALL: Sam Capra is an ex-CIA agent, and only desires to build a quiet, peaceful home for himself and his infant son. But Diana Keene walks into his San Francisco bar and his simple life starts to unravel. Diana is pursued by two gunmen, and when she finds Sam, she whispers an urgent, desperate plea: "Help me." Without any warning, Sam is thrust into a fight for his life. For Diana is being hunted by a deadly network--a shadowy alliance of select, influential men and women who use their connections, their authority, and their wealth to bend the world to their will. Now, this network aims its relentless fury against the man interfering with their plans to seize a new level of power: Sam Capra. Sam has only one hope to survive the network's all-consuming attack and return to his life with his son....he must destroy the man who owns the people who run the world.

The Aroostine Higgins Series: Box Set 1 (Books 1 and 2)

The Aroostine Higgins Series: Box Set 1 (Books 1 and 2) Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Melissa F. Miller
Editor: Brown Street Books
FileSize: 335kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 335


The Aroostine Higgins Series: Box Set 1 (Books 1 and 2) by Melissa F. Miller Summary

Buckle up for a double dose of suspense and action in this two-book thriller set from USA Today bestselling author Melissa F. Miller! CRITICAL VULNERABILITY (Book 1): Government records, medical equipment, elevators, security alarms … they’re all remotely controlled and monitored by computerized industrial control systems. It’s convenient, efficient, and potentially deadly. Assistant U.S. Attorney Aroostine Higgins has put her personal life on hold to join the Department of Justice’s elite Criminal Division. She’s about to prosecute a major bribery trial—one that could make or break her career. But everything’s going wrong. Her pretrial motion vanishes from the federal court’s electronic docketing system. Her apartment catches fire. Routine dental surgery turns into a near-death experience. By the time Aroostine realizes her string of bad luck is anything but random, the stakes are greater than the outcome of a high-profile court case. Determined to win at any cost, a hidden enemy threatens to destroy her—and the only man she’s ever loved—unless she can stop him. Now, it’s personal. CHILLING EFFECT (Book 2): Rumors of money skimming, murder, and stolen military weapons swirl around a Central Oregon reservation. Aroostine is sent to investigate in the hopes that her Native American roots will help her win trust in a community wary of outsiders. She arrives to find her would-be informant executed in his home. As she digs deeper into rumors and the murder, she butts heads with tribal authorities bent on solving the crime and doling out punishment on their own terms. After she and her husband Joe narrowly escape a deadly ambush on the reservation, she has no idea whom to trust … and who wants to kill her. Discover this smart, action-packed series today!

Evidence Series Box Set Volume 2

Evidence Series Box Set Volume 2 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Rachel Grant
Editor: Janus Publishing
ISBN: 1944571078
FileSize: 1064kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1064


Evidence Series Box Set Volume 2 by Rachel Grant Summary

The Not Quite Series Box Set

The Not Quite Series Box Set Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Kaye Draper
Editor: Kaye Draper
FileSize: 1617kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1617


