The Education Of Kevin Powell

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The Education of Kevin Powell

The Education of Kevin Powell Pdf/ePub eBook Author:
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439164215
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The Education of Kevin Powell by Summary

In the spirit of Piri Thomas’s Down These Mean Streets and Maya Angelou’s I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, writer and activist Kevin Powell’s memoir—“illuminating…an education for us all” (USA Today)—vividly recounts the horrific poverty of his youth and his struggles to overcome a legacy of anger, violence, and self-hatred. When Kevin Powell was three, he discovered the volatile nature of his world: a place of pain, poverty, violence, fire, rats, roaches, and a fear that would haunt him for years; but also moments of joy, transcendence, and belonging. By the time he graduated from high school, something his single mother and his grandparents did not do, Powell had survived abuse, abandonment by his father, debilitating low self-esteem, a police beating, and years of constant relocation—from school to school, neighborhood to neighborhood. He was left feeling isolated, wondering if his life had any value, and doubting that he would survive to see old age. In this unflinchingly honest autobiography, Kevin Powell reflects on his tumultuous, turbulent passage from child to man. He revisits the path that led him to become a successful writer, public speaker, activist, and cast member on the influential first season of MTV’s The Real World. He also recalls the terrible lows he endured of depression, thoughts of suicide, alcoholism, bankruptcy, doomed relationships, failed political campaigns, and the soul-shattering murder of Tupac Shakur. Time and again, Powell harks back to lessons his mother taught him as a little boy: never stop learning, never stop telling the truth, always strive to be a better man, do what is right. Written with urgency and insight by one of the most gifted voices of our times, The Education of Kevin Powell is a powerful chronicle of healing and growth, survival and redemption. Ultimately, Kevin Powell’s journey is our journey, too.

Who's Gonna Take the Weight?

Who's Gonna Take the Weight? Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Kevin Powell
Editor: Crown
ISBN: 0307422682
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Who's Gonna Take the Weight? by Kevin Powell Summary

“A mighty wind of fresh air. His pitiless self-examination—and his equally honest exploration of the racial, sexual, cultural, and class fault lines that thread our psychic and social landscape—is not only brave but necessary if our nation is to survive.” —Michael Eric Dyson “Kevin Powell is pushing to bring, as he has so brilliantly done before, the voices of his generation: the concerns, the cares, the fears, and the fearlessness.” —Nikki Giovanni In three mind-jolting essays by one of the most passionate and eloquent voices of his generation, Who’s Gonna Take the Weight? by Kevin Powell leads us to the heart of the searing issues facing us today, from manhood, violence, and gender oppression to celebrity culture and hip-hop. Using compelling personal stories as the connecting thread, he examines what this nation has become since the monumental upheavals of the 1960s and where it might be headed if we’re not careful. Written one hundred years after W.E.B. DuBois’s The Souls of Black Folk and forty years after James Baldwin’s The Fire Next Time, Who’s Gonna Take the Weight? is an impassioned witness to the burning problems that have accompanied us on our journey through the twenty-first century.

My Mother. Barack Obama. Donald Trump. And the Last Stand of the Angry White Man.

My Mother. Barack Obama. Donald Trump. And the Last Stand of the Angry White Man. Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Kevin Powell
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1501198815
FileSize: 1010kb
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My Mother. Barack Obama. Donald Trump. And the Last Stand of the Angry White Man. by Kevin Powell Summary

Written in the tradition of works by Joan Didion, bell hooks, Toni Morrison, and Eve Ensler, this “profoundly insightful and brilliantly inciting” (Dominique Morisseau, Obie Award-winning playwright) exploration of the soul of the United States—the past, the present, and the future Kevin Powell wants for us all, through the lens and lives of three major figures: his mother, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump. Ten short years ago, Barack Obama became president of the United States, and changed the course of history. Ten short years ago, our America was hailed globally as a breathtaking example of democracy, as a rainbow coalition of everyday people marching to the same drum beat. We had finally overcome. But had we? Both the presidencies of Obama and Donald Trump have produced some of the ugliest divides in history: horrific racial murders, non-stop mass shootings, the explosion of attacks on immigrants and on the LGBTQ community, the rise of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, a massive gap between the haves and the have-nots, and legions of women stepping forth to challenge sexual violence—and men—in all forms. In this collection of thirteen powerful essays, “Kevin Powell thoughtfully weaves together the connective tissue between gender, race, sexuality, pop culture, and sports through a series of raw, incredibly personal essays” (Jemele Hill, writer and ESPN anchor). Be it politics, sports, pop culture, hip-hop music, mental health, racism, #MeToo, or his very complicated relationship with his mother, these impassioned essays are not merely a mirror of who we are, but also who and what Powell thinks we ought to be.

The Black Male Handbook

The Black Male Handbook Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Kevin Powell
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781439134962
FileSize: 844kb
File Format: Pdf
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The Black Male Handbook by Kevin Powell Summary

Author and activist Kevin Powell and contributors Lasana Omar Hotep, Jeff Johnson, Byron Hurt, Dr. William Jelani Cobb, Ryan Mack, Kendrick B. Nathaniel, and Dr. Andre L. Brown tap into the social and political climate rising in the African American community with this collection of essays for Black males on surviving, living, and winning. The Black Male Handbook answers a collective hunger for new direction, fresh solutions to old problems, and a different kind of conversation—man-to-man and with Black male voices, all of the hip hop generation. The book tackles issues related to political, practical, cultural, and spiritual matters, and ending violence against women and girls. The book also features an appendix filled with useful readings, advice, and resources. The Black Male Handbook is a blueprint for those aspiring to thrive against the odds in America today. This is a must-have book, not only for Black male readers, but the women who befriend, parent, partner, and love them.

We Real Cool

We Real Cool Pdf/ePub eBook Author: bell hooks
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1135880549
FileSize: 868kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 868


We Real Cool by bell hooks Summary

"When women get together and talk about men, the news is almost always bad news," writes bell hooks. "If the topic gets specific and the focus is on black men, the news is even worse." In this powerful new book, bell hooks arrests our attention from the first page. Her title--We Real Cool; her subject--the way in which both white society and weak black leaders are failing black men and youth. Her subject is taboo: "this is a culture that does not love black males:" "they are not loved by white men, white women, black women, girls or boys. And especially, black men do not love themselves. How could they? How could they be expected to love, surrounded by so much envy, desire, and hate?"

