Wolf Willow

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Wolf Willow

Wolf Willow Pdf/ePub eBook Author:
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 1101153660
FileSize: 745kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 745


Wolf Willow by Summary

Wallace Stegner weaves together fiction and nonfiction, history and impressions, childhood remembrance and adult reflections in this unusual portrait of his boyhood. Set in Cypress Hills in southern Saskatchewan, where Stegner's family homesteaded from 1914 to 1920, Wolf Willow brings to life both the pioneer community and the magnificent landscape that surrounds it. For more than seventy years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English-speaking world. With more than 1,700 titles, Penguin Classics represents a global bookshelf of the best works throughout history and across genres and disciplines. Readers trust the series to provide authoritative texts enhanced by introductions and notes by distinguished scholars and contemporary authors, as well as up-to-date translations by award-winning translators.

Wolf Willow

Wolf Willow Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Wallace Stegner
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 1101153660
FileSize: 1752kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1752


Wolf Willow by Wallace Stegner Summary

Wallace Stegner weaves together fiction and nonfiction, history and impressions, childhood remembrance and adult reflections in this unusual portrait of his boyhood. Set in Cypress Hills in southern Saskatchewan, where Stegner's family homesteaded from 1914 to 1920, Wolf Willow brings to life both the pioneer community and the magnificent landscape that surrounds it. For more than seventy years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English-speaking world. With more than 1,700 titles, Penguin Classics represents a global bookshelf of the best works throughout history and across genres and disciplines. Readers trust the series to provide authoritative texts enhanced by introductions and notes by distinguished scholars and contemporary authors, as well as up-to-date translations by award-winning translators.

Captivated by the She-Wolf

Captivated by the She-Wolf Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Kristal Hollis
Editor: Harlequin
ISBN: 1488094101
FileSize: 1014kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1014


Captivated by the She-Wolf by Kristal Hollis Summary

A shifter finds his soul mate… Ronni Lyles and her son are just settling into their new pack when her dead husband’s brother comes to claim them. Bodie Gryffon is looking for a safe place to raise his daughter—a raven-shifter, just like him. What begins as a purely practical alliance turns passionate. But Ronni senses that Bodie has a secret—one that could force him to make a painful choice.

Grasslands Grown

Grasslands Grown Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Molly P. Rozum
Editor: Univ. of Manitoba Press
ISBN: 0887559638
FileSize: 1932kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1932


Grasslands Grown by Molly P. Rozum Summary

In Grasslands Grown Molly P. Rozum explores the two related concepts of regional identity and sense of place by examining a single North American ecological region: the U.S. Great Plains and the Canadian Prairie Provinces. All or parts of modern-day Alberta, Montana, Saskatchewan, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Manitoba form the center of this transnational region. As children, the first postconquest generation of northern grasslands residents worked, played, and traveled with domestic and wild animals, which introduced them to ecology and shaped sense-of-place rhythms. As adults, members of this generation of settler society worked to adapt to the northern grasslands by practicing both agricultural diversification and environmental conservation. Rozum argues that environmental awareness, including its ecological and cultural aspects, is key to forming a sense of place and a regional identity. The two concepts overlap and reinforce each other: place is more local, ecological, and emotional-sensual, and region is more ideational, national, and geographic in tone. This captivating study examines the growth of place and regional identities as they took shape within generations and over the life cycle.

More Human than Wolf

More Human than Wolf Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Ashlyn Hunter
Editor: Ashlyn Hunter
FileSize: 825kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 825


More Human than Wolf by Ashlyn Hunter Summary

I’m a shiftless omega, a half-blood, and a burden to my pack. I have nothing to offer my family let alone a future mate. Being more human than wolf, Willow stands on the sidelines while his brothers take on their animal forms, hunting, tracking, and racing along the edge of their territory. But when a rogue wolf crosses his path and brings on Willow’s heat, this omega might be more wolf than he thinks. Chasing after a runaway omega is one thing, but to find my mate in the process? That’s something else entirely. Xander’s risked everything to find the omega his father dismissed after using suppressants. Now, halfway across the countryside, he trades one omega’s scent for another. And this one’s all his. With omegas in short supply and wolves nearly extinct, Xander’s surprised to learn how little Willow knows of his heritage or the part he plays in starting a family. Their family. Can Xander hold his instincts back long enough to earn Willow’s trust, or is Willow's heart too high a price to pay? More Human than Wolf is a gay MPREG romance with a HEA and no cliffhangers! If you adore shifters and male pregnancy as much as I do, this one's for you. Search Terms: alpha omega romance, gay alpha omega, omega, mm omegaverse, omegaverse, gay omegaverse, gay family romance, gay family, man giving birth, gay men having babies, gay bisexual romance, mm bisexual romance, out for you, straight to gay, fated mates, alpha male shifter fated mates romance, gay for you, gay first time, men in love, gay shifter romance, shifter romance, male pregnancy, male pregnancy romance, mpreg, mpreg shifter romance, mmpreg gay paranormal romance, gay paranormal mm romance, gay werewolf, gay shifters

Margie and Wolf

Margie and Wolf Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Lynette Collins
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1543403573
FileSize: 1807kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1807


Margie and Wolf by Lynette Collins Summary

Margie and Wolf: Catch Us If You Can is book 2 in the series. It is where Margie gets taken. Wolf and their animals help to free her, and they take Margie somewhere where she will be safe. Margie and Wolf make some new friends—a wallaby whose name is Lisa and some cool fairies named Zoe, Kelly, and Johnathan. This is a story of how scary it would be to be taken from your family and home. But it ends well, thanks to some of Margie and Wolf’s brave friends.