The Not Quite Series Box Set by Kaye Draper Summary

Not quite human, not quite beast. Not quite female, not quite male. Sometimes hunter, sometimes prey. Always alone. Until them. Fiend hunter Sam “Sabertooth” Forest is used to being on the outskirts. Being a cur with a mix of shifter and human blood, Sam can’t fully shift to beast but can’t fully pass as human. Through sheer determination, and a desire to protect the broken shifter woman who raised them, Sam has managed to eek out a place of their own in a world devastated by the rift that allowed monsters to spill into the earth plane. Sam hunts monsters, sometimes curs and mongrels just like Sam. The work might be dangerous, and the humans might want to put the mixed breed hunter on their hitlist, but it’s a job. It’s freedom. Sam works alone and trusts no one. The next hunt should bring in a big bounty—big enough to pay the pack extortion fee and keep Sam’s adoptive mother safe through winter. But when a Leprechaun horns in on Sam's unicorn hunt and tricks Sam into forming a hunter’s guild, Sam is suddenly burdened by an overabundance of people. Setting off to hunt one-horned murder beasts with an annoying leprechaun and a nerdy half-ogre is bad enough. But when you add in a betrayal by the seductive siren Sam has loved since childhood, and the machinations of a rich human politician, well…Sam’s simple, lonely little life just got a whole lot more complicated. Author’s Note: I love reverse harem, but I got sick of reading the same old tropes. In my books you will find atypical characters and varied sexuality. In general, you probably won’t find many alpha males or fainting females. The Not Quite series is a harem/reverse harem urban fantasy series of novellas (between 35,000-45,000 words) and contains the following: *adult language, and lots of it *moderate levels of violence/gore/action *graphic sexual situations *polyamory/ multiple lovers *LBGTQ and straight themes (the main character is intersex and will have both male and female lovers, and this is a harem, so expect M/F, M/M, F/F, MMMFF etc.) *as usual, my characters all have their own emotional scars. This means the book MAY contain mentions of abuse, unpleasant situations, etc. Please do not read if you are triggered by things like this.

The Zenith Series Boxset Volume 1

The Zenith Series Boxset Volume 1 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Leanne Davis
Editor: Leanne Davis
ISBN: 1957233079
FileSize: 1480kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1480


The Zenith Series Boxset Volume 1 by Leanne Davis Summary

The Rock Band Zenith: Start the journey from devastation... to fulfillment... it's quite a journey. Zenith is supposed to be a rock band. But... they let alcohol and addiction derail what little success they started with. Now? The fall out of their destruction starts to catch up with them and those in their lives. So much was lost, but there is so much story to tell about what was gained. Read on to experience these epic romances… Zenith Falling Zenith Rising Zenith Fulfilled Key words: almost rock star contemporary romance new adult, boss self-made billionaire savior friends to lovers, love triangle rock star psychological, opposites attract, love triangle older brother long series reads, dark to light, dark and gritty, real, raw

Dark Tides Series Box Set 1-4

Dark Tides Series Box Set 1-4 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Candace Osmond
Editor: Guardian Publishing
ISBN: 198815958X
FileSize: 1830kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1830


Dark Tides Series Box Set 1-4 by Candace Osmond Summary

Fans of DAUGHTER OF THE PIRATE KING, OUTLANDER, and PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN give praise for The Dark Tides Series! Get the first four #1 International Bestselling books in this Pirate Fantasy Romance box set PLUS a bonus short story! Grab yours today! “A time travelling adventure that will give Outlander a run for its money!” – InD’Tale Magazine When Dianna accidentally breaks an enchanted ship-in-a-bottle, she's washed away to 1707 Newfoundland and taken prisoner aboard a pirate ship. But when she learns of the crew's mission to seek and kill her ancestors, Dianna's hopes to return home transform into an elaborate plot to save her long as she doesn't fall under the dark, and mysterious lure of Captain Devil Eyed Barrett. Fight for her life or give in to her heart? Either way, she's doomed. If you love time travel romance, sexy pirates, strong female leads, and addicting books, like Daughter of the Pirate King and Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series, then grab this page-turner of a Pirate Fantasy box set today! Books in the Dark Tides Box Set 1-4: The Devil's Heart The Pirate Queen The Blackened Soul The Siren's Call

Montana Skies Complete Series Boxset

Montana Skies Complete Series Boxset Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Ivy James
Editor: Kindred Spirits Publishing
ISBN: 1946863890
FileSize: 782kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 782


