The Christmas Beau

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The Christmas Beau

The Christmas Beau Pdf/ePub eBook Author:
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The Christmas Beau by Summary

Love suffers long and is kind… 1 Corinthians 13:4 “Why did I even come here for my vacation?” Charity Maxwell questions, initially regretting her trip home to Lewiston Springs for her Christmas vacation … that is until she finds out that an old flame is visiting too. With familiar emotions invading her heart, Charity desperately tries to keep her composure around a man with whom she shares a painful past. Determined to make right his wrong, Milton Grayson passionately pursues Charity regretful that he lost her once and determined to not let it happen again. As a reminiscent whirlwind romance ensues between them, the pressure builds on a meddling family member who secretly plotted to separate the pair in the past. Is their love true enough to withstand the evils that broke them apart the first time? Or will Charity’s anticipation of having a Christmas boyfriend suddenly be dashed to pieces? The Christmas Beau is the first book in The True Love Novellas series that shares the love of God in and out of season.

A Christmas Bride/Christmas Beau

A Christmas Bride/Christmas Beau Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Mary Balogh
Editor: Dell
ISBN: 0345535790
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A Christmas Bride/Christmas Beau by Mary Balogh Summary

In a pair of classic Regency-era Christmas romance novels from New York Times bestselling author Mary Balogh, the holidays herald the greatest gift of all: unexpected, all-consuming love. A CHRISTMAS BRIDE The very wealthy Edgar Downes has promised his aging father to finally take a bride—specifically, to wed a titled lady by Christmas. London is full of pretty, proper, and eligible misses, but it’s the widow Helena, Lady Stapleton, in a shocking red dress, who captures Edgar’s attention. Helena is intrigued by the seductive stranger—but he’s simply not in her class. Marriage, of course, would never do. But in a season of miracles, something wondrous is about to happen. CHRISTMAS BEAU Not even the warm, forgiving Christmas spirit can stop the Marquess of Denbigh from settling his score with Judith Easton: The beautiful young widow injured Denbigh’s pride years ago by jilting him for another man. Now that Judith is free from a nightmare marriage, the handsome marquess has her in his sights—and wants her in his arms. But to trust the tender words on his lips, Judith must not only see past the hardness of his heart, but learn once again to trust her own heart’s desire.

The Christmas Beau

The Christmas Beau Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Regina Duke
Editor: Linda White
ISBN: 194475234X
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The Christmas Beau by Regina Duke Summary

When Holly falls for Tanner at the Christmas Circuit, he's surrounded by glamorous females, leaving Holly to wonder if she can compete. Will she end up with her Christmas Beau? Find out in this sweet, warm holiday story from USA Today Bestselling Author Regina Duke.

A Christmas Beau

A Christmas Beau Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Delia Latham
Editor: Pelican Ventures Book Group
ISBN: 1522300627
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A Christmas Beau by Delia Latham Summary

Katie Knowles's life is going as planned. Even her long-time crush on Cameron Hilliard has fallen into place. Katie knows Cameron cares for her. Deeply. But something keeps him from committing completely. Cam Hilliard is thirty-two years old before he finds himself wading the murky waters of true love. At twenty-four, Katie's so young. So pure. So innocent. Although he's found Christ and is at peace with his past, Cam can claim none of those things. Is it fair to ask such a special woman to tie her future to his? Then Katie comes face-to-face with a ghost from a part of Cam's past, and he is forced to acknowledge the very real possibility of losing her. Suddenly their differences no longer matter. He has to find a way to set the situation right, accept the consequence of his most shameful secret, and win back Katie's trust and love. But when the clock strikes midnight on Christmas day, it'll be too late. Is their faith and love strong enough to bring them a real-life Christmas miracle?

The Christmas Humbugs

The Christmas Humbugs Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Colleen Monroe
Editor: Sleeping Bear Press
ISBN: 1627532072
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Read: 773


The Christmas Humbugs by Colleen Monroe Summary

Christmas is coming but someone is playing tricks! Torn stockings and broken candy canes reveal that The Christmas Humbugs have arrived at this holiday home. But do not fear, lively rhymes and merry illustrations by Colleen and Michael Glenn Monroe lift spirits and let readers know that not even the Humbugs can dampen Christmas cheer.

The Christmas Snowman

The Christmas Snowman Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Margery Cuyler
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 162636589X
FileSize: 801kb
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The Christmas Snowman by Margery Cuyler Summary

Two weeks before Christmas, Kevin and Sally decide to build a snowman. One night they look out the window and are amazed to see Mr. Snow—their snowman—making snow angels, sledding, and even skating on the pond. But when the weather warms up just before Christmas and Mr. Snow starts to melt, Kevin and Sally come up with a plan to save their friend by imploring the help of Santa Claus. Johanna Westerman’s elegant drawings compliment Margery Cuyler’s touching story to create a book that is perfect for children and parents to share during the holiday season. Ages 4-8.