Tekahionwake: E. Pauline Johnson's Writings on Native North America

Tekahionwake: E. Pauline Johnson's Writings on Native North America Pdf/ePub eBook Author: E. Pauline Johnson
Editor: Broadview Press
ISBN: 1770485341
FileSize: 1821kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1821


Tekahionwake: E. Pauline Johnson's Writings on Native North America by E. Pauline Johnson Summary

E. Pauline Johnson, also known as Tekahionwake, is remarkable as one of a very few early North American Indigenous poets and fiction writers. Most Indigenous writers of her time were men educated for the ministry who published religious, anthropological, autobiographical, political, and historical works, rather than poetry and fiction. More extraordinary still, Johnson became both a canonical poet and a literary celebrity, performing on stage for fifteen years across Canada, in the United States, and in London. Johnson is now seen as a central figure in the intellectual history of Canada and the US, and an important historical example of Indigenous feminism. This edition collects a diverse range of Johnson’s writings on what was then called “the Indian question” and on the question of her own complex Indigenous identity. Six thematic sections gather Johnson’s poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, and a rich selection of historical appendices provides context for her public life and her work as a feminist and activist for Indigenous people.

Modern American Memoirs

Modern American Memoirs Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Annie Dillard
Editor: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061857017
FileSize: 1772kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1772


Modern American Memoirs by Annie Dillard Summary

"[In] this anthology of well-chosen excerpts by a satisfyingly diverse group of writers....the truth of their lives shines from every beautifully, often courageously composed page."— Booklist “Packed with superb writing.” — New York Newsday Modern American Memoirs is a sampling from 35 quintessential 20th century memoirs, including contributions from Margaret Mead, Malcolm X, Maxine Hong Kingston, Loren Eisely, and Zora Neale Hurston. Supremely written and excellent examples of the art of biography, these excerpts present a beautifully wide range of American life.

Big Book of Best Short Stories - Volume 15

Big Book of Best Short Stories - Volume 15 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Anthony Hope,E. Pauline Johnson,Harvey J. O'Higgins,John Fox Jr.,Mary Roberts Rinehart,Neith Boyce,W. C. Morrow,Wilhelm Hauff,August Nemo
Editor: Tacet Books
ISBN: 3967999114
FileSize: 1576kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1576


Big Book of Best Short Stories - Volume 15 by Anthony Hope,E. Pauline Johnson,Harvey J. O'Higgins,John Fox Jr.,Mary Roberts Rinehart,Neith Boyce,W. C. Morrow,Wilhelm Hauff,August Nemo Summary

This book contains70 short storiesfrom 10 classic, prize-winning and noteworthy authors. The stories were carefully selected by the criticAugust Nemo, in a collection that will please theliterature lovers. For more exciting titles, be sure to check out our 7 Best Short Stories and Essential Novelists collections. This book contains: W. C. Morrow: - His Unconquerable Enemy. - A Game Of Honor. - The Resurrection Of Little Wang Tai. - Two Singular Men. - The Faithful Amulet. - Over An Absinthe Bottle. - The Hero Of The Plague.Wilhelm Hauff: - The Severed Hand. - The Cold Heart. - The Little Glass Man. - The Story Of The Caliph Stork. - The Story Of Little Muck. - Nose, The Dwarf. - How The Stories Were Found.Rabindranath Tagore: - The Cabuliwallah. - The Home-Coming. - Onde There Was A King. - The Child's Return. - Master Mashai. - Subha. - The Postmaster.Owen Wister: - The Jimmyjohn Boss. - A Kinsman of Red Cloud. - Sharon's Choice. - Napoleon Shave-Tail. - Twenty Minutes for Refreshments. - The Promised Land. - Hank's Woman.Neith Boyce: - Two Women. - Sophia. - Molly. - The Blue Hood. - Love in a Dutch Garden. - Navidad. - The Mother.Mary Roberts Rinehart: - Affinities. - The Family Friend. - Clara's Little Escapade. - The Borrowed House. - Sauce For The Gander. - Twenty-Two. - Jane.John Fox Jr: - On Hell-Fer-Sartain Creek. - Through The Gap. - A Trick O' Trade. - Grayson's Baby. - Courtin' On Cutshin. - The Message In The Sand. - The Senator's Last Trade.Harvey Jerrold O'Higgins: - Silent Sam. - His Mother. - In The Matter Of Art. - Tammany's Tithes. - The Devil's Doings. - The Hired Man. - Larkin.E. Pauline Johnson: - The Shagganappi. - A Red Girl's Reasoning. - The King's Coin. - The Derelict. - Little Wolf-Willow. - Her Majesty's Guest. - The Brotherhood.Anthony Hope: - The Adventure of Lady Ursula. - AspirationsExplanations. - A Cut and a Kiss. - Promising. - Imagination. - Uncle John and the Rubies. - Lucifera.

The Shagganappi

The Shagganappi Pdf/ePub eBook Author: E. Pauline Johnson
Editor: Good Press
FileSize: 314kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 314


The Shagganappi by E. Pauline Johnson Summary

"The Shagganappi" by E. Pauline Johnson. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

Wolf Mate

Wolf Mate Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Bella Jacobs
Editor: Bella Jacobs Books
FileSize: 1382kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1382


Wolf Mate by Bella Jacobs Summary

Maxim proved he would give his life to defend mine. I proved I would kill to keep him by my side. But is the bloody devotion of a united king and queen enough to win this war? My fated mate and I are finally fighting on the same side, but our enemies have burrowed deeper into our pack than we ever imagined possible. Before we face my mad sister and her army, we’ll first have to free the minds of our own people. Meanwhile, Maxim’s sister is still in enemy hands and black magic rises with the full moon. Can we save the people we love and heal the shifter world before it’s too late? Or will we lose everything we hold dear—our hope, our freedom, and maybe even…each other.

The Medicine Line

The Medicine Line Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Beth LaDow
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1135296154
FileSize: 1526kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1526


The Medicine Line by Beth LaDow Summary

The Medicine Line: Life and Death on the North American Borderland, is a complex and oftentimes dramatic mix of narrative storytelling and history in which ironies are explored, patterns of deed and response are uncovered, examined and evaluated...Beth Ladow is a compelling stylist who writes with warmth and insight, and she has given us a smart book, which will help us understand one another, and a good read. We need more books like this one. -- William Kittredge, Author of THE NATURE OF GENOROSITY(knopf,2000)

From Nursery Rhymes to Nationhood

From Nursery Rhymes to Nationhood Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Elizabeth Galway
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 113590393X
FileSize: 1051kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1051


From Nursery Rhymes to Nationhood by Elizabeth Galway Summary

As Canada came to terms with its role as an independent nation following Confederation in 1867, there was a call for a literary voice to express the needs and desires of a new country. Children’s literature was one of the means through which this new voice found expression. Seen as a tool for both entertaining and educating children, this material is often overtly propagandistic and nationalistic, and addresses some of the key political, economic, and social concerns of Canada as it struggled to maintain national unity during this time. From Nursery Rhymes to Nationhood studies a large variety of children’s literature written in English between 1867 and 1911, revealing a distinct interest in questions of national unity and identity among children’s writers of the day and exploring the influence of American and British authors on the shaping of Canadian identity. The visions of Canada expressed in this material are often in competition with one another, but together they illuminate the country’s attempts to define itself and its relation to the world outside its borders.