Montana Skies Complete Series Boxset by Ivy James Summary

HER MONTANA COWBOY Sometimes tragedy is a second chance in disguise... He was the one. The one she loved but couldn’t have without revealing the truth of her past. That’s why she left, why she’s stayed away, and why she has to return... Paralyzed by a riding accident, Seth Rowland doesn’t want physical therapist Grace Korbit to see him like this. Of all people, why her? But Grace is the best, and if he stands a chance at recovery, she’s the one to help him. Maybe if he cooperates he’ll be able to walk again, get her to reveal the truth of why she’d left—and convince her to stay. HER COWBOY SHERIFF Sheriff Jonas Taggert needs a helping hand with his daughter and Rissa Matthews and her Goth-dressing teen are definitely not it. He can’t afford to fall for a woman who doesn’t plan to stick around, much less one who can’t control her own kid. But the girls become friends, and it isn’t long before Jonas’ perspective takes a hard hit. Of all the people in the world for him and his daughter to love... why did it have to be them? PROTECTING THE SHERIFF’S DAUGHTER With all her heart Carly Taggert wants to be a mother, but without a husband there's only one way she knows to make it happen—become a foster parent. She’s signed up, willing, waiting and ready...oh so ready. Liam McKenna is assigned by Carly's sheriff father to keep her out of trouble while the sheriff is away. When he learns of her plan, Liam is sure she's headed for it—lock, stock, and barrel. Foster kids are messed up. Broken. Trouble. He ought to know since he was one. There's no talking sense into Carly, and soon Liam finds himself dragged into the chaos and falling for her despite knowing better. She’s a softie, in for a hard fall because those kids aren't hers to keep. But he’s sticking around, and maybe once she knows how painful it can be to let them go, she'll drop the nonsense of having kids and— keep him instead? COWBOY MEETS HIS MATCH How does a Burbank-loving, California-dreaming, city girl find herself on a Montana ranch living with a too-handsome stranger? A Will, that’s how. And now Gabriella Thompson is entwined in a million-dollar standoff with Brad McKenna. If she meets the terms of the Will, the land is hers to do with as she pleases and what she wants to do is sell to the highest bidder. But Brad, her host for the required three months, is determined to change her mind because as badly as she needs the money, he needs to control the land. Three months is enough time to get to know someone really well...or even fall in love. Question is: does her cowboy rancher really love her? Or is it just about winning the prize? MONTANA CHRISTMAS Widowed, a single mom, Christmas, and she’s just lost her job. Can it get worse? Apparently it can when Santa asks if he can help her and Jenna Darlington knows it’s a cruel joke. Because Santa—Chance McKenna--is a member of the Rock Gods, a group of rock climbers who live off of adrenaline and stupidity. Been there, done that. Buried her husband because of it. She has no respect for a man who doesn’t respect life—even if he is offering her a job. Chance knows exactly how Jenna feels about him and the rest of the Rock Gods. So why does he feel the way he does around her? They’re polar opposites when it comes to life views. But isn’t the saying that opposites attract? SECOND CHANCE HERO Skylar Mathews wants her son, Cody, to get better, and visiting Cody’s grandparents in Montana is supposed to accomplish that. But Marcus Whitefeather’s surprising presence on the ranch leaves her reeling. Marcus knew he’d regret sending Skylar and their unborn son away but at the time he’d had no choice. He’d lost everything, including his ability to walk, and no way was he ready to be a father, much less a husband. Ending their relationship was the hardest—and best—thing for all of them. But now they’re back and Marcus is a different man. When Cody doesn’t improve, Marcus suggests the unthinkable—that they reveal the truth not only to Cody, but their families. Make the wrong right and start again. Together. But after so many years of hiding their secret son how can Marcus prove he’s not only father material, but ready for more? MONTANA SKIES SERIES: HER MONTANA COWBOY HER COWBOY SHERIFF PROTECTING THE SHERIFF’S DAUGHTER COWBOY MEETS HIS MATCH MONTANA CHRISTMAS SECOND CHANCE HERO THE STONE GAP MOUNTAIN SERIES: THAT SOUTHERN SUMMER NIGHT BLIND MAN’S BLUFF HER UNWANTED PROTECTOR REDEMPTION ROAD THEIR SECRET SNOWBOUND CHRISTMAS OWEN’S RETURN THE REDEEMING LOVE SERIES: HER REDEEMING LOVE HIS REDEEMING LOVE REDEEMING US TENNESSEE TULANES SERIES: HER SNOWBOUND HERO THE REBEL’S SECRET BARGAIN HIS BABY PROPOSAL THE DOCTOR’S NANNY A HERO IN HIDING

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