The Christmas Gift

The Christmas Gift Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Emily Arnold McCully
Editor: StarWalk Kids Media
ISBN: 1623342015
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Read: 1066


The Christmas Gift by Emily Arnold McCully Summary

All the best holiday traditions are here in this wordless picture book by Caldecott-winning illustrator and writer, Emily Arnold McCully. The decorated tree, singing carols with papa, and all the many mouse children’s going up to bed, dreaming about the presents they will find on Christmas morning. Everyone finds something marvelous under the tree, especially the remote control airplane that really flies. It’s the best present EVER, until the special surprise that comes when the family visits Grandma and Grandpa.

The Ghost of Christmas Past

The Ghost of Christmas Past Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Angie Fox
Editor: Angie Fox
ISBN: 1939661609
FileSize: 1299kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1299


The Ghost of Christmas Past by Angie Fox Summary

From NY Times Bestselling Author, Angie Fox, a hauntingly fun holiday addition to the USA TODAY bestselling Southern Ghost Hunter series Southern girl Verity Long needs a Christmas miracle... Verity is ready to deck the halls, jingle some bells, and maybe, just maybe have a merry Christmas with her boyfriend’s stuffy family. Truly, if she doesn’t extend the proverbial olive branch to the overbearing Wydells, she’s afraid she’ll hit them over the head with it. But when her boyfriend’s mother pulls a shocking stunt, Verity finds herself with a big decision to make. And if that’s not enough, there’s an unexpected guest at her door. It’s the ghost of the woman who helped rescue Verity’s pet skunk three years ago that very night. And now she’s there to change Verity’s life as well. *A "between the books" stand-alone holiday story you don't want to miss!

How Santa Filled the Christmas Stockings

How Santa Filled the Christmas Stockings Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Carolyn S. Hodgman
Editor: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486119459
FileSize: 1970kb
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Read: 1970


How Santa Filled the Christmas Stockings by Carolyn S. Hodgman Summary

A boy tries to trick Santa in this lighthearted story, recounted in verse and illustrated with 13 enchanting images. A large format and sturdy pages complement this charming facsimile of the 1916 edition.

The Christmas Wife

The Christmas Wife Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Sherry Lewis
Editor: Harlequin
ISBN: 1459236653
FileSize: 936kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 936


The Christmas Wife by Sherry Lewis Summary

Molly has returned to Serenity for Homecoming…but will she stay forever? Beau Julander, a single father of two, is having trouble juggling the responsibilities of career, home and family. And his work for the Homecoming Week Committee makes this time of year really busy—but not too busy to get reacquainted with Molly Shepherd, a girl he barely knew in high school. His attraction to Molly and her obvious interest in him soothe the damage done to his ego when his ex-wife walked out on him, but he's keenly aware of how his kids have been hurt by the divorce, and he doesn't want to make things worse for them by becoming involved in a relationship that's only temporary. But Beau and his kids soon find out that Molly is not a temporary kind of woman—she's in for the long run.

The Christmas Heirloom

The Christmas Heirloom Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Karen Witemeyer,Kristi Ann Hunter,Sarah Loudin Thomas,Becky Wade
Editor: Baker Books
ISBN: 1493417096
FileSize: 1694kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1694


The Christmas Heirloom by Karen Witemeyer,Kristi Ann Hunter,Sarah Loudin Thomas,Becky Wade Summary

In Kristi Ann Hunter's "Legacy of Love," Sarah Gooding never suspected returning a brooch to an elderly woman would lead to a job . . . and introduce her to the woman's grandson, a man far above her station. In Karen Witemeyer's "Gift of the Heart," widow Ruth Albright uses the family brooch as collateral for a loan from the local banker. But the more she comes to know the man behind the stern businessman, the more she hopes for a second chance at love. In Sarah Loudin Thomas's "A Shot at Love," Fleeta Brady's rough-and-tumble childhood means she prefers hunting to more feminine activities. She never expected her family's brooch might be how a fellow hunter turns her attention from competition to romance. In Becky Wade's "Because of You," Maddie Winslow has spent years in love with a man whose heart was already spoken for. When a church Christmas project brings them together and she stumbles upon an old family brooch, might it finally be her turn for love?

The Christmas Plan

The Christmas Plan Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Samantha Chase
Editor: Chasing Romance, Inc.
FileSize: 749kb
File Format: Pdf
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The Christmas Plan by Samantha Chase Summary

f only life was a cheesy holiday movie… Unfortunately for Aspen Harris, her life doesn’t even come close. Finding herself unemployed just before the holidays, she has no choice but to move back home and in her parents’ house. And that means leaving behind her best friend Gabriel and all her dreams of someday owning her own chocolate shop. So when Gabe suggests she come to Silver Bell Falls to spend the holidays with his family, it seems like the perfect distraction. What’s so great about holiday movies? Don’t people realize that living in an actual Christmas town is anything but magical? Every year, Gabriel Andrews goes home to Silver Bell Falls to help his father run the family Christmas tree lot. When Aspen tells him she has to move to the other side of the country after losing her job, he suggests she come home with him for the holidays. It’s the perfect way to spend as much time together as possible before a whole country separates them. But this is Silver Bell Falls at Christmas time…between a mother with matchmaking tendencies, tight living quarters and far too much chocolate, it doesn’t take very long for life to start imitating art.