Basements and Attics, Closets and Cyberspace

Basements and Attics, Closets and Cyberspace Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Linda M Morra,Jessica Schagerl
Editor: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press
ISBN: 155458650X
FileSize: 1756kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1756


Basements and Attics, Closets and Cyberspace by Linda M Morra,Jessica Schagerl Summary

Women’s letters and memoirs were until recently considered to have little historical significance. Many of these materials have disappeared or remain unarchived, often dismissed as ephemera and relegated to basements, attics, closets, and, increasingly, cyberspace rather than public institutions. This collection showcases the range of critical debates that animate thinking about women’s archives in Canada. The essays in Basements and Attics, Closets and Cyberspace consider a series of central questions: What are the challenges that affect archival work about women in Canada today? What are some of the ethical dilemmas that arise over the course of archival research? How do researchers read and make sense of the materials available to them? How does one approach the shifting, unstable forms of new technologies? What principles inform the decisions not only to research the lives of women but to create archival deposits? The contributors focus on how a supple research process might allow for greater engagement with unique archival forms and critical absences in narratives of past and present. From questions of acquisition, deposition, and preservation to challenges related to the interpretation of material, the contributors track at various stages how fonds are created (or sidestepped) in response to national and other imperatives and to feminist commitments; how archival material is organized, restricted, accessed, and interpreted; how alternative and immediate archives might be conceived and approached; and how exchanges might be read when there are peculiar lacunae—missing or fragmented documents, or gaps in communication—that then require imaginative leaps on the part of the researcher.

Writing in Dust

Writing in Dust Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jenny Kerber
Editor: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press
ISBN: 1554582431
FileSize: 1846kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1846


Writing in Dust by Jenny Kerber Summary

Writing in Dust is the first sustained study of prairie Canadian literature from an ecocritical perspective. Drawing on recent scholarship in environmental theory and criticism, Jenny Kerber considers the ways in which prairie writers have negotiated processes of ecological and cultural change in the region from the early twentieth century to the present. The book begins by proposing that current environmental problems in the prairie region can be understood by examining the longstanding tendency to describe its diverse terrain in dualistic terms—either as an idyllic natural space or as an irredeemable wasteland. It inquires into the sources of stories that naturalize ecological prosperity and hardship and investigates how such narratives have been deployed from the period of colonial settlement to the present. It then considers the ways in which works by both canonical and more recent writers ranging from Robert Stead, W.O. Mitchell, and Margaret Laurence to Tim Lilburn, Louise Halfe, and Thomas King consistently challenge these dualistic landscape myths, proposing alternatives for the development of more ecologically just and sustainable relationships among people and between humans and their physical environments. Writing in Dust asserts that “reading environmentally” can help us to better understand a host of issues facing prairie inhabitants today, including the environmental impacts of industrial agriculture, resource extraction, climate change, shifting urban–rural demographics, the significance of Indigenous understandings of human–nature relationships, and the complex, often contradictory meanings of eco-cultural metaphors of alien/invasiveness, hybridity, and wildness.

1001 Dark Nights: Bundle Sixteen

1001 Dark Nights: Bundle Sixteen Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jennifer Probst,Tessa Bailey,Elisabeth Naughton,Laura Kaye,Erika Wilde
Editor: Evil Eye Concepts, Incorporated
ISBN: 1948050668
FileSize: 556kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 556


1001 Dark Nights: Bundle Sixteen by Jennifer Probst,Tessa Bailey,Elisabeth Naughton,Laura Kaye,Erika Wilde Summary

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors Jennifer Probst, Tessa Bailey, Elisabeth Naughton, Laura Kaye, and introducing Erika Wilde. Five Dark Tales. Five Sensual Stories. Five Page Turners. SOMEHOW, SOME WAY: A Billionaire Builders Novella by Jennifer Probst When an opportunity to transform a dilapidated house in a dangerous neighborhood pops up, Charlotte Grayson goes in full throttle. Unfortunately, she’s forced to work with the firm’s sexy architect Bolivar Randy Heart (aka Brady), who’s driving her crazy with his archaic views on women. Somehow, some way, they need to work together to renovate a house without killing each other…or surrendering to the white-hot chemistry knocking at the front door. TOO CLOSE TO CALL: A Romancing the Clarksons Novella by Tessa Bailey A fairytale college career skyrocketed Kyler Tate to the NFL draft. Adoration and opportunity are thrown in his direction wherever he goes, thanks to being chosen in the first round by the Los Angeles Rage. None of the accolades mean anything, though, without his high school sweetheart, Bree Justice, by his side. Four years ago, she walked away from Kyler, choosing a quiet life over the flash and notoriety his career would someday bring. Now he’s back in their Indiana hometown, refusing to leave for Los Angeles without her. HUNTED: An Eternal Guardians Novella by Elisabeth Naughton Erebus was Hades’ secret weapon in the war between the immortal realms until Hades lost him in a bet to Zeus. For the last hundred years, Erebus has trained Zeus’s Siren warriors in warfare and the sexual arts. But he’s never stopped longing for freedom. Lately, he also longs for one Siren who entranced him during their steamy seduction sessions. A nymph he quickly became obsessed with and who was ripped from his grasp when her seduction training was complete. One he’s just learned Zeus has marked for death. EYES ON YOU: A Blasphemy Novella by Laura Kaye When a sexy stranger asks Wolf Henrikson to rescue her from a bad date, he never expected to want the woman for himself. But their playful conversation turns into a scorching one-night stand that reveals the shy beauty gets off on the idea of being seen, even if she’s a little scared of it, too. As Wolf introduces her to his world at Blasphemy, Liv finds herself tempted to explore submission and exhibitionism with the hard-bodied Dom. THE MARRIAGE DIARIES by Erika Wilde Even after nearly twenty years of marriage, Jillian Noble is still madly in love with her sexy-as-sin husband, Dean. But now that their two sons are grown and it’s just the two of them alone again, there’s something that Jillian wants from her husband—the dominant man he rarely lets show. When Dean agrees to unleash his more assertive side, all bets are off as he introduces her to dark, forbidden desires that will change the course of their marriage. Every Dark Nights tale is breathtakingly sexy and magically romantic.

