Publication Manual Of The American Psychological Association 7th Edition 2020 Copyright

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APA Guidelines in Tables (Quick Study APA)

APA Guidelines in Tables (Quick Study APA) Pdf/ePub eBook Author: ,
Editor: CreativeCloud Publications
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APA Guidelines in Tables (Quick Study APA) by , Summary

Quick and easy to understand guidelines on APA formatting in tables for students. Quick reference tables can speed up your academic writing process allowing you to focus on the quality of the paper to succeed in studying. Guidelines include introduction to APA, general rules, running head, title page, table of contents, abstract page, body (introduction, discussion, conclusion), headings, in-text citations, and reference list general formatting guidelines with examples.

APA Style & Citations For Dummies

APA Style & Citations For Dummies Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Joe Giampalmi
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119716454
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APA Style & Citations For Dummies by Joe Giampalmi Summary

Write right in for scholarly success While world-renowned for the precision and clarity it lends to scholarly writing, keeping track of APA style's exacting standards can be demanding (at times even excruciating!) for initiates and seasoned writers alike. Created and governed by the American Psychological Association, it provides a universal style for formatting, citations, and footnotes in psychological research, behavioral and social science journals, and beyond. Getting up to speed is tough stuff, but once you've got it, your work will have that easy-to-follow scholarly authority that will get high marks from your professors and peers alike. Your friendly, frustration-free guide for this adventure in simplifying APA style is Joe Giampalmi, who has taught more than 100 APA-style composition courses to college students. He takes the pain of following APA style away by breaking it down to its essential elements and focusing on the important stuff students encounter most. You'll work through specific, real-life examples of using APA style for psychology, criminology, business, and nursing papers. In addition to demystifying the intricacies of formatting and citation, APA Style & Citations For Dummies has got you covered in all matters of grammar and punctuation—as well as guidance on how APA style can help you negotiate issues around the ethics of authorship and the importance of word choice in reducing bias. Develop conciseness and clarity Pay attention to flow, structure, and logic in your writing Know when, why, how, and what to cite Keep your writing ethically conscious and bias-free Writing in APA style is something that almost all students will need to do at some point: APA Style & Citations For Dummies is a must-have desk reference to know how to win the approval of your professors—and earn the marks you need for success!

The Evolution of Corporate Disclosure

The Evolution of Corporate Disclosure Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Alessandro Ghio,Roberto Verona
Editor: Springer Nature
ISBN: 3030422992
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The Evolution of Corporate Disclosure by Alessandro Ghio,Roberto Verona Summary

This book provides a critical analysis of the evolution of corporate disclosure. Building upon prior academic literature, it assesses the most important changes in mandatory corporate disclosure, the growing relevance of social and environmental disclosure, and revolutionary new forms of corporate communication, in particular social media. It also includes empirical analyses that shed further light on the impact of voluntary communication, i.e. social and environmental reporting and corporate social media communication, on managerial and investment decisions. Lastly, it discusses new directions for accounting and corporate governance research on the theoretical and empirical challenges of corporate disclosure. Offering a wealth of relevant and timely advice, the book will help regulators design policies that allow businesses to overcome current and emerging economic, social, and technological challenges.

The Concise APA Handbook

The Concise APA Handbook Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Paul Iida,Rachael Ruegg,Mark de Boer,Naoko Araki,Mary Frances Agnello
Editor: IAP
ISBN: 1648021859
FileSize: 950kb
File Format: Pdf
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The Concise APA Handbook by Paul Iida,Rachael Ruegg,Mark de Boer,Naoko Araki,Mary Frances Agnello Summary

Most students struggle with learning how to find references, use them effectively, and cite them appropriately in a required format. One of the most common formats is that of APA. The authors all have vast experience teaching writing courses to various levels of students from undergraduates to graduates in other countries. However, there was lacking a book that could explain the basics of APA in simple, easy-to-understand language for non-native speakers of English, who are often unfamiliar with using references and formatting an essay in a particular method. In order to offer English Learner student writers a source of information that is appropriate for their level, and is cost-effective, this updated APA 7th edition guidebook provides students with important information in clear, concise, user-friendly language, as well as to offer practical examples that will help them grasp the concept of secondary research writing. Much of the published materials on the market targets native speakers of English. The problem with this is that they present the nitpicky details of APA in ways that do not make sense to native speakers of English, let alone to those for whom English is not their first language, because the information is presented in very technical terms that are not easy to understand. This handbook presents the same information in simplified terms with images and step-by-step instructions in ways that make sense to both native and non-native English speaking student writers. Additionally, student writers often struggle with understanding the concept of plagiarism, as well as how to find sources, evaluate the appropriateness of sources, and use sources in effective ways (e.g., how to integrate quotes, when to paraphrase, among others). This book provides this important information that is concise and easy to understand. NOTE: This is a REVISED edition of our original The Concise APA Handbook, which has been updated for APA 7th edition, which was issued in the fall, 2019.