A Puppy for Christmas

A Puppy for Christmas Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Carole Mortimer,Myrna Mackenzie,Nikki Logan
Editor: Harlequin
ISBN: 1460320425
FileSize: 1090kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1090


A Puppy for Christmas by Carole Mortimer,Myrna Mackenzie,Nikki Logan Summary

On the Secretary's Christmas List by Carole Mortimer Bree has landed an amazing job, but her new boss is a difficult, unreliable playboy—who is also infuriatingly gorgeous… When Bree looks after Jackson's son and energetic puppy, she realizes what she really wants this Christmas…. The Soldier, the Puppy and Me by Myrna Mackenzie Christmas is a difficult time for war hero Trey McFadden and it doesn't help that his neighbour, Ella Delancey, and her adorable puppy, Fizz, seem determined on spreading festive cheer. The Patter of Paws at Christmas by Nikki Logan Ingrid has to spend Christmas with gorgeous zookeeper Gabriel Marque. They're keeping watch for the zoo's first litter of wild dogs. Will the patter of tiny paws bring them together, this time forever?

Caillou: Merry Christmas!

Caillou: Merry Christmas! Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Johanne Mercier
Editor: Chouette Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 2894509804
FileSize: 448kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 448


Caillou: Merry Christmas! by Johanne Mercier Summary

It's Christmastime and Caillou's family is gathering together. Even his Aunt Poppy and her cat Balthazar have come from far away to celebrate the holiday with Caillou, his sister Rosie, and their parents and grandparents. Before they know it, Christmas Eve has arrived, and Caillou—who is too excited to sleep—suddenly hears a strange noise. Could it be Santa? Capturing the precious memories and emotions of the holiday season, toddlers learn about the deeper meaning of Christmas.

A New Hope for Christmas

A New Hope for Christmas Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Erin Stevenson
Editor: Pelican Ventures Book Group
ISBN: 1522303235
FileSize: 1873kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1873


A New Hope for Christmas by Erin Stevenson Summary

This Christmas, Two Lost and Broken Families Need Restoration. Sam Jarrett was just starting to explore spiritual things when his world was shattered. Now, he's completely turned his back on God. Laura Preston is a devoted believer, leaning heavily on her faith to get her through each tortured day. Two Chance Meetings Spark a Friendship and a Glimmer of Hope. Sam battles God's prodding through Laura's gentle, caring spirit. When another tragedy strikes on Christmas Eve, Sam is sure that God has completely deserted him. Laura tries to show Sam that God loves him and has been there all the time, but how can Sam trust when he has no faith? A New Hope for Christmas is a story of restored faith in a God who never leaves us, even when we can't see or feel Him near.

A Cup of Christmas Kindness

A Cup of Christmas Kindness Pdf/ePub eBook Author: LoRee Peery
Editor: Pelican Ventures Book Group
ISBN: 1522303227
FileSize: 1051kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1051


A Cup of Christmas Kindness by LoRee Peery Summary

Violet Steele returns to her parents' home in small-town Nebraska to pay off school loans. But her first social activity is the celebration of life for a woman she'd dreamt would someday be her mother-in-law. Heath Banfield is haunted by memories of Violet leaving him in their youth. He ended up with a woman who never wanted motherhood, and he's become bitter and hard when it comes to love and trust. Now he's dealing with his mother's death. In her absence, he needs an after-school caregiver for his daughter. When Violet offers to tend for the eight-year-old, he's not sure he can handle her act of kindness. Violet is still in love with Heath, and helping him through his grief and caring for his delightful daughter is a welcome opportunity. But Heath is wary, and she'll have to muster every ounce of kindness she has. Will Violet's deliberate holiday deeds lead to romance, or will Heath's hurt deepen his bitterness?

What Dogs Want for Christmas

What Dogs Want for Christmas Pdf/ePub eBook Author:
Editor: Sleeping Bear Press
ISBN: 1627531696
FileSize: 1310kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1310


What Dogs Want for Christmas by Summary

Proving that cats don't have the last word when it comes to making Christmas lists, author and artist Kandy Radzinski returns this holiday season with the canine companion book to last year's favorite, What Cats Want for Christmas. Using witty poems and winsome illustrations, What Dogs Want for Christmas lets our four-footed friends speak for themselves. And what does Man's Best Friend have on his holiday list? Ruffus, a dapper Scottie, would love "something with fur... that once went purr..." while the more practical basset hound Daisy complains, "My ears hang down to my feet. Can you fix them so they're short and neat?" Santa is going to need a bigger sleigh to fulfill some of these holiday wishes! After reading What Dogs Want for Christmas, canine lovers of all ages will think twice before buying another chew toy.Kandy Radzinski received her Master of Science in Art from East Texas State University. She taught art at Central Washington State College and the University of Tulsa. Kandy has illustrated children's books, posters, greeting cards, and even a six-foot penguin. Her books with Sleeping Bear Press include What Cats Want for Christmas and I is for Idea: An Inventions Alphabet. Kandy lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

No Good Deed

No Good Deed Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Michael Rupured
Editor: DSP Publications
ISBN: 1634765710
FileSize: 1532kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1532


No Good Deed by Michael Rupured Summary

In 1966, will kind-hearted Smithsonian curator Philip discover that no good deed goes unpunished?