Wallace Stegner and the Continental Vision

Wallace Stegner and the Continental Vision Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Curt Meine
Editor: Island Press
ISBN: 9781597262866
FileSize: 822kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 822


Wallace Stegner and the Continental Vision by Curt Meine Summary

Wallace Stegner (1909-1993) was, in the words of historian T. H. Watkins, "a walking tower of American letters." Winner of the Pulitzer prize and the National Book Award for fiction, founder of the Stanford Writing Program, recipient of three Guggenheim fellowships and innumerable honorary degrees, Stegner was both a brilliant writer and an exceptional teacher.Wallace Stegner and the Continental Vision brings together leading literary critics, historians, legal scholars, geographers, scientists, and others to present a multifaceted exploration of Stegner's work and its impact, and a thought-provoking examination of his life. Contributors consider Stegner as writer, as historian, and as conservationist, discussing his place in the American literary tradition, his integral role in shaping how Americans relate to the land, and his impact on their own personal lives and careers. They present an eclectic mix of viewpoints as they explore aspects of Stegner's work that they find most intriguing, inspiring, and provocative: Jackson J. Benson on the personal qualities that so distinctively shaped Stegner's writings Walter Nugent on the historical context of Stegner's definition of the West T. H. Watkins on Stegner's contributions to the modern conservation movement Terry Tempest Williams on Stegner's continuing importance as an "elder" in the community of writers he nurtured Other contributors include Dorothy Bradley, John Daniel, Daniel Flores, Melody Graulich, James R. Hepworth, Richard L. Knight, Curt Meine, Thomas R. Vale, Elliott West, and Charles F. Wilkinson.Wallace Stegner and the Continental Vision is an illuminating look at Stegner's many and varied contributions to American literature and society. Longtime admirers of Stegner will appreciate it for the new perspectives it provides, while readers less familiar with him will find it a valuable and accessible introduction to his life and work.

Wolf Den Hollow

Wolf Den Hollow Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Donna Murray
Editor: She Writes Press
ISBN: 1631527665
FileSize: 1768kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1768


Wolf Den Hollow by Donna Murray Summary

Sila, a young, bewitching Cherokee, flees a marriage to a brutal drunk in the dead of winter and finds herself knocking on the door of a mill office, destitute and looking for work. There, she meets the handsome Charley Barkley, the owner and a married father of ten. Despite the fact that they have virtually nothing in common—and thirty years between them—a spark ignites. For Charley, once their passionate love affair intensifies, there is no going back to his loveless marriage—especially after Sila is with child. They marry and his logging empire expands, as does their family. Though they face tragedy and treachery along the way, they thrive until, just when their lives seems perfect, Charley falls victim to cancer. Sila’s devastation at the loss of her husband is compounded by the onset of the Great Depression. With her inheritance gone and faced with losing her home, she is forced to do the unthinkable to protect herself and her children in a final act of survival. Inspired by a true story, and replete with natural healing, glimpses of the logging boom, and heartbreaking drama, Wolf Den Hollow brings to life this unlikely, captivating romance of the early 1900s.

The Co-Housing Phenomenon

The Co-Housing Phenomenon Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Emanuele Giorgi
Editor: Springer Nature
ISBN: 3030370976
FileSize: 669kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 669


The Co-Housing Phenomenon by Emanuele Giorgi Summary

This book presents 50 case studies of contemporary co-housing projects spread all over the world to show how communities of shared living have become a global phenomenon that can serve as a tool to promote social and urban sustainability. By presenting evidence that shared housing experiences are capable of revitalizing sterile urban fabrics and promoting social sustainable practices, the volume situates co-housing experiences as microscale responses to the macroscale challenges posed by environmental degradation and the decline of communitarian ways of living. The volume also reviews the most famous typologies of shared living in different parts of the world across human history. By analyzing historical experiences in different regions of Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania, the author shows that living together is part of a historical culture of sharing that is being rediscovered all over the world by people who activate public spaces, work in shared offices or live in contractual communities. The Co-Housing Phenomenon – Environmental Alliance in Times of Changes will be of interest to both professionals and scholars involved in urban design, urban planning and architecture, especially those in the field of sustainable urbanism. It will also be a valuable resource for public agents and civil society organizations dealing with housing, social, environmental and sustainability policies.

Only in Saskatchewan

Only in Saskatchewan Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Naomi Hansen
Editor: TouchWood Editions
ISBN: 177151356X
FileSize: 937kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 937


Only in Saskatchewan by Naomi Hansen Summary

This beautifully photographed collection of recipes and restaurant profiles is a loving tribute and valuable resource for exploring Saskatchewan’s culinary landscape. In this celebration of Saskatchewan cuisine, Naomi Hansen pairs recipes from the province’s best-loved restaurants with profiles of the chefs and families behind those recipes. Only in Saskatchewan captures the mix of culinary influences—Ukrainian, Indigenous, Italian, Vietnamese, Indian, Persian, Dutch, Mexican, and more—that come together in the land of the living skies. Featuring the north, centre, and south of the province (with dedicated chapters for Saskatoon and Regina), Naomi showcases historic restaurants like the Yvette Moore Gallery Café in Moose Jaw, Baba’s Homestyle Perogies in Saskatoon, and Italian Star Deli in Regina, as well as newer favourites like The Dam Smokehouse in Nipawin, Free Bird in Lumsden, and Ayden Kitchen & Bar in Saskatoon. The recipes range from ambitious desserts like Mable Hill’s Bourbon Brown Butter Cake with Sour Cherry Topping and Hot Sour Cream Glaze and Golden Grain Bakery’s Bismarks, to everyday staples like The Rolling Pin’s Borscht and Houston Pizza’s All Dressed Pizza, to simpler pleasures like Wolf Willow’s Smokey Stovetop Popcorn and Harvest Eatery’s Whole Lotta Rosie Cocktail, each one a reflection of the generosity of spirit Saskatchewanians are known for. With food and landscape photography by Garrett Kendel, and a handy sourcing guide to Saskatchewan suppliers, the book is at once a beautiful tribute and valuable resource for exploring the province’s culinary scope.