Pedagogies of With-ness

Pedagogies of With-ness Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Linda Hogg,Kevin Stockbridge,Charlotte Achieng-Evensen,Suzanne SooHoo
Editor: Myers Education Press
ISBN: 1975503104
FileSize: 1729kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1729


Pedagogies of With-ness by Linda Hogg,Kevin Stockbridge,Charlotte Achieng-Evensen,Suzanne SooHoo Summary

Across the globe, students are speaking up, walking out, and marching for social and ecological justice. Despite deficit discourses about students, youth are using their voice and agency to call forth a better world. Will educators respond to this call to stand with students in relational solidarity as co-constructors of a new tomorrow? What is possible when teachers and students engage together in new ways? Pedagogies of With-ness: Students, Teachers, Voice and Agency offers insight into the transformative possibilities of education when enacted as the art of being with. Driven by student voices and their experiences of marginalization, this text takes a clear ethical stance. It asserts that students are both capable and competent. Taking a narrative approach, this book honors academic work that is rooted in educational practice. Expanding beyond traditional conceptions of student voice, chapters engage in meditations on three themes: identity, pedagogy, and partnership. This book is an exploration of with-ness, a way of knowing, being, and acting. By centralizing the all-too-often suppressed wisdom of youth, teachers and researchers engage in new forms of critique and possibility-making with students. Editors reflect on this central theme, exploring the dimensions of such pedagogies of with-ness. Through this book, teachers are invited to imagine pedagogy under this new framework, actively committed to students, their voice, and mutual engagement. Click HERE to watch the editors discuss their book. Perfect for courses such as: Social Foundations | Student-Teacher Partnerships | Secondary Methods | Service Learning Leadership Ethnic Studies | Democracy and Civics | Social Justice and Education | Student Voice in Classrooms/Education | Ethical Issues in Education | Leadership for Social Justice

Harvest of Fish and Wildlife

Harvest of Fish and Wildlife Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Kevin L. Pope,Larkin A. Powell
Editor: CRC Press
ISBN: 1000389227
FileSize: 1959kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1959


Harvest of Fish and Wildlife by Kevin L. Pope,Larkin A. Powell Summary

Harvest of Fish and Wildlife: New Paradigms for Sustainable Management unites experts in wildlife and fishery sciences for an interdisciplinary overview of harvest management. This book presents unique insights for embracing the complete social-ecological system to ensure a sustainable future. It educates users on evolutionary and population dynamics; social and political influences; hunter and angler behavior; decision processes; impacts of regulations; and stakeholder involvement. Features: Written by twenty-four teams of leading scientists and managers. Promotes transparent justification for fishing and hunting regulations. Provides examples for integrating decision making into management. Emphasizes creativity in management by integrating art and science. This book appeals to population biologists, evolutionary biologists and social scientists. It is a key resource for on-the-ground managers and research scientists developing harvesting applications. As the book’s contributors explain: “Making decisions that are robust to a paradigm shift with a lot of potential to improve outcomes for fish and wildlife populations.” –Andrew Tyre and Brigitte Tenhumberg “Temporal shifts in system states...must somehow be anticipated and dealt with to derive harvest policies that remain optimal in the long term.” –Michael Conroy “Proactive, effective management of sportspersons...will be essential in the new paradigm of harvest management.” –Matthew Gruntorad and Christopher Chizinski

Things That Make White People Uncomfortable (Adapted for Young Adults)

Things That Make White People Uncomfortable (Adapted for Young Adults) Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Michael Bennett,Dave Zirin
Editor: Haymarket Books
ISBN: 1642590797
FileSize: 1087kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1087


Things That Make White People Uncomfortable (Adapted for Young Adults) by Michael Bennett,Dave Zirin Summary

Michael Bennett is a Super Bowl Champion, a three-time Pro Bowl defensive end, a fearless activist, a feminist, an organizer, and a change maker. He's also one of the most humorous athletes on the planet, and he wants to make you uncomfortable. Bennett adds his voice to discussions of racism and police violence, Black athletes and their relationship to powerful institutions like the NCAA and the NFL, the role of protest in history, and the responsibilities of athletes as role models to speak out against injustice. Following in the footsteps of activist-athletes from Muhammad Ali to Colin Kaepernick, Bennett demonstrates his outspoken leadership both on and off the field. Written with award-winning sportswriter and author Dave Zirin, Sitting Down to Stand Up is a sports book for young people who want to make a difference, a memoir, and a book as hilarious and engaging as it is illuminating.

The Most Dangerous Book

The Most Dangerous Book Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Kevin Birmingham
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 1101585641
FileSize: 1499kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1499


The Most Dangerous Book by Kevin Birmingham Summary

Recipient of the 2015 PEN New England Award for Nonfiction “The arrival of a significant young nonfiction writer . . . A measured yet bravura performance.” —Dwight Garner, The New York Times James Joyce’s big blue book, Ulysses, ushered in the modernist era and changed the novel for all time. But the genius of Ulysses was also its danger: it omitted absolutely nothing. Joyce, along with some of the most important publishers and writers of his era, had to fight for years to win the freedom to publish it. The Most Dangerous Book tells the remarkable story surrounding Ulysses, from the first stirrings of Joyce’s inspiration in 1904 to the book’s landmark federal obscenity trial in 1933. Written for ardent Joyceans as well as novices who want to get to the heart of the greatest novel of the twentieth century, The Most Dangerous Book is a gripping examination of how the world came to say Yes to Ulysses.

STEM Education in the Junior Secondary

STEM Education in the Junior Secondary Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Robyn Jorgensen,Kevin Larkin
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 9811054487
FileSize: 1972kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1972


STEM Education in the Junior Secondary by Robyn Jorgensen,Kevin Larkin Summary

This book brings together a collection of internationally renowned authors in the STEM field to share innovations in the teaching of STEM. It focuses on the junior secondary years of education (students aged 11-15), since this is the age range in which students choose whether or not to formally opt out of STEM education. It is here that the book makes a significant contribution to the field by integrating the STEM area and focusing on the junior years of schooling. While developing this book, the editors drew on two main premises: Firstly, STEM is seen as the integrated study of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in a coherent learning paradigm that is based on real-world applications. Secondly, it is important to integrate digital technologies into STEM education beyond the superficial use of ICTs seen in many schools. The book also addresses the challenges within STEM education – many of which are long-standing. To this end, it includes chapters o n marginalised and diverse communities, ensuring that a broad range of perspectives on STEM education is included.

Who Shot Ya?

Who Shot Ya? Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Ernie Paniccioli,Kevin Powell
Editor: Harper Collins
ISBN: 006230691X
FileSize: 1915kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1915


Who Shot Ya? by Ernie Paniccioli,Kevin Powell Summary

Nearly thirty years ago, Ernie Paniccioli, considered by many to be the James Van Der Zee of the hiphop generation, began photographing graffiti art throughout New York City as well as the young people creating it. Armed with a 35-millimeter camera, Paniccioli literally recorded the beginning salvos of hiphop, today the most dominant youth culture on the planet. Be it Grandmaster Flash at the Roxy, a summer block party in the Bronx, the fresh faces of Jay-Z and Will Smith, the cocksure personas of Tupac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G., and Eminem, or the regal grace of Lauryn Hill, Ernie Paniccioli has been there to showcase hiphop’s emerging talent. With more than 200 photographs that have been culled from a vast archive, Who Shot Ya? is the first major pictorial history of hiphop culture.