A Christmas Promise

A Christmas Promise Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Mary Balogh
Editor: Dell
ISBN: 0440339669
FileSize: 677kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 677


A Christmas Promise by Mary Balogh Summary

A love that cannot be bought or sold proves to be the greatest gift of all, in this heartwarming classic that demonstrates once again why New York Times bestselling author Mary Balogh is among the most celebrated authors of historical romance. Weddings are supposed to be joyous occasions—especially when a couple seems as well matched as Randolph Pierce, Earl of Falloden, and his bride-to-be, Eleanor Transome. Ellie brings to the marriage a vast dowry, while Falloden, though distant, is handsome, tremendously desirable, and possessed of a title most young ladies can only dream of sharing. Yet Ellie is not most young ladies. She knows that she must honor her dear father’s dying wish for her to wed the proud earl, but she dreads a lifetime in a union without love—and how can Falloden claim to love her when he married her only for her fortune? As Christmas descends upon the Falloden manor, the warmth of the season may yet melt away the trappings of duty and wealth, leaving behind only a man and a woman destined for each other’s arms. BONUS: This edition includes an excerpt from Mary Balogh's The Escape.

Fingernail Moon

Fingernail Moon Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Patty Collins-King
Editor: Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 1457550504
FileSize: 383kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 383


Fingernail Moon by Patty Collins-King Summary

For fifty years Tessa Yates Clatterbuck is surrounded by death, but if her silent wish would have come true the day her husband died, she would have never gotten to experience a long lost dream, much less an unlikely love affair. Beau Patten is the witness to the heart wrenching scene of a woman losing her husband. His career as a country music star is taxing him, along with his nasty divorce, thus driving him to be careless and take up with younger women. It is only when Tessa and Bea’s worlds collide, literally, that the unfolding drama and suspense will be unraveled between a southern lady and a not so southern gentleman. With a fascinating cast of characters, Fingernail Moon will pull at every human emotion.

The Nutcracker's Night Before Christmas

The Nutcracker's Night Before Christmas Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Keith Brockett
Editor: Sleeping Bear Press
ISBN: 1634704282
FileSize: 739kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 739


The Nutcracker's Night Before Christmas by Keith Brockett Summary

In The Nutcracker's Night Before Christmas preparations for a doomed stage production of the classic ballet goes from terribly bad to ridiculously worse. Sick stagehands, renegade cats, and crashing Christmas trees have everyone sure that the show won't go on. But it's Christmas Eve and help is on the way! Told in verse with wonderful whimsical illustrations, this story hits all the right notes for holiday reading.

Psychology as a Dialogical Science

Psychology as a Dialogical Science Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Maria Cláudia Santos Lopes-de-Oliveira,Angela Uchoa Branco,Sandra Ferraz Dourado Castillo Freire
Editor: Springer Nature
ISBN: 3030447723
FileSize: 828kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 828


Psychology as a Dialogical Science by Maria Cláudia Santos Lopes-de-Oliveira,Angela Uchoa Branco,Sandra Ferraz Dourado Castillo Freire Summary

This book intends to translate into theoretical, methodological and practical language the principles of dialogical psychology. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, theoretical models in psychology have approached human mind and behavior from a monological point of view, a generalizing perspective which ignored the core role of social transactions in the construction of the person and sought to explain psychological functioning only looking inside individuals’ minds and brains, or in mechanist sets of reinforcement contingencies. However, for the last 40 years, critical perspectives within the fields of psychological and sociological theoretical thinking have produced an important epistemological shift towards a new dialogical paradigm within the behavioral and social sciences. The contributions in this volume intend to present both the theoretical framework and possible applications of dialogical psychology in different fields of research and practice, such as: Developmental psychology School and educational psychology Social and personality psychology Education Social work Anthropology Art Psychology as a Dialogical Science - Self and Culture Mutual Development will be an invaluable resource to both researchers and practitioners working in the different areas involved in the study and promotion of healthy human development by providing an alternative scientific framework to help overcome the traditional, reductionist, monological explanations of psychological phenomena.

A Royal Christmas Wish

A Royal Christmas Wish Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Lizzie Shane
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1947892487
FileSize: 894kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 894


A Royal Christmas Wish by Lizzie Shane Summary

Nobody does royal romance or Christmas like Hallmark! Enjoy the enchanting original novel from Lizzie Shane. Jenny knows she isn’t the princess type. Sure, she’s friendly and caring, but with her clumsiness and lack of self-confidence, glass slippers would only make her trip. When Dom, the cute guy she runs into in the park, turns out to be the prince of San Noelle, she figures he must not be her happy ever after. But a mysterious countess grants Jenny’s one wish, and she finds herself married to this handsome prince! Unfortunately, at the stroke of midnight on Christmas night, her life will go back to normal. In funny and touching ways, Jenny navigates royal traditions the best she can. But even as she grows closer to Dom, the clock is ticking. With love and a little holiday magic, could she somehow make the enchantment last forever? This sweet holiday romance includes a free Hallmark original recipe for Chicken Shawarma.