Blossom Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Constance Bennett
Editor: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1497613159
FileSize: 1050kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1050


Blossom by Constance Bennett Summary

Western romance from the bestselling author of Morning Sky. “Deftly plotted and emotionally rich . . . a marvelous book . . . breathtaking!” (Suzanne Ellison, author of Eagle Knight). Case Longstreet is an Apache Tribesman who changes his name and learns the ways of the white men in order to change his future. Following a secret plan to destroy his enemies, Case is unprepared to fall in passionate love with a headstrong daughter of the frontier. Libby Ashford has gone west to find freedom. She claims the love of a man no one can tame, unleashing her inner desires. Together, they fight for their bold dream of love…and defy both worlds.

Wallace Stegner and the American West

Wallace Stegner and the American West Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Philip L. Fradkin
Editor: Knopf
ISBN: 0307268608
FileSize: 991kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 991


Wallace Stegner and the American West by Philip L. Fradkin Summary

Wallace Stegner was the premier chronicler of the twentieth-century western American experience, and his novels, the Pulitzer Prize–winning Angle of Repose and the National Book Award–winning The Spectator Bird, brought the life and landscapes of the West to national and international attention. Now, in this illuminating biography, Philip L. Fradkin goes beyond Stegner’s iconic literary status to give us, as well, the influential teacher and visionary conservationist, the man for whom the preservation and integrity of place was as important as his ability to render its qualities and character in his brilliantly crafted fiction and nonfiction. From his birth in 1909 until his death in 1993, Stegner witnessed nearly a century of change in the land that he loved and fought so hard to preserve. We learn of his hardscrabble youth on the Canadian frontier and in Utah, and of his painful relationship with his father, a bootlegger and gambler. We follow his intellectual awakening as a young man and his years as a Depression-era graduate student at the University of Iowa, during its earliest days as a literary center. We watch as he finds his home, with his wife, Mary, in the foothills above Palo Alto, which provided him with a long-awaited sense of belonging and a refuge in which he would write his most treasured works. And here are his years as the legendary founder of the Stanford Creative Writing Program, where his students included Ken Kesey, Edward Abbey, Robert Stone, and Wendell Berry. But the changes wrought by developers and industrialists were too much for Stegner, and he tirelessly fought the transformation of his Garden of Eden into Silicon Valley. His writings on the importance of establishing national parks and wilderness areas—not only for the preservation of untouched landscape but also for the enrichment of the human spirit—played a key role in the passage of historic legislation and comprise some of the most beautiful words ever written about the natural world. Here, too, is the story—told in full for the first time—of the accusations of plagiarism that followed the publication of Angle of Repose, and of the shadow they have cast on his greatest work. Rich in personal and literary detail, and in the sensual description of the country that shaped his work and his life—this is the definitive account of one of the most acclaimed and admired writers, teachers, and conservationists of our time.

Awakening on Purpose

Awakening on Purpose Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Stephanie Hrehirchuk
Editor: Stephanie Hrehirchuk
ISBN: 1999130030
FileSize: 924kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 924


Awakening on Purpose by Stephanie Hrehirchuk Summary

What if you could take a remarkable journey that would lead you to your life's purpose, but first you had to give up everything you knew to be true. Would you take the leap of faith? Stephanie must challenge her definition of normal when she is initiated into nature school and the language of the land. She must trust her visions, trust that she's not crazy, and trust that the call will lead her to her life's purpose. "I have arrived at the end of your book … and it is amazing!!! I resonate deeply with so much of your story. It contains both victory and struggle as any hero's journey does. This is such an important message!!" ~Emily B, Calgary The follow-up to An Accidental Awakening: It's not about yoga; It's about family, Awakening on Purpose follows Stephanie to the mountains of California, the red rocks of Sedona, the beaches of Maui, and even a surprise nudist retreat with her mother. And, like an Accidental Awakening, she shares all the wisdom, warmth and humour earned along the way.

Willow's Town

Willow's Town Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Tamie Elliott
Editor: Dorrance Publishing
ISBN: 1480920010
FileSize: 936kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 936


Willow's Town by Tamie Elliott Summary

Willow’s Town by Tamie Elliott When Tara embarks on a road trip to meet her husband, Ray, who has been working out of town, she never could have dreamed the horrors she’d face—not even in her nightmares. Tara’s car inevitably breaks down outside of Willow’s realm, a town steeped in history and horrific tragedy and run by a Warlock and his meddling troll. Along with two other women, Tara finds herself in the middle of an evil love story. Together, the women must outwit Willow to escape their prison and save themselves. The escape is complicated as Tara learns more about the history of the town and about her captors. She must use her knowledge to escape from the unusually creative nastiness imagined up by her captor, Willow.

Buffy and the Art of Story Season Two Part 2

Buffy and the Art of Story Season Two Part 2 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: L. M. Lilly
Editor: Spiny Woman LLC
FileSize: 480kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 480


Buffy and the Art of Story Season Two Part 2 by L. M. Lilly Summary

What can you learn about writing fiction, storytelling, and plot structure by watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer? More than you ever imagined. In this book, bestselling author and writing coach L. M. Lilly takes apart every episode in the second half of Season Two of the cult TV series. She looks at how Buffy builds dramatic tension, creates gripping character and relationship arcs, subverts audience expectations, and tells stories that still speak to fans decades later. Each chapter includes questions to help you improve your own writing and storytelling by: - Creating fascinating villains - Conveying exposition while keeping a fast pace - Building to a stunning climax - Weaving in themes that resonate with readers - And more If you love Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and you love creating stories – or just taking them apart to see how they work – this book is for you.

