How To Draw Cute Stuff Draw Anything And Everything In The Cutest Style Ever Volume 1

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How to Draw an Object

How to Draw an Object Pdf/ePub eBook Author:
Editor: St. Martin\'s Griffin
ISBN: 1250170095
FileSize: 1667kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1667


How to Draw an Object by Summary

Learn to draw charming objects! Filled with colorful illustrations and step-by-step explanations, How to Draw an Object is the perfect introduction to the art of sketching. The delightful illustrations are equal parts inspiration and tutorial and are sure to have even the shyest artists reaching for a sketchbook. The book begins with simple explanations of drawing fundamentals—how to use perspective and draw basic shapes like cubes, cylinders, and cones. From there newly minted sketch artists will learn how to transform those simple components into realistic drawings. A cylinder becomes a many layered wedding cake festooned with frosting while a cone is transformed into a martini, a butterfly net, or a sea shell. Soon readers will see that even the most complicated drawing is really only a collection of these basic shapes. The book also includes a range of more specific tips and tricks, such as how to mimic the drape of fabric when drawing clothes or adding texture. Soizic Mouton's How to Draw an Object will give anyone who’s ever wanted to learn to draw the confidence to pick up a pencil and begin!

How to Draw Anything Anytime

How to Draw Anything Anytime Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Kamo
Editor: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 1462922341
FileSize: 1549kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1549


How to Draw Anything Anytime by Kamo Summary

Author and artist Kamo is back with her ever-popular doodles! Cute, funny and simple drawings—alongside step-by-step instructions—are sure to inspire readers of all ages to sit down and start doodling. Begin with a line or squiggle, and then turn it into a face, animal or anything else that your imagination conjures up. The point is just to draw—anytime, anywhere, anything—and, most of all, to have fun while you are doing it! With more than 1000 examples, How to Draw Anything Anytime includes: People of all ages Animals from sea otters to giraffes and sloths to turtles Food and drinks including coffee, popcorn, sushi and lots of other appetizing treats Transportation, whether traveling by submarine, UFO or bus Astrological signs and zodiac animals Japanese and latin alphabet lettering Clever borders for decorating edges The adorable images throughout the book provide inspiration. Whether doodling digitally or on paper, use your drawings to decorate bookmarks, office supplies, bags, cards, invitations, notebooks, mobiles, window hangings and more. Sample cartoon strips show you how to incorporate your doodles into a bigger project. Fans of Kamo's other doodle books love her instantly recognizable style. Unlike serious art books, there are no rules to follow and no classes to take. All that's needed is a free hand and a free spirit—follow your lines and see where they take you.

How to Doodle Everywhere

How to Doodle Everywhere Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Kamo
Editor: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 1462921388
FileSize: 348kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 348


How to Doodle Everywhere by Kamo Summary

Anyone can doodle—and this book proves it! Your intrepid doodling guide Kamo is the author of many bestselling drawing guides, and in this one she shows you how to create simple doodles anywhere using just a ballpoint pen. You'll learn to use Kamo's motto: "Once you know the basics, you can draw anything!" This book provides hundreds of examples showing you how to create doodles that are lively and entertaining in three easy steps. Unlike fine-art or manga drawings, there are no rules and no fancy techniques. All that's needed is a free hand and a free spirit! This book makes an ideal gift for doodlers of all ages, beginners and amateurs alike. It shows you how to doodle anywhere—at home, in the office and on the go—on loose scraps of paper or in a notebook. Learn to use your decorative doodles to dress up and enliven things you use everyday—from letters, gift cards and invitations to journals, appointment books, household labels, business cards and scrapbooks. Doodles are useful and fun—and their applications are endless!

Drawing School

Drawing School Pdf/ePub eBook Author:
Editor: Walter Foster Jr
ISBN: 1633225682
FileSize: 503kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 503


Drawing School by Summary

Everyone loves to draw, and Drawing School is the ultimate guide for kids who want to learn to draw their favorite things. The easy-to-follow lessons show them how to draw more than 250 animals and objects. Love of art and drawing can start young in children. Nurture your child's connection to the blank page with Drawing School! This comprehensive guide is designed to ensure that anyone can learn how to draw with the simple step-by-step projects! This art book begins with instructions for drawing basic shapes and an introduction to basic tools and materials, then jumps directly into drawing projects on a variety of subjects, from things found on the farm, under the sea, and in the garden to around the house, around town, and around the world. Drawing School features more than 250 animals and objects for kids (or adults just finding their drawing legs) to practice drawing. Each subject is broken down, and how to draw them is explained in clear, easy-to-follow steps. Whether it's a big, yellow school bus, a giant elephant, or a friendly sea turtle, Drawing School shows kids how to draw their favorite things. Grab a pencil and get drawing!