The Runaway Santa

The Runaway Santa Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Anne Margaret Lewis
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1634505905
FileSize: 1406kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1406


The Runaway Santa by Anne Margaret Lewis Summary

Once there was a jolly Santa who wanted to leave the North Pole on a worldwide vacation! He decides he wants to visit Mount Rushmore and see the stone faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt. Then he’ll ski the silky slopes of the Swiss Alps. And after that, he’ll ride an elephant in South Africa on a safari. Santa is eager for a new adventure, but Mrs. Claus isn’t so sure he’s ready just yet. Before he takes off, she’s going to make sure he’s got his rock climbing gear. And his skis, and his hat. He must be ready! It isn’t long before Santa realizes that maybe his adventure would be more fun with a friend. Mrs. Claus is clearly an expert adventurer herself, and so the two take off together on a runaway adventure. They have a little time before Christmas, after all, and everybody needs a break sometimes! Sky Pony Press, with our Good Books, Racehorse and Arcade imprints, is proud to publish a broad range of books for young readers—picture books for small children, chapter books, books for middle grade readers, and novels for young adults. Our list includes bestsellers for children who love to play Minecraft; stories told with LEGO bricks; books that teach lessons about tolerance, patience, and the environment, and much more. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.

The Robin Monarch Thrillers

The Robin Monarch Thrillers Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Mark Sullivan
Editor: Minotaur Books
ISBN: 1250189586
FileSize: 1634kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1634


The Robin Monarch Thrillers by Mark Sullivan Summary

Mark Sullivan, the bestselling author of Beneath a Scarlet Sky, keeps readers on the edges of their seats with his Robin Monarch thrillers. Three gripping novels and three favorite stories—now presented in one thrilling bundle! Rogue Ex-CIA operative Robin Monarch, caught in a high profile jewel heist gone wrong, finds himself between a powerful cabal and technology that must remain out of their reach. Outlaw In the second series novel, master thief Robin Monarch embarks on a dangerous journey into the underbelly of Southeast Asia to save kidnapped diplomats, only to discover another plot tied to a conspiracy that reaches the highest levels of government. Thief Deep in the darkest recesses of the Amazon jungle, Monarch must find and extract a local treasure or risk losing someone from his past that he holds very dear in the third volume of Mark Sullivan’s compelling series. Brotherhood and Other Stories In these three propulsive, nerve-wracking stories, Mark Sullivan introduces Robin Monarch—a man with a complicated, secret past and a very grim future.

A Time to Praise

A Time to Praise Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Renee Allen McCoy,Sonya Visor,Camille Gipson,Lisa Antley,Renarda Williams
Editor: FaytheWorks Publishing LLC
FileSize: 1625kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1625


A Time to Praise by Renee Allen McCoy,Sonya Visor,Camille Gipson,Lisa Antley,Renarda Williams Summary

This holiday season enjoy five unique stories that celebrate the love, joy, and peace of Christmas: Miracle From on High by Renée Allen McCoy Four lives intersect at a crossroad, prompting each to seek God’s direction. Benjamin and Susan grapple to accept their path while Trevor and Danielle struggle to cope with theirs. Giving You the Best of My Love by Sonya Visor Three years ago, Chase Anderson was hauled off to jail, leaving his wife, Nicole, drowning in a lake of trouble. Despite the strong love they once shared, will they be able to overcome life changing obstacles? His Calling and My Desire by Camille Gipson How does a single mother fight to protect her country and her children at the same time? Ruth is torn as she leaves one battle only to face another. Blessings in the Storm by Lisa Antley Tonya Phillips has almost everything she could ever imagine … except a good man. In a dark moment of her life, she soon discovers “He” has always been there. The Greatest Christmas Present Ever by Renarda Williams As Ikedi Ataya, a black State Justice, is honored for his career, he reflects on his “Christmas gift” to a close-knit New Orleans community threatened by greedy developers.

Redeeming Christmas

Redeeming Christmas Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Carol James
Editor: Pelican Ventures Book Group
ISBN: 152230326X
FileSize: 721kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 721


Redeeming Christmas by Carol James Summary

Novelist Olivia St. Madeleine is intrigued by a handsome and mysterious stranger she sees when she's Christmas shopping. Who exactly is he, and what is his story? Gabriel Winter definitely has a story. One he's been running from for years. He's renovating a house next door to a friendly and persuasive grandmother, who is, unbeknownst to him, Olivia's Nana. Through Nana's insistence, Liv helps Gabe wallpaper and paint, and in return Gabe fulfills one of Liv's secret childhood dreams. But past hurts and secrets threaten to drive them apart rather than draw them together. Will they find the courage to share their secrets with each other and with God, and allow Him to redeem Christmas?