Making it Home

Making it Home Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Deborah Keahey
Editor: Univ. of Manitoba Press
ISBN: 0887553419
FileSize: 1865kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1865


Making it Home by Deborah Keahey Summary

Traditional approaches to Prairie literature have focussed on the significance of "the land" in attempts to make a place into a home. The emphasis on the importance of landscape as a defining feature ignores the important roles played by other influences brought to the land such as history, culture, gender, ethnicity, religion, community, family, and occupation. Deborah Keahey considers over 70 years of Canadian Prairie literature, including poetry, autobiography, drama, and fiction. The 17 writers range from the well-established, like Martha Ostenso and Robert Kroetsch, to newer writers, like Ian Ross and Kelly Rebar. Through their works, she asks whether the Prairies are a physical or a political creation, whether "home" is made by what you bring with you, or what you find when you arrive, and she incorporates the influences and effects far beyond landscape to understand what guides the "home-making" process of both the writers and their creations. Her study acknowledges that "home" is a complicated concept, and making a place into a home place is a complicated process. Informed by current linguistic, feminist, postcolonial, and cultural theory, Keahey explores these concepts in depth and redefines our understanding of place, home, and the relationship between them.


Feral Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Vanessa Vale,Renee Rose
Editor: Bridger Media
FileSize: 1507kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1507


Feral by Vanessa Vale,Renee Rose Summary

Pack Rule #3: The alpha must mate. The stronger the alpha, the greater the danger. Moon madness could claim me any time now. I’ve looked all over the continent, gone to mating games, but I still haven’t found the she-wolf meant to be mine. I’ve already become too feral in bed. I’m not safe—not for random females. Especially not the human variety. One just moved into the ranch next door. She’s way too tempting. And I’m way too dangerous. I have to stay away. I don’t dare get near her. Because I would die before I ever let anything harm the little human. Including me.

Shift of Fate

Shift of Fate Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Kimber White
Editor: Nokay Press, LLC
FileSize: 1290kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1290


Shift of Fate by Kimber White Summary

I am the thing that stands between this woman and the evil she cannot see. But who will keep her safe from me… I am Willow’s protector. I am paid to give my life for hers. As a member of the elite all-shifter Wolfguard Security Team, it’s the job. One last assignment and I can write my own ticket. Start my own pack. It should have been easy. Just a cross-country road trip. Get the girl home in one piece. Then I saw her... Her scent calls to the wolf inside of me. Then I got too close... A single touch and I knew we were fated. A single kiss and I knew I would kill for her. But Willow belongs to someone else… In one week, I’m supposed to deliver her to him. Except, it’s my name she calls out for in the night. My mark she craves. If I take what’s mine, it could destroy the life I’ve built and call forth a darkness too big to contain. If I claim her, it could ruin us both. No. Not if...when... Shift of Fate is a steamy standalone paranormal romance novel featuring an All-Shifter security force. If you like sizzling chemistry, fated mates, happily ever afters, and twists you won't see coming, then you'll love Kimber White's passionate, action-packed story. Book Themes: wolf shifter romance, action adventure romance, bodyguard, protector, alpha hero, elite security team, witches, wizards, magic, paranormal romance, strong heroine, protective alpha male hero

Harlequin Nocturne February 2018 Box Set

Harlequin Nocturne February 2018 Box Set Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Sharon Ashwood,Kristal Hollis
Editor: Harlequin
ISBN: 1488094071
FileSize: 708kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 708


Harlequin Nocturne February 2018 Box Set by Sharon Ashwood,Kristal Hollis Summary

Do you harbor passionate otherworldly desires where the normal and paranormal collide? Let Harlequin® Nocturne bring you into dark and dangerous territory where your senses will be awakened. This box set includes: ENCHANTER REDEEMED by Sharon Ashwood In the last battle for Camelot, Merlin had to make a terrible choice. Now he must pay the price. When a demon from his past reappears, she wants nothing more than to destroy the wizard. Now to reap her vengeance as a lover scorned, the demon occupies the body of Clary—the apprentice who is capturing his heart—and has the innocent behaving in uncharacteristic ways. Ways that push the forbidden desire Clary and Merlin share into heated play… CAPTIVATED BY THE SHE-WOLF by Kristal Hollis Ronni Lyles and her son are just settling into their new pack when her dead husband’s brother comes to claim them. Bodie Gryffon is looking for a safe place to raise his daughter—a raven-shifter, just like him. What begins as a purely practical alliance turns passionate. But Ronni senses that Bodie has a secret—one that could force him to make a painful choice.

Wedding the Wolf

Wedding the Wolf Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Steffanie Holmes
Editor: Bacchanalia House
FileSize: 1448kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1448


Wedding the Wolf by Steffanie Holmes Summary

Eyes On You: A Blasphemy Novella

Eyes On You: A Blasphemy Novella Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Laura Kaye
Editor: Evil Eye Concepts, Incorporated
ISBN: 1945920181
FileSize: 870kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 870


Eyes On You: A Blasphemy Novella by Laura Kaye Summary

Branded by Fire

Branded by Fire Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Nalini Singh
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 1101082062
FileSize: 1424kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1424


Branded by Fire by Nalini Singh Summary

#1 New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh allies two fierce changelings in this explosive Psy-Changeling novel. Though DarkRiver sentinel Mercy is feeling the pressure to mate, she resists savagely when Riley Kincaid, a lieutenant from the SnowDancer pack, seeks to possess her. The problem is not simply that he pushes her buttons; the problem is that he’s a wolf, she’s a cat, and they’re both used to being on top. But when a brilliant changeling researcher is kidnapped from DarkRiver territory in a seemingly senseless attack, Mercy and Riley must work together to track the young male—before his shadowy captors decide he’s no longer useful. Along the way, the two dominants may find that submitting to one another uncovers not just a deadly conspiracy, but a passion so raw, it’ll leave them both branded by fire…

Bulldog Carney

Bulldog Carney Pdf/ePub eBook Author: W. A. Fraser
Editor: Good Press
FileSize: 1085kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1085


Bulldog Carney by W. A. Fraser Summary

"Bulldog Carney" by W. A. Fraser. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

Nalini Singh: The Psy-Changeling Series Books 6-10

Nalini Singh: The Psy-Changeling Series Books 6-10 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Nalini Singh
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 1101644516
FileSize: 1922kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1922