The Future is Black

The Future is Black Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Carl A. Grant,Ashley N. Woodson,Michael J. Dumas
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1351122975
FileSize: 1429kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1429


The Future is Black by Carl A. Grant,Ashley N. Woodson,Michael J. Dumas Summary

The Future is Black presents Afropessimism as an opportunity to think in provocative and disruptive ways about race, racial equality, multiculturalism, and the pursuit of educational justice. The vision is not a coherent, delimited conversation, but a series of experiences with Afropessimism as a radical analytic situated within critical Black studies. Activists, educators, caregivers, kin, and all those who love Black children are invited to make sense of the contemporary Black condition, including a theorization of Black suffering, Black fugitivity, and Black futurity. These three concepts provide the foundation for the book's inquiry, and contribute to the examination of Black educational opportunity, experience, and outcomes. The book not only explores how schooling becomes complicit in, and serves as, a site of Black material and psychic suffering, but also examines the possibilities of education as a site of fugitivity, of hope, of escape, and as a space within which to imagine an emancipation yet to be realized.

The End of College

The End of College Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Kevin Carey
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 1101634596
FileSize: 1238kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1238


The End of College by Kevin Carey Summary

From a renowned education writer comes a paradigm-shifting examination of the rapidly changing world of college that every parent, student, educator, and investor needs to understand. Over the span of just nine months in 2011 and 2012, the world’s most famous universities and high-powered technology entrepreneurs began a race to revolutionize higher education. College courses that had been kept for centuries from all but an elite few were released to millions of students throughout the world—for free. Exploding college prices and a flagging global economy, combined with the derring-do of a few intrepid innovators, have created a dynamic climate for a total rethinking of an industry that has remained virtually unchanged for a hundred years. In The End of College, Kevin Carey, an education researcher and writer, draws on years of in-depth reporting and cutting-edge research to paint a vivid and surprising portrait of the future of education. Carey explains how two trends—the skyrocketing cost of college and the revolution in information technology—are converging in ways that will radically alter the college experience, upend the traditional meritocracy, and emancipate hundreds of millions of people around the world. Insightful, innovative, and accessible, The End of College is a must-read, and an important contribution to the developing conversation about education in this country.

Ten Ways Not to Commit Suicide

Ten Ways Not to Commit Suicide Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Darryl "DMC" McDaniels,Darrell Dawsey
Editor: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062368796
FileSize: 1071kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1071


Ten Ways Not to Commit Suicide by Darryl "DMC" McDaniels,Darrell Dawsey Summary

In this surprising and moving memoir, the legendary rap star and cofounder of Run D.M.C. keeps it a hundred percent, speaking out about his battle with depression and overcoming suicidal thoughts—one of the most devastating yet little known health issues plaguing the black community today. As one third of the legendary rap group Run D.M.C., Darryl “DMC” McDaniels—aka Legendary MC, The Devastating Mic Controller, and the King of Rock—had it all: talent, money, fame, prestige. While hitting #1 on the Billboard charts was exhilarating, the group’s success soon became overwhelming. A creative guy who enjoyed being at home alone or with his family, DMC turned to alcohol to numb himself, a retreat that became an addiction. For years, he went through the motions. But in 1997, when intoxication could no longer keep the pain at bay, he plunged into severe depression and became suicidal. He wasn’t alone. During the same period, suicide became the number three leading cause of death among black people—a health crisis that continues to this day. In this riveting memoir, DMC speaks openly about his emotional and psychological struggles and the impact on his life, and addresses the many reasons that led him—and thousands of others—to consider suicide. Some of the factors include not being true to who you are, feelings of loneliness, isolation, and alienation, and a lack of understanding and support from friends and family when it’s needed most. He also provides essential information on resources for getting help. Revealing how even the most successful people can suffer from depression, DMC offers inspiration for everyone in pain—information and insight that he hopes can help save other lives.

The Activist Academic

The Activist Academic Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Colette Cann,Eric DeMeulenaere
Editor: Myers Education Press
ISBN: 1975501411
FileSize: 1102kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1102


The Activist Academic by Colette Cann,Eric DeMeulenaere Summary

Donald Trump’s election forced academics to confront the inadequacy of promoting social change through the traditional academic work of research, writing, and teaching. Scholars joined crowds of people who flooded the streets to protest the event. The present political moment recalls intellectual forbearers like Antonio Gramsci who, imprisoned during an earlier fascist era, demanded that intellectuals committed to justice “can no longer consist in eloquence ... but in active participation in practical life, as constructor, organizer, ‘permanent persuader’ and not just a simple orator" (Gramsci, 1971, p. 10). Indeed, in an era of corporate media and “alternative facts,” academics committed to justice cannot simply rely on disseminating new knowledge, but must step out of the ivory tower and enter the streets as activists. The Activist Academic serves as a guide for merging activism into academia. Following the journey of two academics, the book offers stories, frameworks and methods for how scholars can marry their academic selves, involved in scholarship, teaching and service, with their activist commitments to justice, while navigating the lived realities of raising families and navigating office politics. This volume invites academics across disciplines to enter into a dialogue about how to take knowledge to the streets. Perfect for courses such as: Introduction to Social Theory | Social Foundations | Certificate in Public Scholarship | Practicing Public Scholarship | Reimagining Public Engagement | Decentering the Public Humanities hrClick HERE to see a video of the book launch, moderated by Monisha Bajaj for Imagining America, with contributions from Margo Okazawa-Rey and John Saltmarsh. hrWatch the #CompactNationPod interview, which runs between minutes 9:35 and 48:45. In this episode, Marisol Morales chats with Colette Cann and Eric DeMeulenaere, as they share the true stories of their lives as activists, scholars, and parents who are trying to push forward social change through academic work.Compact Nation Podcast · The Activist Academic hr What does it mean to be both an activist and an academic? Watch the FreshEd podcast Becoming an Activist Academic, which features authors Colette Cann & Eric DeMeulenaere discussing their own journeys as a guide for merging activism and academia. hr

The Emerald Mile

The Emerald Mile Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Kevin Fedarko
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476735298
FileSize: 584kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 584


The Emerald Mile by Kevin Fedarko Summary

From one of Outside magazine’s “Literary All-Stars” comes the thrilling true tale of the fastest boat ride ever, down the entire length of the Colorado River and through the Grand Canyon, during the legendary flood of 1983. In the spring of 1983, massive flooding along the length of the Colorado River confronted a team of engineers at the Glen Canyon Dam with an unprecedented emergency that may have resulted in the most catastrophic dam failure in history. In the midst of this crisis, the decision to launch a small wooden dory named “The Emerald Mile” at the head of the Grand Canyon, just fifteen miles downstream from the Glen Canyon Dam, seemed not just odd, but downright suicidal. The Emerald Mile, at one time slated to be destroyed, was rescued and brought back to life by Kenton Grua, the man at the oars, who intended to use this flood as a kind of hydraulic sling-shot. The goal was to nail the all-time record for the fastest boat ever propelled—by oar, by motor, or by the grace of God himself—down the entire length of the Colorado River from Lee’s Ferry to Lake Mead. Did he survive? Just barely. Now, this remarkable, epic feat unfolds here, in The Emerald Mile.

