Tetterbaum S Truth

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No Easy Way

No Easy Way Pdf/ePub eBook Author: ,
Editor: BookCountry
ISBN: 1463003757
FileSize: 406kb
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No Easy Way by , Summary

Swerving with the kind of deliberate precision only blind rage can empower, the black pick-up crushes Kansas Oil Tycoon, Lou Martin Miller, leaving Miller’s widow with an impossible choice: Cover the sin that lead to her husband’s death and conceal the identity of his killer, or risk the destruction of her family. She carefully weaves a net of protection around her family, but the day she dies it begins to unravel, leaving her grandson, Tom, and his soon-to-be-ex-wife, Kate, in grave danger. Missing evidence, mistaken identity and manipulation leave private investigator, Stephen Braznovich, trapped between white lies and dark lusts, as he races to piece together a family secret before the next victim falls prey to deep-rooted revenge. The trouble is anyone who gets close to the truth winds up dead. On the verge of an unwanted divorce, Tom must decide between a confession that could save his marriage or lie to save himself. Tension mounts as Tom and Kate’s lives hang in a twisted balance of crossed lines and misunderstood motives, all pointing to one simple truth. There is No Easy Way.

Devon's Gamble

Devon's Gamble Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Odessa Lynne
Editor: Odelyn Publishing
FileSize: 1999kb
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Read: 1999


Devon's Gamble by Odessa Lynne Summary

The second book in the Wolves’ Heat series from Odessa Lynne! Don’t run if you get caught unless you want claws in your spine and teeth in your neck and two hundred pounds of lust-crazed wolf on your back. First contact between humans and the alien species they’ve nicknamed “wolves” couldn’t have been more tranquil. The wolves shared their superior technology and knowledge in exchange for a new home, and thousands of wolves abandoned their aging spacefaring ships to settle in Earth’s forested mountain regions. But the wolves held some secrets too close and humanity has begun paying the price. Once every three years, humans become sexual prey to a species that has no control over the urge to mate because of an unexpected and devastating attraction to human scent. Heat season has arrived and Devon’s taken a dangerous bet that’s put him dead center in the midst of a pack of wolves. When a wolf claims Devon as a heat mate, Devon has one choice: submit or die… Male/Male Romance. Romance for anyone who likes hot male/male loving, alpha males, and alien mates with powerful mating instincts!