Unexpectedly Out Of Focus

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The Conjoint/Disjoint Alternation in Bantu

The Conjoint/Disjoint Alternation in Bantu Pdf/ePub eBook Author:
Editor: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 3110490838
FileSize: 1027kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1027


The Conjoint/Disjoint Alternation in Bantu by Summary

This volume brings together descriptions and analyses of the conjoint/disjoint alternation, a typologically significant phenomenon found in many Bantu languages. The chapters provide in-depth documentation, comparative studies and theoretical analyses of the alternation from a range of Bantu languages, showing its crosslinguistic variation in constituent structure, morphology, prosody and information structure.

The Lion and the Unicorn

The Lion and the Unicorn Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Richard Aldous
Editor: Random House
ISBN: 1448138175
FileSize: 328kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 328


The Lion and the Unicorn by Richard Aldous Summary

‘Engaging and highly entertaining’ Sunday Times The dramatic confrontation between the two 'mighty opposites' of the Victorian age, brilliantly recreated by a talented young historian. Gladstone and Disraeli were the fiercest political rivals of the modern age. Their intense hatred was ideological and deeply personal. Victorian Britain ruled the oceans and vast territories 'on which the sun never set'. The vitriolic duel between Gladstone and Disraeli was nothing less than a battle to lead the richest and most powerful nation on earth. To Disraeli, his antagonist was an 'unprincipled maniac' characterised by an 'extraordinary mixture of envy, vindictiveness, hypocrisy and superstition'. For Gladstone, his rival was 'The Grand Corrupter' whose destruction he plotted 'day and night, week by week, month by month'. Victorians were electrified by the confrontation. No wonder that when Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking-Glass appeared in 1871, so many readers recognised the great adversaries as the warring lion and unicorn 'fighting for the crown'. Richard Aldous gives us the first modern telling of this dramatic story of an intense and momentous rivalry. His vivid narrative style - at turns powerful, witty, stirring and theatrical - breathes new life into a familiar, half-remembered tale that is pivotal in Britain's island history. The Lion and the Unicorn is a brilliant rethinking of the Gladstone and Disraeli story for a new generation. Richard Aldous confirms a perennial truth: in politics, everything is personal.

The Photographer's Handbook

The Photographer's Handbook Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Michael Freeman
Editor: Ilex Press
ISBN: 1781575959
FileSize: 715kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 715


The Photographer's Handbook by Michael Freeman Summary

Know the equipment, refine your technique and express your style. Combining straightforward guidance with artistic insight, this comprehensive handbook is an essential piece of kit for photographers of every style and experience level. Michael Freeman shows you how to: · Make the most of the gear you have · Master the classic styles & subjects · Compose shots with skill and confidence · Share your work in a meaningful way It's everything you need to be a successful photographer.

Out of Focus

Out of Focus Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Axelle Law
Editor: Reines de Coeur
ISBN: 2378380763
FileSize: 1935kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1935


Out of Focus by Axelle Law Summary

Mia, an architect in her thirties, buries herself in her work and has had a series of unfulfilling short-term relationships. One evening, desperate to find some consolation, she drowns her disappointment in alcohol. The next morning, she wakes up next to a perfect stranger—with an extreme hangover. Unfamiliar with these transient adventures, the young woman kindly tries to kick out her one-night stand. Rather amused, and far from being offended, Alexiane agrees to withdraw without making a fuss. While she is half-naked, trying to get dressed, Mia's parents show up unexpectedly. Alexiane immediately perceives the architect's distress regarding their situation and decides to try and help her out by introducing herself as her girlfriend—a lie that Mia hastens to confirm. What better way to escape parental pressure than to invent a respectable love life for yourself? Unfortunately, this good idea quickly turns on the two young women when Mia's family tries to learn more about their so-called relationship…

Crossword Puzzle Dictionary

Crossword Puzzle Dictionary Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Murali Mohan Hundigam
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1503526224
FileSize: 1936kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1936


Crossword Puzzle Dictionary by Murali Mohan Hundigam Summary

Crossword Puzzle Solver Dictionary is an aid for solving quick and Speedy crossword puzzles. When we want the meaning of a word, we normally search the meaning of that word in any English Dictionary. We know the meaning but we do not know the correct word, Crossword puzzle Solver gives the correct word. It is a sort of Reverse Dictionary but not a thesaurus. It is an effort of two decades compiling and it contains almost every clue.

Book of Shackles

Book of Shackles Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Daniel F. Owsley
Editor: Booktango
ISBN: 1468905759
FileSize: 1861kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1861


Book of Shackles by Daniel F. Owsley Summary

Out of Their Shadows

Out of Their Shadows Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Ranjana Kamo
Editor: Partridge Publishing
ISBN: 1482835401
FileSize: 1023kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1023


Out of Their Shadows by Ranjana Kamo Summary

Life can definitely be at its best when we get an opportunity to build on our talents and find success, but this does not seem to happen too often. There is another element to being successful. This is the willingness to mentor talents and help others in achieving their goals, which brings real happiness in its wake. The book Out of Their Shadows touches upon these subjects and builds around the life of two individuals trying to discover the purpose of their existence. The story takes them through the undulating path of their life together through failures, successes, love, and much more to redesign their destiny.