First Class Christmas

First Class Christmas Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Katy Eeten
Editor: Pelican Ventures Book Group
ISBN: 1522303251
FileSize: 1148kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1148


First Class Christmas by Katy Eeten Summary

LOVE IS IN THE AIR THIS CHRISTMAS When Mandy Brockman flies home from her friend's destination wedding, her heart is on empty at the thought of spending Christmas alone. It doesn't help that her ex is on the plane, seemingly unaffected by their breakup. But the kind-hearted man seated next to her seems to have it all together—and he's handsome to boot. She knows her emotional healing won't come in the form of another guy, but will the source of this man's peace and joy help Mandy find the Christmas she's looking for? CJ Hawkins is captivated by the beautiful, feisty woman he meets on his flight. The only thing is, she's fresh out of a relationship, and he has no interest in being anyone's rebound. But the more he learns about Mandy, the more he's drawn to her unique mixture of compassion and spunk. Can he figure out how to make their relationship take off before this First Class Christmas is grounded forever?

Virtually Yours at Christmas

Virtually Yours at Christmas Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Clare Revell
Editor: Pelican Ventures Book Group
ISBN: 1522303197
FileSize: 1799kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1799


Virtually Yours at Christmas by Clare Revell Summary

It All Began With A Typo... While working from home, accountant Carlyle Stevenson is told to contact a client ASAP and berate her for not filing her accounts for several months. Since the request is urgent, Carlyle fires off the email and sits and waits for the client to answer the video conference. Too bad he sent the invite to the wrong person. Being stuck at home is nothing new for Kristen Lawson. She usually works out of her garage or kitchen. She's in the middle of making a new batch of candles for her online business when she receives the email marked urgent. Even though it's not her accountancy firm, she clicks the link and begins the call. What begins as an honest mistake blossoms into something more, but can a socially distanced relationship ever get real?

Slam-dunk Christmas

Slam-dunk Christmas Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Susan M. Baganz
Editor: Pelican Ventures Book Group
ISBN: 1522398996
FileSize: 426kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 426


Slam-dunk Christmas by Susan M. Baganz Summary

Sam “Slam-Dunk” Cherio is wounded on his last mission for the Army, so he heads to his friend's Montana ranch to recuperate through the Christmas season. The bliss of family life is hard to swallow, but when he meets Mika Slovinika, she intrigues him, and he wants to know more about her. Mika is struggling in this strange new place in America. Her boss is mean. She has nothing to call her own, and she might be sent home. Running into Slam-Dunk at the grocery store gives her hope. Slam-Dunk might be in love, but is Mika free to reciprocate? Something is holding her back. His military training might be needed again to fight a different battle. Maybe Christmas will involve the best gift of all—freedom.


Thief Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Mark Sullivan
Editor: Minotaur Books
ISBN: 1466854413
FileSize: 1280kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1280


Thief by Mark Sullivan Summary

In Mark Sullivan's Thief, Robin Monarch is a man with a complicated past and dangerous present. He's been a soldier, a CIA agent, a freelance operative but first and foremost, Robin Monarch is a thief of the highest order. Orphaned at twelve, Monarch originally stole for survival, then he stole for his friends and cohorts, now he steals to order, and to give back to the to the woman who saved his life many years ago. With the help of his team, Monarch breaks into the legendary Christmas party of Beau Arsenault, a shady investor and behind-the-scenes player at the very highest levels of power politics. Arsenault is not above bending or breaking the rules if there's illicit profit to be made. Monarch has decided that those illicit profits will be better used to take care of orphans and street kids. Using the party as cover to break into Arsenault's secret vaults, Monarch comes away with two unexpected things. One is a bullet—he gets shot when he's caught trying to escape with tens of millions of negotiable instruments. The second is a lead on what might be his most audacious exploit ever. A previously undiscovered tribe in South America may well have the secret to the most sought after knowledge in history—that of eternal life. And Robin Monarch must use all his skills—as an operative, as a thief—to keep this secret from falling into the worst possible hands.

Deck the Walls

Deck the Walls Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Erin Dealey
Editor: Sleeping Bear Press
ISBN: 1627530460
FileSize: 472kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 472


Deck the Walls by Erin Dealey Summary

Deck the halls with boughs of holly, Fa la la la la la la la la. How wonderful the old carol sounds. A vision of warm family gatherings peacefully celebrating the holiday season comes to mind. But wait, this doesn’t sound like a peaceful family get-together. What is happening here? Deck the walls with mashed potatoes! Fa la la la la la la la la. Make a snowman with tomatoes. Fa la la la la la la la la. Author Erin Dealey has taken the old holiday classic and turned it on its head. In her riotous, raucous rendition of a family meal gone hilariously awry, you’ll find food hockey, vegetable sculptures, crashing dishes, and grown-ups wondering what has gone wrong. From “Feed the dog our peas and carrots” to “Food tastes better when you wear it,” readers young and old will never forget this new take on an old holiday carol!