Routledge Handbook of Primary Physical Education

Routledge Handbook of Primary Physical Education Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Gerald Griggs,Kirsten Petrie
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1134819307
FileSize: 1349kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1349


Routledge Handbook of Primary Physical Education by Gerald Griggs,Kirsten Petrie Summary

The Routledge Handbook of Primary Physical Education goes further than any other book in exploring the specific theoretical and practical components of teaching PE at the primary or elementary school level. As the most comprehensive review of theory, research and practice in primary PE yet published, it represents an essential evidence-based guide for all students, researchers and practitioners working in this area. Written by a team of leading international primary PE specialists from academic and practitioner backgrounds, this handbook examines the three discourses that dominate contemporary PE: health, education and sport. With case studies from twelve countries, including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Spain and South Korea, it provides a truly international perspective on key themes and issues such as: primary PE pedagogy, policy and curriculum development assessment and standards child development diversity and inclusion teacher training and professional development. Offering an unprecedented wealth of material, this handbook is an invaluable reference for any undergraduate or postgraduate degree programme in primary physical education or any primary teacher training course with a physical education element.

Freirean Echoes

Freirean Echoes Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Charlotte Achieng-Evensen,Kevin Stockbridge,Suzanne SooHoo
Editor: Myers Education Press
ISBN: 1975504976
FileSize: 1965kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1965


Freirean Echoes by Charlotte Achieng-Evensen,Kevin Stockbridge,Suzanne SooHoo Summary

How do Paulo Freire's ideas echo across time and contexts? What does the dialogical nature of text mean for critical pedagogy today? Inspired by Freire, this text utilizes a dialogical framework, inviting the reader into a deeper conceptual and contextual consciousness through the use of many voices. The core of this book has been stored away for several years waiting for loving students of Freire to bring it to life. The original group of lectures is a collection of speeches from keynote panelists given at a Critical Pedagogy conference in 2015 hosted by the Paulo Freire Democratic Project, Attallah College of Educational Studies at Chapman University in Orange, California. Over 200 people attended the conference coming from all parts of the world. Special guest speakers included Dr. Nita Anamaria Freire from Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso (Paulo Freire’s wife), Dr. Antonia Darder from Loyola Marymount University, Dr. Donaldo Macedo from University of Massachusetts, Dr. Peter McLaren and Dr. Tom Wilson from Chapman University. A highlight of the event was the rededication of the Paulo Freire Critical Pedagogy Archives housed in the university’s Leatherby Libraries. These archives hold Paulo’s personal notebook of study, his spectacles, instructional activity cards, and love notes to Nita. The collection also comprises original curriculum developed by Joe Kincheloe, protest posters from all over the world from Peter McLaren, paper mache puppets and curriculum developed by Alma Flor Ada and newspaper clippings and correspondences of Henry Giroux. Freirean Echoes acts as an archive housing the writings of these and other scholars and activists for posterity. A living collection, the book allows for author voices to be in dialogue with each other and with the reader. This collective “talking text” echoes, reverberates, and amplifies critical Freirean ideas, thereby inviting the reader to extend Freirean thought into their lived experiences. Perfect for courses such as: Special Topics on Emerging Issues in Sociology of Education | Introduction to Educational Theory | Politics and Education and Special Topics in Comparative Education | Pedagogies of Social Change | Foundations: The Dialectics of the Global and the Local | Social Construction of Difference | Voice, Diversity, Equity and Social Justice | Introduction to Critical Pedagogy

Data Analysis, Interpretation, and Theory in Literacy Studies Research

Data Analysis, Interpretation, and Theory in Literacy Studies Research Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Michele Knobel,Judy Kalman,Colin Lankshear
Editor: Myers Education Press
ISBN: 1975502159
FileSize: 499kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 499


Data Analysis, Interpretation, and Theory in Literacy Studies Research by Michele Knobel,Judy Kalman,Colin Lankshear Summary

Novice and early career researchers often have difficulty with understanding how theory, data analysis and interpretation of findings “hang together” in a well-designed and theorized qualitative research investigation and with learning how to draw on such understanding to conduct rigorous data analysis and interpretation of their analytic results. Data Analysis, Interpretation, and Theory in Literacy Studies Research demonstrates how to design, conduct and analyze a well put together qualitative research project. Using their own successful studies, chapter authors spell out a problem area, research question, and theoretical framing, carefully explaining their choices and decisions. They then show in detail how they analyzed their data, and why they took this approach. Finally, they demonstrate how they interpreted the results of their analysis, to make them meaningful in research terms. Approaches include interactional sociolinguistics, microethnographic discourse analysis, multimodal analysis, iterative coding, conversation analysis, and multimediated discourse analysis, among others. This book will appeal to beginning researchers and to literacy researchers responsible for teaching qualitative literacy studies research design at undergraduate and graduate levels. Perfect for courses such as: Literacy Research Seminar | Introduction to Qualitative Research | Advanced Research Methods | Studying New Literacies and Media | Research Perspectives in Literacy | Discourse Analysis | Advanced Qualitative Data Analysis | Sociolinguistic Analysis | Classroom Language Research

Sex and Vanity

Sex and Vanity Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Kevin Kwan
Editor: Doubleday Canada
ISBN: 0385695438
FileSize: 1994kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1994


Sex and Vanity by Kevin Kwan Summary

NATIONAL BESTSELLER NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER The iconic author of the bestselling phenomenon Crazy Rich Asians returns with a glittering tale of love and longing as a young woman finds herself torn between two worlds--the WASP establishment of her father's family and George Zao, a man she is desperately trying to avoid falling in love with. On her very first morning on the jewel-like island of Capri, Lucie Churchill sets eyes on George Zao and she instantly can't stand him. She can't stand it when he gallantly offers to trade hotel rooms with her so that she can have the view of the Tyrrhenian Sea, she can't stand that he knows more about Curzio Malaparte than she does, and she really can't stand it when he kisses her in the darkness of the ancient ruins of a Roman villa and they are caught by her snobbish, disapproving cousin, Charlotte. "Your mother is Chinese so it's no surprise you'd be attracted to someone like him," Charlotte teases. Daughter of an American-born-Chinese mother and blue-blooded New York father, Lucie has always sublimated the Asian side of herself in favor of the white side, and she adamantly denies having feelings for George. But several years later, when George unexpectedly appears in East Hampton where Lucie is weekending with her new fiancé, Lucie finds herself drawn to George again. Soon, Lucy is spinning a web of deceit that involves her family, her fiancé, the co-op board of her Fifth Avenue apartment, and ultimately herself as she tries mightily to deny George entry into her world--and her heart. Moving between summer playgrounds of privilege, peppered with decadent food and extravagant fashion, Sex and Vanity is a truly modern love story, a daring homage to A Room with a View, and a brilliantly funny comedy of manners set between two cultures.