Nalini Singh: The Psy-Changeling Series Books 6-10 by Nalini Singh Summary

A collection of five novels in the Psy-Changeling series from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Nalini Singh. • Branded by Fire • Blaze of Memory • Bonds of Justice • Play of Passion • Kiss of Snow

Out of Dreams

Out of Dreams Pdf/ePub eBook Author: E.M. Bannock
Editor: Esther Haberstroh
FileSize: 474kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 474


Out of Dreams by E.M. Bannock Summary

Do you believe in dream messages? Nina lives in Florida and has never seen a mountain or known a Native American yet dreams of both. Wolf LaFontaine dreamt of her, but never imagined she was real. Is their chance meeting coincidence or destiny? Nina loves Wolf, but she must decide if she is ready to leave her simple coastal life, become a Montana bison rancher’s wife and tackle the challenges that come with it, including a vengeful neighbor, all while learning the ways and culture of her Native American/French husband. Their epic union and love is just the beginning. Soon there’s trouble on the ranch when an exotic hunting lodge opens and bison start dying. Together they face racism, danger, disappointment, and the sorrow of loss, armed with weapons of spirituality, life values, and their everlasting love. Is that enough?

A Beta's Haven

A Beta's Haven Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Carrie Ann Ryan
Editor: Carrie Ann Ryan
ISBN: 1623220424
FileSize: 1830kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1830


A Beta's Haven by Carrie Ann Ryan Summary

Being the Beta of the Redwood Pack isn’t an easy task, but Jasper has never complained. He’s spent his entire adult life dropping everything so he can take care of others. Now he’s a father, a husband…and tired. His mate, Willow, knows Jasper won’t let others know that he might need a break, even for a weekend, so that’s where she comes in. Once Jasper lets go and allows his mate to call the shots, this Beta might just be in for the ride of a lifetime. Author’s Note: This is a novella set between books 6 and 7 to give you a taste of Jasper and Willow. It is best that you have already immersed yourselves in the Redwood Pack world, however even new readers will enjoy a glimpse of one of the Redwood’s favorite couples. ~~~~~~~~ Read what others are saying about New York Times bestselling author, Carrie Ann Ryan: “Count on Carrie Ann Ryan for emotional, sexy, character driven stories that capture your heart!” – Carly Phillips, NY Times bestselling author “Carrie Ann Ryan’s romances are my newest addiction! The emotion in her books captures me from the very beginning. The hope and healing hold me close until the end. These love stories will simply sweep you away.” ~ NYT Bestselling Author Deveny Perry “Carrie Ann Ryan writes sexy emotional romances that'll make you cry and fan yourself from the heat, especially because of all that sexy ink.” –#1 NYT Bestselling Author Lauren Blakely “Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop! This is definitely going in my re-read pile!” –NYT Bestselling Author Susan Stoker "Carrie Ann Ryan writes the perfect balance of sweet and heat ensuring every story feeds the soul." - Audrey Carlan, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author “Carrie Ann Ryan never fails to draw readers in with passion, raw sensuality, and characters that pop off the page. Any book by Carrie Ann is an absolute treat.” – New York Times Bestselling Author J. Kenner “Carrie Ann Ryan knows how to pull your heartstrings and make your pulse pound! Her wonderful Redwood Pack series will draw you in and keep you reading long into the night. I can’t wait to see what comes next with the new generation, the Talons. Keep them coming, Carrie Ann!” –Lara Adrian, New York Times bestselling author of CRAVE THE NIGHT "With snarky humor, sizzling love scenes, and brilliant, imaginative worldbuilding, The Dante's Circle series reads as if Carrie Ann Ryan peeked at my personal wish list!" – NYT Bestselling Author, Larissa Ione "Carrie Ann Ryan writes sexy shifters in a world full of passionate happily-ever-afters." – New York Times Bestselling Author Vivian Arend “Carrie Ann’s books are sexy with characters you can’t help but love from page one. They are heat and heart blended to perfection.” New York Times Bestselling Author Jayne Rylon Carrie Ann Ryan's books are wickedly funny and deliciously hot, with plenty of twists to keep you guessing. They'll keep you up all night!” USA Today Bestselling Author Cari Quinn "Once again, Carrie Ann Ryan knocks the Dante's Circle series out of the park. The queen of hot, sexy, enthralling paranormal romance, Carrie Ann is an author not to miss!" New York Times bestselling Author Marie Harte Read the Entire Redwood Pack Series: An Alpha’s Path A Taste for a Mate Trinity Bound A Night Away Enforcer’s Redemption Blurred Expectations Forgiveness Shattered Emotions Hidden Destiny A Beta’s Haven Fighting Fate Loving the Omega The Hunted Heart Wicked Wolf ___ Topics: Wolf, Werewolf, Shifter, Romance, Series, Fantasy, Paranormal, Dominant, Paranormal Series, werewolf romance, shapeshifter romance, fantasy romance, alpha male, series and saga, magic, witch, demon, sexy, heartwarming, heart-warming, family, love, love books, kissing books, emotional journey, contemporary, contemporary romance, romance series, long series, long romance series, sassy, strong heroine, captivating romance, hot, hot romance, forbidden love, sparks, loyalty, swoon rescue, kidnap, claiming, defending, protect Other readers of Carrie Ann Ryan’s books enjoyed books by: Kate Rudolph Felicity Heaton, JR Ward, Kresley Cole, Nalini Singh, Thea Harrison, Ilona Andrews, Jennifer L Armentrout, Lynsay Sands, Grace Goodwin, Lora Leigh, Jessie Donovan, Shelly Laurenston, Donna Grand, Mandy M Roth, NJ Walters, Abigail Owen, and Eve Langlias.

Wolfguard Protectors

Wolfguard Protectors Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Kimber White
Editor: Nokay Press, LLC
FileSize: 567kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 567


Wolfguard Protectors by Kimber White Summary

The big one wolf-shifter romance fans have been hungering for! In this huge box set, you'll get the complete Wolfguard Protectors series. Settle in with five, full-length novels (over 1100 pages). This All-Shifter Security Force holds the line between their kind and those who seek to destroy them. Get ready for swoon-worthy shifter heroes, kickass heroines, fated mates, and the action-packed storylines that'll keep you up at night turning the pages.