The Unexpected Joy of the Ordinary

The Unexpected Joy of the Ordinary Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Catherine Gray
Editor: Aster
ISBN: 1783253649
FileSize: 656kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 656


The Unexpected Joy of the Ordinary by Catherine Gray Summary

**From the Sunday Times Bestselling Author** Life-affirming - THE TELEGRAPH Wonderful - INDEPENDENT She made it her mission to learn how to be default happy rather than default disgruntled - RADIO 4 - WOMAN'S HOUR Take a leaf out of Gray's book and be kinder to yourself by appreciating life just as it is - IRISH TIMES This book came to me in an hour of need - during lockdown when I had to focus on the positive, appreciate simple things, not lose my shit, and value each day. It was a pure joy for me and held my hand - SADIE FROST Interesting and joyful. Lights a path that could help us to build resilience against society's urging to compare life milestones with peers - LANCET PSYCHIATRY Underwhelmed by your ordinary existence? Disillusioned with your middlin' wage, average body, 'bijou' living situation and imperfect loved ones? Welcome to the club. There are billions of us. The 'default disenchanted'. But, it's not us being brats. Two deeply inconvenient psychological phenomenons conspire against our satisfaction. We have negatively-biased brains, which zoom like doom-drones in on what's wrong with our day, rather than what's right. (Back in the mists of time, this negative bias saved our skins, but now it just makes us anxious). Also, something called the 'hedonic treadmill' means we eternally quest for better, faster, more, like someone stuck on a dystopian, never-ending treadmill. Thankfully, there are scientifically-proven ways in which we can train our brains to be more positive-seeking. And to take a rest from this tireless pursuit. Whew. Catherine Gray knits together illuminating science and hilarious storytelling, unveiling captivating research showing that big bucks don't mean big happiness, extraordinary experiences have a 'comedown' and budget weddings predict a lower chance of divorce. She reminds us what an average body actually is, reveals that exercising for weight loss means we do less exercise, and explores the modern tendency to not just try to keep up with the Murphys, but keep up with the Mega-Murphies (see: the social media elite). Come on in to this soulful and life-affirming read, to discover why an ordinary life may well be the most satisfying one of all. PRAISE FOR CATHERINE GRAY'S WRITING: "Uplifting and inspiring" - The Evening Standard "Not remotely preachy" - The Times "Jaunty, shrewd and convincing" - The Telegraph "Admirably honest, light, bubbly and remarkably rarely annoying" - The Guardian "An empathetic, warm and hilarious tale from a hugely likeable human" - The Lancet Psychiatry

The Demands of Motherhood

The Demands of Motherhood Pdf/ePub eBook Author: L. Smyth
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 1137010258
FileSize: 1468kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1468


The Demands of Motherhood by L. Smyth Summary

Drawing on qualitative interviews with forty middle-class mothers living in Northern Ireland and the US, this book explores the strategies women adopt, as they take on and creatively re-make motherhood in ways which allow them to cope.

A Grammar of Cinepoiesis

A Grammar of Cinepoiesis Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Silvia Carlorosi
Editor: Lexington Books
ISBN: 1498509851
FileSize: 1093kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1093


A Grammar of Cinepoiesis by Silvia Carlorosi Summary

This book explores the theoretical and practical modes of a cinema of poetry and examines how it breaks the convention of narrative in cinema.

Histories of the Holocaust

Histories of the Holocaust Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Dan Stone
Editor: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191614203
FileSize: 692kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 692


Histories of the Holocaust by Dan Stone Summary

The Holocaust is one of the most intensively studied phenomena in modern history. The volume of writing that fuels the numerous debates about it is overwhelming in quantity and diversity. Even those who have dedicated their professional lives to understanding the Holocaust cannot assimilate it all. There is, then, an urgent need to synthesize and evaluate the complex historiography on the Holocaust, exploring the major themes and debates relating to it and drawing widely on the findings of a great deal of research. Concentrating on the work of the last two decades, Histories of the Holocaust examines the 'Final Solution' as a European project, the decision-making process, perpetrator research, plunder and collaboration, regional studies, ghettos, camps, race science, antisemitic ideology, and recent debates concerning modernity, organization theory, colonialism, genocide studies, and cultural history. Research on victims is discussed, but Stone focuses more closely on perpetrators, reflecting trends within the historiography, as well as his own view that in order to understand Nazi genocide the emphasis must be on the culture of the perpetrators. The book is not a 'history of the history of the Holocaust', offering simply a description of developments in historiography. Stone critically analyses the literature, discerning major themes and trends and assessing the achievements and shortcomings of the various approaches. He demonstrates that there never can or should be a single history of the Holocaust and facilitates an understanding of the genocide of the Jews from a multiplicity of angles. An understanding of how the Holocaust could have happened can only be achieved by recourse to histories of the Holocaust: detailed day-by-day accounts of high-level decision-making; long-term narratives of the Holocaust's relationship to European histories of colonialism and warfare; micro-historical studies of Jewish life before, during, and after Nazi occupation; and cultural analyses of Nazi fantasies and fears.