Assetization Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Kean Birch,Fabian Muniesa
Editor: MIT Press
ISBN: 0262359022
FileSize: 1451kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1451


Assetization by Kean Birch,Fabian Muniesa Summary

How the asset--anything that can be controlled, traded, and capitalized as a revenue stream--has become the primary basis of technoscientific capitalism. In this book, scholars from a range of disciplines argue that the asset--meaning anything that can be controlled, traded, and capitalized as a revenue stream--has become the primary basis of technoscientific capitalism. An asset can be an object or an experience, a sum of money or a life form, a patent or a bodily function. A process of assetization prevails, imposing investment and return as the key rationale, and overtaking commodification and its speculative logic. Although assets can be bought and sold, the point is to get a durable economic rent from them rather than make a killing on the market.

The Promise of the Grand Canyon

The Promise of the Grand Canyon Pdf/ePub eBook Author: John F. Ross
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 0698409981
FileSize: 1142kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1142


The Promise of the Grand Canyon by John F. Ross Summary

“A convincing case for Powell’s legacy as a pioneering conservationist.”--The Wall Street Journal "A bold study of an eco-visionary at a watershed moment in US history."--Nature A timely, thrilling account of the explorer who dared to lead the first successful expedition down the Colorado through the Grand Canyon—and waged a bitterly-contested campaign for sustainability in the West. John Wesley Powell’s first descent of the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon in 1869 counts among the most dramatic chapters in American exploration history. When the Canyon spit out the surviving members of the expedition—starving, battered, and nearly naked—they had accomplished what others thought impossible and finished the exploration of continental America that Lewis and Clark had begun almost 70 years before. With The Promise of the Grand Canyon, John F. Ross tells how that perilous expedition launched the one-armed Civil War hero on the path to becoming the nation’s foremost proponent of environmental sustainability and a powerful, if controversial, visionary for the development of the American West. So much of what he preached—most broadly about land and water stewardship—remains prophetically to the point today.


Reporter Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Seymour M. Hersh
Editor: Vintage
ISBN: 0525521585
FileSize: 1470kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1470


Reporter by Seymour M. Hersh Summary

"Reporter is just wonderful. Truly a great life, and what shines out of the book, amid the low cunning and tireless legwork, is Hersh's warmth and humanity. This book is essential reading for every journalist and aspiring journalist the world over." —John le Carré From the Pulitzer Prize-winning, best-selling author and preeminent investigative journalist of our time—a heartfelt, hugely revealing memoir of a decades-long career breaking some of the most impactful stories of the last half-century, from Washington to Vietnam to the Middle East. Seymour Hersh's fearless reporting has earned him fame, front-page bylines in virtually every major newspaper in the free world, honors galore, and no small amount of controversy. Now in this memoir he describes what drove him and how he worked as an independent outsider, even at the nation's most prestigious publications. He tells the stories behind the stories—riveting in their own right—as he chases leads, cultivates sources, and grapples with the weight of what he uncovers, daring to challenge official narratives handed down from the powers that be. In telling these stories, Hersh divulges previously unreported information about some of his biggest scoops, including the My Lai massacre and the horrors at Abu Ghraib. There are also illuminating recollections of some of the giants of American politics and journalism: Ben Bradlee, A. M. Rosenthal, David Remnick, and Henry Kissinger among them. This is essential reading on the power of the printed word at a time when good journalism is under fire as never before.

From Higher Aims to Hired Hands

From Higher Aims to Hired Hands Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Rakesh Khurana
Editor: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400830869
FileSize: 1845kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1845


From Higher Aims to Hired Hands by Rakesh Khurana Summary

Is management a profession? Should it be? Can it be? This major work of social and intellectual history reveals how such questions have driven business education and shaped American management and society for more than a century. The book is also a call for reform. Rakesh Khurana shows that university-based business schools were founded to train a professional class of managers in the mold of doctors and lawyers but have effectively retreated from that goal, leaving a gaping moral hole at the center of business education and perhaps in management itself. Khurana begins in the late nineteenth century, when members of an emerging managerial elite, seeking social status to match the wealth and power they had accrued, began working with major universities to establish graduate business education programs paralleling those for medicine and law. Constituting business as a profession, however, required codifying the knowledge relevant for practitioners and developing enforceable standards of conduct. Khurana, drawing on a rich set of archival material from business schools, foundations, and academic associations, traces how business educators confronted these challenges with varying strategies during the Progressive era and the Depression, the postwar boom years, and recent decades of freewheeling capitalism. Today, Khurana argues, business schools have largely capitulated in the battle for professionalism and have become merely purveyors of a product, the MBA, with students treated as consumers. Professional and moral ideals that once animated and inspired business schools have been conquered by a perspective that managers are merely agents of shareholders, beholden only to the cause of share profits. According to Khurana, we should not thus be surprised at the rise of corporate malfeasance. The time has come, he concludes, to rejuvenate intellectually and morally the training of our future business leaders.

The Unlikely Disciple

The Unlikely Disciple Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Kevin Roose
Editor: Grand Central Publishing
ISBN: 0446544531
FileSize: 860kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 860


The Unlikely Disciple by Kevin Roose Summary

The hilarious and heartwarming, respectful and thought-provoking memoir of a college student's semester at Liberty University, the "Bible Boot Camp" for young evangelicals, that will inspire believers and nonbelievers alike. No drinking. No smoking. No cursing. No dancing. No R-rated movies. Kevin Roose wasn't used to rules like these. As a sophomore at Brown University, he spent his days fitting right in with Brown's free-spirited, ultra-liberal student body. But when Roose leaves his Ivy League confines to spend a semester at Liberty University, a conservative Baptist school in Lynchburg, Virginia, obedience is no longer optional. Liberty is the late Reverend Jerry Falwell's "Bible Boot Camp" for young evangelicals, his training ground for the next generation of America's Religious Right. Liberty's ten thousand undergraduates take courses like Evangelism 101 and follow a forty-six-page code of conduct that regulates every aspect of their social lives. Hoping to connect with his evangelical peers, Roose decides to enroll at Liberty as a new transfer student, chronicling his adventures in this daring report from the front lines of America's culture war. His journey takes him from an evangelical hip-hop concert to a spring break mission trip to Daytona Beach (where he learns to preach the gospel to partying coeds). He meets pastors' kids, closet doubters, Christian rebels, and conducts what would be the last print interview of Rev. Falwell's life.