This set includes: Shift of Fate Echo of Magic Kiss of Midnight Heart of the Wolf Secret of the Fae
Shift of Fate I am Willow’s protector. I am paid to give my life for hers. As a member of the elite all-shifter Wolfguard Security Team, it’s the job. One last assignment and I can write my own ticket. Start my own pack. It should have been easy. Just a cross-country road trip. Get the girl home in one piece. Then I saw her... Her scent calls to the wolf inside of me. Then I got too close... A single touch and I knew we were fated. A single kiss and I knew I would kill for her. But Willow belongs to someone else… In one week, I’m supposed to deliver her to him. Except, it’s my name she calls out for in the night. My mark she craves. If I take what’s mine, it could destroy the life I’ve built and call forth a darkness too big to contain. If I claim her, it could ruin us both.
Echo of Magic Meg Crossley hired me to guard a priceless red diamond. But, the second I laid eyes on Meg, I knew she was the greatest treasure of all. My heart beats for her. Her touch rouses my inner wolf in dangerous ways. She knows what she is to me, but it scares her. She’s lost everyone she loves and that rare diamond is all she thinks she has left. There’s a legend surrounding it. An ancient power lurks inside waiting to be unleashed. If it falls into the wrong hands, it could spell the end for every shifter on the planet. I’m here to keep that from happening. But it might cost Meg's life.
Kiss of Midnight I’m an Alpha wolf shifter. It’s my duty to capture the woman who killed a member of the coven. Nadia is considered dangerous. Her dark and deadly spells spare no one. I never expected to be so drawn to her. Could it be her spell? Probably. There’s no way we can be soulmates. But I feel an intense need to protect her… to believe her. There has to be more to the story. And it has to be us against the world. But can we truly become one and confess our love for each other?
Heart of the Wolf I’ve pledged my life to Wolfguard Security. They took me in when I was lost. I’ve killed for them. Bled for them. Kept their secrets. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to serve this brotherhood. Then, a wildcat crossed my path. Nova’s the last of her kind. A female jaguar. Hunted. On the run. Coveted by a rival pack, a secret organization, and just about every other shifter on the planet. If any of them find her, they’ll try to claim her. Own her. Bend her to their will. And I will destroy them all. Because Nova belongs to me. My fated mate. Wanting her is dangerous. The last time I led with my heart, the woman I loved got killed. I was younger then. I thought I was invincible. I’ll never make the same mistake again. No matter how much Nova’s primal nature calls to mine. To save her life, I’ll have to let her go.
Secret of the Fae Wolfguard Security sent me to find out what she knows. To contain the threat she poses. Zendra holds the key to unlocking a mystery that could destroy every shifter alive. Her magic is unlike any I have ever felt. I’m an Alpha Wolf. She’s something different. Ancient. Powerful. Intoxicating. I crave her just like a drug. She pulls me in even though I know it will be my undoing. I have no choice but to stay bound to her. At least until I can uncover the secret she’s hiding. The source of her power. Only, I have a secret of my own. If I don’t take a mate soon, I’ll lose control of my wolf for good. It might already be too late. I know I should just turn her over to Wolfguard and walk away. Find out if there’s anything left of me to save. Though I came for the hunt, it’s Zendra who holds me captive. Pulled between sin and salvation. Duty versus desire. There’s only one thing left to do. Give into fate or lose everything. Book Themes: Book Themes: wolf shifter romance series, paranormal romance box sets, shifter romance bundles, shapeshifters, werewolves, witches and mages, fated mates, strong protective alpha male heroes, kickass strong female heroines, werebears, new adult, standalones, complete series, security guards, bodyguards,

Woody Plants of Utah

Woody Plants of Utah Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Renee Van Buren,Janet G. Cooper,Leila M. Shultz,Kimball T. Harper
Editor: University Press of Colorado
ISBN: 087421825X
FileSize: 713kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 713


Woody Plants of Utah by Renee Van Buren,Janet G. Cooper,Leila M. Shultz,Kimball T. Harper Summary

A comprehensive guide that includes a vast range of species and plant communities and employs thorough, original keys. Based primarily on vegetative characteristics, the keys don't require that flowers or other reproductive features be present, like many plant guides. And this guide's attention to woody plants as a whole allows one to identify a much greater variety of plants. That especially suits an arid region such as Utah with less diverse native trees. Woody plants are those that have stems that persist above ground even through seasons that don't favor growth, due to low precipitation or temperatures. Woody Plants of Utah employs dichotomous identification keys that are comparable to a game of twenty questions. They work through a process of elimination by choosing sequential alternatives. Detailed, illustrated plant descriptions complement the keys and provide additional botanical and environmental information in relation to a useful introductory categorization of Utah plant communities. Supplementary tools include photos, distribution maps, and an illustrated glossary.

A Geography of Blood

A Geography of Blood Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Candace Savage
Editor: Greystone Books Ltd
ISBN: 1926812697
FileSize: 472kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 472


A Geography of Blood by Candace Savage Summary

•Finalist, Hilary Weston Writers’ Trust Prize for Non-Fiction When Candace Savage and her partner buy a house in the romantic little town of Eastend, she has no idea what awaits her. At first she enjoys exploring the area around their new home, including the boyhood haunts of the celebrated American writer Wallace Stegner, the back roads of the Cypress Hills, the dinosaur skeletons at the T.Rex Discovery Centre, the fossils to be found in the dust-dry hills. She also revels in her encounters with the wild inhabitants of this mysterious land-three coyotes in a ditch at night, their eyes glinting in the dark; a deer at the window; a cougar pussy-footing it through a gully a few minutes' walk from town. But as Savage explores further, she uncovers a darker reality-a story of cruelty and survival set in the still-recent past--and finds that she must reassess the story she grew up with as the daughter, granddaughter, and great-granddaughter of prairie homesteaders. Beautifully written, impeccably researched, and imbued with Savage's passion for this place, A Geography of Blood offers both a shocking new version of plains history and an unforgettable portrait of the windswept, shining country of the Cypress Hills.

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