教育學門論文寫作格式指引-APA格式第七版之應用 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: 吳清山,林雍智
Editor: 心理
ISBN: 9861919317
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教育學門論文寫作格式指引-APA格式第七版之應用 by 吳清山,林雍智 Summary

要寫好一篇論文,除了需具備原創性題材與寫作者的熱忱外,還要能正確使用寫作格式,才能讓論文順利面世,讀者也才有機會閱讀到這份作品。我國教育學門各領域所遵行的寫作規範為APA格式,其係指由美國心理學會在所發行的出版指引中,對教育與心理學門論文寫作進行規範之格式。APA格式自1929年刊出第一版以來,目前已修訂至第七版,也已成多國在教育、心理等人文、社會科學領域,以及護理學等自然科學領域上的寫作格式標準。 因此,在撰寫教育學門論文前,即需掌握APA格式的內涵以及在中文上的轉換等用法。本書透過介紹APA格式在論文寫作上之應用,協助寫作者對主題設定、文獻引用、表與圖製作與參考文獻的寫法有更清楚的認識,俾能在撰文時依循該格式,進一步提高學術研究的品質。

DSM-5® Diagnosis in the Schools

DSM-5® Diagnosis in the Schools Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Renée M. Tobin,Alvin E. House
Editor: Guilford Publications
ISBN: 1462523765
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DSM-5® Diagnosis in the Schools by Renée M. Tobin,Alvin E. House Summary

This key resource helps practitioners optimize their diagnostic practices in PreK–12 settings. Now significantly revised for DSM-5, the book cuts through the overwhelming length and complexity of the diagnostic manual by focusing thematically on the most common child and adolescent concerns. Tips are provided for diagnostic decision making and coding, and technical terms are demystified. Emphasis is given to using diagnosis as a foundation for effective intervention. The book highlights links to special education eligibility under IDEA and discusses ethical and professional issues in school-based assessment. New to This Edition *Revised throughout for DSM-5. *Restructured chapters on learning, communication, and motor problems; mood problems; anxiety problems; conduct problems; and impulse-control problems. *Updated content on IDEA 2004. *Notes encapsulating changes to each set of diagnostic criteria, for those familiar with the prior DSM. *Author Commentary sidebars sharing clinical insights and experiences.

International Perspectives in Values-Based Mental Health Practice

International Perspectives in Values-Based Mental Health Practice Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Drozdstoy Stoyanov,Bill Fulford,Giovanni Stanghellini,Werdie Van Staden,Michael TH Wong
Editor: Springer Nature
ISBN: 3030478521
FileSize: 417kb
File Format: Pdf
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International Perspectives in Values-Based Mental Health Practice by Drozdstoy Stoyanov,Bill Fulford,Giovanni Stanghellini,Werdie Van Staden,Michael TH Wong Summary

This open access book offers essential information on values-based practice (VBP): the clinical skills involved, teamwork and person-centered care, links between values and evidence, and the importance of partnerships in shared decision-making. Different cultures have different values; for example, partnership in decision-making looks very different, from the highly individualized perspective of European and North American cultures to the collective and family-oriented perspectives common in South East Asia. In turn, African cultures offer yet another perspective, one that falls between these two extremes (called batho pele). The book will benefit everyone concerned with the practical challenges of delivering mental health services. Accordingly, all contributions are developed on the basis of case vignettes, and cover a range of situations in which values underlie tensions or uncertainties regarding how to proceed in clinical practice. Examples include the patient’s autonomy and best interest, the physician’s commitment to establishing high standards of clinical governance, clinical versus community best interest, institutional versus clinical interests, patients insisting on medically unsound but legal treatments etc. Thus far, VBP publications have mainly dealt with clinical scenarios involving individual values (of clinicians and patients). Our objective with this book is to develop a model of VBP that is culturally much broader in scope. As such, it offers a vital resource for mental health stakeholders in an increasingly inter-connected world. It also offers opportunities for cross-learning in values-based practice between cultures with very different clinical care traditions.