The Routledge International Handbook of Froebel and Early Childhood Practice

The Routledge International Handbook of Froebel and Early Childhood Practice Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Tina Bruce,Peter Elfer,Sacha Powell,Louie Werth
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1317204301
FileSize: 454kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 454


The Routledge International Handbook of Froebel and Early Childhood Practice by Tina Bruce,Peter Elfer,Sacha Powell,Louie Werth Summary

A major influence on the education of young children since the late nineteenth century, the philosophical and practical tenets of Frobelian early childhood education require urgent re-articulation in light of current debate and developments in research and policy. This seminal Handbook responds to this need, drawing together a unique and valuable body of literature, research and case studies to make explicit the specific features of Froebelian education and provide key impulses for future research and practice in this area. Chapters present the sometimes divergent perspectives of leading educationalists, and so offer a uniquely comprehensive overview of Froebelian approaches and their interaction with contemporary policies and insights. The Handbook explores five significant areas of scholarship and practice: Part I examines the original Froebelian principles and practices in early childhood education in different parts of the world. Part II presents case studies, development projects and practitioner publications exploring Froebelian approaches to early childhood education. Part III details research studies which document, debate and evaluate Froebelian approaches. Part IV considers how Froebelian approaches might be sustained and adapted for use in various cultural contexts across the world. Part V offers a re-articulation of research and policy. An essential resource for in-service and future practitioners, researchers and policy-makers involved in early childhood education, this key text will promote discussion, aid analysis and further the practical application of Frobelian principles.

Definitely Hispanic

Definitely Hispanic Pdf/ePub eBook Author: LeJuan James
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1501194216
FileSize: 1981kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1981


Definitely Hispanic by LeJuan James Summary

Perfect for fans of Jane the Virgin’s celebration of Latinidad and Fresh Off the Boat’s situational humor, Definitely Hispanic is a collection of introspective and witty essays by social media influencer and viral phenomenon LeJuan James about growing up Hispanic in the US. Social media influencer and viral phenomenon LeJuan James loves being Hispanic. But growing up in the United States to immigrant parents, he quickly noticed that their house rules and traditions didn’t always match up with his friends’. Years later, the result was a lifetime of laugh-out-loud, relatable moments that he reenacted on camera and shared with the world online. Now, LeJuan is taking a closer look at everything he loves about his family, culture, and community. Definitely Hispanic is a collection of heartfelt memoiristic essays that explores the themes LeJuan touches upon in his videos, and celebrates the values and traditions being kept alive by Hispanic parents raising US–born children. He shares anecdotes about discovering the differences between his and his friends’ households, demystifies “La Pela” (the Spanking), explains the vital role women play in Hispanic families, and pays reverence to universal cultural truths like “food is love” and “music is in Hispanics’ DNA.” From the chapter “#Home”—in which LeJuan talks about how his family moved back and forth between the United States and Puerto Rico until settling in Orlando, Florida—to “#TheHouse”—in which he was finally able to buy his parents the home they deserve thanks to his online success—this wide-ranging collection celebrates being Latino and offers a humorous yet warm-hearted look at the lives of second-generation immigrants in the US. LeJuan’s hilarious online persona comes to life on every page.

Who Got the Camera?

Who Got the Camera? Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Eric Harvey
Editor: University of Texas Press
ISBN: 1477323953
FileSize: 1018kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1018


Who Got the Camera? by Eric Harvey Summary

Reality first appeared in the late 1980s—in the sense not of real life but rather of the TV entertainment genre inaugurated by shows such as Cops and America’s Most Wanted; the daytime gabfests of Geraldo, Oprah, and Donahue; and the tabloid news of A Current Affair. In a bracing work of cultural criticism, Eric Harvey argues that reality TV emerged in dialog with another kind of entertainment that served as its foil while borrowing its techniques: gangsta rap. Or, as legendary performers Ice Cube and Ice-T called it, “reality rap.” Reality rap and reality TV were components of a cultural revolution that redefined popular entertainment as a truth-telling medium. Reality entertainment borrowed journalistic tropes but was undiluted by the caveats and context that journalism demanded. While N.W.A.’s “Fuck tha Police” countered Cops’ vision of Black lives in America, the reality rappers who emerged in that group’s wake, such as Snoop Doggy Dogg and Tupac Shakur, embraced reality’s visceral tabloid sensationalism, using the media's obsession with Black criminality to collapse the distinction between image and truth. Reality TV and reality rap nurtured the world we live in now, where politics and basic facts don’t feel real until they have been translated into mass-mediated entertainment.

The Hip Hop & Obama Reader

The Hip Hop & Obama Reader Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Travis L. Gosa,Erik Nielson
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190493755
FileSize: 1096kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1096


The Hip Hop & Obama Reader by Travis L. Gosa,Erik Nielson Summary

Featuring a foreword by Tricia Rose and an Afterword by Cathy J. Cohen Barack Obama flipped the script on more than three decades of conventional wisdom when he openly embraced hip hop--often regarded as politically radioactive--in his presidential campaigns. Just as important was the extent to which hip hop artists and activists embraced him in return. This new relationship fundamentally altered the dynamics between popular culture, race, youth, and national politics. But what does this relationship look like now, and what will it look like in the decades to come? The Hip Hop & Obama Reader attempts to answer these questions by offering the first systematic analysis of hip hop and politics in the Obama era and beyond. Over the course of 14 chapters, leading scholars and activists offer new perspectives on hip hop's role in political mobilization, grassroots organizing, campaign branding, and voter turnout, as well as the ever-changing linguistic, cultural, racial, and gendered dimensions of hip hop in the U.S. and abroad. Inviting readers to reassess how Obama's presidency continues to be shaped by the voice of hip hop and, conversely, how hip hop music and politics have been shaped by Obama, The Hip Hop & Obama Reader critically examines hip hop's potential to effect social change in the 21st century. This volume is essential reading for scholars and fans of hip hop, as well as those interested in the shifting relationship between democracy and popular culture.

Reform and Literacy Education

Reform and Literacy Education Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Sarah Hochstetler
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1351108255
FileSize: 1929kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1929


Reform and Literacy Education by Sarah Hochstetler Summary

A critical resource for literacy educators and graduate students, this volume investigates key moments in the development of literacy education and provides a much-needed overview of where, when, and how efforts to shape education influence literacy teaching, as well as what literacy educators can do to advocate for themselves, their students, and the profession. Organized around three themes—history, effects, and advocacy—this volume offers a nuanced exploration of the complex issues surrounding literacy education, and suggests coherent approaches to evaluating and understanding the various policies and reform efforts, and their impacts on literacy teaching and learning. Chapter authors draw on a variety of research– and practice-based perspectives to explore the impact of reform on literacy and literacy education, and examine the evolution of literacy education, providing much-needed historical context for shifts in policies and models in the field.