Trends in Welding Research 2012: Proceedings of the 9th International Conference

Trends in Welding Research 2012: Proceedings of the 9th International Conference Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Tarasankar DebRoy, Stan A. David, John N. DuPont, Toshihiko Koseki, Harry K. Bhadeshia
Editor: ASM International
ISBN: 1627089985
FileSize: 1831kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1831


Trends in Welding Research 2012: Proceedings of the 9th International Conference by Tarasankar DebRoy, Stan A. David, John N. DuPont, Toshihiko Koseki, Harry K. Bhadeshia Summary

The Trends conference attracts the world's leading welding researchers. Topics covered in this volume include friction stir welding, sensing, control and automation, microstructure and properties, welding processes, procedures and consumables, weldability, modeling, phase transformations, residual stress and distortion, physical processes in welding, and properties and structural integrity of weldments.

Handbook of Research Methods on Intuition

Handbook of Research Methods on Intuition Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Marta Sinclair
Editor: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 1782545999
FileSize: 872kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 872


Handbook of Research Methods on Intuition by Marta Sinclair Summary

How does one go about studying intuition _ a complex, cross-disciplinary field, which is still developing? How can intuition be captured in situ? How can a researcher harness their own intuition? This book uses method-related themes to help an

Scenes of Clerical Life

Scenes of Clerical Life Pdf/ePub eBook Author: George Eliot
Editor: 谷月社
FileSize: 875kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 875


Scenes of Clerical Life by George Eliot Summary

INTRODUCTION George Eliot, or Mary Ann Evans, was born at Arbury Farm, in the parish of Chilvers Coton, Warwickshire, on the 22nd of November, 1819. She was the fifth and last child of her father by his second wife—of that father whose sound sense and integrity she so keenly appreciated, and who was to a certain extent the original of her famous characters of Adam Bede and Caleb Garth. Both during and after her schooldays George Eliot's history was that of a mind continually out-growing its conditions. She became an excellent housewife and a devoted daughter, but her nature was too large for so cramped a life. 'You may try,' she writes in Daniel Deronda, 'but you can never imagine what it is to have a man's force of genius in you, and to suffer the slavery of being a girl.' While her powers were growing she necessarily passed through many phases. She became deeply religious, and wrote poetry, pious and sweet, fair of its kind. Music was a passion with her; in a characteristic letter written at the age of twenty to a friend she tries but fails to describe her experience on hearing the 'Messiah' of Birmingham: 'With a stupid, drowsy sensation, produced by standing sentinel over damson cheese and a warm stove, I cannot do better than ask you to read, if accessible, Wordsworth's short poem on the "Power of Sound."' There you have a concise history of George Eliot's life at this period, divided as it was between music, literature, and damson cheese.

The Aesthetic of Play

The Aesthetic of Play Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Brian Upton
Editor: MIT Press
ISBN: 0262324210
FileSize: 1798kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1798


The Aesthetic of Play by Brian Upton Summary

A game designer considers the experience of play, why games have rules, and the relationship of play and narrative. The impulse toward play is very ancient, not only pre-cultural but pre-human; zoologists have identified play behaviors in turtles and in chimpanzees. Games have existed since antiquity; 5,000-year-old board games have been recovered from Egyptian tombs. And yet we still lack a critical language for thinking about play. Game designers are better at answering small questions (“Why is this battle boring?”) than big ones (“What does this game mean?”). In this book, the game designer Brian Upton analyzes the experience of play—how playful activities unfold from moment to moment and how the rules we adopt constrain that unfolding. Drawing on games that range from Monopoly to Dungeons & Dragons to Guitar Hero, Upton develops a framework for understanding play, introducing a set of critical tools that can help us analyze games and game designs and identify ways in which they succeed or fail. Upton also examines the broader epistemological implications of such a framework, exploring the role of play in the construction of meaning and what the existence of play says about the relationship between our thoughts and external reality. He considers the making of meaning in play and in every aspect of human culture, and he draws on findings in pragmatic epistemology, neuroscience, and semiotics to describe how meaning emerges from playful engagement. Upton argues that play can also explain particular aspects of narrative; a play-based interpretive stance, he proposes, can help us understand the structure of books, of music, of theater, of art, and even of the process of critical engagement itself.

Bad Asses of Garey Park

Bad Asses of Garey Park Pdf/ePub eBook Author: J.W. Lambell
Editor: Author House
ISBN: 1420820907
FileSize: 1640kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1640


Bad Asses of Garey Park by J.W. Lambell Summary

This is a look into the lives of seven young men. Guys who hung out together at the local Drugstore, you know the kind. Some of them had their own cars — some didn’t. Some were lovers — some weren’t. Some were pretty nice guys - some not so nice. All in all, they combined to tell a story about the young men the locals liked to call the “Bad Asses of Garey Park.” As a group of guys, they probably were, but individually, they each had their own story to tell. Read into their lives and form your own opinion. Were these guys more like you were at their age, or were they really ‘Bad Asses’?