Finding Love at the Christmas Market

Finding Love at the Christmas Market Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jo Thomas
Editor: Random House
ISBN: 1473573610
FileSize: 860kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 860


Finding Love at the Christmas Market by Jo Thomas Summary

'It's Christmas in a book!' Katie Fforde 'Sprinkled with Christmas magic!' Milly Johnson 'A scrumptious seasonal treat!' Heidi Swain Cosy up with the new Christmas book from bestselling author Jo Thomas ___ Residential-home caterer Connie has had one online-dating disaster too many. Hurt in the past and with her son to consider, now she's feeling hesitant. Then one of Connie's residents sets her up on a date at a beautiful German Christmas market - with the promise she'll take a mini-bus full of pensioners along with her... Amongst the twinkling lights and smell of warm gingerbread in the old market square, Connie heads off on her date with a checklist of potential partner must-haves. Baker Henrich ticks all the boxes, but when Connie meets Henrich's rival William, she starts to wonder if ticking boxes is the answer. Will Connie's wish for love this Christmas come true, and if so - with who? ___ Readers are feeling enchanted by Finding Love at the Christmas Market: ***** 'This book was a hot chocolate on a cold day, warming and satisfying.' ***** 'I could smell the gingerbread and spices, a real hug of a book.' ***** 'A beautiful book about finding what matters most at Christmas . . . such a heart-warming story.'

Mistletoe Movie Star

Mistletoe Movie Star Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Stacey Weeks
Editor: Pelican Ventures Book Group
ISBN: 1522303278
FileSize: 578kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 578


Mistletoe Movie Star by Stacey Weeks Summary

Mistletoe Meadows is built around the magic of Christmas. As jingling sleighs cart rosy-cheeked lovers around the Mistletoe Mile, Charlene's holiday dream is more complicated than photo-edited perfection. She proposes a compassion ministry initiative called the Gingerbread House but struggles to convince the town that their need for a homeless shelter is real. Famous for his made for T.V holiday movies, Jonas longs for a happily-ever-after that isn't as neat and tidy as his scripted films. Partnering with Char to champion her ministry invigorates him with a new purpose and provides an excuse to spend time with the girl he never forgot. But when they embrace three young sisters fighting to stay together while living on the streets, their project becomes deeply personal. Together, they must prove to a town reluctant to see anything other than holiday perfection that the greatest gift of the season isn't found under a tree.

Emma's Christmas

Emma's Christmas Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Irene Trivas
Editor: StarWalk Kids Media
ISBN: 1623342198
FileSize: 1868kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1868


Emma's Christmas by Irene Trivas Summary

"When Emma, the farmer's daughter, politely declines the proposal of the local prince, he begins to send his royal messengers with gifts. . . . In nontraditional style she declines castle life, inviting him to be her Farmer Prince instead. . . . Refreshing, fanciful, and great for holiday storyhours."--Booklist, starred review. Full-color illustrations.

Mistletoe Meadows Anthology

Mistletoe Meadows Anthology Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Stacey Weeks
Editor: Pelican Ventures Book Group
ISBN: 1522303758
FileSize: 314kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 314


Mistletoe Meadows Anthology by Stacey Weeks Summary

Includes all three Mistletoe Meadows novellas: Mistletoe Melody, Mistletoe Mission, and Mistletoe Movie Star. Mistletoe Melody: Former musician, Melody Staff, spends Christmas at a bed and breakfast in the village of Mistletoe Meadows. While everyone sings familiar carols of Christ drawing near, Melody stumbles over misplaced notes. Her recent diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis has scared off her fiancé and thrust her life into a grand pause. She's not sure her heart will ever sing again. Quentin Oxford has endured a devastating year. His preteen daughter suffered a stroke, and they've grieved his wife's sudden death, but the Lord coaxes a surprising refrain from Quentin's heart as God rewrites his and Melody's score into a holiday love song that will last for Christmases to come. Mistletoe Mission: While her own relationships always end up doomed, Emily Colt is still determined to create happily-ever-afters through her wedding and event planning business. In hopes of expanding, she enters her latest project--staging the Christmas wedding of the year--into a town-wide contest. But between crossing paths with the first man to break her heart and dodging a saboteur, she doubts success is within her grasp. Jilted pastor, Luca Wilson, fled to the mission field to escape a broken heart. All the hurt rushes back when he returns home to officiate his cousin's wedding, and he finds Emily--the girl to whom he once promised forever--organizing the celebration. Despite Luca's lost faith in love, their unforeseen reunion rekindles a spark, and Luca vows to help Emily save her struggling business. But to succeed, they will have to learn what it means to trust each other and believe in the God of Christmas miracles. Mistletoe Movie Star: Mistletoe Meadows is built around the magic of Christmas. As jingling sleighs cart rosy-cheeked lovers around the Mistletoe Mile, Charlene's holiday dream is more complicated than photo-edited perfection. She proposes a compassion ministry initiative called the Gingerbread House but struggles to convince the town that their need for a homeless shelter is real. Famous for his made for T.V holiday movies, Jonas longs for a happily-ever-after that isn't as neat and tidy as his scripted films. Partnering with Char to champion her ministry invigorates him with a new purpose and provides an excuse to spend time with the girl he never forgot. But when they embrace three young sisters fighting to stay together while living on the streets, their project becomes deeply personal. Together, they must prove to a town reluctant to see anything other than holiday perfection that the greatest gift of the season isn't found under a tree.