Women Rapping Revolution

Women Rapping Revolution Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Kellie D. Hay,Rebekah Farrugia
Editor: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520973364
FileSize: 1471kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1471


Women Rapping Revolution by Kellie D. Hay,Rebekah Farrugia Summary

Detroit, MIchigan, has long been recognized as a center of musical innovation and social change. Rebekah Farrugia and Kellie D. Hay draw on seven years of fieldwork to illuminate the important role that women have played in mobilizing a grassroots response to political and social pressures at the heart of Detroit’s ongoing renewal and development project. Focusing on the Foundation, a women-centered hip hop collective, Women Rapping Revolution argues that the hip hop underground is a crucial site where Black women shape subjectivity and claim self-care as a principle of community organizing. Through interviews and sustained critical engagement with artists and activists, this study also articulates the substantial role of cultural production in social, racial, and economic justice efforts.

The Black Panthers

The Black Panthers Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Bryan Shih,Yohuru Williams
Editor: Bold Type Books
ISBN: 156858556X
FileSize: 1085kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1085


The Black Panthers by Bryan Shih,Yohuru Williams Summary

"Brilliant, painful, enlightening, tearful, tragic, sad, and funny, this photo-essay book is at its core about healing, and about the social justice work that still needs to be done in the era of hip-hop, Black Lives Matter, and the historic presidency of Barack Obama." -- Kevin Powell, author of The Education of Kevin Powell: A Boy's Journey into Manhood "A brilliantly conceived volume. Bryan Shih and Yohuru Williams demonstrate why the Panthers' story-its lessons and failures-even fifty years after its founding remains key to understanding national and international struggles for freedom and justice today." -- Cheryl Finley, professor and director of visual studies, Cornell University Even fifty years after it was founded, the Black Panther Party remains one of the most misunderstood political organizations of the twentieth century. But beyond the labels of "extremist" and "violent" that have marked the party, and beyond charismatic leaders like Huey Newton, Bobby Seale, and Eldridge Cleaver, were the ordinary men and women who made up the Panther rank and file. In The Black Panthers, photojournalist Bryan Shih and historian Yohuru Williams offer a reappraisal of the party's history and legacy. Through stunning portraits and interviews with surviving Panthers, as well as illuminating essays by leading scholars, The Black Panthers reveals party members' grit and battle scars-and the undying love for the people that kept them going.

The Education of Black Males in a 'Post-Racial' World

The Education of Black Males in a 'Post-Racial' World Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Anthony L. Brown,Jamel K. Donnor
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1317979435
FileSize: 1504kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1504


The Education of Black Males in a 'Post-Racial' World by Anthony L. Brown,Jamel K. Donnor Summary

The Education of Black Males in a ‘Post-Racial’ World examines the varied structural and discursive contexts of race, masculinities and class that shape the educational and social lives of Black males. The contributing authors take direct aim at the current discourses that construct Black males as disengaged in schooling because of an autonomous Black male culture, and explore how media, social sciences, school curriculum, popular culture and sport can define and constrain the lives of Black males. The chapters also provide alternative methodologies, theories and analyses for making sense of and addressing the complex needs of Black males in schools and in society. By expanding our understanding of how unequal access to productive opportunities and quality resources converge to systemically create disparate experiences and outcomes for African-American males, this volume powerfully illustrates that race still matters in 'post-racial' America. This book was originally published as a special issue of Race Ethnicity and Education.

Things That Make White People Uncomfortable

Things That Make White People Uncomfortable Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Michael Bennett,Dave Zirin
Editor: Haymarket Books
ISBN: 1608468941
FileSize: 1205kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1205


Things That Make White People Uncomfortable by Michael Bennett,Dave Zirin Summary

This sports book, memoir, and manifesto from a Super Bowl Champion elucidates racism in the United States. Michael Bennett is a Super Bowl Champion, a three-time Pro Bowl defensive end, a fearless activist, a feminist, a grassroots philanthropist, an organizer, and a change maker. He’s also one of the most scathingly humorous athletes on the planet, and he wants to make you uncomfortable. Bennett adds his unmistakable voice to discussions of racism and police violence, Black athletes and their relationship to powerful institutions like the NCAA and the NFL, the role of protest in history, and the responsibilities of athletes as role models to speak out against injustice. Following in the footsteps of activist-athletes from Muhammad Ali to Colin Kaepernick, Bennett demonstrates his outspoken leadership both on and off the field. Written with award-winning sportswriter and author Dave Zirin, Things that Make White People Uncomfortable is a sports book for our turbulent times, a memoir, and a manifesto as hilarious and engaging as it is illuminating. A version for Young Adults is also available. “A courageous and compassionate story of a great athlete and grand human being full of deep care for his fellow citizens! Don't miss it!” —Cornel West “There is a revolution underway inside professional sports and Michael Bennett is at ground zero. In this revelatory book, he puts everything on the line to share the reasons, strategy, pain and deep thought behind this historic uprising. And he invites us into a vision of justice and liberation that is simply irresistible. This book is pure fire.” —Naomi Klein, author of No Is Not Enough

African American Novels in the Black Lives Matter Era

African American Novels in the Black Lives Matter Era Pdf/ePub eBook Author: E. Lâle Demirtürk
Editor: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1498596223
FileSize: 1842kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1842


African American Novels in the Black Lives Matter Era by E. Lâle Demirtürk Summary

This book explores revisions of black male vulnerability in contemporary literature, examining how an everyday life determined by racialized social control can be transformed. It shows how transformative change takes place in black male characters’ efforts to work through the criminality-as-vulnerability script in order to make a social impact.

The Education of John Adams

The Education of John Adams Pdf/ePub eBook Author: R. B. Bernstein
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0197502725
FileSize: 1524kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1524


The Education of John Adams by R. B. Bernstein Summary

The Education of John Adams is the first biography of John Adams by a biographer with legal training. It examines his origins in colonial Massachusetts, his education, and his struggle to choose a career and define a place for himself in colonial society. It explores the flowering of his legal career and the impact that law had on him and his understanding of himself; his growing involvement with the American Revolution as polemicist, as lawyer, as congressional delegate, and as diplomat; and his commitment to defining and expounding ideas about constitutionalism and how it should work as the body of ideas shaping the new United States. The book traces his part in launching the government of the United States under the U.S. Constitution; his service as the nation's first vice president and second president; and his retirement years, during which he was first a vexed and rejected ex-president and then became the revered Sage of Braintree. It describes the relationships that sustained him - with his wife, the brilliant and eloquent Abigail Adams; with his children; with such allies and supporters as Benjamin Rush and John Marshall; with such sometime friends and sometime adversaries as Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson; and with such foes as Alexander Hamilton and Timothy Pickering. Bernstein establishes Adams as a key figure in the evolution of American constitutional theory and practice. This is the first biography to examine Adams's conflicted and hesitant ideas about slavery and race in the American context, raising serious questions about his mythic status as a friend of human equality and a foe of slavery. This book's foundation is the record left by Adams himself-- in diaries, letters, essays, pamphlets, and books. The Education of John Adams concludes by re-examining the often-debated question of the relevance of Adams's thought to our own time.