Living in the Promise

Living in the Promise Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Peggy Cowan
Editor: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1681976714
FileSize: 1456kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1456


Living in the Promise by Peggy Cowan Summary

Far too many believers are not fulfilling the purpose they were created for. God has an inheritance or destiny for all His children, but it is up to them to recognize and accept that inheritance. You were created for so much more, and the enemy knows that. It is through lies and deceit that the devil has confused God's children and distorted their true identity. It is time the church today rediscovers their true identity in Christ and completely steps into their destiny. Living in the Promise offers its readers sound biblical insight and teaching that will help readers inherit their birthright and fully embrace the promises of God. "So many times as believers we fall short of living day by day in the promises of God. This is a very honest book by Peggy of her struggles to find and walk in those promises." - Pastor Mardy Dunlop, Karmel City Church, Belfast, Northern Ireland "As people read Living in the Promise, they will grow in their confidence and assurance that God will speak to them and also use them to do mighty exploits in these last days for His glory!" - Pastor Michele Horvath Calvary Lighthouse Church, Rochelle, Illinois "Peggy's book is filled with great wells of wisdom that come directly from God's word, you will be stirred to go dig deeper into these wells for yourself and you will be greatly rewarded." - Steve & Christie Owings, Pastors of Living Water Church, Lafayette and Frederick, Colorado

Astrology of Midlife and Aging

Astrology of Midlife and Aging Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Erin Sullivan
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 1440649820
FileSize: 1396kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1396


Astrology of Midlife and Aging by Erin Sullivan Summary

The first in-depth analysis of how an individual's natal horoscope reveals the unique challenges and opportunities of midlife. Between the ages of thirty-seven and forty-one, something mysterious takes place within the psyche. Jung called this phase our "unlived life," assuming rightly that midlife did not inaugurate a time of rapid decay, loss of libido, and inevitable death—but rather ushered in a period in which one might review one's life and build upon a strong foundation toward the next phase of adulthood. Acclaimed astrologer Erin Sullivan takes us through the vast changes that astrology reveals as we reach middle age. It is a moment in life that is characterized by the planet Uranus, one filled with opportunities to both rethink the past and move forward toward the future, "witnessing" our lives in the way Uranus connotes. There exist no maps of the terrain—except the natal horoscope.

War of Shadows

War of Shadows Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Gail Z. Martin
Editor: Orbit
ISBN: 0316278009
FileSize: 356kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 356


War of Shadows by Gail Z. Martin Summary

The newest novel in Gail Z. Martin's breathtaking Ascendant Kingdoms saga -- a tale of unpredictable magic, battling warlords, and the lust for vengeance. Amidst the shadows, chaos reigns. Blaine "Mick" McFadden managed to partially restore Donderath's magic, but not without a cost. He and the magic are now bound together, and the power remains dangerous and erratic -- draining the life from him with every use. New threats are rising from the wreckage of the battered kingdoms, and warlords both mortal and undead vie for control. Now, Blaine and his unlikely band of convict heroes must find allies amidst a seas of enemies, and discover a way to rebind magic to the will of mortals before it destroys him. And time is running out...

Shakespeare Films

Shakespeare Films Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Peter E.S. Babiak
Editor: McFarland
ISBN: 147662352X
FileSize: 559kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 559


Shakespeare Films by Peter E.S. Babiak Summary

This study reexamines the recognized “canon” of films based on Shakespeare’s plays, and argues that it should be broadened by breaking with two unnecessary standards: the characterization of the director as “auteur” of a play’s screen adaptation, and the convention of excluding films with contemporary language or modern or alternative settings or which use the play as a subtext. The emphasis is shifted from the director’s contribution to the film’s social, cultural and historical contexts. The work of the auteurs is reevaluated within present-day contexts, preserving the established canon while proposing new criteria for inclusion.

ADHD 2.0

ADHD 2.0 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Edward M. Hallowell, M.D.,John J. Ratey, M.D.
Editor: Ballantine Books
ISBN: 0399178759
FileSize: 1893kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1893