A Christmas Wedding for the Cowboy

A Christmas Wedding for the Cowboy Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Mary Leo
Editor: Harlequin
ISBN: 146038850X
FileSize: 1771kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1771


A Christmas Wedding for the Cowboy by Mary Leo Summary

HAVE WEDDING, NEED BRIDE! Wedding planner Zoe Smart is getting a reputation for being a jinx. The worst part is, the rumors may be true. Zoe's last two brides bailed on their grooms, so she really needs cowboy Carson Grant's wedding to go off without a hitch, aside from the one in her heart every time they meet. Though Carson knows he has to tell Zoe the wedding's canceled, he doesn't want to give the town's wagging tongues more fodder. Besides, Carson is having way more fun planning a nonexistent wedding with Zoe than he ever did planning his real one. But time is running out to tell the truth. Will Carson's ruse charm Zoe's romantic spirit, or will their love be jinxed from the start?

Dark Streets Shineth

Dark Streets Shineth Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Clare Revell
Editor: Pelican Ventures Book Group
ISBN: 1522303243
FileSize: 1942kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1942


Dark Streets Shineth by Clare Revell Summary

YOU'D BETTER WATCH OUT. YOU'D BETTER NOT CRY. SANTA CLAUS IS GOING TO DIE...DCI Boaz Matthias isn't a Christmas person. He never has been. Not since he discovered the truth when he was seven. Christmas is a lie and a con and nothing is ever going to change his mind. Being given a temporary six week assignment isn't helping his mood either—as it means Christmas with the family. Only good thing is the accidental meeting of someone he thinks he could grow very fond of. DC Isabel York loves Christmas. So much so that she decorates her desk with lights, tinsel, and a novelty advent calendar. When her boss is called away, his replacement is the last person she's expecting to see—her fledgling boyfriend. In the middle of a nasty case, Isabel is nevertheless determined to show Boaz the real meaning of Christmas. The only problem is that work and pleasure just don't mix—at least not according to him.

Dinosaurs' Christmas

Dinosaurs' Christmas Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Liza Donnelly
Editor: StarWalk Kids Media
ISBN: 1630834793
FileSize: 556kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 556


Dinosaurs' Christmas by Liza Donnelly Summary

Santa has the flu and the elves are making toy dinosaurs all wrong. Rex and his dog Bones set out to save Christmaswith a little help from their dinosaur friend. Includes an illustrated glossary listing various dinosaurs and their characteristics.

The Ghost of Christmas Sweet

The Ghost of Christmas Sweet Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Connie Shelton
Editor: Secret Staircase Books, an imprint of Columbine Publishing Group
ISBN: 1945422998
FileSize: 1119kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1119


The Ghost of Christmas Sweet by Connie Shelton Summary

USA Today bestselling author Connie Shelton introduces her newest Samantha Sweet cozy mystery. With nearly 2 million books sold and downloaded in more than 110 countries, find out what the fuss is all about! Samantha Sweet is back at Sweet’s Sweets, turning out her amazing cakes and pastries for the busy holiday season, when Emily Plankhurst, the new young librarian in town, stops in. Emily tells Sam a strange story involving a hidden niche in the library revealed to her in a vision, supposedly, by her dead grandmother. Would anyone believe this farfetched story? Possibly not anyone but Sam, who has had more than a few unexplained occurrences in her own life. It turns out the hidden space contains a rare painting, The Ghost of Christmas, which was believed to have been destroyed in a fire twenty-five years ago at the luxury home of a hedge fund billionaire. A young man died in the fire and the insurance company paid the claim for the valuable painting. But now that the painting has turned up, how can Emily prove that her own grandfather wasn’t the one behind the arson? It's a sticky situation when she approaches Sam with the case. If she turns the painting over to the authorities they will almost certainly believe that her grandfather was involved in the theft of the piece and most likely complicit in insurance fraud as well. Would the police actually take him out of the Alzheimer care facility where he now resides and throw him in jail? Emily’s only chance of saving her grandfather’s life, and the reputation of the family-founded library, is to investigate the old crime and find out who really stole The Ghost of Christmas. And Samantha is the only person she can trust to help her, one of the few who remembers when the fire started and the insurance claim was paid. It’s a Christmas mystery with a lot of twists and turns! Readers are raving about these lighthearted, relaxing, well-written books—Samantha may not be young, beautiful or have the perfect body, but she is intelligent, independent, and hard working, the kind of person you feel you already know. ~ ~ ~ Praise for Connie Shelton’s previous mysteries: “The best yet!! Not only was Sweet Magic fantastic, it left me dying to see where life is headed for Samantha and her family! Heart-gripping, fast-paced, and amazing.” – J.J. 5-stars, online review “LOVE, LOVE these books!” —5 stars, online review “Fantastic! Impossible to put down!” – 5 stars, Amazon reader “Shelton again has done a superb job in bringing New Mexico to life.” —Albuquerque Journal “Connie Shelton gets better with every book she writes.” —The Midwest Book Review

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