Higher Education Accessibility Behind and Beyond Prison Walls

Higher Education Accessibility Behind and Beyond Prison Walls Pdf/ePub eBook Author: McMay, Dani V.,Kimble, Rebekah D.
Editor: IGI Global
ISBN: 1799830578
FileSize: 1176kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1176


Higher Education Accessibility Behind and Beyond Prison Walls by McMay, Dani V.,Kimble, Rebekah D. Summary

Numerous studies indicate that completing a college degree reduces an individual’s likelihood of recidivating. However, there is little research available to inform best practices for running college programs inside jails or prisons or supporting returning citizens who want to complete a college degree. Higher Education Accessibility Behind and Beyond Prison Walls examines program development and pedagogical techniques in the area of higher education for students who are currently incarcerated or completing a degree post-incarceration. Drawing on the experiences of program administrators and professors from across the country, it offers best practices for (1) developing, running, and teaching in college programs offered inside jails and prisons and (2) providing adequate support to returning citizens who wish to complete a college degree. This book is intended to be a resource for college administrators, staff, and professors running or teaching in programs inside jails or prisons or supporting returning citizens on traditional college campuses.

We Are Worth Fighting For

We Are Worth Fighting For Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Joshua M. Myers
Editor: NYU Press
ISBN: 147988412X
FileSize: 696kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 696


We Are Worth Fighting For by Joshua M. Myers Summary

The Howard University protests from the perspective and worldview of its participants We Are Worth Fighting For is the first history of the 1989 Howard University protest. The three-day occupation of the university’s Administration Building was a continuation of the student movements of the sixties and a unique challenge to the politics of the eighties. Upset at the university’s appointment of the Republican strategist Lee Atwater to the Board of Trustees, students forced the issue by shutting down the operations of the university. The protest, inspired in part by the emergence of “conscious” hip hop, helped to build support for the idea of student governance and drew upon a resurgent black nationalist ethos. At the center of this story is a student organization known as Black Nia F.O.R.C.E. Co-founded by Ras Baraka, the group was at the forefront of organizing the student mobilization at Howard during the spring of 1989 and thereafter. We Are Worth Fighting For explores how black student activists—young men and women— helped shape and resist the rightward shift and neoliberal foundations of American politics. This history adds to the literature on Black campus activism, Black Power studies, and the emerging histories of African American life in the 1980s.

The Brother Code

The Brother Code Pdf/ePub eBook Author: T. Elon Dancy II
Editor: IAP
ISBN: 1617357626
FileSize: 1743kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1743


The Brother Code by T. Elon Dancy II Summary

The Brother Code: What is the role of manhood and masculinity in the lives of African American males in college? How do manhood norms influence decisions within and beyond college? How might mothers and fathers differentially affect manhood and masculinity in their sons? What are African American’s men unique ways of knowing themselves and their surroundings? The Brother Code: Manhood and Masculinity among African American Men in College situates itself at the intersection of higher education and cultural studies to address these questions and more. Primarily, this book offers colleges and universities a penetrative gaze into a complex web of identities—the manhood of African American males in college. Yet the book also seizes a rare opportunity in higher education research to review six historical eras of African American manhood as well as the troublesome relationship between African American males and education in general. This knowledge is important for understanding all aspects of African American male participation in college, including enrollment, retention, curricular, and co-curricular involvement. Based on an empirical study, the data in this book emerged from one-on-one interviews in which 24 African American males enrolled in 12 colleges discussed how manhood matters in their social and college lives. The aim is to help unearth the marginalized topics of manhood, gender, and masculinity in males generally but, more specifically among African American males, a marginalized student group in education. Using an interdisciplinary approach, the book draws upon literature in history, African American studies, gender studies, sociology, cultural studies, psychology, and anthropology.

The Meaning of Freedom

The Meaning of Freedom Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Angela Y. Davis
Editor: City Lights Publishers
ISBN: 087286586X
FileSize: 1016kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1016


The Meaning of Freedom by Angela Y. Davis Summary

What is the meaning of freedom? Angela Y. Davis' life and work have been dedicated to examining this fundamental question and to ending all forms of oppression that deny people their political, cultural, and sexual freedom. In this collection of twelve searing, previously unpublished speeches, Davis confronts the interconnected issues of power, race, gender, class, incarceration, conservatism, and the ongoing need for social change in the United States. With her characteristic brilliance, historical insight, and penetrating analysis, Davis addresses examples of institutional injustice and explores the radical notion of freedom as a collective striving for real democracy - not something granted or guaranteed through laws, proclamations, or policies, but something that grows from a participatory social process that demands new ways of thinking and being. "The speeches gathered together here are timely and timeless," writes Robin D.G. Kelley in the foreword, "they embody Angela Davis' uniquely radical vision of the society we need to build, and the path to get there." The Meaning of Freedom articulates a bold vision of the society we need to build and the path to get there. This is her only book of speeches. "Davis' arguments for justice are formidable. . . . The power of her historical insights and the sweetness of her dream cannot be denied."—The New York Times "One of America's last truly fearless public intellectuals." —Cynthia McKinney, former US Congresswoman "Angela Davis offers a cartography of engagement in oppositional social movements and unwavering commitment to justice." —Chandra Talpade Mohanty, Women's Studies, Hamilton College "Angela Davis deserves credit, not just for the dignity and courage with which she has lived her life, but also for raising important critiques of a for-profit penitentiary system decades before those arguments gained purchase in the mainstream." —Thomas Chatterton Williams, SFGate "Angela Davis's revolutionary spirit is still strong. Still with us, thank goodness!" —Virginian-Pilot "Long before 'race/gender' became the obligatory injunction it is now, Angela Davis was developing an analytical framework that brought all of these factors into play. For readers who only see Angela Davis as a public icon . . . meet the real Angela Davis: perhaps the leading public intellectual of our era." —Robin D. G. Kelley author of Thelonious Monk: The Life and Times of an American Original "There was a time in America when to call a person an 'abolitionist' was the ultimate epithet. It evoked scorn in the North and outrage in the South. Yet they were the harbingers of things to come. They were on the right side of history. Prof. Angela Y. Davis stands in that proud, radical tradition." —Mumia Abu-Jamal, author of Jailhouse Lawyers: Prisoners Defending Prisoners v. the U.S.A. "Behold the heart and mind of Angela Davis, open, relentless, and on time!" —June Jordan "Political activist, scholar, and author Angela Davis confronts the interconnected issues of power, race, gender, class, incarceration, conservatism, and the ongoing need for social change in the U.S. in her book, The Meaning of Freedom: And Other Difficult Dialogues." —Travis Smiley Radio Angela Y. Davis is professor emerita at the University of California and author of numerous books. She is a much sought after public speaker and an internationally known advocate for social justice. Robin D.G. Kelley is the author of many books and a professor at the University of Southern California.

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