ADHD 2.0 by Edward M. Hallowell, M.D.,John J. Ratey, M.D. Summary

A revolutionary new approach to ADD/ADHD featuring cutting-edge research and strategies to help readers thrive, by the bestselling authors of the seminal books Driven to Distraction and Delivered from Distraction “An inspired road map for living with a distractible brain . . . If you or your child suffer from ADHD, this book should be on your shelf. It will give you courage and hope.”—Michael Thompson, Ph.D., New York Times bestselling co-author of Raising Cain World-renowned authors Dr. Edward M. Hallowell and Dr. John J. Ratey literally “wrote the book” on ADD/ADHD more than two decades ago. Their bestseller, Driven to Distraction, largely introduced this diagnosis to the public and sold more than a million copies along the way. Now, most people have heard of ADHD and know someone who may have it. But lost in the discussion of both childhood and adult diagnosis of ADHD is the potential upside: Many hugely successful entrepreneurs and highly creative people attribute their achievements to ADHD. Also unknown to most are the recent research developments, including innovations that give a clearer understanding of the ADHD brain in action. In ADHD 2.0, Drs. Hallowell and Ratey, both of whom have this “variable attention trait,” draw on the latest science to provide both parents and adults with ADHD a plan for minimizing the downside and maximizing the benefits of ADHD at any age. They offer an arsenal of new strategies and lifestyle hacks for thriving with ADHD, including • Find the right kind of difficult. Use these behavior assessments to discover the work, activity, or creative outlet best suited to an individual’s unique strengths. • Reimagine environment. What specific elements to look for—at home, at school, or in the workplace—to enhance the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit inherent in the ADHD mind. • Embrace innate neurological tendencies. Take advantage of new findings about the brain’s default mode network and cerebellum, which confer major benefits for people with ADHD. • Tap into the healing power of connection. Tips for establishing and maintaining positive connection “the other Vitamind C” and the best antidote to the negativity that plagues so many people with ADHD. • Consider medication. Gets the facts about the underlying chemistry, side effects, and proven benefits of all the pharmaceutical options. As inspiring as it is practical, ADHD 2.0 will help you tap into the power of this mercurial condition and find the key that unlocks potential.

The Great Unexpected

The Great Unexpected Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Dan Mooney
Editor: Harlequin
ISBN: 1488045348
FileSize: 559kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 559


The Great Unexpected by Dan Mooney Summary

A curmudgeon and his eccentric new roommate join together to plan an epic escape in this charming, poignant tale. Joel lives in a nursing home, and he’s not one bit happy about it. He hates being told when to eat, when to sleep, when to take his pills. He’s fed up with life and begins to plan a way out when his new roommate, a retired soap opera actor named Frank, moves in and turns the nursing-home community upside down. Though the two men couldn’t be more opposite, a fast friendship is formed when Frank is the only one who listens to and stands up for Joel. When he tells Frank about his burgeoning plan, they embark together on a mission to find the perfect escape, and along the way will discover that it’s never too late for new beginnings. Filled with colorful characters, sparkling humor and deep emotion, The Great Unexpected is the story of friendship, finding oneself later in life and experiencing newfound joy in the most unexpected places.

Playing Sarah Bernhardt

Playing Sarah Bernhardt Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Joan Givner
Editor: Dundurn
ISBN: 1459710673
FileSize: 1274kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1274


Playing Sarah Bernhardt by Joan Givner Summary

Harriet's acting career suffers when memory loss forces her to quit her role as Sarah Bernhardt. Troubled, she accepts the role of Mazo de la Roche in small-town Saskatchewan. Harriet discovers she was chosen for this role because she holds the key to Mazo's past. The play, the role, and the town draw Harriet into her own past.

Focus and Background Marking in Mandarin Chinese

Focus and Background Marking in Mandarin Chinese Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Daniel Hole
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1134375301
FileSize: 1426kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1426


Focus and Background Marking in Mandarin Chinese by Daniel Hole Summary

This is an investigation into the grammaticalized system of focus-background agreement in Mandarin Chinese. The particles cái, jiù, dou and ye are, in a specific use type, shown to form the core of a highly systematic paradigm. This book is not just a valuable companion for anyone interested in core aspects of Mandarin Chinese grammar. It caters for the interests of theoretical linguists as well as for linguists from other fields with an interest in information-structure, focus and contrastive topics, and quantification. The outstanding characteristic of this book, viz. its effortless integration of findings from formal semantics without heavy formal load, makes it rewarding reading both for linguists with a less formal background, and for researchers with some knowledge of formal semantics.

The Tides of Mind: Uncovering the Spectrum of Consciousness

The Tides of Mind: Uncovering the Spectrum of Consciousness Pdf/ePub eBook Author: David Gelernter
Editor: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 1631490842
FileSize: 1343kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1343


The Tides of Mind: Uncovering the Spectrum of Consciousness by David Gelernter Summary

A “rock star” (New York Times) of the computing world provides a radical new work on the meaning of human consciousness. The holy grail of psychologists and scientists for nearly a century has been to understand and replicate both human thought and the human mind. In fact, it's what attracted the now-legendary computer scientist and AI authority David Gelernter to the discipline in the first place. As a student and young researcher in the 1980s, Gelernter hoped to build a program with a dial marked "focus." At maximum "focus," the program would "think" rationally, formally, reasonably. As the dial was turned down and "focus" diminished, its "mind" would start to wander, and as you dialed even lower, this artificial mind would start to free-associate, eventually ignoring the user completely as it cruised off into the mental adventures we know as sleep. While the program was a only a partial success, it laid the foundation for The Tides of Mind, a groundbreaking new exploration of the human psyche that shows us how the very purpose of the mind changes throughout the day. Indeed, as Gelernter explains, when we are at our most alert, when reasoning and creating new memories is our main mental business, the mind is a computer-like machine that keeps emotion on a short leash and attention on our surroundings. As we gradually tire, however, and descend the "mental spectrum," reasoning comes unglued. Memory ranges more freely, the mind wanders, and daydreams grow more insistent. Self-awareness fades, reflection blinks out, and at last we are completely immersed in our own minds. With far-reaching implications, Gelernter’s landmark "Spectrum of Consciousness" finally helps decode some of the most mysterious wonders of the human mind, such as the numinous light of early childhood, why dreams are so often predictive, and why sadism and masochism underpin some of our greatest artistic achievements. It’s a theory that also challenges the very notion of the mind as a machine—and not through empirical studies or "hard science" but by listening to our great poets and novelists, who have proven themselves as humanity's most trusted guides to the subjective mind and inner self. In the great introspective tradition of Wilhelm Wundt and René Descartes, David Gelernter promises to not only revolutionize our understanding of what it means to be human but also to help answer many of our most fundamental questions about the origins of creativity, thought, and consciousness.

The Architectural Models of Theodore Conrad

The Architectural Models of Theodore Conrad Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Teresa Fankhänel
Editor: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1350152854
FileSize: 765kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 765


The Architectural Models of Theodore Conrad by Teresa Fankhänel Summary

Based on the recent discovery of his fully-preserved private archive-models, photos, letters, business files, and drawings-this book tells the story of Theodore Conrad (1910-1994), the most prominent and prolific architectural model-maker of the 20th century. Conrad's innovative models were instrumental in the design and realization of many icons of American Modernism-from the Rockefeller Center to Lever House and the Seagram Building. He revolutionized the production of architectural models and became a model-making entrepreneur in his own right. Yet, despite his success and the well-known buildings he helped to create, until now little has been known about Conrad's work and his impact on 20th century architectural history. With exclusive access to Conrad's archive, as well as that of model photographer Louis Checkman-both of which have lain undiscovered in private storage for decades-this book examines Conrad's work and legacy, accompanied by case studies of his major commissions and full-color photographs of his works. Set against the backdrop of the surge in model-making in the 1950s and 1960s-which Jane Jacobs called “The Miniature Boom”-it explores how Conrad's models prompt broader scholarly questions about the nature of authorship in architecture, the importance of craftsmanship, and about the translation of architectural ideas between different media. The book ultimately presents an alternative history of American modern architecture, highlighting the often-overlooked influence of architectural models and their makers.

Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior

Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior Pdf/ePub eBook Author:
Editor: Academic Press
ISBN: 0128132523
FileSize: 643kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 643


Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior by Summary

Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior, Second Edition, the latest update since the 2010 release, builds upon the solid foundation established in the first edition. Updated sections include Host-parasite interactions, Vertebrate social behavior, and the introduction of ‘overview essays’ that boost the book's comprehensive detail. The structure for the work is modified to accommodate a better grouping of subjects. Some chapters have been reshuffled, with section headings combined or modified. Represents a one-stop resource for scientifically reliable information on animal behavior Provides comparative approaches, including the perspective of evolutionary biologists, physiologists, endocrinologists, neuroscientists and psychologists Includes multimedia features in the online version that offer accessible tools to readers looking to deepen their understanding

Train Your Gaze

Train Your Gaze Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Roswell Angier
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1000211347
FileSize: 770kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 770


Train Your Gaze by Roswell Angier Summary

Focusing on the presence of the photographer’s gaze as an integral part of constructing meaningful images, Roswell Angier combines theory and practice, to provide you with the technical advice and inspiration you need to develop your skills in portrait photography.Fully updated to take into account advances in creative work and photographic technology, this second edition also includes stunning new visuals and a discussion on the role of social media in the practice of portraiture.Each chapter includes a practical assignment, designed to help you explore various kinds of portrait photography and produce a range of different styles for your creative portfolio.

The Complexity of Creativity

The Complexity of Creativity Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Ake E. Andersson,N.E. Sahlin
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401587884
FileSize: 679kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 679


The Complexity of Creativity by Ake E. Andersson,N.E. Sahlin Summary

This is a volume on the concepts, theories, models and social consequences of creativity. It contains articles by well-known cognitive scientists, economists, mathematicians, philosophers and psychologists.

A Year in the Life of Dr. Fox

A Year in the Life of Dr. Fox Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Frederick L Malphurs
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1483645657
FileSize: 742kb
File Format: Pdf
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A Year in the Life of Dr. Fox by Frederick L Malphurs Summary

During the years of Mexican President Calderone, drug cartels fought pitched battles against other cartels, the police, the army, and the good citizens of Mexico. Kidnappings, murder, threats, and intimidation by drug cartels impinged on every facet of Mexican life. This story of the de la Vega family in Culiacan, the state capital of the Mexican state of Sinaloa, tells of their struggles with the death of their beloved sister and the courageous brothers who become a force exacting revenge on the Pacific cartel. The family ancestors moved away from Southern California during the 1840’s as the influx of white settlers changed the culture and created certain discriminations against Mexican-Americans. The family legend is the de la Vegas sold out and relocated to Culiacan, Mexico where they quickly established prominence socially and financially. In Culiacan, the whispers are frequently heard of their great wealth and of being descendents of the great Zorro. Eduardo de la Vega, known for his dedication to his community and his patients as a noted benefactor and surgeon, and Teodoro de la Vega, a Jesuit priest, beloved by all who know him, vow to protect their city from the cartel. The de la Vegas act with extraordinary stealth, boldly striking at the cartel. Eduardo de la Vega leads a secret life of retribution abetted by his adopted brother, the business wizard, ‘Flaco’ Salas. This is a tale of adventure, action love, honor, and strength of family despite constant danger and threat.

Managing the Urgent and Unexpected

Managing the Urgent and Unexpected Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Stephen Wearne,Keith White-Hunt
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1317101324
FileSize: 442kb
File Format: Pdf
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Managing the Urgent and Unexpected by Stephen Wearne,Keith White-Hunt Summary

Sometimes unanticipated threats or opportunities create a situation in which work is required unexpectedly. On these occasions, such urgent and unexpected work demands an instant start, in contrast to the often lengthy processes of investigation, evaluation, development, selection and planning normal in businesses and public services before the start of a project. Managing the Urgent and Unexpected explores what is different managerially if work is unexpected, its implementation is urgent and an immediate start it is required. The authors draw on twelve cases ranging from the launch of the Freeview television system in the United Kingdom to the sifting and removal of the New York World Trade Center pile of debris following the 9/11 terrorist attack. They summarise how the response to each of these events was managed, demonstrate that opportunities may sometimes be created in the face of adversity and suggest how normal organizations can prepare to manage abnormal demands. Urgent and unexpected projects have to be rare in business or government to be economically and socially tolerable. And yet organizations can and should be prepared for the unexpected. The lessons offered here will help private and public organizations plan how to authorize and support future urgent work to take advantage of immediate new business opportunities or to protect or restore systems and services.


Myopia Pdf/ePub eBook Author:
ISBN: 9814470392
FileSize: 1245kb
File Format: Pdf
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Myopia by Summary

Expecting and Accepting The Unexpected

Expecting and Accepting The Unexpected Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Alena Naron
Editor: BalboaPress
ISBN: 1452574960
FileSize: 553kb
File Format: Pdf
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Expecting and Accepting The Unexpected by Alena Naron Summary

I am just an ordinary woman turned “extraordinary” through circumstances. I touch others through my own tragedies by giving them hope and encouragement and reminding them that sometimes the richest people are those who have endured tragedy, pain, sadness, and struggle, allowing them to lead a more abundant life. Never would I change my life experiences. My greatest gift is my endless compassion for others, and my sincerest hope is to bring each and every one of you the gift of pure joy, the kind of joy that enlarges your heart and brings tears to your eyes. I have laughed at adversity, tragedy, failure, poor health, and financial devastation. Yet I am so very rich! Yes, it was God who told me to contact you through my book and his words. If you met me personally, you would understand this is not my ego talking. I am only repeating what God told me. “I am.” “You are.” “We are all destined for greatness!”

Families Caring for an Aging America

Families Caring for an Aging America Pdf/ePub eBook Author: National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine,Health and Medicine Division,Board on Health Care Services,Committee on Family Caregiving for Older Adults
Editor: National Academies Press
ISBN: 0309448093
FileSize: 1058kb
File Format: Pdf
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Families Caring for an Aging America by National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine,Health and Medicine Division,Board on Health Care Services,Committee on Family Caregiving for Older Adults Summary

Family caregiving affects millions of Americans every day, in all walks of life. At least 17.7 million individuals in the United States are caregivers of an older adult with a health or functional limitation. The nation's family caregivers provide the lion's share of long-term care for our older adult population. They are also central to older adults' access to and receipt of health care and community-based social services. Yet the need to recognize and support caregivers is among the least appreciated challenges facing the aging U.S. population. Families Caring for an Aging America examines the prevalence and nature of family caregiving of older adults and the available evidence on the effectiveness of programs, supports, and other interventions designed to support family caregivers. This report also assesses and recommends policies to address the needs of family caregivers and to minimize the barriers that they encounter in trying to meet the needs of older adults.

Managing the Unexpected

Managing the Unexpected Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Karl E. Weick,Kathleen M. Sutcliffe
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 111886249X
FileSize: 1660kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1660


Managing the Unexpected by Karl E. Weick,Kathleen M. Sutcliffe Summary

Improve your company's ability to avoid or manage crises Managing the Unexpected, Third Edition is a thoroughly revised text that offers an updated look at the groundbreaking ideas explored in the first and second editions. Revised to reflect events emblematic of the unique challenges that organizations have faced in recent years, including bank failures, intelligence failures, quality failures, and other organizational misfortunes, often sparked by organizational actions, this critical book focuses on why some organizations are better able to sustain high performance in the face of unanticipated change. High reliability organizations (HROs), including commercial aviation, emergency rooms, aircraft carrier flight operations, and firefighting units, are looked to as models of exceptional organizational preparedness. This essential text explains the development of unexpected events and guides you in improving your organization for more reliable performance. "Expect the unexpected" is a popular mantra for a reason: it's rooted in experience. Since the dawn of civilization, organizations have been rocked by natural disasters, civil unrest, international conflict, and other unexpected crises that impact their ability to function. Understanding how to maintain function when catastrophe strikes is key to keeping your organization afloat. Explore the many different kinds of unexpected events that your organization may face Consider updated case studies and research Discuss how highly reliable organizations are able to maintain control during unexpected events Discover tactics that may bolster your organization's ability to face the unexpected with confidence Managing the Unexpected, Third Edition offers updated, valuable content to professionals who want to strengthen the preparedness of their organizations—and confidently face unexpected challenges.

Handbook of Research on Trends in Product Design and Development: Technological and Organizational Perspectives

Handbook of Research on Trends in Product Design and Development: Technological and Organizational Perspectives Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Silva, Arlindo,Simoes, Ricardo
Editor: IGI Global
ISBN: 1615206183
FileSize: 1700kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1700


Handbook of Research on Trends in Product Design and Development: Technological and Organizational Perspectives by Silva, Arlindo,Simoes, Ricardo Summary

"This book provides a detailed view on the current issues, trends, challenges, and future perspectives on product design and development, an area of growing interest and increasingly recognized importance for industrial competitiveness and economic growth"--Provided by publisher.

Inevitable Randomness in Discrete Mathematics

Inevitable Randomness in Discrete Mathematics Pdf/ePub eBook Author: J—zsef Beck
Editor: American Mathematical Soc.
ISBN: 0821847562
FileSize: 1879kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1879


Inevitable Randomness in Discrete Mathematics by J—zsef Beck Summary

Mathematics has been called the science of order. The subject is remarkably good for generalizing specific cases to create abstract theories. However, mathematics has little to say when faced with highly complex systems, where disorder reigns. This disorder can be found in pure mathematical arenas, such as the distribution of primes, the $3n+1$ conjecture, and class field theory. The purpose of this book is to provide examples--and rigorous proofs--of the complexity law: (1) discrete systems are either simple or they exhibit advanced pseudorandomness; (2) a priori probabilities often exist even when there is no intrinsic symmetry. Part of the difficulty in achieving this purpose is in trying to clarify these vague statements. The examples turn out to be fascinating instances of deep or mysterious results in number theory and combinatorics. This book considers randomness and complexity. The traditional approach to complexity--computational complexity theory--is to study very general complexity classes, such as P, NP and PSPACE. What Beck does is very different: he studies interesting concrete systems, which can give new insights into the mystery of complexity. The book is divided into three parts. Part A is mostly an essay on the big picture. Part B is partly new results and partly a survey of real game theory. Part C contains new results about graph games, supporting the main conjecture. To make it accessible to a wide audience, the book is mostly self-contained.

The Co-Teaching Book of Lists

The Co-Teaching Book of Lists Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Katherine D. Perez
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118236106
FileSize: 1233kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1233


The Co-Teaching Book of Lists by Katherine D. Perez Summary

Practical strategies for teachers who share classroom teaching responsibilities Filled with down-to-earth ideas, suggestions, strategies, and techniques, The Co-Teaching Book of Lists provides educators with a hands-on resource for making the co-teaching experience a success. Written by educator and popular teacher trainer Kathy Perez, this book gives educators a classroom-tested and user-friendly reference for the co-taught classroom. Topics covered include: roles and responsibilities; setting up the classroom; establishing classroom climate; effective accommodations and modifications for students; goal-setting; negotiating conflicts; scheduling issues; and more. Author Katherine Perez is a popular presenter and workshop leader for Bureau of Education and Research and Staff Development for Educators Offers best practices and helpful strategies for making co-teaching a success Includes a wealth of ideas that are both practical and easy to implement This easily accessible reference presents numerous positive and ready-to-use tips, strategies, and resources for collaborative teaching and student success.

Documentary for the Small Screen

Documentary for the Small Screen Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Paul Kriwaczek
Editor: CRC Press
ISBN: 1136044892
FileSize: 1868kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1868


Documentary for the Small Screen by Paul Kriwaczek Summary

Film and video have grown to be as significant in our time as books, newspapers and magazines. Documentary film-making is fast becoming as important and useful a skill as the ability to write well. Like writing, it can be learned by anyone. Film and video have grown to be as significant in our time as books, newspapers and magazines. Documentary film-making is fast becoming as important and useful a skill as the ability to write well. Like writing, it can be learned by anyone. Documentary for the small screen is both for those who are new to documentary film-making but want to know how to create productions of a professional standard, as well as for those already working in the medium who wish to improve their skills by taking a closer look at the way they carry out their tasks. It is written in a logical, straightforward way, the first half taking the reader through an analysis of what documentary actually is, to constructing it through developing the story and assembling the appropriate building-blocks. In the second part, the pre-production stages of preparing proposals, costings and outlines, and researching the subject are all carefully examined, as are production planning and the shoot, followed by the post-production stages involved in editing and reviewing the completed film. Paul Kriwaczek is an award winning documentary maker who has a wealth of experience to pass on, having worked for many years at BBC Television where he wrote, directed and produced documentary, drama, music and science programmes.

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